A check list…

Let’s see: total ball o’ fluff? Check
Muzzlepowshe wrapped around behbeh pacifier? Check
Totally redonkulous? Check! check! a thousand times check!


What other criteria can he fill, People!?

Nice submishe, Michelle V.



  1. tabbycat917 says:

    is that a sable pom?
    he’s precious!!!

  2. 2nds!!!!1 He looks like a Popple! Or a Critter, you know, like from those scary movies…*shifty eyes*

  3. Janice the "Eight is Enough" Cat Lady says:

    Wheee! Such a fierce ball o’ fluff!

  4. Fiershe Fluffball.

  5. Eep! Where are his arms and legs? That is the cutest little powderpuff ever.

  6. Its a tribble with a face!!!

  7. Looks like a tanuki.

  8. OMG he is so scary, he’s cute!! LOL If that makes sense!

  9. Fizzgig!!! It’s teeeeeeeeewtally Fizzgig!!!

  10. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Is that the puppy? or just the puppy’s HEAD?!! :O

    Either way, it’s doggone CUTE! 😀

  11. I’m so embarassed! I thought the ear flap was a rule of cute – but it’s not. It ear – to – head ration that’s cute.

  12. It’s a powder puff with a face!

  13. Psycho “I’m gonna eat you!” look in the eyes?


  14. ahhh, such a dangerous look of destructive determination. I think I can sleep well tonight knowing that, somewhere in the world, a tiny ball of cute is guarding us from the evils of… what is that? a baby toy? whatever. I still feel safer.

  15. nicefrenchgurl says:

    OMG is this a soft toy hedgehog? thanks for this very cute pic

  16. Golden Phoenix says:

    I agree with Legotech, it’s obviously a tribble with a face…

    *looks up again at the pic*


    *Melts into a puddle of cute-induced goo* Sooooooo adorable!

  17. berthaslave says:

    I second the “Fizzgig”!


  18. I Z gonna get yous you whatever youz are you thing grrrrrrrrrrr——grrrrrrrrrrr woff woof

  19. tiny ears to eat check!

  20. It’s one big axis of snorgling!

  21. I dunno. I tribble wouldn’t have that deadly small ear-to-head ratio.

  22. I’m not even sure what species that is! Wadda ya reckon, tribble?

  23. bookmonstercats says:

    Bathroom accessories category? There isn’t one? Well, there should be one now. I would certainly have this powder puff in my bathroom

  24. hmm i think there might be a bit of BEF going on too…isn’t that usually reserved for rats and rodents and the like??

  25. Agree with kbel, BEF definitely goin’ oooonnnnnn.
    Not to mention his (her?) posish as the king of Xtreem fluffitude, the “I AM poifectly round” criteria and I believe we may also have a prime example of Rule of Cuteness # 32. That is all ;D

  26. It’s Fizzgig!

  27. Eater of Shades says:

    you forgot the TEENY ears check! and double-check!
    (he does have two) 🙂

  28. Karen in Toronto says:


  29. JennyStar says:

    The other thing by him is a stuffed frog. My dog has the same one!

    [I find it funny that an enormous-63 lb-dog gets the same entertainment out of it as a 2 lb. dog!]

  30. Complete and utter failure of courageous attempt at fierceness–check!

  31. Aha, people, I have the answer. This is in fact a small hairy HAGGIS. We have a lot of these in Scotland. Very cute unless sat upon.
    Thanks Meg, a very topical post for the week of Burns’ Nicht!

  32. metsakins says:

    he can certainly be my breakfast. nom nom

  33. Popple or Fizzgig? Hard to tell. Perhaps a cross-breed of both!

    Don’t forget the bitty ears! That’s one category you forgot!

  34. Tiniest of teef and moiste nosicle!

  35. Yes I see Fizzgig! <3 Holy crap it's a perfect likeness.

  36. I will powder my nose with this powder puff! Then I will snorgle him. Then I will snack on him. Lil
    bon-bon must be filled with delightful caramel, no?

  37. What the heck IS it?

  38. Ammunition for the Squee Cannon, naturally. (Hi Thinker!)

  39. yup. iz totally a Pommie of the fluffitude.
    so vicious, so cunning.
    (such good little burglar alarms!)
    everyone should ave one or two!

    I dont have to work today, this makes me very happy!

  40. A Tribble mit teeth…scary!

  41. i think he qualifies for “truncated schnozzleage.”

  42. The every-day object of a baby toy makes him look small. I believe that’s rule… 14?

  43. nihongoose says:

    nom nom nom

  44. Mary (the first) says:

    He kinda looks like a hedgehog that was accidentally put on the “fluff” cycle.

  45. QuiteLight says:

    FIZZGIG! Lizzy is a genius!

  46. Daphne Moss says:

    It’s a baby pom, and impossibly kyooot….
    Head is …


  47. I think you mean “criterion”; “criteria” is plural. NOM NOM NOM

  48. Never mind! You were totally right. NOM NOM NOM

  49. When I was a baby, I would crawl everywhere shedding pacifiers as I went, and our Samoyed would pick them up and chew them to shreds. This has been demonstrated by photographs.

  50. CheshireCat says:

    Somebody has fed their tribble tooo many tribble-treats…*snorgles anerably tubby tribble.*

  51. Of course he is a super cutie, but please take that pacifier away from him…my mini dachshund had to have the rubber end surgically removed after she chewed and swallowed it. it was not cute to see her in so much pain :-(.

  52. Body indistinguishable from face? Check!

  53. 1.) Tiny triangle softie ear, one of them slightly curled.
    2.) “check me out” eye work.
    3.) almost completely round.
    4.)I would like to submit that little black lips against pink tongue thing should be a rule. I understand I am new here, but geez. Look at the lipage!

  54. wild pony eye


  55. soft rubbery leetle gums


  56. mini schozztrils


  57. Dude that’s a Popple! (for any of you born in the late 70s)

  58. My favorite…so cute!

  59. Looks like a baby Shiba Inu to me. Overloading. On. Cuteness. Now.

  60. Can anyone *please* tell me what breed this is?! I totally want one, SO cute!!!!

  61. Definitely fits the “Beady Eye Factor” group! Very cute fluffy round baby chewing its pacifier.