Don cha wish your puppeh was cute like me?

Dont cha wish your puppeh was a freak like me
Dont cha wish your puppeh was fun like me
Dont cha, dont cha [paws gyrating]

Another fabulous find by Lori W. Gad yer good.



  1. Animalphiles Annie says:

    Don cha wish you could nom nom the small, floofy ears!!!

  2. OMG TAIL!

  3. Angelique says:

    I squealed with delight when I saw this. =D

  4. Is that background a floor? Velcro? Liquid hot magma? Weird.

  5. Oh my. Oh wow. That is a cute puppy.

  6. Puppeh can almost make it to the pocket pet category

  7. semanticantics says:

    That is not a dog, that is a Swiffer attachment.

  8. ARGH!! Too cute!! What a sweetheart *SWOON*

  9. semanticantics: I thought it looked familiar. I have one on my Swiffer now.

  10. OH!


    So much wittle puppeh fluffitude!!!!!

    I wanna bite ‘im (or her, whatever the case may be)!

  11. But mine didn’t have eyes. I did wonder why it kept barking, though.

  12. is that a pommy puppeh? WANT!

  13. I don’t have any puppeh to compare you to-wanna be my puppeh?

  14. charliewabba says:

    Ok, so I’m not the only one who thought it was some sort of velcro puppy. That’s a relief. Refrigerator magnet?
    Swiffer Puppy – a smaller version of Swiffer Kitteh, for dusting those tight, hard-to-reach spots.

  15. berthaslave says:

    Velcro Pom — for all of your prosh wall hanging needs.

  16. charliewabba says:

    OOoooh – wait – I just figgered it out. The red fuzzy background stuff is a sweater, and the puppy-thing is a brooch! Kewl. where can I get one? (googles fluffy puppy brooch)

  17. Floofy brooch idea is brilliant, but friends don’t let friends wear a sweater that is so very ooogly.

  18. If you pull its tail, does it’s arms and legs move? Am I the only one who remembers those kind of pins?

  19. Oh, no SarahR, that’s just the display background sweater. Ya know, to set off the white against the red, and make him look even floofier.

  20. little guy looks like if you just tickled him in one spot…. he would giggle for days!

  21. Elisha B. says:

    What a cutie!! Told my daughter that this pup looks like a piece of lint (in a cute way, of course).

    I do wish my puppeh was a freak like dis’ one!!!

  22. Brinn, I remember those pins very well! Had a christmas one wif Santa! 😀

    And YESH! YESH! I DO wish my puppeh was cute like yew lil puppeh!

    (grabs puppeh to run away but is tackled by all teh otter CO’ers in lubs wit teh pup!)

  23. *waits for comments about how horrible it is to suggest you pull the puppeh’s tail*

  24. Dude! I want to go like “ppffpphhttff!” on his cheeksies!!

    Soo adorably cute!! Oh oh oh!! 😀

  25. CoffeeCup says:

    What IS that, that it’s so cute?! It looks like it’s on a red version of the sponge I use to clean my pots…

  26. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, goodness! Heehe..
    His head is almost as big as the rest of his body! ^_^

  27. ashleymcdizzle says:

    his muzzles is pinkish. sooo cute.

  28. I’m sorry, but that poor little puppy looks filthy and sad to me. The poor thing looks like it’s about to cry… 😦

  29. I want to nom his teeny ears! And the paws! And the belly! And the poof tail!

    Oh hell, I’ll just stick him in my mouf. I bet he tastes like cotton candy!!

  30. lurkingsmirk says:

    do want
    *feeble grasping motions*

  31. homer mariner says:

    I can just feel the squirmage!!

  32. 19petals, you must be lookin’ at the wrong photo!

  33. OMG, major leg stubbitude, or is it just in relation to the belly floof?

  34. I wish this puppy was mine…

  35. Holy Powder Puff!

  36. Be careful, looks like the red plastic floor mat dye has soaked into the puppy fur. That could be toxic when the puppy licks itself clean!

  37. What IS this thing? It is supernatural. I am not sure it IS a dog.

  38. Actually, the puppers is thinking:

    “No poke teh belleh!”

  39. aw, a new hit by teh Puppeh Dog Dolls!

