Um, the recipe calls for ‘Navy beans’

NAVY BEAN (aka Chihuahua behbeh) SOUP
1 3/4 navy bean puppehs
5 or more cups water
2 smoked ham tocks (1 1/4 lb.)
1 tsp. salt
4 lb. carrots, sliced
3 sm. cloves garlic
1 stalk celery, sliced
4 med. potatoes, diced
3 sm. onions, chopped
Doctare Peppare to taste.

Rinse "beans". Soak in water overnight. Add ham tocks and salt. Bring to a boil; reduce heat, cover and simmer 1 hour. Add vegetables and more water if needed. Cover and simmer 45 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Remove ham tocks. Serves 4.


Stacey A., are you Martha Stewart or what?



  1. lurkingsmirk says:

    navy bleens?

  2. Lucy's mommeh says:

    If dey is cheehua-huas, dey might be pinto beans?

  3. Those are my babies! Their names are Bubbles (aka Benny) on the left, and Chino on the right. Chino is now an AKC champion.

  4. You know, I just put some rice and beans on for dinner, but I would have totally made this.

    These little guys are adorable.

  5. There’s a ski instructor guy at work (I work at a local ski hill) who carries around a 13 week old chihuahua in his jacket while he teaches. These little dudes totally reminded me of his little jacket-dudette.

  6. aww! before i read the title i was thinking, wow they’re curved like beans! so cute 🙂 puppies and kitties make my day


  8. Elisabeth says:

    Be these puppeh’s reelly so tiny like beens??? 😮

  9. *slurps loudly then smacks lips*

  10. Big congratulations Stacey!! Ch. Chino. Has a nice ring to it. 🙂

  11. Please don’t cook the puppies!!!

  12. Squee!! Stho pweshus!! But you ARE NOT allowed to eat dems!

    *swoops in to rescue wee puppeh beansez* Come with me fuzzy ones! I am a veggiesaurus, so I will not eat you. Though I may nomnomnom your teeny ears a bit.

  13. You know, nibbling an ear is one thing. But talking about eating puppies so literally is really disturbing. Sometimes I wish they’d just post the pictures without the inane commentary.

  14. It’s ham HOCKS not tocks…

  15. They are like little, delicious angel puppies. I looooves them!

  16. I am absolutely speechless. Stares at them in awe.

  17. Oh Toby, don’t be such a sourpuss.

    Jennie – When reading it, I noticed that too, then started giggling at the thought of piggies in there with the pups, their tocks squirming about with corkscrew tails.

  18. berthaslave says:

    At first, I thought it was weird how some people always talked about “eating” the qte animals. Now, I don’t think it’s so weird. I’m more of a snorgle/cuddle guy myself, but I’m kind of liking the folks who have a “You’re so cute I’m gonna eat you up” kind of vibe. Because this post is hilarious.

    I certainly wouldn’t be here without the commentary and the community (and the occasional commentroversy). There are dozens of cute animal websites, but those elements make C.O. my favorite.

    P.S. I will now splode with delight looking at the above photo.

  19. I know you meant nothing unpleasant, and I know that the puppies are shaped like beans, and I know the C.O. community is wise enough and relaxed enough not to take it the wrong way, and I hope maybe it’s because we’re past a lot of this kind of crap now…


    Was it the best decision to make dogs associated strongly with Mexico ‘beans’? I just don’t want you to get in trouble, or to accidentally offend anyone. I don’t mean this to be ‘PC Gone Mad’, I just think this is an instance where unintentional offense could have been brought about. Again, I know you meant nothing offensive, and I personally am not offended.

    Wow…could I have qualified that statement more? Too long in academia I guess…

  20. *cheers for Lizzy* I ish a veggiesaurus tooo! *cuddles teh puppehs with you* There there, nobody shall be eating yooh! *snorgles while nobody is looking*

    Gah! Too cute! *dies from overwhelming cuteness*

  21. lurkingsmirk says:

    holy shmokes Edward…don’t worry, I think the association is too stretched for anyone to be offended. Are navy beans even from Mexico?

  22. Edward, sometimes a beanpup is just a beanpup. I really don’t think the reference was intentional. (I didn’t notice at all until you brought it up)

  23. OMG, They are extremely cute!

  24. Kaye, please don’t get me wrong…I’m not insinuating that it was intentional at all. But it was the first thing I noticed. I’m not angered by it, but I worry that others might be. I’m not saying take it down, and I’m happy that maybe the fact that people don’t notice it is a good sign.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. As you said, sometimes a beanpup is just a beanpup. And I do want to rub them both all over my face.

  25. payneangel13 says:

    dem pups like beans cus they are sooo deliciously cute you just wanna eat em up!

  26. guadalupe says:

    Edward, it is PC gone mad. Look at ’em! They look like little navy beans! I am from Oaxaca. Meg, on behalf of my Mexican sisters and brothers, I hereby grant you permission to call all small animals lying in a rounded crescent shape “beans” without giving offense. You can call all kittens wrapped in blankets “purritos” etc.
    Go for it.

  27. Think the recipe is wrong, its feed hocks to pups whle you cook the rest into a health vegtable soup, to help all the fainted asploded headed cutologist, get better.

  28. OMG-Can’t we have one fav website WITHOUT some sort of controversy being started up by a few nit-pickers? Let it go, people!
    Those puppies are the sweetest and I love the recipe! Puppeh beans and ham tocks!!! Come on people–we get enough reality on all the other websites-leave this one ALONE!
    I’d give anything to be so creative. Thanks for ALL pictures and captions! I heart CO!!

