OK, I know this isn’t ‘Beautiful’ Overload, but check it

Violins + dolphin bubbles…

[Drifting off into Never Never Land]

Melanie P., I’d say ‘thank you’ in dolphin squeaks if I could.



  1. How do they make 2-d bubble rings?

  2. :-O

  3. well thats was truly cute they are having fun chasing bubbles around and making them all at the same time.

    Thanks CO I needed that…

  4. so beautiful. aaaaah. thanks co

  5. Lol, that was cute; never seen them do that before 😛

  6. Catsquatch says:

    Oh wow,

    Its like smoke rings for dolphins!

    Now THAT is totally COOL!

  7. Beautiful, I’ve never seen this before.


    ::musical theatre major spaz::


    ::spaz spaz::

    ::spaz:: sondheim yes

  9. Wow, that was so gorgeous. Thank you!

  10. Wendy, Jane, and Alice says:

    I never knew dolphins could do this! Isn’t nature just utterly amazing!!!! My 4 year old couldn’t watch enough!

  11. So… so OK, how…?

    I mean, they… just… holy crap did you $%@^!*& SEE that!???

  12. Man! How do they DO that?!?!? I loved the one shot where the bubble looked like a halo over the dolphin’s head. St. Dolphinus!

  13. Christine says:

    That’s awesome!
    *spazzes with Jill*
    Sondheim! And dolphins!
    And bubbles!!

  14. An Oni Mouse says:

    Baroo?! DOLPHINS ROCK! That’s a real neat trick, and they look so dang happy doing it!

  15. we must have some CO/Metafilter cross-over here. Saw this yesterday on Mefi, and my first thought was “OMG I must forward this to CO…oh wait, I bet someone already has….”

    THANKS, “someone.” Everyone should see this video. I don’t understand how we can live in a world with war and terror and whatnot, with beautiful scenes like this to ponder.

    *shuffles off to sit under tree*

  16. Beavis's Human says:

    WOW… Just….WOW.

  17. I personally have just been hearing all the violent, and “human” things dolphins can do that we are just learning about. I like this better, lol! Sweet peaceful dolphins = yes. Violent baby killers = no.

    Thanks CO!!

  18. rachel cullen says:

    i loveee eeet!
    what song is playing? it all broke my heart in such a good way 🙂

  19. Wow, that is a beautiful video, I also love the music!

  20. Very cool! I hadn’t seen this before, either. Now I want to find a place they do this regularly and see it in person!


  21. Wow– Animals other than humans (specifically dolphins) can create.

    This is mindblowing.

    And beautiful!

  22. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    I want to know why the bubbles don’t immediately float to the surface! What are they made of … “heavy” air?

  23. rachel cullen–The song is an instrumental version of No One Is Alone from Into the Woods.

    By Sondheim.


  24. That may be the most beautiful, magical thing I’ve ever seen, and the music was perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you…

  25. charliewabba says:

    ok……ok….umm, yeah. what the…
    what are…..umm, how do they…..bubble hoops? OMG.
    and Sondheim!
    oh, man.

  26. So beautiful, so relaxing, I wish it was longer…

  27. “Who can make the sun shine? Sprinkle it with dew…” The music reminded me of the candy man song.

    Sorry, I guess I’m just incoherent from watching such spectacularly cute dolphin-bubble footage. Dive dive dive! *jumps in tank*

  28. How anyone can still think of dolphins (and other cetaceans) as ‘lesser animals’ after seeing something like this baffles me.

    And yes, SONDHEIM! on CO! my Monday is complete… 🙂

  29. rachel cullen says:

    thanks Jill!!!

  30. I love dolphins! Beautiful (and cute) video.

  31. help me figur out this yahoo site!

  32. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! *claps with alarming enthusiasm*

  33. Oh my goodness…doesn’t that just make you smile??
    Perfect for a Monday morning! Thank you!

  34. I want to be a dolphin.

  35. Dolphins are so much more beautiful than us.
    [wipes away joyous tear]

  36. 2-D bubbles???! So sooo cool. Dolphins are so beutiful.

