A quick note on calendar submishes

BeegDearest Sender Inners!

A quick note on calendar submishes! First, I APPRECIATE the BEELLIONS of submishes ya’ll have been sending in. TRULY OUTSTANDING! [Hamsters giving standing ovation] Ya’ll would submit your grandmother if you could.

I gotta re-iterate, so that no one is disappointed 😦 that to be considered for the calendar, the photo has to be high-resolution. This means, the BIGGEST version of the photo you can find.

Got a super-huge photo you’d like to submit to our 2009 calendar?

Feel free to SUBMEET EET! This is the last week left!

Thank you,
El Mangemento

p.s. a-member, if your photo has already appeared on the website, you can RE-SUBMIT EET for the calendar!



  1. Hurrah! I get to bleen!

  2. So confused. My Mika (teh pupbassador intern) was featured on teh site, but then I got a flickr message asking to submit for calendar? When you submit for the site aren’t you automatically submishing for the calendar? HELP MY BRAIN IS EXPLODING.

  3. Krista, I’m pretty sure you need to submit Mika to the CO calendar (clicking the “SUBMEET EET” above), even though you’ve already submitted her (him?) to CO. It’s probably just an extra step to ensure that everyone whose pictures are in the calendar actually WANT them to be in the calendar.

    Also, when can I buy this thing? It looks amazing.

  4. That’s where I went when I submitted for the site. Do I have to specify in the e-mail that I’m submishing for the calendar.

  5. How big is big?

  6. Suzirelli says:

    How do I get a 2008 Calender?

  7. also interested in the 2008 calender (if it exists)…

  8. I just wanna say that the Cute Overload page-a-day calendar is going to sell a million billion copies. Good on ya!


  10. charliewabba says:

    In my experience, images being submitted for print purposes need to be 300 dpi. tiff files are better than jpegs, although if a jpeg is big enough, it can work. I’m not sure what Meg requires in terms of dimensions (i.e. pixels or inches) The bigger the better, since images can always be sized down, but if they’re too small, you can’t make ’em bigger. Images that you submit for use on the interwebs are usually much smaller (75 or 100 dpi) and jpegs, because they are smaller files and take less time to load.

  11. “El Mangemento” ??

  12. yankeebird says:

    Teho, I almost wonder if the typo was intentional. Management generally is kinda mangy, at least in my working experience. I certainly wouldn’t have described CO’s “El Managemento” as parasitic, though.

  13. I want a calendar too – are they free?

  14. Carrie — they’ll be for sale, so, nopes.

    YankeeBird — I’m picturing some kind of gnarly shaggy breathmint that mysteriously allows you to speak Spanish.

  15. good luck to all submishees!

  16. Not to tell yous guys what ta do or nuttin’ but, ya know, number 12 from above, with the folded hamster has just gotts to be the cover pic-ee-ture.
    Just my suggesteroni. I will purchase a few calendars for uh, friends (uh, yeah, we’ll go with that). Best of luck choosingk, except th cover which will be the above-mentioned numbero 12,
    above pic-ee-tured.

  17. Meg, my dear, you are “La Managementa.”

  18. charliewabba says:

    Hey, folkses, if Meg wants to be El Mangemento, I say she EEZ El Mangemento–a chewy mint that cures mange, and makes it possible for one to lift tiny cars into tight parking spaces while increasing one’s appetite, causing one to lament “I ate too moishe.”

  19. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    It might help if Meg states what the minimum acceptable resolution is (in either pixels or inches/centimetres).

  20. Julia I do advertising for our office Resolution should be 300-600 DPI 600 being better than 300

    IF you can not do the DPI thing resize it to 3times bigger than a ordinary sheet of paper or 25.5 inches x 33 inches and save it as a tiff. Email it to the above address and I suggest in the subject line enter calendar submission.
    If it was a previous CO picture maybe teh title it was given when it was showen here on CO. Helps if your picture is titled the same.

    For all the folks who are going to holler or wonder 3 times the size allows it to be shrunk down and hold it’s resolution but if you can do the 300 or 600 DPI it is way better.

    If you are saving it as a pdf make sure it is 600 DPI and sized to a regular size sheet of paper, 8.5 x 11 inches. Unless the calendars are gonna be bigger than that.


  21. Yes, Annie?

  22. yankeebird says:

    What concerns me most about this is why every day in September appears to be a Tuesday.

    By the way, this says it’s the last week. What is the official last day?

  23. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I hope there’s an all hamster month. Maybe, Hamuary?

    And thanks for the giggle Carrie… Free indeed… 🙂 tee hee, just pokin’ fun.

