Sleepin’ in on Caturday

Please. The light—eets too moshe! [holds up paw]

Leave me and my mini-ears to rest!

Baby Hugo, originally uploaded by Tante Bluhme’s.

Nice find, Meg F. 😉



  1. warrior rabbit says:

    Awwwww sweepy bebeh. What a cutie! Splort! Am ded from teh Qte. (And…bleen! Thffffpppt.)

  2. ig fnerb twing huzzul werp da huudim tayter?

    [vigorous headshake]

    sorry… kitnpawz… cant thinking…

  3. I think this very well might be the cutest kitten ever in the history of kittens.

  4. Meg F? Hey, there’s something famili—A KITTEH!!!11!

  5. The pinkness! I bet it even has that new cat smell. The whole world must tiptoe and whisper until the perfect kitten has finished napping.

  6. Holy mccrapulence!
    I propose a new category:
    painfully, painfully cute.

  7. aaahhh… pochi sees pinkkk…. pinkkkk
    mmmmmm 🙂

  8. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:



  9. You know those ‘reborn’ baby dolls? What the world needs is some reborn kitteh dolls like this.

  10. Transparent fur! Squeeeee!

  11. Can anyone else hear the teeniest of honkshu’s???? *listens intently*

  12. Awww, so little…

  13. OOOOOOOOO, just stop the traffic noises outside and watch this little morsel breathe. What a sweetie- yes, there should be a cat-egory for Painfully, Arrestingly Cute. Those tiny almost-but-not-quite-yet claws!

  14. acelightning says:

    That is the very *essence* of morning (any morning) – “mmmrrmfph. go ‘way, lemme sleeeep. zzzzz…”

    From the tiny not-yet-retractable claws, to the pink skin showing through the fuzz, to the sort of unfinished-looking face, that has to be a *very* new kitten. Shhh… don’t wake the baby!

    *kisses the pink nose very, very gently*

  15. Awww!! Catnip for cat luffers! Only big enough for lightest of 1-finger stroking of anerable furry chest and belleh!!

    *addict brain thinking, “must find kitten”….*

  16. kitteh eyes and ears still so tender an nooo….

    schmooooable too… : )

  17. yes! this was me! just a few pad pad pad pads and a nanner ago. still got the sticky stuff in my peepers. and now i need a catnap.

  18. AWWWWWW Look at the little nose and paws >.> its just soooooo cute ^+^

  19. look this cat

  20. CheshireCat says:

    First I will kiss the pink nose and the eensy teensy paddy-paws, then I shall nom upon the ears, and lastly I shall snorgle teh leetle furry head.♥

  21. Is Baby Hugo the cutest name ever?

  22. Awwww!

  23. that is the esscense of caterday right there at least until they hit the ‘nip.
    Wonderful little babeh let him sleep

  24. Shhhhh! Baby is sleeping, <3

  25. The juxtaposition of the pink, white and grey are suggestive of this kitteh’s innocence, while the asymmetrical curves of the pawlets signify the uncanny… existentialist… undertones… GAH! Must cuddle!!!

  26. I have to add, too, that I love the kitten bed-head hair, LOL!

  27. berthaslave says:

    Wake me when it’s Bun-day!

  28. cubbybutt says:

    seriously, i can’t take this anymore!!!

  29. Leetle teeny clawses! I must keese teh toeses!

  30. Its funny to think that this kitten is so wee that the picture of the kitten is bigger than the kitten really is!

  31. Spoonplayer says:

    Tiny wee sof-claws-in-training. Resisting the urge to flick ’em just a little. Nooooo… mustn’t…but…nooooo…too perfick as is.

  32. OMG! So anerable! Look at the wittle pink nose and those itty bitty clawses!
    *sniffles* It’s so cute and makes me want a bebe kitty even more than I normally do.

  33. oh my goodness…soooo adorable !!!

  34. Belly fuzz! Belly fuzz!

  35. Awww…Decca, what a sweet comment. I agree with all the comments, really. This is the sweetest little kittykins evurrrr! Lookit the delicate little whiskers, they’re so fine and tiny. Kittens at this age just make me melt into gush. They’re not cute in the way they get once they enter the hoppy stage, but they’re just so sweet and miniature.

  36. That is the sweetest baby kitteh evar!!!

  37. Oh! Look at the wee little claws……..the wee little nosey nose…….a little kiss on the nosey nose!!

  38. Holdool1962 says:

    He looks so comfy cozy. I would just love to squeeze cause he looks so soft.

  39. awww come on!
    i agree with catablob that we need a new catagory: painfully, painfully cute
    so cute it hurts!

  40. Toof-pick claws!

    those buggers sting tho.

  41. aaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

    i just died.

    another innocent victim of cute overdose.

  42. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, his baby feets! The pinkness, the fuzzitude! His adorable leetle nosicle, must keees him many times.
    Oh, yeah, the kittayn is Qte too!
    Grandma who has been snorgling her 4 day old grandson today.

  43. indigoreiki says:

    I LUV CATURDAY. This is the most perfect little sweetie fur. Look at those microscopic nails.

  44. to die for, this one! my fave is the teeny leetle point in his baby nose fur.

  45. i swear i would give a $100 to be able to soft kronshe his little paw right now…

  46. Awww….how incredibly cute. I desperately want to hug him and squeeze him and name him George.

  47. Mary Animal Woman says:

    This is without a doubt almost the CUTEST kid ever on this site!!!! Big Sigh . . .

  48. redonk. Meg! stop it stop it stop it!
    appears to be home-less.
    may i Pleeze have. NOW.
    I need it so very bad.
    COME ON!
    sharing is our montra here on the COL. how can you be so selfish…
    [cries into own hands]
    looking up to see of yr lookin…

  49. No can leave mini-ears to rest… must nom!!!!

  50. That is gonna SO be me on Tuesday morning, when my son starts his first day of School an’ I hafta get up at an unholy hour of the morning…



  51. Guhrrrppp mpppfzzzz.


  52. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    He’s too precious furr words!!!!

    Can I snorgle heez paws? Alright, well, can I bites heez nails? Ok, then can I at least nap next to heem ~ pretty please with sugar on top?

  53. there are much cuter pictures of the kittens at that flickr space.

    **pooping on posts cause I sent in better picture than this**

  54. batwhisperer says:

    Baby’s so cute I’m going into convulsions!!!

  55. The tiniest of sleeping babykins! I can almost hear his soft breath, and feel his silky baby fur! So sweet!

  56. Momof2kitties says:

    This has brought me to my knees. I am completely destroyed.

    I would willingly endure the needle sharp kitteh clawz of deth, just for a chance to snorgle the teeniest of newborn kitteh pits. Gahhhh!!!!!!!

  57. benvenuta says:

    Check this out: the Flickr set with this picture has 70 photos of this baby (and possibly a littermate) growing from a tiny baby into gorgeous fluffy mini Norwegian Forest Cat.

  58. Benvenuta- what amazing pics! Look how big he got! He’s still beautiful!

  59. Daphne Moss says:

    De squeal I emitted upon seeing this acme of adorableness could be heard only by dogs…they’re all yelling in agreement that this is the sweetest of tender kittehs…would love to see mom-cat kissing her behbe…

  60. Heehee, it amuses me how the mighty and all-powerful Theo can be neutralized by a wee behbeh kittayn.

  61. Love it, love it, love it!!! Has anyone noticed the roundness of his little head. I just love it when they’re so new that the top of their head is round and their little ear tabs are on the sides of their heads. OH, must EAT them!!!! Nom, nom, nom.

  62. Sharon Wilson says:

    Yaay! Another submishe from the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee!