Mo’ Bubbles, Beluga Style

Whoa! [Keanu Reeves voice] those whales actually accept scuba tank air into their mouths from a diver, and then blow bubbles with it! THAT’S KRAZEHPANNTS!

Wonton Destruction, nice find…



  1. That little girl is super lucky. I want belugas to blow bubbles at me!

  2. I love that happy flip in the water after the bubble bursts… It’s like, “Weeeheee, fun!! Let’s do it again!”

  3. Would Keanu say “Krazehpannts”? I totally want to hear that. Very cool, though. The belugas look happy and the little girl looks happy, and I want to know what language the reporter is speaking. Dude!

  4. lurkingsmirk says:

    Wow, is that little girl getting a private beluga bubble showing? So lucky! Hehe I used to have hair like her when I was a kid. She’s all “Hi beluga bubble, hiiii” and the beluga is all “bloooop blooop”

  5. Beluuuuuga! I thought it might be the beluga at the Valencia Oceanigraphico, as they have a big window like that, but they’re in Russia. When I was in Valencia I made over-exaggerated dancing movements and the beluga would dance along. I swear! Blew bubbles just like that as well. Apparently they do that for fun, which is what that one is doing.

  6. Sorry, in Japan I mean. . . .

  7. that is amazing!

  8. Deana, the reporter is speaking Dutch. She says that belugas do the bubble blowing in the wild as well but not on command or one right after the other either. People believe that the bubble brings good luck.

  9. Well if the bubbles are good luck, and yeah I am thinking they are definately that.. then that is one very lucky little girl

    and the buluga is so very cute.

  10. Lex (Alexandra) says:

    Yeaayyyy Dutch telly on CO!

  11. i get how it works now

    when the cepheid breaches it gets air in its mouth, which it doesn’t use for breathing, then it shoots water out through the bubble, causing a circular vortex that wraps through the center of the air and back around its outside, like your ankle rolls up as your sock rolls down; the dolphins earlier must have done the expelling as soon as they got back under water, but mr. belugapants is a showman

    and it’s magic too

  12. Beluga burps circle bubbles! Cool!

  13. sorry…cetacean…mr. coffeepants isn’t here with my sunday morning brainpowers yet…

    and i am /so/ blowing bubble rings next time i’m under water…/so/

  14. Dutch tv on Cuteoverload 😀 😀 COOL!

  15. That was very cute.

  16. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! Bellehtastic belugas blow bloopin’ bubbles!

  17. DarrylsMama says:

    Squee. Intelligent marine mammals illegally captured and put into depressing enclosures. Yay! I would also like to add that that judging from the people watching, this takes place in Japan. Japan won’t obey the anti-whaling treaty (they hunt whales for “science”) and the still eat whale. Anerable.

  18. That’s so awesome!

  19. i’m giggling at the image of keanu saying KRAZHEPANTS!
    i know a song called baby beluga. belugas are like dolphins but with pudgy, kiss-me-i’m-adorable faces.

  20. Very cool trick. He blew an air kiss!

  21. that whale is having so much fun , can I go play with it too……………

  22. That is quite simply the best thing i’ve seen all day. i shall post to my site and spread the word.

  23. lurkingsmirk says:

    Darrylsmama–you may not believe this, so sit down. Are you ready? There are people of Asian descent living in other countries! Even predominantly white ones 0_o. Some of them were even _born_ there. Amazingk, isn’t it?

  24. girlnextdoortn says:

    Blair, the dolphins create the air bubble vortex themselves with their flippers or blowholes. They don’t always blow the bubble rings with their mouths like this beluga.

    That is pretty neato that the beluga is playing with the little girl.

  25. girlnextdoortn says:

    And actually, I believe they’re in China, which explains the Olympic Rings symbol at the top left of the screen.

  26. God nuffers honk me off. 😦

    Anyhoo, this isn’t quite as cute as the dolphin bubbles, due to the lack of sappy Candy Man violin, however, I think Beluga mouth bubble rings are now simply the essence of cetacean cute.

