That’s one too many soft kronsches, Boy

Listen, Kid—

My ears can take a LOT, but I’m drawin’ the line right HERE

Ross and Jo-Lynn L., a MOST excellent vid.

Thwap Thwap Thwap



  1. very cute, but very familiar…have we seen this before? Or something from same setting? hmmmm

  2. Awwww what a patient kitteh, until it goes for the throat!! Yikes and I’m first :o)

  3. darn it, make that second!

  4. Oh yeah, take that bustah, no more ear sucking for ya!

  5. im pretty suuure we have seen this before!

  6. MandaBain says:

    Yeah, but I certainly don’t mind seein it again! 🙂

  7. We’ve seen one like it, but I don’t think it was this one. I would have remembered the cotton-ball wif teef.

    Poor puppy. I hate puppeh wimpers when they are in pain. ;_; But I s’pose he had it commin’.

  8. Darn right she did! ..Speaking as someone who imitates the fluffpuppy’s action’s quite frequently and has the bite and scratch marks to prove it.

  9. Dialog:

    Um, I’m eating …….


    hopefully the pup bought teh clue.

  10. Boofus McGoofus says:
  11. MonkeyJerky says:

    Kitteh: I is eating

    Puppeh: I can has a foods?

    Kitteh: Hang on a minute youngster

    Puppeh: nom nom nom

    Kitteh: knock it off

    Puppeh: nom nom nom

    Kitteh: no srly knock it off

    Puppeh: …nom nom nom


  12. i definitely remember this video being posted, because i’ll never forget that wimpery wimper at the end.

  13. I admire the puppeh for having the bravery to do what we on CO only talk about doing….going in for the ear kronsches.

  14. A repost, but one of my favorites on CO! The Massive Attack playing in the background is just so perfect for this little pup 🙂

  15. yeah we saw this before.

    in the other videos at the end, ‘puppy and cat play’ the puppy is cute! kitty too, but the puppy’s bouncing is just cute as hell 🙂

  16. Sweet how the kitty is so patient. What she/he does at the end is merely establishing dominance. It’s hard to discipline a baby puppy, especially such a cute one!

  17. lol! @ MonkeyJerky .. just noticed that.

  18. We’ve seen this before but who cares? I love the gentlest of warning kronches, the paw pushing action, puppy tail waggling close up, and obvious second kitteh in the background.

    I dig the music. What’s the title of it? (As someone already mentioned it’s Massive Attack.)

  19. That’s a very patient cat. Have you ever felt sharp little pup teeth? Cat isn’t hurting the puppeh, just reminding who is in charge.

  20. tracyFlick says:

    Right for the jugular…kitteh instinct, but in a soft way.

  21. You really should watch the one with the squirl, “absolutely adorable – cute – chapter 1” it’s CO pic’s set to the song “You Are So Beautiful To Me!” It’s beautiful to say the least.

  22. My older cat won’t be as patient. If my younger cat comes by to eat her food, the older will get up and leave, and then stare spitefully.

  23. Croissant says:

    When my cat had kittens, we had to get used to how “rough” we thought she was being with them later on as they started trying her patience (and she started teaching them how to behave).

    She wouldn’t be as patient as this kitty, either :>

  24. CheshireCat says:

    Lolz! I’ve seen identical ear-nomming behavior in a chihuahua–except she noms the ears of a 90-lb Australian shepherd.

  25. I’ve seen it before here, but I still love it!

  26. The Massive Attack song is “Teardrop” I think. Cute vid, even if it is a repost 🙂

  27. caterwaul says:

    Fegli – the song is “Teardrop” by Massive Attack, aka the House MD theme song.

    Oh, to kronsche upon kitteh ears to this song might be divine. *stalks after cat*

  28. berthaslave says:

    I totally didn’t remember this, even though I posted on the other one. I repeat my post!


    Ear Kronsche!

    Interspecies Snorgling!

    I shall leeck you!

    Nom Nom McNomersons!

    “They love each other…Lord you can see that it’s true….”

  29. Nom nom nom!

  30. charliewabba says:

    Personallly, I’ve never had a problem with reruns. M*A*S*H, the Dick Van Dyke Show, Seinfeld, certain episodes of I Love Lucy, Ear Kronsching Puppeh Meets Patient Kitteh,

  31. That little whimper at the end? It translates as ‘Oh no! I’ve brought this on myself!’

  32. I second Charliewabba. Some reruns are welcome. 😉

  33. heehee. naughty pup.

  34. stealingsand says:

    makes me wanna go allll the way home and kronsche on my kitteh’s ears…1.5-hour commute would be tewtelly worth it.

  35. So nice, decided to post it twice?

  36. if the puppeh is smart he’ll only do it once…

    i was horrified the first time i saw my neighbour’s cat discipline my puppy, now i totally get it, and usually cheer the kitteh along. and so,

    that’ll learn him!! 😀

  37. Melinda — huh??

    I went back, added some hovertext & a “THWAP” link, but I didn’t duplicate anything, honest…

  38. We’ll i’m glad you have shown it again, cause it was a great little video and i and many others wouldn’t have see it yet. Thanks for the rerun XXX

  39. Yes, that’s Massive Attack, which is awesome, but it’s also very likely the TV show House that’s playing it, which is doubly awesome.

  40. RE: the “re-run” — ahhh, OK. I hadn’t seen the “Boofus McGoofus” comment up there, yet… and [headsmack] I usually recognize “duplicate” CO posts.

    Well, it happens, y’all. Think of it as extra credit.


