Ma’am, we’re citing you for not having a carseat

Ma’am your Behbeh might fall off. Please get a car seat.

You’re a ‘bear’? Tell that to the Judge Ma’am.


Lori W., that bebeh has perfectly rounded ‘tocks.



  1. More Polar Babies!

  2. i havve no Idea what you are talking about Human, and if you really wanna make me mad……..just keep talking

  3. berthaslave says:

    I will install a car seat when you idiots end global warming! Sign the Tokyo Accord!

  4. The only thing cuter than a bear cub butt is a polar bear cub butt.

  5. I don’t mean to be all captain know it all ‘look at me, i’m reading a book’, but I think you’ll find that the proper name for a baby bear is a Bearby.

  6. Lovely picture!

  7. metsakins says:

    Miss Helen – perhaps, but I believe bearbeh would be more in the spirit of things 😉

  8. That title made me laugh…and then sigh…made me think of Ms. Spears.

  9. McBearbehpantses, non?

  10. Mama Bear sez, “OK, I’ll play Polar Express, again.”

  11. Hey, ma. Can we go catch some seals again. Huh? Can we? Can we? Huh? Can we?

  12. MonkeyJerky says:

    Mama behr: u hang on tite and stop squirming and I will read you another chapter from Golden Compass when we getz to da snow cave!

  13. Benny's Mum says:

    Polar bear tocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Awesomely qte!


    annnngh omg

    My hubbins hates when I see bear cubs tho… for about 10 minutes I’m squealin’… “LIL BEAR… LIL BAAAAAYYYRR…” until I need to be sedated.

  15. Such a little cutie! Hold on, little bear!

  16. pixie-stix says:

    I can hear baby bear now…”ehn ehn [pant pant] eeehhhnnn!”

  17. Oh mah gah. That wee bear bum is to die. TO DIE! Kinda reminds me of when Pooh was stuck in the door to Rabbit’s Howse.

  18. That lil bear looks he came equipped with built in Pampers! What a cute bootie!

  19. TOO CUTE!!!!! Wish Polar Bears weren’t so darn ferocious though!

  20. Jus chillin.

  21. this is so cute I can’t even begin to think of anything amusing to say.
    In fact all the posts today are just overwhelmingly cute.
    you’d think that this website was about, I dunno, cute stuff or something.

  22. Well if that isn’t the cutest thing ever… and I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it.. and
    anghhhh falls down dead from the cuteness.

  23. Catsquatch says:


    Man, again your killin me with the caption…..

  24. go berthaslave, I was going to say something similar. what I hear on the news makes me sick. luckily also heard recently car companies are producing/developing “greener” products.

  25. This should be in cute but sad. Every polar bear picture makes me want to cry because they’re so wonderful and so many of them are drowning or starving to death. 😦

  26. I Bcc-ed this image to all people in my address list for X-mass last year. Funny it shows up over here. 🙂

  27. charliewabba says:

    such a sweet little tuches. I want to squoooshe it.

  28. Janeyferr says:

    hehe, the golden compass, my OH does an impression of the bear saying “you wish to ride me?”. it’s cute and sexy at the same time.

  29. buildin those lil arm musk-els!

  30. I have this picture on my cell phone! It came as part of a screen-saver that starts up when you open the phone. I’d sit and watch it, wait for this pic to come up, and show it to everyone. Always wanted an easier way to admire the cute. So glad someone has found and posted it! Thank you, thank you!

  31. Ehn ehn! You’d think the mama would be more helpful.

  32. Haha, lol @ pixie-stix. “Ehnnnnn!” XD

    This bebeh has such round tocks…I bet it’s super soft! Lol. Built-in diaper butt indeed! XD

  33. Awwww. This is a *perfic* example of rule number # 7!!!

  34. baby bears are the cutest baby animals, period. gerbils and hamsters are cuter when they’re adults, bunnies maintain a consistent level of cuteness, puppies and kittens are cliche…yep. it’s baby bears for the win.

    sometimes i wish i was a bear just so i could have cubs instead of smelly human babies.

  35. and, if you care about the future of these magnificent animals, vote for an ecologically enlightened president in november.

    just sayin’.

