Vous must be kitting moi

Not only have I coordinated my mittens with my scarf, I have thoughtfully chosen contacts which match your hardwood…


…and now, after all of this, I am to FILE?

[whiskery huff]

Eh bien.  You shall find me under "F" for Fine, Fabulous, and also Finished.

Sally is indeed gorgeous, Peg of Tilling!



  1. What a cute little puffer!

  2. FLUFFY! Just waiting to be pounced upon and snorgled.

  3. This is such a sweet picture!! My cat moves around too much, I can’t seem to get her to stay still for a cute picture like this!!

  4. Darling!! My main coon also has coordinarting scarf and mittens- to cute!!!!

  5. She’s got style, She’s got Grace, Shes’ got…. How does that song go??

  6. I just love how she’s sitting!!!

  7. Hooray hooray hooray for Sally and Peg of Tilling!!!

    EXcellent picture! And the caption…..what a hoot!


  8. F is also for Fluffy and Feline

  9. “F” is also for “fired”, kiddo.

    You cats always get such big heads when you’ve had it too good for too long.

  10. In Edna Mode voice:

    “Darling mittens and scarfs are so in! But no capes. NO CAPES I SAID! Now about your new contacts…”

  11. If I’m not mistaken, this lovely lady is a purebred RagaMuffin (a spin off from the RagDoll breed). Her coat and coloring are right. The meerkat-like pose is something my RagaMuffin, Julie does. Anybody know for sure?

  12. She is adorable! I bet she has perfectly coordinating booties too.

  13. She looks so much like my Grandma’s old kitty, Violetta, only she had greenish eyes. She was the sweetest kitteh I ever knew.

  14. You have me working on Caturday. I hope you’re prepared to pay me o-fur-time.

    Sally is sublime, Peg!

  15. Meg, your cat-shuns kill me.

  16. I want to see the rest of that scrap of tail hiding behind the filing cabinet.

  17. Oh that is SUCH a cute little kitty! Sweet and pretty to boot…I think I would like one just like her, please 🙂

  18. (as a side note, the first several times I read the title, I read it as, “Vous must be KNitting moi”, and I read it over and over trying to determine the meaning. The connection with mittens and scarf I understood, but the rest of it I didn’t get. Ah Saturday mornings.)

  19. haha I’ve never seen a cat stand up quite like that before. how long did it take to knit those adorable mittens? i bet she had to walk in 3 feet of snow up-hill both ways to get to her office to file today too.

  20. Sally found me in the parking lot of my old apartment building and told me “HEY! I NEED HELP!” (I live in a college town and abandoned pets are a big problem.) When she curled up on the couch and fell asleep I knew she’d picked me. We’ve been together since 1996.

    Sally could be a raga-something but it seems unlikely. I asked the vet about her breed once and he said “Longhair.”

    I’m so excited to see her here! Thanks everybody!

  21. michellemybelle says:

    File under “F” for “Fluff!” What a pretty girl! 🙂

  22. Nice matching contacts, kitteh!

  23. AuntieMame says:

    Yay for Sally and Peg of Tilling!

    And here’s Sally, 30 minutes later…


  24. Sally has MITTINGKS!

  25. Andrea|Nash says:

    How nice to run into Peg and Aubrey and Lauri and Auntie Mame – all heroes of mine!

    Silly Sally, you stand like that obnoxious Siamese in “Get Fuzzy” 🙂

    Great follow-up Auntie M!

  26. Aubrey: o fur time.
    Shame on you!
    For thinking of that and posting it before I did!

  27. My ragdoll, who’s also mitted, does the meerkat pose like that sometimes. It’s so cute when kitties do that!

  28. i don’t think you ready for this jelly! that kitteh is too fluffylicious!

  29. Awwww….. She is so beautiful! And excellant posture!

  30. Anne Boleyn says:

    Purrfectly coordinated, and I too am wondering if that’s a tiny tail end next to the filing cabinet, or if Sally hocked up a fluffy white furball.

  31. Such great captioning, Meg! Hilarious. And beyoootiful kitty, too. Plus, the heartwarming story – “HEY! I NEED HELP!” – awwwwww. This is all too perfect and just right for Saturday morning. >^..^<

  32. Eets Sally! Eets Sally!
    PEG!!!!! of!!! Tilling!!!

    Sally and her cataloons!

    “F” is for FRABJOUS!
    (“F” is for flasher? ;-p)

  33. Sally, what a purrfect name too. Yay Peg! YAY Sally! YAYYYYYY!

  34. Just one word: gorgeous!

    She looks great, your cat! Well cared-for and loved.

  35. CheshireCat says:

    What a fashionable feline; I’m sure when she’s finished filing, you’ll find her sprawled on a posh cocoa-brown sofa reading “Elegant Kitteh” and pondering upon whether she should paint her claws “Winterberry Red” or “So Much Fawn”.