  24. luvinmalssomuch says:

    No. 12 is Chmurka and I agree should be on the front page.
    I want one, two, maybe three, oh what the hey make it four.

  25. Teho How big are teh calendars gonna be LOL sorry ; )

  26. Don’t know for sure, but I assume smallish, like your standard 1-a-day desk calendar. Maybe 6″x6″?
    Meg’s bound to opt for high-quality printing, though.

  27. I’m giddy with anticipation! I snuck a pink cute-o bumpére stickére onto our volvo, to my bf’s ongoing embarrassment, and I’m going to have to have this calendar!!

  28. I was so excited to see this calendar being made, but so sad that I can’t get my hands on it until 2009! Thankfully, my husband got me a Stuff on My Cat daily calendar to hold me over for the next year. 🙂

  29. wow yankeebird.
    you can REALLY over-think stuff cant ya?
    You cracked me up! hA!

    Set your mind free and be one with the QTE.

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    I remember Hamster #12 above and the ensuing commentraversy surrounding our confusion of “what is that?” .. “it isn’t .. .. is it.. ?” etc. etc. If he’s on the covere of the calendar it could be NSFW.

  31. I can’t click the link, i have a Mac, and it makes me try to set up a .Mac account. How can I submish without clicking the link?

  32. Can anyone tell me the email to send it to? I have a mac, and it would be easier if I had a link.

    (I have a huuuuge picture of my frog I want to send in 😀 )

  33. End of the week….. is that the end of the working week (Friday, the 25) or the actual end of the week (Saturday, 26)?

  34. SixFootJen says:

    Is the calendar going to have Monday as “Bunday” and Saturday as “Caturday” and November as “Nosevember”?

    I hope so.

  35. Don’t forget ‘Tocktober!

  36. I deed eeet! I submitted peechurs!!!!
    (waits, salivating over email for response.
    refresh, refresh, refresh)
    (refresh, refresh, refresh, still waiting eagerly)….
    zzzzzzzsnort whut? OH!(picks face offa keyboard and wipes drool up wit kitteh lounging nearby checks for email from Meg)(starts humming Somewhere Over On CO)…

  37. A link please? An email address please? I really want to submit a pic of my doggy. 🙂

  38. Wow…just wow…this sit eis so freaking cute.

    I just sent a gazillion photos to you. 🙂 Of course my dogs are the cutest ev-AR!

  39. I think I found the right email, so I sent one! Yay! When will we find out if we have been chosen?

  40. for those (mac people) still wondering what the email address is to submit pics to ….. it is …………. [edited; see below – Ed.]

  41. Alice the Brit, that’s not correct anymore, but no worries…

    Peeps, the photo-submission link is right in the text of the post (SUBMEET EET!), and it’s actually a web form these days, not an email address. The same link is also directly to the right, in the margin, under “Got Cute?”

  42. Hellooooooooo?

    This has been asked a few times now, but,


  43. Janine — just assume Saturday is the last day. That’s the traditional end of a calendar week, and as noted above, this is the last week for calendar submissions.

  44. Hi Everyone,
    I am asking that kitty lovers help me with some prayers for my kitty. I’ve had her since I was sixteen and she is almost seventeen yrs now. The vet thinks she may have had a stroke, and her kidneys are failing. I know she is old but it still very hard to face that she is dying. Can you please send good thoughts to my sweet baby Beth? I hope that she is not in pain and that she slips away in her sleep.
    Thank you.

  45. I didn’t see a form, I sent mine through e-mail and no response, le sigh.

  46. Hey! I just watched the cutest video! Check out the latest adventure of Mookie and Sam (two of the world’s cutest dogs) on youtube. Their new video is called “Sam goes to Texas” and it’s really funny!

    Don’t forget to check out their website for more!


  47. Hey Theo, when I clicked on the link, it opened up my e-mail program, so I sent an e-mail to the addr that came up … There was no form. I hope that’s ok.

    [That link you’re talking about is *on* the form! – Ed.]

  48. Katie; I pray for your Beth, that she peacefully slips away into sleep-land knowing that she is loved– and for you that you will have peace of mind and lots of good memories.

  49. Katie, best hope and prayers, for you and your family member friend. Losing a pet is never easy, no matter their age. I’m sorry for your loss.

  50. Oops, Theo… that e-mail address was .net, not .com. Anyway, I checked it again and when you click on the calendar link it opens up a new window that has the contract on it, and then you’re supposed to click on another link to make your submission. But that link opens up my e-mail program — there is no form to submit the photos. So I hope that Meg receives my e-mail.

  51. SPB — there’s actual legalese now, terms of use, license agreements, etc. We need folks not to be skipping that part.

  52. what kind of bird is that in the main photo?