This web site has grown tiresome.

I grow weary of this "posting of kittehs". Puh-lease. "Kitteh" is not even a real word.


Turi M. was looking up the word "disapproving" and found this dude on wikipedia.



  1. What a bleening grump! I must snorgle him until he is happy again. 🙂

  2. donnalynnern says:

    Goodness, what a grouchy look!!

  3. AHAHAHAHA! So disapproving… I love it 🙂

  4. Reminds me of ‘Mr. Potter’ from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’

    “What are you, but warped, frustrated young cat?”
    “And a Happy New Year to you- in the POUND!”

  5. I’m on ur blog, disaprovin ur postingks.

  6. I’m going to snuggle you, kitteh! And you’re going to hate it! But I’m going to snuggle you some more! {rubbing face into disapproving kitty head}

  7. omg, I *lof* him – he is gorgeous!

  8. metsakins says:

    yes, I believe if that cat was at my house it would be time for “the forcible hugs” (followed by the comfy chair and the soft pillow)

  9. charliewabba says:

    ivv biff buh pfffprmmf fubbb….
    (spits out furry paws that were in mouth – sorry)
    Is this the poster from last week who thought CO was “phoning it in?”
    (stuffs furry paws back in mouf and returns to nomming)

  10. “Ha-RUMPH! I disapprove of everyone and everything, ever.”

  11. Intervention!!!!

  12. Who knew that disapproving could be soooo cute!!!! 🙂

  13. Banker cat does not approve ur loan.

  14. You know where those paws have been, then, CharlieWabba?

  15. That cat has two chins!!! Holy crap – double the disapproval!!!!

  16. He looks like he’s a judge, presiding over some important Enron-like case.

    “We need to take a short recess. Defense and prosecution? To my chambers please and bring tuna.”

  17. I don’t think he looks grumpy at all.

    I think he looks about as content as a kitty can look!

    But I guess it’s just me.

  18. OMG I love him. I have never seen such a perfect definition of disapproval, scorn, and harrumph-ness.

  19. Nicolletta says:

    I shall snorgle you, Mr. Grumpalicious, and you will like it!

  20. This kitteh reminds me of the Burl Ives “Big Daddy” character on the very appropriately titled, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” I can hear this big fellah sputtering “mendacity, lies and HIGH-pocrisy!”

  21. charliewabba says:

    Theo – those paws hve been only in the Executive Suite litter box, and they have been washed and dried with a warm towel handed to His Honorable Catness (this is not a kitteh) by a white-jacketed attendant, who was then somewhat stingily tipped.
    (returning to paw nomming)

  22. not so sure about disapproving, kitteh almost has a “mona lisa” smile.

  23. I had no idea that Winston Churchill came back as a cat. Now tell everyone to never give up!

  24. MandaBain says:

    THAT is the most beautiful fat cat I’ve ever seen. I mean, for crying out loud-he has chubby cheek wrinkles!

  25. charliewabba says:

    Actually, he looks a bit like my great-uncle Dave after he tried to get his tip back from the Maitre d at the 21 Club when he decided the table he’d been given wasn’t adequate to said tip (when in fact it was)

  26. Fat cat fat cat, more to lurv. :sticks nose in between the fat folds:

  27. Daphne Moss says:

    Disapproving cat says “Your narrative has grown tiresome … I require organic catnip at this time …”

    A living stuffed animal!

  29. metsakins says:

    I have just made him my desktop. I believe it has just the right feeling for an accountant’s office during tax season.

  30. He needs a hug.

  31. OH LOLOLOLOL!!!!

    what an adorable grumple!

    kitty curmudgeon. i must hug him! aaaaack!! hilarious!

  32. Anne Boleyn says:

    I luv heem, yet he skeres me. Do whatever he sez.

  33. Disapproving?? I can envision lasers shooting out of his eyes at me. (>_< ) Yet why do I want to hug him and pet him?

  34. This McGrumpersons would look like ICHC’s HappyCat, if he were, you know, happy.

  35. In Hindenburg announcer voice: “Oh! The chubbulance!”

  36. I see him as Sidney Greenstreet in either The Maltese Falcon or Casablanca.

  37. I have to say, this picture is pretty high quality too:

  38. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Evil Mad Scientist Cat has a human for a pet.

  39. OMG, he must be getting a lot of food..

  40. Check this guy out on icanhascheezburger:

    So perfect.

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    from some of the comments, I discover I am not the only human capable of “forcible snorgling” wherein you grab a resistant and perhaps disapproving cat and engage in a purely self-serving snorglethon with said cat’s unwilling belleh, ears, etc. “Mooom!” they cry .. falling on deaf ears. This guy, if he lived atmy house, would definitley be assaulted frequently.