  37. Love eet! ‘Cept now I’m all tie-tie…(lays down with a blanky)

  38. Absolutely Beautiful. I Love How It Splashed To Make A New Bubble. ;0)

  39. bees on pie says:

    Here’s a link I found that explains the dolphin ring thing a bit: http://www.earthtrust.org/delrings.html

    It has some science-y jargon that I couldn’t really focus on, but it sounds like it’s basically the energy created by the rings’ spinning that keeps them from rising to the surface immediately. So cool!

  40. Aw, I lubs dem. Someday I must pet a dolphin…

  41. turbofloof says:

    “impossibubble?” Nah — INCREDIBUBBLE!!

  42. We saw the dolphins do this at Sea World in Orlando. They would blow the ring out their blow hole and then race through it or bite it. It was amazing!

  43. bees on pie: thanks for the link! This is one time that the scientific explanation doesn’t destroy the magic.

    I really need to get some housework done, but I keep wandering back to my computer to watch this again (and again and again). Like Liz, I find myself with tears streaming down my face from the sheer beauty.

  44. Tricia Garrett says:

    I’m knocked out! I’ve never seen anything like it. Tears streaming down my face.

  45. That was so beautiful, it made me cry. Therious.

  46. Andrea|Nash says:

    Fantastic! Fantastic! Fantastic!

    Great joyous , glorious, life-affrirming googly-ooglies!

    And the best link ever, bees on pie;


  47. Lady Chroe says:

    If you pause the video at 21 seconds, you can see a rock shaped like a human profile in the background.

    Amazing video!!

  48. I must be feeling extra emotional today.

    That gave me chills and made me tear up at the same time.

    Just amazing.

  49. made me a little teary as well. T.T beautiful beyond words.

  50. I saw this yesterday and I absolutely love it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  51. @ turbofloof: LOLOL! good job!! that gave a good laugh =D

    that was sooo beautiful =) Thanks ya dolphins and CO ^_^

  52. My blood pressure just went down 15 points.

    Simply amazing.

    So long, and thanks for all the fish!

  53. Momof2kitties says:

    I was utterly mesmerized! So freakin’ cool.

    *wonders how to fit full-sized dolphins into pond out back of property…must evict muskrat family first…wanders off to think*

  54. Who knew heaven was underwater?

  55. If you graph Brain mass v. Body mass you will find humans nearly at the top of the list – the only animal higher ? Dolphins.

    (Dragons of Eden, Carl Sagan – p.40)

    I am confident these majestic beasts are more intelligent than humans perceive them to be.

  56. Can I be a dolphin in my next life and amuse myself all day by making and eating those bubbles?

  57. …thank you. For a depressed heart, this is pure heaven… *sniff*

  58. After seeing this – how could anyone ever hurt them? If that isn’t G-d – nuthin is.

  59. I feel so much better about life now. THANK YOU.
    *Dolphin Squeak*

  60. I thought the most beautiful thing was that it stretched a small ring into a large ring by just moving its head towards it (0.19 – 0.21). They are manipulating the currents that catch the air so delicately. AMAZING.

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    well I’m glad I’m not the only one that got teary watching this. Wow.. I needed that so bad.. read the scientific explanations and that doesn’t do a bit to take away from the magic. omg this is just incredible. ok incredibubble then. but the dolphins are the best part. :: sigh ::

  62. I disagree with the title. This IS beautiful overload. One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen on video in a long time. Had me smiling.

  63. I love it! Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for posting–made my day!

  64. I totally heard the “Candy man” song, too. Like really REALLY slow, but it’s totally there. I know, not as sophisticated, but whatever. And I know I’m not crazy because someone else said it, too! 🙂

  65. Oh my goodness.

  66. My #1 on my list of things to do before I die is to swim with dolphins – now I must make sure it’s with dolphins that make ring bubbles! And thanks for the extra link, Ben: now we know that humans can learn it too…so me and my dolphin friends will have ring bubble-blowing contests! *blasts off on a one way ticket to paradise*

  67. Ginger Martini says:

    I love it. I just lost my dog yesterday, had to put him to sleep and I’m emotional. This is beautiful. Thank you.

  68. Karen in Toronto says:

    Ginger, my sympathies.

