[Clenched toes]

[Takes mouthful of seed]

[Returns 30 more times this hour]


Story of my life, Allison! Especially the pawsitude on the fence…



  1. I’ve definitely been that desperate for my breakfast before…

  2. Benny's Mum says:

    is that a black squirrel!?!?!?!? I didn’t know they came in that flavour!!

  3. BumbleBee says:

    😮 What is eet?!

  4. That’s no skwerl, that’s a diabolical criminal with a dual personality! And it must be stopped!

  5. On the other hand, it reminds me of a slinky dog toy…

  6. And in the treetops overhead, the local birds are laughing their fool heads off!!!

  7. lol, stormcat! you’re probably right.

    I had the same exact literal reaction as Benny’s Mum, “Is that a BLACK SQUIRREL????” where do those guys live? We have grey, and I’ve seen red, but BLACK?

  8. circuscake says:

    i know they’re supposed to be a nuisance, but i really do love squirrels…they’re so smart, and oh-so cutie!

    one of the squirrels living in my trees eats from my hand- especially if it’s peanut butter.

  9. There are black squirrels, as far as a I know, in Boston, NYC, and Washington DC. They obviously travel by Amtrak.

  10. Most of our squirrels are black. One or two grey ones around, and the occasional small red, but mostly black.
    (Toronto area.)

  11. tiredcynic says:

    We’ve got black squirrels out here in the San Francisco Bay Area too [Palo Alto, for those familiar with the place]…had to take pictures to prove to my disbelieving friends elsewhere.

    I had to give up my bird feeder…couldn’t afford to provide take-away for all the four-footers. :^(

  12. CheshireCat says:

    Wow, that is one prosh squirrel, the tail reminds me of a feather boa. I imagine it has glinting emerald green eyes and can disappear in a puff of smoke when dogs yap at it.

  13. Wow, what I thought for the longest time were the ears are actually the shoulder blades!
    come on, admit it: you’re getting these things from Jim Henson’s creature shop! 😉

  14. We’ve had black squirrels living in Loring Park (Minneapolis) for as long as I can remember. They’re lovely, aren’t they? I’ve seen them elsewhere around the Twin Cities, too, but I grew up feeding the Loring Park gang.
    At the Wildlife Rehab Center, where I feed baby squirrels, they’re called “melanistic” squirrels.

  15. wow! i didn’t know what that was at first! i’ve never seen a black squirrel! they look to be extra streeeeetchy!

  16. Evidently, black squirrels are the opposite of albino squirrels — too much melanin rather than not enough. Like black panthers are really just dark leopards.
    Cute, tho, eh?

  17. Black squirrel! At Haverford College in PA the black squirrel is the unofficial mascot. There are — or were, when I was there — a bunch of them on campus. Kind of a non-threatening mascot, though obviously there are those who think squirrels are EVAL!

    I never knew that the official term is “melanistic.” Makes sense — “melan-” is Greek for black. (Yeah, I was a dorky Classics major.)

  18. ZeldaPie — I bet you can see them really easily at a distance, right now.

    Alexis — the name of the pigment responsible for dark hair and skin is “melanin”, even. Wiki says it’s a polymer. Gotta love that organic chemistry (which I never took).

  19. berthaslave says:

    Ummm…I believe they prefer to be called “squirrels of color.”

    And boy, howdy, is this one stretchy. The perfect definition of “ehn!”

  20. Ahahaha. The squirrels in my backyard (brown) do that with my mom’s birdfeeders. In my school in DC, there’s brown and black squirrels that try and steal your lunch :p I’ve never seen red and grey though!! I wish we had the full pallet of squirrels.

  21. In Pittsburgh, PA, we’ve got your usual grey/brown squirrels and the black ones. No red though!

  22. what is that???? Is that a cat? lol

  23. Alexis, you have Black Squirrels on your campus too? Here at Kent State we have more black ones than anything else, and they’re our unofficial mascot too! The legend here is that they started in this area by a professor who brought ten in from Canada. Now they’re everywhere!

  24. Zeldapie, you feed baby squirrels? YOU FEED BABY SQUIRRELS??!!

  25. RoserGirl says:

    Black squirrels can also be found in the Quad City area at the border between Illinois and Iowa.

  26. confused.brit says:

    Yeah, red squirrels are mostly resident in the UK. Though your native grey squirrels are over here now and outbreeding them and making them extinct.

  27. I’ve never seen a black squirrel, looks pretty…

  28. Confused… interesting that imported grey squirrels are dominating your native reds, while here in LA the reds are the imported ones, with worries that they are aggressively taking over the greys’ territory. Check it out:,1,2776984.story?coll=la-editions-valley
    (warning: takes the “Sqwerrl = EVIL” stance)

  29. Squeee! The very DEFINITION of Ehn. There reeeeeally needs to be an Ehn! category.

    Squiggles are genius. 😀

  30. Thanks, Theo! I did know that, I guess I was just amused by the term “melanistic” more than anything else! (And boy, organic chemistry always just sounded scary to me. I was never a good science student.)

