This kitteh is practically bi-peddin’ around.

Look at him about to take that mouse to school.

Halia, originally uploaded by jahat.

Excellent sleuthing, Jocelyn A. I just touched the kitteh’s belleh with my computer mouse.



  1. Is this the new show? “When mice attack!”


  3. The spots on that cat’s belly look like two paws/arms reaching around for a hug!

  4. Marmie says you want me to eatz mouse ? did you really saz dat?
    Falling in fainting motion backwards as picture is shot.

    News at 11
    Marmare’s fall pray to toy mice

  5. Hmmmm….I see a pink belleh to stroke oh so gently!!



  7. pffftsnort!!!! oh how cute, how cuuuuute!!!! he’s like “raaaar, i’m a t-rex!” stomp stomp stomp

    i want to bury my face in that little belleh!

  8. Orange, with stripies on the belleh! Yikes!
    Is that one of those leath-and-fur mousies? They look disconcertingly real when half-nommed, and left lying in the middle of the living room floor. Don’t step on it with bare feet!

  9. That’s it. I’m totally getting myself a ginger kitteh next.

  10. Yes, ginger kittens rule…

  11. Kitty is wearing a marmie vest!!!!

  12. littledogrescue says:

    Whose house is that c*l*e*a*n ???? (I touched my mouse to his belleh, too, even before reading Meg’s confession)

  13. Kitteh says.. WHA???? What is that thing? hmmm I need to chase it or catch it or throw it in the air… yeah that is what I need to do!

  14. He’s got a little ginger tabby waistcoat! Tux and … well, A tail. What a well-dressed little beastie, all he needs is a little pocketwatch to match. “I’m late! I’m late!”

  15. ‘K, I changes my mind.
    I want he. Will trade
    chihuahua puppehs for this one.

  16. A friend of mine just got his kittens (both gray stripey cuties) fixed. The female’s little shaved belleh still has stripeys on it and it’s the cutest thing ever. 🙂

    I lurve catbellehs.

  17. Holligans says:

    littledogrescue: that’s the first thing I thought… *wow-how clean!* and then of course touched belleh with mousie. I have some potential submishes but have held back due to clutter surrounding the cuteness…aargh

  18. The kitten is cute, the comments are baby talk. I’ll just look at the pictures from now on and skip the juvenile comments.

  19. Andrea|Nash says:

    jen said it all and said it right…wiping up the coffee right now…

  20. aaaww! i just put fingerprints on my computer screen where his belly was, before i even read whats at the bottom of the post! (great minds think alike)

  21. Teresa, what did you expect? Would you like us to comment on the cuteness of the kitteh belleh based on intellectual standards of aesthetics? Do what you like and don’t read the comments, and I’ll do what I like and keep talkin in baby talk.

    Awwwwwww, i want to snorgle that belleh. for serious.

  22. Yitzysmommie says:

    hee hee hee, my hubs will wonder why in the world there are NOSE prints on the laptop screen?
    Marmie kittayn belleh!! I am now in full snorgle mode.
    And Teresa dear – who’s the grumpus wumpusie? Would that be your leetle teeny selfie welfie? Huh, snookums?

  23. Did I seriously just read a Nuff comment THIS EARLY in the morning?!?!
    In the name of all that’s fuzzy why won’t you Nuff’s go away!
    ::falls poeticly to the ground::
    As a side note: If I had a belly as cute as that kitten’s – I’d never wear a shirt … wait … 😀

  24. “And now I shall astound you with mah talentz. *breaks into song and dance*” You go, bi ped.

  25. Funny how nature does that – it marks the two best snorgle points in white for me. Right in the chest, and then in the lower belly. Hands go right around the stripes on the belly to give kitty a cute snuggle cuddle.

  26. metsakins says:

    “Excellent sleuthing, Jocelyn A. I just touched the kitteh’s belleh with my computer mouse.”

    Is there ANYONE who didn’t! sheesh

  27. metsakins says:

    Okay, raise hands- “HOw many people had the mouse right on the belleh while readin’ Meg’s comment?”

    *raises hand*

  28. I just wish to point out that Teresa isn’t me.

  29. Theresa with an H, I was wondering that! I said, “Hey she dint say no badness ’bout the belleh talk!” 🙂

    I like the way the belleh markings look like two big mitts coming ’round from the back to squeeze the frontal regions.

  30. I just gawk and go “Squeeee! Wooga wooga wooga!” like everybody else. 😉

  31. Nicolletta says:

    Gggrrr…ferocious kitteh will pounce on leetle mousie…ggrrrrr…

    Right after I give him a belly rub. 😉

  32. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    You “just touched” the belleh? I CAN’T STOP touching the belleh! Boink. Boink. Boink. Right where those stripes meet up in the center. Boink. Whaaaa…? Not now. I’m busy. Boink.

  33. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Heh, maybe Theresa Nuffingham oughter visit ICHC. That’ll keep her ruminating for a while on whenceth the English language goeth, huh. They’ll school her real good, I tell you whut.

  34. Yep, me tooooo, touching the belleh, many times.
    *Hand raised*

  35. berthaslave says:

    Kitteh doesn’t actually look that pudgy to me…his striped kind of give him a six-pack-ish look.


