Winter Schminter

I gots PLENDY of storage goin’ on.

[Pulls a saved steak sandwich from under leg]


NICE find, Lisa M. ;D

(seen in Ian Greenleaf’s photostream)



  1. It’s Skwerl McChunkersons!

  2. kild by teh qte says:

    EEEEEEEEEEK! *thud*

  3. dandy_warhol says:

    that’s a whole lotta skwrl.

    *kisses tummy*

  4. OOF.

    Tat’s alls I can sez is OOF.

  5. That is one FAT skwerl!!! I love how squishy he looks. I could cuddle all night long.

  6. I love a fat squirrel!
    So loverly.

  7. Eeee, a squiggle!

  8. Chubby little squirrel-io! WAY chubbier than the streamlined little guys around here. Me likes Chubby McChubbersons!

  9. Ok I will not eat the other steak sandwich now maybe later !

  10. He ees juiceeeeeeeeyyy!

  11. lurkingsmirk says:

    I’ve been seeing bold, fat little squirrels all around campus! They are adorable and fearless and probably getting steak sandwiches from amused collegiates.

  12. Aw, that chubby little guy NEEDS all that fat to stay warm amidst all the ice! Let’s hear it for Skwerly McChubbles!

  13. Lucy's mommeh says:

    I fink dey would say sangwich or sammich….

  14. Juniper Jupiter says:

    That pic reminds me of Sandy Cheeks when she was hibernating on Spongebob Squarepants!!

  15. Half-squirrel, half Weeble. Squeeble? Wirrel?

  16. Pretty awesome photography here.

  17. Lovely picture!

  18. Lovely picture!

  19. The Big Man.

  20. That looks just like any of the 6 squirrels in my back yard…they are much fattened on peanuts and seeds put out to distract them from the bird feeders. Yeah, the birds are pretty fat too.

  21. Aaww! It’s a fat-tubby-tubby!! So squeezibly soft. I want to nuzzle!

  22. Gotta be from Boston Common. some FAT squirrels in that hauz.

  23. Andrea|Nash says:

    Squirrels are cute, but if you want something from the woods you can hold and cuddle and be kissed by, check the little sweetie in the previous post. 🙂

  24. Chef Steph says:

    Awww! I saw his fat brother the other day climbing (quite clumsily) up a tree. This one takes the cake (quite literally) on fat squirrels though!

  25. I bet dats a goil squoil.

  26. Chubaleeeeeeshous!!

  27. oohlookasquirrel says:

    That’s a Grinnell squirrel, not a Boston squirrel! She definitely looks like a fox squirrel (and Boston has gray squirrels), and the photographer’s info confirmed my suspicions that I know the building in the background. As an alumna living in Boston, I really miss my Grinnell squirrels, and seeing this picture just made my weekend.

  28. That is one adorable squirrel!

    You gotta check out the other flickr pictures of this guy…there’s one where he(she?) stretches out to get some food–cute!

  29. just me,

    “Squeeble.” LOL. Totally LOL!

  30. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:


  31. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    “cannot” :/

  32. If I squeeze him, will he squeak?

  33. I, also, am a fat squirl. I relate. 🙂

  34. morticiamom says:

    Northeastern college squirrels must get extra chubby. My daughter says the quirrels at Cornell were tub-tastic too.

  35. category: Extraordinarily-Deep-Pocket Pets

  36. he looks yummy!

  37. that is the plumpest squirrel I’ve ever seen. he’s one heck of a forgarer! he’ll be warm enough!

  38. angelstar says:

    hehe, he’s got plenty for the winter!

  39. How is that furry bowling ball not breaking the branches?

  40. CheshireCat says:

    Cute pudgy squirrel; I want to hug, but he probably will bite me. 😦

  41. This sqwerl named Sqwerly McTubb,
    Has way too much belly-chub,
    But I like what I see,
    And when I’m done with my squee
    I go and give him a belly-rub.

  42. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:


    It’s pictures like this that make me want Sqwrls/Badgeroos/Ott-eres as pets!