  42. metsakins -ah yes, the forcible hug! a friend of mine calls it “torture love”. when you have an adorable furry aminal around, it’s so hard not to give it more loves than it wants. in my case, i grew up with a dog for whom there was no such thing as “too much” attention. try going from that to having a cat with an especially kissable muzzlepowche and trying to respect its “limits”.

  43. Rachel of Cyberia — Evil Mad Scientist Cats have TWO pet humans! One of them even shows up here in the comments sometimes.

    Cats here:

    Evil Mad Scientist Labs here:

  44. I’m thinking he looks like Wilford Brimley reminding us to eat our oatmeal.

  45. oh i think this guy and winston need to get together and party.
    imagine the fur-flyin-fun!
    Charliewabba- i hate to think of the bloody-scene that would certainly happen is you tried to nomb these (adorable) feeties. please use x-treme caution!

  46. Barrister cat objects!

  47. He looks like he wants to say, “I have grown tired of ALL of you and your blasted insolence! Bring me my Fancy Feast!!”

  48. pixie-stix says:

    That is one feisty fluffy feline. *rubs kitty’s nubby ears*

  49. More, more, more! I love this cutie.

  50. That cat has to be a turn-of-the-century industrial tycoon.

  51. bev,
    “to my chambers please and bring tuna.”


  52. He’s not fat, he’s fluffy! At least that’s what I say of my british shorthair. She often look disapproving as well. 🙂 Man I wish I had a house full of the fluffy Cheshire kitties.

  53. ok, I’m pretty sure I need this cat.

  54. Biiiiiiiiiiiitterman!

  55. “I’m on ur blog, disaprovin ur postingks.”

    LOLOL! Good one skippy!

    love reading these comments, you guys come up with such great stuff!

  56. Does he have a cousin named Nigel posted on this here web-site around christmas of 2007 ????????????

    What is said kitteh’s name anyone know ?

  57. CheshireCat says:

    Is that banker kitteh?

  58. Is this a Russian Blue with a bit of Scottish Fold? Was wondering because of the ears. Looks like he almost has dimples. Looks sleepy and waiting to be served a nightcap.

  59. He’s sitting there like one of those old guys who always heckled Kermit on the Muppet Show.

  60. Winston Churchill or Mr. Potter—definitely! But the hovertext brings out a Blazing Saddles reference:

    “I didn’t get a harrummph out of that guy”

  61. my sister's cat is a blob says:

    He looks like Winston’s evil twin. Oh, wait…

  62. My kitty approves of no one and nuffingks. She flees at the merest whiff of human affection. Yet there are times, when she is veeeeeery sleepy, that I can sneak up on her and OMG SNUGGLE NUZZLE HAHAH I WIN!!!!

  63. Mr. Fluffinzes does not approve.

  64. OMG, it’s my Daddy!!!

  65. Good work Kim! I knew I had seen him on!!!

  66. joliesmom says:

    “I am not amused. QUICKLY! Grab me my goggles. I’m going for a swim.”

  67. If there is an opposite of lolcats, this cat is it 🙂

  68. well. i’d be pissed off if someone named me ‘Lilac’ too.
    what a silly name for such a GORGEOUS kitteh.

  69. Piggalette says:

    “Give the governor a harumph!” “HARUMPH!” “You watch your ass.” God I love that movie. Unfortunately that was all from memory. 😛

  70. He’s the feline Wilford Brimley!

  71. If anyone knows this kitteh’s name, please tell us! My sweetie wants to name him “Winston.”

  72. He looks like Jabba the Hut.

  73. madeleine says:

    he bears a striking resemblance to orson welles

  74. berthaslave says:

    Everyone has covered the similarities to famous actors, but I have to add the following:

    Robert Morley

    Or Charles Coburn (sans monocle):

    And yes, my dissertation is about movie actors.

    But what makes this photo is the paws up on the cushion. Without the paws, it’s just a McGrumpersons photo. This is a McGrumpersons POSE.

  75. He looks like I feel every morning getting up for work!!! I would kill to have a kitty that looks like this baby!!

  76. No way! Kittehs for life!!! Keep posting them I <3 them! Especially this funny little guy. So cute!

  77. Never have I seen such a disapproving kitteh! I must snorgle him!

  78. What else can I say except: Constipation. Kitteh needs Dulcolax, oatmeal, and, um, careful hugs.

    You’d be disapproving, too.