  29. Just lovely.

  30. Teeny weenie Chihuahua beanies!

  31. they are the cutest! I wish my frankie was small again he is 96 lbs.

  32. I love the picture, especially with the teeny tongue action on the right puppy.

    But what I don’t love is how every post that appears on this site somehow mentions eating the animals.

    There’s a way to describe cute animals without giving directions on how to cook them.

  33. Woah another annie J.. HEheheh Hi Annie J

    ANd please people the puppehs are adorable. eat em all up or you are so cute I am gonna eat you up..
    and the other such chubby cheeks so cute I could just eat you is an expresion in our society… it is just an expresion peeps..

    and the puppehs (yes I spelled it wrong on purpose)
    look alot like navy beans or lima beans.. they just happen to be cihuahua’s they could just have easily been labs or bull dogs.

  34. bcteagirl says:

    Aww! Normally not a dog/puppeh girl but these are very cute! And I love the creativity.

    Generally speaking if you feel the need to put ‘sorry but’ ‘might’ ‘possibly’ a lot in your points/complaints then they are not worth bringing everyone down in the first place 😛 If we wanted just cute pics with no creative presentation at all, we could just buy a cheap calendar from the dollar store. The uniqueness is what we come for (Well most of us, some of us seem to come here to complain 😛 ).

  35. I want these.
    I can has them?

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oy Vey Iz Mir, a commentroversy over Navy beanie baby Wawas? C’mon peeps, take a chillo pillo.
    I lurves me some WaWa bebehs. I acktewally SQUEE’d out loud when I saw this pic, causing hubby to come out of the comp romm to see if everything was all right here in laptop land. (I’m sposed to be payin’ beelz, but I had to take a break and look what I found)!
    I think soup would be over doing it. I propose the softest of kronsches on their little faces.

  37. Catablob …
    Yes you may

  38. Huh. I don’t know what’s better, the fact that they’re in this pose, or the fact that they’re in this pose on what appears to be a very soft, cuddlable surface. Mmmm. Cuddles.

  39. I sincerely hope the commentroversy over referring to puppies as beans is a joke. Seriously, is someone offended?

    [to the tune of ‘lunchlady land’ by Adam Sandler]
    Navy bleens, navy bleens, navy bleens!

  40. Beans, beans, beans
    Nomming Chichi beans,
    Goodness how delicious,
    Nomming Chichi beans!

  41. I would like to point out the cutest of noses just waiting for little kisses.

  42. Hello to the other Annie(s?)! I used my initial to distinguish me from you 🙂

    I also love their wee wittle nosies! I just love how cozy they look together! 🙂

  43. Hi Annie J actually it is easy to tell us apart as I have my webblog if you click on my name.. : ) oh and BTW welcome to Cute overload.. I love it here all the pictures and the clever comments.

  44. I think Toby should maybe find a different, commentary-less site on which to find cuteness. Meg’s comments/captions/vocab/recipes are what make CO so much fun! 🙂

  45. schrafinator says:

    Ham tocks?

    Hams ARE tocks!

  46. The commentary is a joke, people. The little puppies are so cute, you want to “eat” them. I’m always saying that my little dog is so sweet that I’ll have her for dessert – then, proceed to nom-nom her delectable ears.

  47. “Ham tocks” (snort!)

  48. “Ham tocks” made me laugh even before I scrolled down to see the WaWa Beans.

    It’s rainy and cold here so the soup sounds like a good idea.

  49. Navy beans, navy beans, hogies and grinders…sloppy joes, sloppy sloppy joes.

    Cute pups!

  50. Jennie – come here much?

  51. good Laud No Meggie!!
    you are usually so right on with your recipes.

    but NO!
    you hold the puppages til the Very end. to savor the flavor girl! to put them in before would be such a waste o’ lovin.
    what’cah thinkin there !!!

  52. well lisa
    we cant all be “BALLS ON ACCURATE!!!!” COL’s.
    but I’m thinkin Lisa has some lerrrnin ta do.

    SHHEE-OTTTT. {“quote local bev hill-billy’s”]

  53. I’m waiting for someone to get offended at the usage of ham hocks.

  54. bookmonstercats says:

    I come here for the clever comments as much for the cute photos and the fact that there is hardly any nastiness among da peeps. good medicine. Once or twice, I’ll admit, I’ve made serious comments, and sometimes thought afterwards that I shouldn’t have gone all stherious, but hey..

  55. I totally missed the “ham tocks” instead of “ham hocks” now I’m lmao! Love this post. Cute little beanie puppehs.

  56. Oh and to add….navy beans, navy beans, navy beans……..meatloaf sandwich…..sloppy joe, sloppy, sloppy joe….I LOVE Adam Sandler.

  57. NAVY beens? If dey’s NAVY beens, where is dey anchors? where is dey NAVY blu? where is dey cute lil dixie-cup hats, hm? I thingk these beens be Great Northern White Beens! I can has dem, pleeeez?

  58. EVERYONE WAIT!!! Is that a tongue I see on teh seepin puppeh? Or is it muzzlepuff? I need a COXCU on dat babeh’s schnozzle to tell for sure.

  59. I am so glad to find I wasn’t the only person who IMMEDIATELY thought of Adam Sandler’s song.

    But my question is, is this an actual recipe (sans puppehs, of course!)?
    if not then dang meg, you are more creative that I originally thought!

  60. “1 3/4 navy bean puppehs”

    Whatcha do with the other 1/4 puppeh? Is it a garnishment?

    And I ♥ Adam Sandler!

  61. too weird a caption for me!

    sleepy time!

  63. OOOOH!cute

  64. They may be navy beans now, but watch–few more weeks and they’ll be Mexican jumping beans!