Why kittehs are not good African safari guides

I think I see a CROC!!!




Aroooogah! Arooogah! Sound the alarms, Pamela S.!



  1. omg kitteh in a life jacket! i didn’t know they made them that small! “Yes hooman, row! row! row!”

  2. hee hee. way too cute for words.

  3. Get me outta here! Stat! Are you insane Human.. DO you not see the crocs!!!! the poisonous snakes… THE CROC”S! THE HIPPO’S. GO man GO!

  4. Now that I am done with the funny stuff. Kitty on a Kayack!!!1!111!!1

  5. Heh-heh. Looks like my kitty, Benny. Only slightly less insane, lol. Poor kitteh!

  6. Isn’t a kayak a little small to take a kitty along? He/she doesn’t look exactly thrilled to be out there. :-/


  8. kitty does not want


  10. Think Tweety Bird screaming “Heeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllp!

  11. CheshireCat says:

    Now I need to add kayaking to the list of things I must do with my kitteh, I’ve already checked off camping, 4th of july fireworks (he’s deaf peeps) and I intend to take him to the Comic-Con this year.

  12. OH my goodness! he looks like he’s really enjoying himself! i would love to know the storey that goes with these photos!!!? i think my kitties would hate me if i took them anywhere over water!! hehehe

  13. fish eye no miko says:

    CheshireCat said: “and I intend to take him to the Comic-Con this year.”

    Oh! You should make him a costume so he can be Ura from _El-Hazard_. ^_^

  14. Megs comments made me laugh out load

  15. I’m remembering “On Golden Pond” when Henry Fonda was sitting on the bow, guiding the kid through the rocks….

  16. I want a panda cat so badly now..I don’t kayak, so I’d just put it in a life jacket and let it run around the house.

  17. Just remember that kitty claws and inflatable rafts are a bad combination.


  19. hahaha he looks like he’s having a blast

  20. Actually our Kayack is 17 feet long and it is a one seater it is longer than our car. A subaru outback. and one of my cats though she hasn’t been in it in the water, Loves it. She thinks it is hers and that we made it just for her.
    She is my calico tortie or torbie and I think she would enjoy a trip on the water. She is my fearless cat. The rest are all scardy ca.. well you know.

  21. Captain I see land to Starboard.

  22. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s a riot.. caring peeps to put the kitteh in a life jacket, leash and towel to sit on. She looks sort of like a small child who isn’t sure if he/she is having fun or scared. I swear my next kitteh will be black/white with lovely white whiskers like this one.

  23. cyclinggirl says:

    We had a dachsund and later a dachsund/poodle mix that would ride on the bow of the canoe. They didn’t wear lifejackets, though. I think that’s kind of like how they used to not require seat belts and car seats for kids — no one ever thought to put a lifejacket on a dachsund.

  24. Life jacket? Dachshund? My dachshund was a champion swimmer. It’d have been an insult to put a life jacket on her. Besides, I think their legs are too small for such things anyways… thick rubber padding and all.

  25. My favorite part about pet life jackets is the handle on top for pulling the animal out of the water. I can just imagine carrying this kitty around like a suitcase, with his/her legs dangling in the air…

  26. Silent Meow says:


    If I were to carry a cat around like that, I would get scratched to bits.

  27. That is so cute!

  28. Cyclinggirl/Kate – that’s rather the problem, isn’t it? I mean, dachsund in lifejacket would look…well…precisely like a hotdog in a bun 🙂

  29. Dan Bledwich says:

    Beautiful eyes, kitten cat!

  30. first pic, happy and contented kitteh.
    second pic, i cant tell if its a big ol Meow! or a Hissy fit , or just plain happy talking about being out on the water?
    Black and Whites rule ya know.

  31. i think he’s crying!! he’s probably scared to be out on the water like that. he’s soooooooooo cute though!!!!! kitteh in a life jacket. 🙂

  32. OMG. Those people are SO gonna pay. . . That kat is not happy!

  33. Ultra cute!!! I seriously need to get one of those for my kitteh!

  34. Christine says:

    I don’t think the cat is unhappy in the second picture, kitteh’s ears are not back and the eyes don’t have that crazy look in them. (:

  35. that isn’t that cute

  36. might I point out that inflatable rubber boats and kitties with claws isn’t the BEST combination?

    Poor kitty, at least he has a float coat.

  37. I going in!!

  38. Oh my! Poor kitty-witty, I have never heard of a kitty boating before. At least he has a little life jacket–too cute.

  39. berthaslave says:

    Kitteh is watching the “Battle of Kruger” (youtube it…animals being animals, be forewarned).

    But trust me, that’s a great reaction.

    And kitteh does not look angry — Meg’s caption is poifect!