  40. k9mom2nora says:

    My border collie Nora just ordered me to say “Yeah, your pup is cute, but no where near as cute as my Nora.” Woof Woof!

    (She just left the room. YES! Extra precious!

  41. Aww!
    He looks a bit crumpled though, like someone ignored his “dry flat” instructions.
    A good snorgling will straighten him out in no time.

  42. cboone: LOL @ Liquid Hot Magma.

    Now I’m going to have to go home and watch Austin Powers

  43. The background looks like one of those fancy plastique pot scrubbers for Teflon coatings. If that is the case, this puppeh is the approximate size–and, apparently, color and texture–of a minature marshmallow.

    Want. Yum.

  44. snoopysnake says:

    I think puppeh needs something softer to lie on. That red whatever looks very scratchy.

  45. rubber duck says:

    Velcro puppy, LOL! How come I didn’t think of that at first. Now I actually keep thinking that isn’t a floor at all, but a wall of velcro that the near-weightless fluff pup has been attached to.

  46. That dog is so adoreably sweet, I could eat him alive.

  47. we could do without the lame song thank you very much.

    wee little fluffy!!!

  48. sooo cute and floofy! 🙂

  49. OMG his feets.

    TOO cute for words. what a snugglepoo

  50. oh……my…..gaa…..SO CUTE!!!!

  51. OMG that is the cutest little doggy i have ever seen. and yes i do wish my dog was cute like yours. lol..jk

  52. MY puppeh IS cute like that!
    although that is a cute puppeh.

  53. EaterofShades says:

    *head tilt*
    -thunk! (faints)

  54. Does anybody else see the little pooplets above his tail?

  55. agouti_kappa says:

    He looks dismembered….

  56. For some reason Meg didn’t post this video I sent in (probably because it is a bit long), so I’ll share it with you anyway:

    Who knew huskies could be so gentle?

  57. Of course huskies can be gentle, Diana! XD. Our Siberian babe Martha lets the neighbor’s cat sleep on her back. Wish I could get pictures, but I’m at school and they’re home…

    Anyway, as for the pup in the post: FLOOF! *Grabby hands*

  58. All I could think when I saw him/her is “awwww, what a cute little flooofball”.Also, looks like he/she is doing a karate CHOP!

  59. I just …

    oh my …



    [dives into floofy belleh]

  60. Hello all 🙂

    This puppy is a pomeranian. And the bground is actually a piece of rug, you know, those similar to the carpet you used in your car. I chose it as it is red in color and i wanted the little rascal to stand out from it. I had to tickle him mad inorder to get this shot 🙂

    Hope it did bring you a smile on your face when you see it 🙂

  61. This puppy rulz, his tiny paws are the best. WANT.

  62. Anerable pup. Ugliest carpet ever. Anyone who feels slightly disgusted by “clusters” wouldn’t like it (I have this, it’s a documented thing) 😛

  63. Diana – if Meg posted that sweet huskey/kitteh video, the college-humor title (“Eat him already!”) would inevitably create a boring commentroversy… but thanks for sharing it here!

  64. After I finish dusting this carpet…on to the coffee table!

  65. Adixxon — wonderful pic!

    but [whispers in pig latin]: ix-nay on mentioning the ickling-tay. some azy-cray uff-nays consider it uelty-cray!

  66. Catsquatch says:

    So shes like, what, 3 inches long?

    Teensy is cute for sure 😉

  67. what kind of pup pup is this?

  68. This is so redonkulously cute.

  69. CheshireCat says:

    Please no moar rub puppeh wiff balloon.

  70. pookieLhammy says:

    that’s the cutested thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    i’m really really sad now…
    i wish i can just hug him for a bit, it would definitely make me feel better

  71. He looks all, “Don’t step on me!” I just wanna pick him up and snorgle!!

  72. omg, this is too funny but i used that same song for my cat! although i said “fur-reak” instead. 🙂

  73. What kind of dog is it?!? I keep trying to find out the name for this breed!! Soo cute!

  74. Christiane says:
  75. Christiane says:

    You better watch this thing or I will KEEL YOU!!!!

  76. OH MY GOD, That is the cutest thing ever.
    That will put a smile on anyones face!!!!
    LOVE IT!!!