  36. Andrea|Nash says:

    And Pyrit, too!

  37. firefinch says:

    Did anyone notice the other part of the matchingks: pattern on the tail with the braid in the rug.

  38. Sharon Wilson says:

    Perfect caption! I bet she works for the squirrel boss!

  39. This picture breaks my heart, because she looks almost exactly like the kitty I grew up with–makes me miss Paddypaws like crazy. Such a dear little drooly moody beautiful kitty.

  40. Yay, a perfect pair—Peg of Tilling and Sally!

    2 of my kittehs are sisters I adopted (Daisy and Sunny/Bunny) who do this pose, as well. I call it “pretending to be a bunny rabbit”.

    Ah, kittehs!!! *sighs in delight*

  41. My seester says Meg eez beeyond beleef, zees is pure capshoningk geenius, I says, yes eez true, Meg eez ze genius capshoneer, BUUTTT zees post is by THEO!!! (No matter what, it’s wonderful, thanks to both! and to lovely Sally and her lucky human Peg.)

  42. Methingks teh whiteness peeking out from behind the files is a wee white feather toy?

  43. Earworm Alert!

    Ragdoll by Aerosmith!
    “Ragdoll, livin’ in a movie
    Sally, you’re Peg’s little cutie
    So fine, they’ll never see you leavin’ by the back door”

    Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett!

    “Mustang Sally, think you better slow your Mustang down.
    You been running all over the town now.
    Oh! I guess I’ll have to put your flat feet on the ground”

  44. Pantaloons! How adorable.

    I’m with you guys, that scarf must be snorgled immediately.

  45. Poohbear — quite right. Thank you!

  46. YAY Peg!!! Vous avez raised une beaute.

  47. Sharon Wilson — yay! I do love continuity. 😉

  48. Very fluffy!

  49. Christine H says:

    The fluffy kitteh is adorable!

    However, there is a picture on Facebook that I think belongs in the Cute Overload calendar, but I am not the picture’s owner, so I can’t submit it. I don’t know the person who does own the picture; it was posted in a Facebook group devoted to bunnies. What should I do?

  50. berthaslave says:

    Love the kitteh stand. It’s ocelot time.

    I would be so cool if I had a name like “Peg of Tilling.”

  51. !YAY!

    One of our favorite floofsters makes CO!

    I think Sally’s part Maine Coon, with the ruff and all. Plus, if you’ve seen other pix of her, you know she has fabulous cataloons as well (even better than you see here).

    She’s a worthy CATURDAY post!

  52. Christine, you could FB message the group leader and ask where she got the picture. Then track down the source, email them for permission for submission. Yeah, sounds like some trouble but take one for the CO team!

  53. best commentary EVER

  54. Is she working for one of those evil sqwirls who have no sense of fashion?

  55. Oh berthaslave, you’re the cooliest just the way you are!

    You all like my baby girl kitty! (sniff) Thank you!

  56. Lookit!!!! It’s Sally! File under fantabulous furry floofy fuzzy feline friend! (Peg of Tilling is a fantabulous friend, too, but she isn’t furry, floofy, fuzzy, or feline — oh well, we can’t all be cats…)

  57. Yitzysmommie says:

    Yay Peg, for your Fabulous Floofalicious Sally! She is lovely, and GRATULATIONS on mqakin’ the Big Time of CO!

  58. The idea of this kitty secretarying away for the squirrel boss makes my head explode. I cannot handle that kind of cute!

    A most excellent Caturday post.

  59. Andrea|Nash says:

    Well for heavens sake!

    And here I was congratulating myself for reading all the comments and not asking out loud “where’s Theo?”

    Thanks Poohbear.

  60. SQUEEEEEEEEEEAL!!! It’s our very own Peg o’T’s Sally! Yay!!!

    What beautiful floofulence.

  61. One of my three cats looks almost exactly like this, except she is a dilute (pastel) calico, so she has peach colored patches in some places where this one doesn’t.

  62. Sally looks like she’s standing with her arms akimbo.

    Which makes the captioning even more perfect.

  63. payneangel13 says:

    kitty wants to prove he can work like a dog with the best of em

  64. We save this pose for furry special occasions. Like stinky goodness.

  65. acelightning says:

    What unusual, and beautiful, coloring and pattern! (Not to mention the extreme floofulence…)

  66. Amy Kilgore says:

    Our cat does the same thing, especially when we’re eating. He knows I think it is so adorable. We don’t know if ours is a Main Coon or Ragamuffin, but I saw on a site that Ragamuffin’s usually have blue eyes.

  67. Our cat looks exactly the same. The breed is Norwegian Forest Cat.