    DeuceMom, they were the unofficial mascot when I was in college, ten or so years ago (eek!). They may have become more official by now. (Haverford was not known for its sports teams — ‘cept for the cricket team — so we never really had a big need for a mascot!)

  31. Is that a marquisate squirrel?

  32. Theresa, YUP, I feed BEBEH SQUIRRELS! It’s such fun (and lots of hard work)! We use special formula and little syringes. They’re adorable when young and very clingy, but oh lordy, watch out when they hit puberty – that’s when they start to bite!

  33. NINJA SQuirrEL! Squee! Kawaiiieee…

    *pouf* vanishes in a cloud of birdseed smoke.

    Here in Milwaukee Wisconsin area I’ve seen red and grey squirrels. No black or white ones, yet… though Amtrack DOES come through our city, and we have a couple Universities.

  34. ha!
    so many ‘brilliant’ humans in my neighborhood try to devise squirrel proof bird feeders.
    Is Ridiculous! There is NO such thing people!
    Just give em the bag o’ seed get it over with (although is fun watching them figure out the latest greatest deterent.)

  35. Okay, ‘member the discussion held last week about “not fair?” Like, it’s not fair that the wildlife rehab place in England has both baby badgers and baby otters? Well, I think it’s completely not fair that zelapie gets to feed baby squirrels and I don’t get to feed baby squirrels. **pouty lip ** **stompy foot ***

  36. They are determined little things. Looks like this might be a mum with a nest of babies–observe the fur pulled out from around her neck. And yes, I’m guessing this might be a Toronto skwerl–most of ours are black.

  37. There, there Sprock. We can’t all be so lucky.

    (If you live in or near St. Paul or Minneapolis, though, we’d WELCOME more volunteers at the wildlife rehab center!)

    I love the albino babies, too!

    This year we get to fee BEBEH FLYING SQUIRRELS, too! Hurrah!

  38. fee = feed (d’oh)

  39. I have never seen a black squirrel! Amazing!

  40. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen a black sqwerl either but I’ve certainly seen them doing some creative moves to get at the birdfeeders.. including climbing over the “squirrel proof baffle” on a feeder. Ha, it barely even slowed the sqwerl down. Yesterday I put out some peanuts on my deck for the ones in my yard and when they were all gone the sqwerl came over to the sliding door and glared in at me (and cat) with a “We’re out! More nuts pleeze!!” look on his face.

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    oh and a friend has an albino sqwerl in her yard, I thought they were very rare but a couple of you have mentioned them so maybe not as rare as I thought. VERY pretty though!!

  42. RoserGirl, I was going to say Bettendorf Iowa is crawling with black squirrels!

  43. I see more albino squirrels in Mpls than I do melanistic ones. I’ve had several live on my block over the years. They’re VERY anerable!

  44. Momof2kitties says:

    We, too, have black and brown and grey squirrels here in the suburban Detroit area. My neighbor, recently from Australia, thinks they are quite a novelty.

  45. Nikki's Mom says:

    Near my home in Connecticut, we have grey squirrels, black squirrels, and white squirrels. They are all “grey” squirrels, but genetic variation will give you black or white. The white squirrels aren’t albino, they just have white fur.

  46. The baby albino squirrels I care for have pink/red eyes. Doesn’t that mean they’re albino? I guess I’m not certain, now.

  47. Z-Pie — albino is opposite of melanistic, i.e. no pigment present at all. That includes eyes, so you’re right.

  48. Zeldapie, I repeat: “YOU FEED BEBEH SKWERLS!!??”

  49. Zeldapie, I repeat: “YOU FEED BEBEH SKWERLS!!??”

    tee hee!!!!
    ^ ^
    * *

  50. Ah, Theo, thanks for the clarification on albino skwerls!

  51. **still all pouty-lip and stompy feet over the fact that I don’t get to feed baby squirrels like zeldapie does. **
    You can be sure that IF I lived in the MSP metro region, I would be volunteering at the wildlife rehab. Am imagining scooping up all the little baby squirrels and nuzzling them before feeding them. And then trying to release their sharp little fangs from my nose so I could get down to the business of feeding them.

  52. Ah! Alexis, a fellow lover of the Haver-squirrels has emerged with the posting of a black squirrel. I often try to photograph the elusive ones around where I am, but they seem so hard to get head on, as evidenced by this “backside” photo.

    And I’d like to think that black squirrels are inherently less evil than the grey ones – even if all villains where black.

  53. To all above: yes, that is a black squirrel. He/she resides in Brampton, Ontario (not quite Toronto, but close!)and is the bane of my husband’s existence. His comment when he saw this photo posted on Cute Overload?

    “That’s not cute!!!!” Hee.

  54. Shadowtiger says:

    If I remember right, Tolkien wrote black squirrels into the Mirkwood forest as well…although it seems unlikely that the creatures there had white porches with bird feeders for the squirrels to rob. >.>

  55. Sprock, this spring I shall smooch some of the bebehs on top of their little heads for you.

  56. I once read that the Washington, DC black squirrels were imported from Canada to be in the National Zoo . . . and from there escaped (or had a few nights on the town.)

  57. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Beatrice Potter’s Squirrel Nutkin was a red squirrel

  58. We have a few black squirrels around town here. There are a ton in south central Michigan..Jackson County and Calhoun County.