  43. Squ-weebles wobble but they don’t fall down!

  44. A Sandra Boynton or Jim (can’t think of last name) who write Garfield says, “I’m not fat, I’m Fluffy”. He will bounce very nicely should he lose his balance and fall- right on a nice, soft, squishy student.

  45. What a chubby little squirrel. And we thought we had furry little piggys in our yard! That campus must be a regular smorgasbord.

  46. Looks like he’s eaten enough to two or three winters.

  47. wagthedogma says:

    Hey, Skerlzilla…have you called Jenny yet?

  48. He is pudgy. It isn’t just the squirrels, at a University near here I saw a raccon that was so chubby he walked up-right, I honest don’t thing he could easily walk on all fours.

  49. rdhwyalane says:

    Is there a little twig in his paw?

  50. Rdhwyalane says:

    Nevermind, it’s a berry stem. See the “delicate nom”…

    And nibbling with paws curled up…

  51. Joan Carlson says:

    Alrighteee, just grazin’ on more of the sweet goodness of frozen berry bon bons on display in those trees. It’s nature’s way of being generous to animals that had fun in the fall instead of storing up their pantry for the winter. An arboreal cold weather insurance policy. This guy’s certainly not hungry but prolly just eatin’ em so he don’t forget how t’eat, you know, entirely.

  52. Malle Babbe says:

    And I thought the squirrels on the Penn State campus were fat! Usually you would only notice when said squirrel would sit up on its haunches and reveal a pudgy stomach, but this guy is nearly sphercial. You just want to pick him off the tree and snorgle him.

  53. berthaslave says:

    “Seventeen years I’ve wanted that little item and I’ve been trying to get it. If we must spend another year on the quest… well, sir, it will be an additional expenditure in time of only… five and fifteen seventeenths percent. Now, Mr. Spade…where is the Maltese Falcon??”

  54. It’s like a chunky little Biggie Smalls squirrel.

    “Escahgo, muh cah go, 90 mile an hour up to thuh kitchen doe.”

  55. I saw a fat one like that outside the office the other day. The skwerls don’t really feel like sleeping this year.

  56. Hibernation is for wusses!

  57. Awww, chubbawubba! Fricking cute!

  58. the american obesity epidemic has extended to squirrels now? oh dearsies.

    ;p he’s adorables.

  59. Years ago, on an episode of “Dharma and Greg” (a HIGHLY underrated comedy, by the way), Greg’s dad demonstrated to him how he avoided emotionally uncomfortable situations by (drink in hand) looking out the window– “Look at that squirrel… Ooh, he’s a FAT one.”

    P.S. This squirrel may be slow-moving, but it’s still inherently EVIL! EVIL, I TELL YOU!

  60. Squidgy skweeeerrrl!

  61. ummm. scewzie…
    i have bout Three cheese steaks right here und’a my armpit. so ya’all girls come on over for the KOOZIE.
    {bad porn Moozic]
    I’ll keep ya warm… all winter long lil babies.

  62. Eater of Shades says:

    now thats a plump little bugger, probably eyeing a sammich through an open window

    mmmm… sammich *gargle*

  63. What a cute little pudge!

  64. yankeebird says:

    Oh, thank heavens, the picture of that fat squirrel is gone. I’m sure I sound all nuff-y, which is why I didn’t say anything when the pic was there, but I hate squirrels. Now that he’s gone I feel free to say it. 😉

  65. confused.brit says:

    It’s gone!

    No cuteness for my belated viewage….

  66. Tygress22 says:

    Confused.brit, just click on it and it will take you to the picture on the flikr site 🙂

  67. she’s preggers, due any day!

  68. Notorious P.I.G…
    That’s all I’m sayin…

  69. Yankeedoddles says:

    The fat squirrel needs to go on a diet, but it’s cute. 🙂

  70. Sharon Wilson says:

    Actually, my aunt’s orange kitteh would turn into a total pudge just before winter along with growing a long fur coat; then he’d be svelte by summer.