    And now —– holy crap! Just the most beautiful thing I’ve seen and heard all year. Even after the kittehs in the Kleenex box. I love this.

  69. weep weep

  70. amaretto_bunny says:

    It looks like performance art or something. So incredibubbly beautiful!

  71. ahn. positive energy bubbles made by dolphins. how perfect. sigh… so… relaxed… thanks… COzzzzz

  72. Dear Ginger Martini- It is terrible to live without your best friend. BUT, BUT, BUT, he/she is in a better place and is no longer suffering. Now go out and find another love who needs you. My best wishes to you from someone who’s been there.
    Watch this a few more times, too.

  73. That has to be one of the most beautiful minutes I’ve ever seen. Such balletic creative play with fluid shimmering rings, making them smaller and smaller and looping through. Ahhhhh.

  74. the part where the dolphin makes the bubble start spinning around and then it pops- He’s actually “smiling” ’cause he knows he’s cool!

  75. stunning video…typing with tears in my eyes.

    ginger, my sympathies for the loss of your furbaby.

  76. joliesmom says:

    That was so serene and calming. I truly love dolphins. They’re so intelligent and majestic. Pure treasures of Nature. *le sigh*

  77. Does anybody know at which aquarium this was filmed?

  78. The candy man song (from Willy Wonka) does, in fact, have the same melody as “No One is Alone” from Into the Woods. Bits of it, anyway. This recording is from Into the Woods, though. It’s not an instrumental version, it’s part of the underscore.

  79. The candy man song (from Willy Wonka) does, in fact, have the same melody as “No One is Alone” from Into the Woods. Bits of it, anyway. This recording is from Into the Woods, though. It’s not an instrumental version, it’s part of the underscore.

  80. buh…

  81. okay…think…can…again…

    the weepy thing we all do in this situation isn’t because of the music…it’s because we realize that we were right about how intelligent these fin-bearing people are…and that we are wrong to treat them as mere animals…

  82. girlnextdoortn says:

    I thought it was the “who can make a rainbow… sprinkle it with dew” song from Willy Wonka as well.

    That is the most peaceful thing I’ve seen in forever.

  83. It’s possible to blow your own ring-shaped bubbles (though of course not with such grace). If you put your head several feet underwater and blow out hard, you can see the bubble become a doughnut shape as it rises because of the water pressure.

  84. Well, that made me cry. You cannot tell me that dolphins don’t have it all over us. They’re just waiting for us to catch up and smiling while we dawdle all impressed with our own damn selves.

  85. Ginger Martini,
    My condolences on losing your beloved pet. The pain of loss is, sadly, part of the whole experience of having and loving animals. Making the painful decision to end your pet’s sufferinig was one of the kindest acts you can do. Best wishes.

  86. That SO could have been cute with better music.

  87. possumpiratess says:

    I’ll add my thanks for showing me something I’ve never seen before.
    I love it when he spins one wide and then slowly and carefully swims through it. It’s a game. Anyone who could believe these animals’ lives are ours for the taking has seriously misread reality.

  88. possumpiratess says:

    And best wishes, Ginger.
    You did the most loving and difficult thing anyone can do for another living thing.

  89. Martha in Washington says:

    I haven’t commented in a long time but I just had to say how awesome this is! Not awesome as in “like awesome dude” but as in “full of Awe”. Even my 13yo son thought it was amazing.

  90. I think my soul cried… just a little. : <

  91. No such thing as “mere animals” Blair. Every creature has its own set of special and intelligent. Human animals only think another animal is intelligent when it acts human-like. We have a loooooong way to go.

    Thank goodness for the Internet. Now we can get serious about enlightenment!

  92. Marvelous stuff. Josh’s comment reminded me in an odd way of that Onion story from 2000…

    ‘Dolphins Evolve Opposable Thumbs’

    Still one of their best!

  93. I’d make bubbles and play endlessly with them too if I lived in a tiny pool in a zoo. Ugh, yuck, no thanks. The dolphins are beautiful but we humans are sadly lacking.

  94. Awwwwwwwwww! *squeaks* That is sooo sweet. Dolphins are such cute and playful little characters! 🙂

  95. acelightning says:

    That is completely amazing. The dolphins are creating art (“air sculpture”!), playing with their creations, and dancing. I wish my voice went high enough for me to learn to talk to the dolphins.