  79. He’s the fantasy feline offspring of Wilford Brimley and WC Fields. and maybe a nun.

  80. Now Stevens about that raise you requested. Denied

    Ohh and one more thing

  81. OMG. He’s the living definition of BAH HUMBUG.

  82. A Grumpuss.

  83. Hehehe. Actually, he’s probably just sleepy. He looks like he’s about to close those eyes and yawn.

  84. My goodness… He’s the spitting image of William Shatner!
    “That’s right… Denny Crane. Harrumph”


  86. acelightning says:

    I’ll bet he even disapproves of disapproving rabbits!

  87. Robert Morley!!!! LOVE it!!

  88. Give that kitty another close look — that’s a happy cat! Those are contented squinty eyes, and the ears are permanently folded. He’s asking for love, not paging security!

  89. “Is it true that on the night of April 21, 2007, you refused to throw your hands in the air and wave ’em like you just don’t care?”

  90. I’d like to see this dude go up against Cinnamon, the Disapproving Rabbit. Oooooh!!!

  91. totally Rumpole of the Bailey…

    [Aha! I do believe I detect a PBS/BBC fan! – Ed.]

  92. nads, my thoughts exactly,
    Jabba the Hut.

  93. i keep giggling every time i see this picture. what an adorable cat and ridiculously cute expression.


  95. I love how his fur overlaps his legs.

    Rumpole – I can see it. He needs a wig, though! (He could also be the Mad Bull, Judge Bullingham, giving Rumpole the hairy eyeball.)

  96. Berthaslave:

    Charles Laughton

  97. berthaslave says:

    Natalia — YES! Leo McKern!!!

    And catablob, agreed: “Mr. Christian! Forty lashes!”

    (Though Laughton is usually smiling).

    And what about Charles Gray? (Couldn’t find the good “Rocky Horror” shot of him disapproving of everything).

    And on this side of the pond…JOHN HOUSEMAN!!!!

  98. ThreeCatNight says:

    Honorable Barrister Nigel P. Catsby standing before the court:

    “My esteemed colleague –
    do spare me your insults to the feline population. We have been here for thousands of years, honing our intelligence, and acting as a friend to man – when it suits us. We have shown the human race that it is possible to relax in any place, under any circumstance. That food is easily obtained if we cajole you enough, and that, if we wish, we will lavish our attentions and affections on you – but only if it so pleases us. So, I beg the Court’s indulgence, do not malign us as ‘kittehs’. We are of the feline kingdom, descended from Egyptian nobility, and beloved of monks throughout the ages. Please, sir, accord us the respect you would show to another of your kind standing here before you. I thank you and the Court, and now, I must have my cream!”

  99. 😦 But Hon. Catsby, if I can’t call you kittehs, what must I call you?

  100. Oh, and Catsby lead me to The Great Catsby.

    Note to self: Must find a way to LOLcat The Great Gatsby.

  101. His name is Max.


  102. There have been WAY too many cat postings. We need bunnies!

  103. metsakins says:


    bunnies! bunnies!

  104. BEAUTIFUL gorgeous my mum would love a cat like that i’d love to snuggle up to him xxxxxxxx

  105. Yay! Teho made a LOLbunny. Or is it a LOLgomorph?

  106. Oops, gotta go back and vote him.

  107. Turi, I love that name, MAX.
    I always think of Carol Burnett’s version of Norma Desmond, yelling “Max! Max!” at Harvey Korman.

  108. Churchie La Femme says:

    what a sweet hunni!! love him lol

  109. This here’s yer H1 Hummer, (patting hood) basically built for civilian use but discontinued after 2006. Like a tank, but with yer standard comfort options.

  110. This picture plus Cuteoverload made it to the Dlisted website. Unfortunately, it is filed under Britney. Should I post this under “C.O. in the Media”?

  111. He looks to be saying “I think you have me confused with someone who cares…”
    Well, Mr. Big Grumpypuss Pants!!!! Let me snorgle you and then we’ll see if you look so grumpy!

  112. @Theresa–ROFL!
    @zeldapie–LOL at the great Carol Burnett reference!

    Great picture, Turi! He looks like a great cat!

  113. I think he looks more stunned than disapproving. Or maybe like he’s just beginning to pass gas.

  114. Yep – he has the vaguely bewildered and earnest look of gas-passing.

  115. I would call him “Mr. Brussels” of Dirbyshire Heights! Sooo royalle!

  116. John Houseman. Tewtally!

  117. Lol Pie – Jabba the Catt = true and utter excellence!

  118. [snickering at “LOL pie”]

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  120. mom2twinzz says:

    it looks like a monter

  121. I love this face!! Kind of like a seal. Just wanna pick up this cutie & snuggle those little ears.

  122. Totally Charles Laughton!
    “Mu-ten-neh Mr. Christian!”