  40. bananasforbunnies says:

    Yoho, Yoho, a pirate’s life for me…

  41. That’s not an inflatable kayak people! There is no risk of kitty sinking that thing.

    Also, if the kitty were scared, it would be hiding underneath in the bow.

  42. I can’t tell if he looks angry or excited… But yeah, someone said it right – if the cat was scared he’d be clinging to his owner not sitting on the nose.

  43. Halp I smellz catnips
    let me at it now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO to the other shore not this one rowwwwww

  44. Black cat in the sun wearing a rubber jacket? Kitty not want! Too hot, miserable.

    *Offers kitteh cool dark cave and water to drink, then gentle snorgles*

    I have astually seen cats that were raised in and on boats that seemed more at home with it than he does.

  45. I think he just saw a bird and is making those weird noises when they see them. Or is that just my weird cat?

  46. LOL …. an inflatable kayack…. Shakes head… BTW that one is either made from plastic or fiberglass ours is wooden and it is super fast and beautiful.

  47. ka9q's wife says:

    unfortunately CheshireCat Comic Con does not allow animals that are not service animals. I would totally love to see a few Cats in Costume there.
    But only if I could pet them.

  48. Lovin’ the commentary. LOL.

  49. I see fish, get the nets out.

  50. My mother (wearing a bathing suit)once decided that since no one wanted to go out for a paddleboat ride with her, she would take the cat along. Not the smartest decision she’s ever made… they got out to the middle of the water and the cat realized where he was and freaked out. He’s a large cat, and was determined to climb to the highest possible point – the top of my mother’s head. She frantically tried to peddle back to shore while being clawed. The cat has never gone for another paddleboat ride.

  51. but why? why? surely you could leave the cat home? no?
    i find this intriguing

  52. dare I say it..? bait? 😉

  53. acelightning says:

    ♫ “Michael, row the boat ashore… halleMEOWjah…”♫

  54. That looks so cute!

  55. @acelightning—ROFL!!!

  56. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:


  57. dreamspinner, lol.

    great lifejacket. and look he’s even got his own beach towel. awwww.

  58. wait a sec
    i thought cats only sailed on CATamarans.

    sorry, groan.

  59. Clark Gable cat sez “DIVE! DIVE!”

  60. sc–
    awesome story!
    Chrstine-thanx for the expert analysis of photo #2

  61. kawaii – my cat makes this chattering noise when she sees birds. Is that what you mean? Kind of a rapid fire, very short meow. Like: “meack-ack-ack.”

    She’s a tortie, so she has a variety of strange noises in her vocabulary.

  62. Awww, Dreamspinner! You got to it first! I swear it’s the same kitteh!!! Squee!!!!

  63. OMG.

    To: The Nuffs
    From: Common Sense
    Re: The cat on the kayak.

    It’s been brought to our attention that some of you have the idea that the boat depicted in this photograph is an inflatable boat, and that the cat pictured thereon is not enjoying itself. In fact, the boat depicted is not an inflatable boat, and the cat is clearly not objecting to being on it. Any further comments regarding the relationship of claws to inflatable boats and/or the pleasure, or lack thereof, being experienced by the cat should be kept to yourself. Thank you very much for minding your own business regarding this extremely important matter.

  64. This is like the cat from the book the shipping news! One of the characters has a cat named skipper tom!

  65. this poor cat looks stressed and I think that is a mean way to get a so called cute picture sorry am not impressed

  66. snoopysnake says:

    Heeeeeeelllllllllllllp Dwanny! Da puddy tat! Da puddy tat!

  67. Tuxie has clearly been given the boating safety course, and passed with honors. Please believe me, if she didn’t want that life jacket on, it would NOT be on. Also note the towel to keep the pads from getting too hot, and the leash for extra safety. The cat comment in the second photo looks like somebody carelessly splashed her. I get the same scolding at home if I splash water. And nuffs, get a grip; ships’ cats have been around as long as ships have.

  68. Well, they certainly do hang around fishing docks, from Sheepshead Bay to Sicily. Check out these Italian cats in boats:

  69. SC – I still have puncture wound scars from my kitty’s last bath.

    It’s fortunate that not one of us likes to be in the water.

  70. Andrea|Nash says:

    Loved them Italan cats!

    Thanks, Theresa

  71. Simpson O'Brien says:

    i had a huge white cat that was deaf and i used to take him for walks on the beach in SC. it was a riot – and he’s hang his head out the window in the car just like his choc lab brother. RIP, my dear Smudge!

  72. ThreeCatNight says:

    “School of tuna, straight ahead!”
    (Licks lips in anticipation)

  73. Mary (the first) says:

    If Hercule Poirot were a kitteh, I think he would look like this with the luxurious mustache (I forget the words he uses but he’s very vain about it.) I’m in complete awe of this kitteh’s gorgeous whiskers.

