Full and total sproing-a-tude

Hoverrr Puuuuuuuuuuup!

[Rrrrrrrr! rounding corner at light speed]

very-cute-puppy_04, originally uploaded by cloneofsnake.

/// THIS JUST IN! See Hover pup hover! /// Download hoverpup.movNice work, Zaff!



  1. super puppy!

  2. Ah! Whimsical. He almost looks like a whiff of smoke O_O What kind of puppy is that?

  3. SixFootJen says:

    Puppeh is SOOO HAPPEH! His eyes are squeeezed shut against the gusts of wind he’s creating through his super-puppeh speed. Look at that smile!

  4. CheshireCat says:

    OMG, a little fluffy cloud with eyes and a shiney black, beepable nose! WANT!

  5. Catsquatch says:

    Hover pup!

    Its so… SO!

  6. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Memo to self: must get own pup fitted with similar anti-grav units…

  7. Fransouah says:

    My puppehs used to hover… but then they starting wearing life-vests with handles and now they just want to be picked up and carried. geeze.

  8. It’s a Puppelin!


  10. Christine H says:

    A cloud of SPROING!

  11. tabbycat917 says:

    he looks sooo happy!!!!

  12. Little Pepper says:

    Looks like a little cloud zooming by!

  13. I have NEVER seen ANYTHING look so definitively ^_^ !

  14. Hover pup sure looks like a happy pup. Awww

  15. It’s the dog from before! http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/09/thats-levitatio.html Where’s his friend?

  16. *toing toing toing*
    can pochi have a ride plish ? 🙂

  17. I wonder if “*Sproing*!” might rise to the level of a Rule of Cuteness? There does seem to be a fair amount of evidence floating around…

  18. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:

    OMG it IS the dog from before!

    Ehhhh… I preferred the old hoverpup photo.

    Although this one does have the fabled Animal-Crossing eyes!

  19. Mia, I think it’s a Maltese. Some friends of mine have one and he’s a great little dog. He has the personality of a big dog but likes to cuddle.

  20. Supercute!

  21. I don’t even remember how long it has been since I could do that! Sproing it is, little one! I think it is a Maltese or a Havanese. Too Cute- perhaps it should be a “World Peace Achiever?”

  22. Kinda looks like a mini version of Falcor (never ending story) Just get that spot I can never quite reach and I’ll fly anywhere.

  23. Look! Up in the sky!

    Its a bird. No, its a plane.

    No, its Hover Dog!

  24. It looks like “the Holy Moment” scene from Waking Life — only it’s the puppeh version!

    And here I was thinking all dogs cast shadows.


  25. its shadow is racing to keep up, buts its also having fun too.
    What a great way to see a hover-pup

  26. IT is skipping through the sky

  27. The ^.^ eyes remind me of a very happy Japanese cartoon character, and the pink tonguelet is the icing on the cake <3

  28. berthaslave says:

    More photographical proof of Leland Stanford’s theory that at some point, all four legs of a quadraped leave the ground when running. Thank you, Eadward Muybridge!


  29. yet another michelle says:

    Yay! & Woot!

    Love this happiest of pups!

  30. you can land on me !!!

  31. You simply can NOT be unhappeh when you see this cumuloid canine! ^__^


  32. Oops, I meant CumuloCanine! *LOL*


  33. magical 🙂

  34. I made it!!!!!!! I made it!!!!! No shots at the Vets!!!!!!

  35. I want to be as happy as that lil’ dude!!! W00t!

  36. Reminds me of our Gracie The Shrieking Beagle as a pup. She zoomed around so much we always thought she put a paw down only occasionally to stay in motion. The rest of the time she was totally airborne (ok, it SEEMED that way).

  37. I saw a foal pace like that once – just floating in the air with a tiny hoof put down occasionally for propulsion. . . so joyous!

    Great name for a beagle, by the way!

  38. it’s a bishon frise

  39. so incredibly hoooooo’t.
    me wants. [quickly grabby hands… dang missed. guicky grabby hands…. crap!…quicky grabby hands! dang! hold still ya lil… Chases randomly about neighborhood…
    _hit _hit _hit. GIMME!!!!!
    come back here!!!!]

  40. Catsquatch says:


    Man, I was wonderin what happened to him…..


  41. My shih tzu Dottie jean gets that way when she is outside in the grass…she literally run in circles at an angle and her feet dont touch the ground

  42. happy flying puppy… too, too much…

  43. Looks like a maltese to me!

  44. Wot Woot sure looks cute.

  45. Gracie The Shrieking Beagle’s official name was Grace Hopper Beaglemix. She got her other name because of her bat-crashing vocalizations.

  46. looks just like my Maltese Duke! Wonderful little fella – everyone should have such joy in their lives!!

  47. Bichon Frise–known in the circus as “The Flying Cottonballs”.

  48. Momof2kitties says:


    (and I’m not even a dog person!)

  49. Looks Havanese to me

  50. Shouldn’t that be “Hovernese”?


  51. kate mckinney says:

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned the Luck Dragon from _Neverending Story_, here. Come on!!

  52. whichever type of dog that is..i want !