  27. I’ve translated the text to put an end to the confusion.
    “Alia, a Russian white whale, amuses her visitors in a Japanese zoo. A trick that whales living in the wild can do as well, but not when ordered to, and surely not that many times in a row. Alia does it just for fun and can aim pretty well. Some say that a bubble from her brings luck.”

  28. turkeylegsmom says:

    BELUGA LEEEEPS! They actually pursed their lips to make the bubbles! That means they could KISS YOU if so inclined!

    (Puckers up, jumps in pool)

  29. berthaslave says:

    I have a tewtally diff interpretation of this:

    Diver: Here, babe, try this.
    Beluga: No, it’ll make me cough.
    Diver: Then I’ll shotgun it…you breath in while I breathe out.
    Beluga: Okay, tee hee hee.

    (Pause for inhale/exhale).

    Beluga (Keanu voice): Whoa. That was awesome. Why am I totally hungry for some sardines?

  30. Bill Euga says:

    Oh, shut up, you stupid c*nt.

  31. Wow! The more I see of dolphins, whales etc., the more I am convinced that they are consciously playful and have a sense of fun very similar to our own. I am so impressed with their intelligence. I believe the more of this information gets out, the more people will be inspired to help preserve their environment. That’s the effect it has on me, anyway.

  32. p.s. It just occurred to me that maybe these young children (and possibly their parents as well) will be disinclined to eat dolphin meat/support the dolphin hunting industry after seeing this. I think this is a positive thing for the belugas to share their playful side with the public.

  33. ElleDoubleU says:

    While I agree that a lot of people exploit the animals, zoos and aquariums also have rescue, education, and conservation programs. many people would not know what a beluga WAS if they never saw one, so they wouldn’t worry about people whaling them. Often the creatures you see have been saved and given a new life as an exhibition animal because they couldn’t live out in the wild.

  34. Yes, it’s from the Dutch news, my country…;-P

  35. The olympic rings is just the symbol of that particular Dutch television network, nothing to do with China

    I’m used to hearing Dutch, so it didn’t struck me as odd at first.

    Then I remembered I was on CO and my mind went “Wait huh? was that English?”
    *Watches again*
    “Hum. neat”

  36. Happy belooooga!

    So playful. So cute.

  37. Yay! The fact that the voice-over is speaking dutch makes it al even more cute then the dolphin already was!

  38. meg seems to love gettin our butts slaughtered…
    yet another example of eet.
    you and me gotta get together for girl-lunch and a chat.

    [umm-kay Theo can come to take ta notes] and cuz he’s a boy-toy. snort%*&^%&*%^&%^&

  39. Dutch :D. That’s rare. I know what she said and you don’t :P.

  40. acelightning says:

    Holy beluga bubbles! Those little whales are having FUN!

  41. bookmonstercats says:

    Utterly astounding. World peace, love for all fellow creatures… *gets all misty eyed at thought of inter-species co-operation* … goes off into darkened room for a lie down…

  42. “Then I remembered I was on CO and my mind went “Wait huh? was that English?””

    Hee, I had that once when I watched an English film. The main character was in Amsterdam watching the news and the news reader read the same article twice. It took me ages to figure out that she read it twice cos she’d read it in Dutch the first time and in English the second. I hadn’t noticed!

  43. Here’s a video of three belugas all blowing bubble rings – AT ONCE! Gotta check it out:

  44. D Hamilton says:

    Mitzu – its fun to see them play in the wild too. They like to race my skiff (they win), roll over to look at us on deck, and I’ve seen dolphins start jumping and flipping when they saw people were looking.

    They are very smart and I feel blessed to see them anytime I’m out boating.


  45. Cute!!!!!!!

  46. I didn’t realize that the beluga’s melon (sensory organ @ top of head) was so fluid & um, squishy…Belugapants is cute & talented but his melon is twisting mine *shifty eyes*

  47. um this is a mammal… shouldnt we get a marine mammal catagory cause of all the cute marine mammals posted there are like five… the rule is three= new catagoy!