    Whassamatter wit’ poor little T-T today? Did Miss McGrumpersons get up on the wrong side of the beddie-bye? Whose a McGrumpersons? Yes you are. YES YOU ARE! But you’re still so cute we can’t stay mad at you because you’re so anerable with your “blah blah blah baby talk” and “blah blah blah nuffersons”!

    I now return to the completion of my dissertation. Yes, I will have a Ph.D. And I occasionally engage in cutespeak. AND I’m damn proud of it!

  36. berthaslave says:

    P.S. Didn’t touch the belleh with the mouse. Maybe I’m not as touchy-feely as y’all?

  37. If Beatrix Potter drew this kitteh, he would definitely have a redonkulous VEST with a pocket watch!

  38. Phew, I was worried that something was wrong with “our” Teresa!!!

    @Holigans—I’m right there with you….potential submishes held due to clutter, pet hair, etc.!!!LOL!!

  39. Berthaslave.. I too have thus far resisted the belly rub with the pointer… but only becasue I have a tortie and she has trained me that bellies are for looking and not for touching. Of course I have a tuxie too and she loves to have her belly rubbed.. go figure.

  40. OOPS! I spelled “our Theresa” wrong!!!!

    SO SORRY!!!!

  41. Eee! Ginger kitty FTW! Such a cute little belleh. Must not rub!

  42. CheshireCat says:

    I was just about to post a comment about how anerable the curved kitteh belleh is in combination with the pink paw-pads and white mittens, but then I had to scroll up and touch the kitteh belleh with my pointer. Again. 😛

  43. Aaaw. Did baby do too many kegstands?

  44. berthaslave,
    we’re not supposed to mention it aforehand, but once you have the ph.d. actually you are ONLY allowed to talk baby talk.
    and the nuffinghams are really good prep for those department meetings!

  45. acelightning says:

    That’s just such a perfect weskit over kitty’s tum-tum. And I love the dubious expression on his face: “Uh, is that thing gonna eat me? Oh, maybe *I’m* supposed to eat *it*? I dunno, though… looks pretty fierce…”

  46. It wasn’t me! It wasn’t me!
    (stamping leetle feets)

  47. PS: Goo goo goo goo goo!

  48. PPS, I HAVE completed mah diss-ser-tay-shuns. And so has my brother. Mine was on Wagner. His was on Congress. And we both lerves us our CO.

  49. Kittenpants here definitely is a marmie tux, with his little vest or is it a cummerbund?

    I haz had marmies before. I wuvs my current tortie and tux boy, but I MUST have a marmie or marmie and white after they leave us (which will be many years since Her Royal Tortieness is 7 and TuxKit is 1.5).

    BELLEH! Snorgle. Furbert.

  50. such a cute kitten! I just want to hug it! What’s with the nuff today? There’s no point in posting with the only comment that the kitten is cute but you don’t like our ‘juvenile’ comments. It’s a cat, for heaven’s sake, what are else are we going to do?

  51. Theresa: Wagner AND congress.
    I bet you guys are a complete crack up at office parties.

  52. Catablob, you were NOT supposed to mention our secret post-dissertation language!!!!!!!!! I am going to tell the PhD Emperor about this, eet ees OUTRAGEOUS!

    I cannot believe that there are so many fellow Phuds here. CO helps with PTSD (PhD Traumatic Stress Disorder).

  53. the BELLEH is shut the frik up re donk!!!!

    But I repeat myself.

    where is Lovins???

    anyone??? anyone???
    theo. throw a bone. i KKKnow You KKKKnow

  54. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love it! He’s scared of the mouse! This must be the first time he’s ever seen one! 🙂

  55. jen, i see it too. can’t you just imagine kitty stompin’ all over a fisher-price village… RAHHHH! KIT-T-REX IS FEERS LIKE GODZILLAH! I STOMPZ UR TOWNZ!

    by the way, i’ve managed not to stroke, snorgle, furbert, or huff my monitor ONLY because i know that would be a recipe for disappointment, and i’d have to go digging thru my desk for the monitor-cleaner stuff.

    i’m gonna get back to my dishes now… and i’m gonna wash them in character as KIT-T-REX! RAH!

  56. I’m not sure if that belly pwns me but it sure owns me.

  57. bookmonstercats says:

    Snorted my tea down my nose. Just mopping up now. Greatest belleh shot EVAH!

  58. Yep, I admit to it too. I’ve got a PhD (Theoretical linguistics) and my theoretical linguist’s tuppence on CO speech is: It is a highly evolved means of communication to serves all purposes other natural languages serve as well.
    On you go!
    And, sweet kitty-belleh and so on.

  59. Catablob, we are always the ones with the lampshades on our heads.

  60. Awww, it’s a drunken sailor kitty, wonderin’ if the mousie is real or if the DTs are coming on again.

  61. I feel a very strong urge to blow furrberts on that sweet belleh!

    [This is normal. Do not adjust your set. – Ed.]

  62. catloveschanel says:

    Ew Ok, I”m going to ladle on some extra bebeh talk, just cuz I can.
    Cutest evah photo!
    Co–in—ci– ddnce or no
    Do you know when my brother and I were little we had that same exact kitty hair color, and my mom has a photo of my bro in white baby shoes, a white overall set, and his eyes bugging out just like that looking at a toy something or ruther.

  63. Dude this paranoid kitteh just looks sooooo high on ‘inp…

  64. whoa………what’s THIS!?!!

    ive not seen THIS before…….

    love the belly welly…and the paws!!