  36. if we don’t do something about global warming, these cute polar bears will become extinct and you will only have photos. remember, extinct is forever!!!

  37. herpantsness says:

    Hey. This looks like a Norbert Rosing or Paul Nicklen shot, for National Geographic.
    Not to be a shill (full disclosure, I work at NG Image Collection), but you can buy prints like this through us, and part of the proceeds go to helpin’ lil baby polar bears.
    Check out
    Sales pitch OVER.

  38. Thanks for the info. Herpantsness; nice to know my addiction to the cute can do more than produce slobber on my keyboard and incoherant baby babble.

    I hope my prediction that “this world is goin’ to hell in a hand basket” turns out to be false and that we will not lose another great species to extinction. I mean really, can we go on without tocks as cute as these? I think not!

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    I think not also, Sunnymum!
    Thanks for the NGS site, “herpantsness” I’d love some official behbeh bear photos!

  40. And…


  41. It is so perfectly round that British scientists use it to calibrate their instruments!

  42. Speaking of global warming and polar bears, is this the pic you’re looking for?

  43. Lol @ the “I can has Al Gore” photo! Just what I was looking for, Xenobiologista! 😛

  44. What?! No X-treme baby bear-tocks closeup?

  45. She’s so skinny. 😦

  46. looks like a bear fetish

    the bear is important in native american mythology, so the bear is featured as the bearer (haha) of many other symbols in fetishes

    these two polar bears are clearly the harbingers of many cutenesses to come

  47. CheshireCat says:

    I would so love to kiss those perfectly round and fuzzy tocks…if it didn’t involve having my face eaten off by mama polar bear.

  48. At first glance this looks like a cute picture of a mama bear and her cub, but when you look closer you can see the mama bear is so skinny you can see her hipbone, and there is only one cub when there should be two. I think we should all be sending letters to each and every politican in our country and tell them if they do not do something about the environment we will not vote for them. If we have the money, send them that Planet Earth DVD that has the scene of the polar bear dying because it was so tired and starved after swimming for so long to find food it just gave up and laid down to die in the middle of all the seals.

  49. jayell342 says:

    don’t worry unnecessarily for this mama and cub – litters of 2 are the most common but litters of one happen as well. also judging by the size of the cub this mama and baby they may have just recently come out of the den so that may be why shes a little skinny.

  50. Don’t think I’m perving… but I want to pet the chubby babeh beahr rumpus.

  51. Yeah, damn global warming is making the polar bears warm, and making us tropical folks FREEZE! I’m going to punch the next person who says global warming is a myth!

    And back to the post – OMG CHUBBY BEBEH POLAR BEAR TOCKS!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!

  52. She’s so beautiful, and baby is so adorable… great find!

  53. Now that is a mountain climbing baby bear.

  54. Haha..I would disagree that panda butts would probably rule, but polar bear butts are pretty sweet too. I really want a ride too…

  55. mom2twinzz says:

    herpantness is right it is a Norbert Rosing/NG image….

    I found the image on the site she gave. Search for number 406548. I am soooo buying this one for permanent Awwwing.

    I love the cute widdle pamper butt.

  56. Ohemgee. The ickle polar bear ish on the mamma polar bear’s back! It ish climbing it like a slide!It ish very cute. But mamma polar bear is skinny. Poor Mary Kate Olsen mamma bear. Stoopid global warming. Global Warming=Uncute.

  57. Oh please. Global warming is certainly harming polar bears but this mother’s skinniness has nothing to do with that. All polar bear mothers are skinny when they have new cubs since they haven’t eaten in months and they have to feed three mouths (there SHOULD be another cub).

  58. Look at the big hind paws!!

    And the wee little polar bear bum!!!! Polar bear teddy!!!!

  59. max planck says:

    what a shame that these poor guys are going to be extinct b/c of our human stupidity and corrupt government/big business systems and the global warming they cause

  60. to the person saying momma is starved. You are aware that polar bears have thier cubs during hibernation aren’t you?


  62. I love animals says:


    He is just hanging onto mommy’s back while mommy doesn’t even notice that her child is climbing on her! CUTE CUTE CUUUTTTEEE!

  63. I love animals says:

    I just noticed that it isn’t only cute..