  41. Sharon Wilson says:

    My neighbors got a puppeh that did the same thing to their cat, although she didn’t swat or bite. Pretty patient kitteh; must be a female.

  42. Thanks guys!

    I never watch “House MD”… guess if I did I’d have known this awesomeness before.

  43. Kaitou Juliet says:

    I missed this one the first time, so I’m glad it was reposted! I’m amazed that kitteh put up with the ear-munching for as long as s/he did. Made me grin!

  44. so nice the cat does not
    eated the pup.

  45. Hehehe loved it both times around.

  46. adorable

  47. Them puppeh toofs is soooo sharp!

  48. I think kitty liked it for a minute. The pup is about as big as a Q-tip.

  49. whaleshaman says:


  50. Oh, it has been posted before. My bad. :/

  51. What a patient lil kitteh!

  52. Yuck. Puppy. Ewwwwwwwwww.

  53. My younger cousins used to do this to me all the time.

    Cuz/Pup: I wanna play wif you!
    Me/Kitty: Leave me ‘lones.
    Pup: Pwease? (poke/nibble)
    Kitty: No. (gentle push)

    Etc etc until

    Pup: Come ON!! (overzealous poke/nomnom)
    Kitty: NO! (thwap)

  54. yay! kitteh! but there has been SO MANY KITTIES THIS WEEK, where are all the bunnies??

  55. It’s definitely the exact same vid they showed a couple months ago. Same massive attack song in background. But still wonderfully kronschable.


    I’m just worried T-T

  57. Kitty is WAY too patient! That pup needs some razor-sharp claws raked across his nose–that’ll learn ‘im!

  58. I LOVE the way the tail of the puppeh is moving!

  59. This was traumatizing! Is there anyway to post more video of this puppy (those whimpers are haunting me!)


  61. For those who are worried about the pup–I’m sure he’s fine. He was schooled by a very gentle, patient kitty.

    I doubt the cat even pinched his skin with that cronche – have you ever seen puppies play-tussle? They grab and bite and kick and the fur flies, and then they walk away with nary a scratch! Puppies have been having rougher tussles than this for many millennia.

    The little guy probably didn’t lose more than a few bits of fur…and his dignity! And he’ll learn to treat the kitty with a little more respect in the future. 🙂

  62. Love this and the comments!!

    I can’t BELIEVE how patient this kitteh is….maybe he/she is part Maine Coon. My boy Charlie who I think is part MC is pretty patient (he’s raised the last 3 of my kittehs. He is faster to the KRONSHE than this one, though!!

  63. Omg! I was laughing…and then I was almost crying (at the end)!

  64. For some reason Meg didn’t post this video I sent in (probably because it is a bit long), so I’ll share it with you anyway:

    Who knew huskies could be so gentle?

  65. benvenuta says:

    Diana, that`s so cute! Tiny baby kitty and a big, gentle dog!

  66. I think the puppies tail only stopped wagging because it was up against the wall.

  67. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Oh my gosh, willya lookit that tail go! It don’t stop wagging furiously even when kitteh is chomping down on hizzum’s schweet widdle neck! ROFLS.

    I hope the human put down the camera and restored order after the last frame. Poor little puppeh, needs to learn about b-o-u-n-d-a-r-i-e-s.

  68. Did anyone notice the other kitty (0:20) there in the back, going “ahm… what’s going on…?”

  69. Do that once more and I will administer the death bite, you little pest.

  70. Hey Diana… I’ve seen the video you posted here before… I’m sure. I think it was on CO…

  71. metsakins says:

    yup MilkyWei, I just noticed it and was gonna comment on the little black ears popping up but you beat me to eeet.

  72. @Ashley – Nope, the “House, M.D.” theme is just an edit from “Teardrop”, and completely instrumental. The vocals tell me that somebody in this place is deliberately, intentionally listening to Massive Attack.

    I’ll bet it was the puppeh.

  73. Now THIS kind of rerun I can endorse. Got a problem with the title, though – them ain’t soft kronsches at all.

  74. Okay, junior…I’ve had nuff-o-dis!

  75. The fluffiness and enthusiasm and wiggliness of this pup, juxtaposed against the too-cool-for-school patience of the kitty, KILL ME.

    Glad to see this one again. 🙂 Also glad to see that there seems to be, so far, much less of a commentroversy about the kitteh’s discipline at the end than there was the first time.

  76. I heard the puppy died from cat tetanus bwahahaha!

    Just kidding ! thats how mum dogs teach pups how to behave – there’d be more better behaved adult dogs if only they were allowed this kind of training instead of being taken home by people who love it half to death, think it’s so cute, let it get away with murder or worse encourage it to bite and end up with a dangerous dog. This is natural behaviour folks, dont’ go worrying and stressing. its darned annoying! get an edu LOL

  77. Can’t post, Teho. HELLLPPP!!! Comment box disappears and so does my message!

  78. Well. After 4 months of not being able to post, of course now I can. Any idees peeps??

  79. I ain’t got no idea, Ebee. Glad you can comment, though.

  80. rachel cullen says:


  81. How many times have we seen overexcited pups annoy cats now? Keep them coming though, because I love them.

  82. OW teh cute. It hurts me. This video is great. Did anyone else notice the poofy, fluffy, round little butt on that puppy?

  83. Hanzo'sMom says:

    That is one good natured cat to put up with the puppy’s nibbling for that long.

  84. you know whats really creepy? i was just listening to that massive attack song before i paused it to watch the video! and its the same song 0__0 playing