  74. If that cat were freaked she’d be inside of the craft, whether there is room or not! There’s clearly room for ’em if they wanted.

    I suspect by the body language that they’re excited but not exactly petrified or in flight/fight mode.

    I love the way the owners laid a blanket out for kitty so they don’t have to sit on the hot/cold hard metal.

  75. Kar — agreed. Those ears are definitely angled forward.

    BTW, that kayak is probably formed from some kind of speckle-y gray plastic, like polyethylene (LDPE?) It’s durable, lightweight, low-maintenance, inexpensive, and *might* even be recycled from post-consumer waste. That’d be cool, anyway.

  76. Ahoy, mateys, yohoho and a bottle of catnip! [woozy kitteh slips of kayak]

  77. Kitty Sez Make him walk the plank Captain!

  78. The life jacket is really cute, but it’s SO not fair that kitty has to wear one that says “FIDO” (another example of puppy bias in the pet accessories industry…)

  79. Aha! That explains the second picture! Thanks Nicolle!

  80. CheshireCat says:

    ka9q’s wife, I wasn’t entirely serious about taking kitteh to Comic-Con, although I have taken him quite a few places where cats are not allowed, hehe. The main reason I prob. won’t take him is that he’d have to sit in his bag for over 3 hours 😦

  81. diddleymaz says:

    this cat looks happy love the life jacket, of course he could be a Turkish Van they love water, and re ships cats Simon shipscat of HMS Amythyst during the Yangtse Incident was only cat to get Animal VC the Dickon Medal.

  82. Thanks for all the comments! This is my 10 year old cat Sisu. She LOVES kayaking and corn muffins! This is a non-inflatable boat (duh) and I only wish we were in Africa (we are in New Hampshire).
    Sisu is also known as the “Night Nurse” after she insistently spent every night curled up on my mom’s bed during her 3 year battle with cancer; keeping watch. She is a GREAT cat. Also, Sisu means guts or perseverance in Finnish. Appropriate when dealing with crocs!
    Love, Pamela

  83. Pamela – Congratulations on having a cat that is so adventuresome! I love it when critters are so much a part of their humans life. She’s beautiful and looks so happy.

  84. This has my vote for funniest story for 2008. I dont think it can be topped

  85. Pamela give Sisu Scritches and pets from me another Kayack Lover. She is awesome and the staying by your Mothers side amazing. One cool kitty.

    Thanks for Sharing her story.

  86. Awww… I knew a Great Pyrenees named Sisu. Such a lovely Finnish name! Pamela, you’re fortunate to have such an adventurous kitteh!

  87. I can’t believe no one has commented on the name of this kitty, Sisu. Am I the only one who immediately thought of the name Sisu as bearing a striking similarity to Steve Zissou, from “The Life Aquatic”?

    Fitting, ain’t it? 🙂

  88. Pamela – Just saw your post. Sisu deserves a medal for keeping watch on your mum
    Do you have a flick site of Sisu – if so could you post the link here – it would be great to see more of her, including boting adventures!

  89. Christine says:

    My kitty makes weird chittery noises, too (“eee-eee-eeee-acckk”). She also twitches a lot. It’s rather cute.
    However, the first time, I thought she was having a heart attack, though.

  90. Eeeee teensy teef!

  91. bananasforbunnies says:

    Awesome cat you have there! Do you remember what she was trying to tell you in the 2nd photo? would love to know.

  92. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    I think this is my all-time favorite submishe evaaaaaar and I love the kitty’s fangs and he is such a beaute! kthxbai 😀

    ps — that life jacket thingee looks custom made just furr heem, how prosh!!!!!!!! Luv eet!!!!!!

  93. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    i wanna hold on to hees jacket leash and never let go……squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  94. Sisu is awesome, and has all the best kitteh attributes!

  95. @Sammys Mom: [Everyone sings Bob Hope’s signature song] “Fangs fur da memories….”

  96. this kitty could save lives one day,(maybe tomorrow:)

  97. hey?!this kitty can save lives one day!maybe tommorow:)

  98. Oh Pam what awesome pictures of a very special feline.yuhfahtha

  99. Aquacat to the rescue! He almost looks like he could fly. Or swim at super speed- like a little motorboat.

  100. 100th comment!

    [Why, so it is… – Ed.]

  101. Hey! I just watched the cutest video! Check out the latest adventure of Mookie and Sam (two of the world’s cutest dogs) on youtube. Their new video is called “Sam goes to Texas” and it’s really funny!

    Don’t forget to check out their website for more!


  102. Sisu is beautiful! She looks just like my Bella. I somehow doubt Bella would enjoy a boat trip as much tho.

  103. GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!!