  96. Ahhn. I do have tears in my eyes, but it’s not emotional… I just woke up and my eyes are adjusting plus my nose is running. It just makes me more sleepy than I am. 🙂

    This is beautiful. I never knew dolphins could do this… what a scientific, wordy web page on it. Still fascinating.


    ( I also heard the “Candy Man”song…Who can take milk chocolate…)

  98. Into the Woods! If it makes you weepy now, go listen to it with the lyrics….

  99. OMG!! That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! Dolphins are the most amazing thing! I still watch Flipper to this day!!

  100. It’s like they’re juggling air.

  101. compy-saur says:

    Behold the wonders of evolution 🙂 This was a really moving video. Somewhat depressing at the same time. It seems so wrong to keep them captive. And there are even dolphins that have to do shows for crowds of loud, annoying people 😦

  102. that is SO COOL

  103. Nagi thanks for the oposable thumb post. We are in deep doo doo should it ever come to pass LOL

  104. “You are not alone. No one is alone…”

    All dolphins should dance to Sondheim.

  105. Everyone should dance to Sondheim. Period.

    No One Is Alone is one of my favourite songs. It’s so gorgeous and dolphin-y.

  106. homer mariner says:

    Yeah Scripps Institution of Oceanography for helping figure out what this phenomenon is! Ok, so I’m a science nerd…

  107. Stephanie S. says:

    That made me want to laugh from joy! and then cry from joy!


  108. luvinmalssomuch says:

    I have always loved dolphins and actually did swim with them. This is the most fascinating video I have ever seen. The dolphin is a truly amazing creature.
    I too am teary eyed.

  109. Sharon Wilson says:

    Isn’t it great how dolphins can make a game out of everything?

  110. It’s so beautiful… I can’t believe it… “Oooooh…” it’s the only sound that came out of my mouth… :O
    Thank you.

  111. The music should really be “So long and thanks for all the fish.”

  112. seriously. wow.

    This video and dramatic prairie dog are the two videos I’ve watched over and over and over. One makes me tear up, the other one I bust out laughing!

  113. omg.

    You can see the dolphin almost look proud of what it made.

  114. If only this were filmed in the wild instead of an aquarium…

  115. Wow! That’s it. Just wow!

  116. Amazing… I’ve never watched something like that and just sat with a silly grin on my face of just pure innocent contentment. Good onya co!!

  117. darkshines says:

    I cried. That was beautiful.

  118. According to the story/ info from bees on pie, these dolphins are the only ones who have been observed doing it. I wonder if they can do it here becusae there aren’t currents, waves, etc.
    My SO showed this to me a few days ago. “you want to see something weird and funny?” “sure!. . . . WOAH! HOW do they DO that!?”
    Ginger- my condolences. We lost our fuzzy in Oct. It gets easier. . . eventually. and you will love your next even more because you know how much you’ll miss them.

  119. The inside of my mouth started drying out from hanging open.

  120. I now watch this every night, right before I go to bed. Please, put a special link to it somewhere on the home page, along with the Corgi on the Blue Sofa and Hand Holding Sleeping Otters. They render me peaceful enough to sleep. G’night.

  121. So lovely!!!
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  122. Hey! I just watched the cutest new video! Check out the latest adventure from Mookie and Sam (the world’s two cutest dogs) on youtube. Their new video is called “Sam goes to Texas” and it’s so funny!

    Don’t forget to check out their website for more!


  123. Mary (the first) says:

    did y’all see this video on “Ellen Degeneres” show yesterday (1/24/)? She had different music tho. I was so delighted to see it again! I know have 3 favorite videos (for different reasons). Dolphin bubbles for beauty/peace; “pupbassador” for wackisilliness; “talking cats” for just plain funny. “Someone’s coming. Quick. Act like a cat.”

  124. Mary (the first) says:

    woops. I “now” have 3 favs.

  125. yeah, dolphins are f***ing SMART. they could basically run the FBI. I’m astonished no one’s invented microphones that can pick up their voices and parse out what they’re saying all the time.