    They are smaller than reds and (imho)cuter too.

  59. CoffeeCup says:

    I have actually yet to see a black squirrel in D.C. but I know there are plenty of the grey variety. I have this great photo of a squirrel standing straight up and looking at me. I lifted my camera, he/she took attention, click!

  60. CoffeeCup says:
  61. zeldapie,

    I thanks u berry berry moosh.
    **brushes a wistful tear from corner of eye.**

  62. Today must be black squirrel day or something (it’s Martin Luther King day in the USA!) because I Can Has Cheezburger had one too:

  63. Holy w00T! Just yesterday I was browsing “Melanism” and Wiki and we got black sqwerls on BOTH CO and ICHC today!!!

  64. Oops … failed to see that a lot of peeps have already linked to ICHC…

  65. possumpiratess says:

    OK to feed birds, but not squirrels? Not surprised some people feel only some animals are good while some are bad. We do the same to ourselves, after all.
    For the rest of us, we must just say “yes!”

    Go Skwerl, Go! Eat them seeds!

  66. I’d rather feed squirrels than birds. At least the squirrels don’t poop all over my car.

  67. There are black squirrels in the Colorado Mountains too. they are smaller than the brown ones there too and very cute…

  68. Cal, London says:

    Only time I saw black squirrels was when I went to Paramount’s Canada’s Wonderland outside Toronto. Back home in England they’re all greys (unless you are somewhere remote enough to see a red…)

  69. I think all the skwerls in the US are variations of the grey skwerl. My assumption is that they’ve been in the US longer than in the UK, and have had longer to breed. So, oddly enough, you get red grey skwerls, and black grey skwerls …

    The “European” red skwerl looks completely different from the grey skwerl and its coloured variations, including the red one.

    Have I confused anyone yet?

  70. Actually, berthaslave, I believe nowadays they prefer “Melanistic-American” (or -Canadian, in this case).

  71. erhm, I believe it’s actually a squirrel-shaped hole in the universe…don’t get too close!

    [LOL… very nice, DarkStar – Ed.]

  72. Squirrels are evil, yet funny. Smarter than they look – for instance, one will sit on the front porch and taunt our dogs through the glass door.
    I did watch a mother squirrel teach her baby squirrel how to climb down and back up the tree where they live. That was pretty cool. And, the noises I always thought were birds – that chattering. That’s squirrels too! I had a squirrel curse me out one day while I was standing on my back porch. My husband had a squirrel chase HIM up the street in the fall. They are FIERCE these Maryland squirrels!!!

  73. We also have Fox Squirrels in North America – I’ve fed baby Fox Squirrels, too. Not often – they’re rare, at least in Minnesota. They are GORGEOUS – slightly larger than gray squirrels, with a lovely reddish tint to their thick fur. Do a google image search and you’ll see some pics.

  74. You guys are so funny!

    Here in Toronto, black squireels are all we have! So when I see a red or grey squirrel, I’M the one who’s surpsied! “Whoa, dude!!” lol

    But this little guy’s a cutie, for sure! 🙂

  75. And yes, I just called them “squirEELS”. lol.

  76. Gretaperl says:

    Growing up in Wisconsin, I only remember grey squirrels*; here in Kansas, they’re more brown, with reddish sides and a white underbelly — very pretty!
    *The exception was a strain of albino squirrels in Waukesha, WI — we thought they were so cool that when one of them got his po’ little self electrocuted on a utility line, my dad had him stuffed — now THERE’S a conversation piece!

  77. @Gretaperl:
    Conversation piece or conversation stopper?

  78. I live in Australia. I spent 6 months in the US in High School. One of the best days was getting out of bed when it had snowed a really pretty clingy snow overnight and watching the squirrels running through the trees and jumping though the snow. I love Squirels. I have photos feeding some in London. We don’t get them here. 😦

  79. I’ve seen black sqwerls in the UK too, on an estate in Bedfordshire. Apparently as it’s so isolated there the black fur gene doesn’t get bred out, even tho there are Greys in the next village. European Red Sqwerls are susceptible to a disease the American Greys are carriers of, as well as having a more selective diet, so as soon as Greys move into their territory they tend to die out, which is why the Greys have spread over most of Britain now. Reds are much smaller and have tufty ears, they look quite different to the US ones. Native population mostly in Scotland and remote areas. Of course i think the UK version is cuter, but i may be biased…

  80. I dont think that I have every seen a black squirrel

  81. Yes, when I lived in DC, I saw lots of gorgeous black squirrels near the zoo. But I doubt they are escapees. A local color, that’s all.

  82. Hey! I just watched the cutest video! Check out the latest adventure of Mookie and Sam (two of the world’s cutest dogs) on youtube. Their new video is called “Sam goes to Texas” and it’s really funny!

    Don’t forget to check out their website for more!

  83. there are many black squirrels in La Crosse, WI on the mississippi

  84. Totalee Puppy says:

    THERESA–Loved your comment about AmTrak..! We hear from family in Alexandria, Virginia that black squirrels make the
    Washington D.C. area so special…their photos are
    prized by local chambers of