Ye olde yarn spinner

I can offer you all-white natural pup tail yarn at 2 bucks a skein.

That’s a deal, come on. It’s only slightly used! [see tail below]


Jeanie J., you’re the LATEST accepted submishe for the 2009 C.O. Page-a-Day calendar! Congratulations and thank you.



  1. 😀 been a long time 😀

    pretty puppy – calendar material though?

  2. berthaslave says:

    I think it’s calendar-worthy. It’s a nice dog face. Great POV shot!

  3. wow… how does that little bundle of cuteness work? *stares*

  4. Well, there are people who DO spin their dog hair into yarn…imagine what THAT sweater smells like wet.

  5. How cute – I’ve just found this site and already addicted!!

  6. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:

    The tail seriously looks like yarn! EEEEE!

  7. *muwahahahaha*

    We spinners are taking over the world, even CO!

    PS – I’m collecting Maine Coon roving from my beast. The ziplock is nearly full…

  8. Yup, I know someone that just got skeins of yarn spun from her Pomeranian that passed last year.
    A little weird, but heartwarming at the same time.

  9. Hmm, not so good for the dude next to you on the train that’s allergic to dogs… hehe. Knit him a tissue made from dandelions. ;D

    Aaachoooo!! (I’m only kidding, y’all)

  10. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Baybeh face,
    you got the cutest little baybeh face!
    There’s not another one can take your place, baybeh face.
    My poor heart is thumping,
    You’ve really started something!”

    I wouldn’t mind this pommie as a screensaver.
    Good to be back!

  11. Oooh look at those little pink ear biscuits. nomnomnomnommm…

  12. What kind of dog is that? He looks very soft… Cute…

  13. Ha, threecatnight, I thought I was the only one in the world OK, besides my husband) that sings to doggies 🙂

  14. Heheh… someone forgot to cut off the dog hair before spinning it into yarn…

  15. Seven Paws says:

    That puppeh’s fur is whiter than white!

  16. No no, M. — this is actually the RESULT. What you’re seeing is a washed, sheared, combed, spun, knitted, pre-shrunk, brushed, trimmed, buttoned, and ultimately re-animated craft project. The tail twist is a just sly bit of recursion.


  17. Awwwww. This is a bebeh American Eskimo, is it not?

  18. Looks like an Eskie to me! I am getting an Eskie puppy in March (the litter was just born), I am sooo excited.

  19. For anyone who, like myself, didn’t believe you could actually make yarn out of pet hair, BEHOLD:

  20. Some of the latest Amigurumi artists are getting really really realistic aren’t they!

  21. DoodleyDog says:

    Oooooh, a bebeh Eskie!

  22. But we really have to ask ourselves … is it live, or is it cotton candy?

  23. Cutest puppy EVAR!

  24. I used to know someone who combed, carded, spun and knitted her dogs hair.
    She never came up with anything this good, however.

  25. *ded*

    This is one of the cutest, most perfect puppies I’ve ever seenomg!!!1!

  26. cubbybutt says:

    that tail looks like a white yarn poop.

  27. Momof2kitties says:

    Ummm…the pupster is teh qte but teh tailio is a wee bit gross. Need to go back to teh sleepy kitteh.

  28. I look forward to seeing old yarn tail in 2009!

  29. it’s a fluffnado

  30. Ra-pup-zel, Ra-pup-zel, let down your hair!

  31. LisaHoneychan says:

    This pup is totally adorable! The look on his/hers face is so earnest and sweet, I would spoil it rotten! Please tell me pup has tons of snuggles and love! I’d totally make yearn out of her fur, too! Imagine the cute scarf you could get!? Just….don’t ever get it wet, or YUCK…STINKY.

  32. Eskie’s don’t stink! I know – I have one: Her Royal Fluffiness Nina Von Spitzen-Hundchen, Princess of Puff’nPaws. Their fur is incredibly soft and fluffy, like a cloud made for snorgling…

  33. That’s quite a name, Madam X. What do you call her for short?

  34. LOLing at the tail.

  35. CheshireCat says:

    Dat pup right dere has got total cloud-status, fo-sho.

  36. She’s like a big ball of cotton. I want to dip her in alcohol and rub her on my boo-boos.

  37. How could anyone say no to those big, melty brown eyes? *buys a skein or two of puptail*

  38. i can’t knit with such cute poochiness staringks at me like that!!!! squeeee!!!



    My baby eskies looked just like this when young!! (OK minus the odd tail formation…) 80)

    I want another! Eskies are SOOOO addicting!!

  40. joliesmom says:

    For some reason that tail looks gross to me….

    It really does.

  41. ‘someone’ has been twirlin that puppeh tail on their finger….

  42. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:

    She’s in a perfect white-fluffy tubuleh bodkin shape! Seriously! Like a pillow or sometin’!

  43. I had an Eskie growing up and they shed like crazy. A lady came by and asked for us to collect hair from the brush so she could make mittens or something. It’s a lot of work to keep them looking so white but it’s worth it!!

  44. Oh, the soft pinkness in the ears, against the pure white fur is just killing me! I feel the urge to reach my fingers out and rub them.

  45. Staticgirl says:

    awwwww cuteness personified…

  46. luvinmalssomuch says:

    Hey you my tail is not a twist tie put here for your entertainment. Now go to the store and buy your own yarn.

  47. American Eskimittens

  48. I’ve been threatening to shave and spin animals since I took up spinning 😛 A nice wool/alpaca/cat blend sounds delicious!

  49. wow that dog is adorable !

  50. What an adorable rolag…*glances wheel-ward*

  51. kitty dog bear says:

    Looks like a Spitz Klein [Mini Spitz] to me. I have one in a caramel blonde color. Cuteness incarnate. 🙂


    I have two eskies- one is a pure breed, and he never sheds. I mean never. It is less than the cat. The mixed one on the other hand sheds quite a bit. Alot has to do with diet and enough EFA’s (in reply to above comment on eskies shed alot.)
    Love my fluffy barky cotton balls!

  53. harleybabe6 says:

    We have had two eskies, both minis. First one shed – we think he was ill for quite a while. Current eskie has never shed. Best companion in the world and looked just like the puppy pic when he was a baby. Yes, they are addicting.