It’s 11:15PM. Time to post a corgi.

This corgi asked for the 11:15PM time slot. I could not say no.


And now, it’s time for bed. Honk-shus all around.


Krista B., Nice extra credit with the interspecies snorgling action.



  1. SpamFiltersHateMe says:


  2. aw, those Corgi smiles just kill me! cute snuggling, too!

  3. Bleen in a big way.

    I’m not a corgi fan but that pup is absolutely adorable! Such a big smile. I just want to kiss his little pawpaws in that second pic.

  4. misscrisp says:

    the cheerfulness!! eet keeeels me.

  5. It’s kitty cat and corgi time! kitty cat and corgi time! kitty cat and corgi time!

    kitty cat and corgi, kitty cat and corgi, kitty cat and corgi with a baseball bat!

  6. LOL the corgitude.

  7. I love the second picature!!
    Sooo anerables!

  8. He/She is doing serious Mee Mee time.

  9. fish eye no miko says:

    Ah, the puppy is actually smaller than the cat! Hehhee.. So cute!

  10. figwiggin says:

    Gotta love those stubby legs.

  11. Cute little Corgi, but can I borrow that cat I just found a mouse in my house. It’s freaking huge thank god I am a girl Cause I freaking screamed like one!

  12. What a sweet smile, I think we have a new pup Ambassador in the making.

  13. aww little baby corgi keeled over and fell asleep. he’s ASKING to have air blown against his belly.

  14. Based on photos I think small dogs experience levels of happiness we cannot even perceive.
    Kind of like how they can hear higher-pitched sounds.

  15. How cute!

    folks, below is a true story that will make your blood boil.

    If you buy a chair or a car, as the years progress they keep depreciating in value. At one point, they will not be worth much.

    How about a dog or a pet? As odd as it sounds this is what happened in a case that I followed in Florida(Read about the case on

    The story began when a couple boarded their ten year old pug at a kennel in 2004. When they returned to pickup their pug,they found out that their pug was killed by another dog. They filed a lawsuit against the kennel. They soon discovered that under Florida law a pet is considered personal property, like for example a chair or a car.

    As a result, while the kennel’s lawyers admitted that their client was negligent, their argument was that the pug was not worth much since he was very old. The jury apparently agreed with the kennel’s position because they gave the pet owners $488. Now the pet owners are facing with the possibility of owning the kennel nearly $100,000 in legal fees.

    Now, The question is how do you protect pets in a kennel? What kind of legislation that must be passed to reduce the mistreatment of animals at kennels or by a pet sitters?

    Since Florida does not seem to have these protections in place, I wonder whether they exist in other states.

  16. MaliceAlice says:

    gah gah gah! Tiny legs! tiny legs! Look at them! LOOOOOK! The ears! The face! The tongue! Oh dear me, I’m all in a tizzy. Usually not a Corg fan but sweet cuppin’ cakes, what’s a girl to do!?

  17. CedarTiger says:

    newflorida: Board my dogs out? NEVER. Never, EVER. Just as if I had kids, I would never place them in day-care. I’ve heard too many horror stories to make me ultra-paranoid.

    Adorable Corgi pup! I wish I could cuddle him about now!

  18. Ah, well – how could you say no to a Corgi like that?

  19. Z.


  20. Ohh…

    The second picture — it makes me swoon in response!

  21. Aw, is he wearing a bell? How cute!

  22. His paw pads are such a pale pink — I’m not used to that in dogs. Every dog whose paw pads I’ve examined, has had brown or black or darker pink pads.

  23. Ha! I missed the kitty altogether at first, and was like, interspecies…wawawaaah? I just woke up and already feel like flumping down like the corgi.

  24. rachel cullen says:

    hahahah. i DEFINITELY burst out in laughter as soon as i viewed that first picture.


  25. Holy head-to-body ratio, Batman!

  26. awww little teeth.

    little willy too. : )

  27. Stubby legs and jelly bean feets. How could you not squee in delight???

  28. I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.. deedleedee… there they are a standing in a row…

    I think The Lion King is on TV in the background there.

    He’s all raaar with his stubby little paws.
    How freakin’ cute!

  29. Nicolletta says:

    Love his little feets. So cute!

  30. Sometimes a bell is a good idea on a pup. We had a little terrier who walked very softly and almost got stepped on when we didn’t hear him behind us. We got him a bell – problem solved! Once his claws grew long enough to click, he didn’t need the bell any more.

  31. i believe this redonk corglet may be the intern and protegé for the ambassador of pupsville, nyerthink?

  32. Süüüüüüüüüüüüüß!!!

  33. Awww, I love corgi’s!

  34. Aww, look at his little pee pee!!

  35. Laws, what a cutie-patootie. These folks must be independently wealthy and not need to work, cuz how could you leave a house containing such an anerable pup?

  36. bookmonstercats says:

    Anon, I wondered what the background was. I thought at first he had a wierd little hat on. Dohhh!

  37. Look at his little winkie! It haz da fuzzies on it! So cute!

  38. I thought it was a hat, too! It wasn’t until I looked at it a couple of times that I realized it was a lion.

  39. weensicka says:

    Yahhhh, succulent Corgulence. Eet has been too long! Nawm, nawm, naaawwm… [chomps giant Corgi ears] Mmmmm…tastes like caramel cotton candy. Delish.

  40. TurboFloof says:

    Kitteh in the background has little black jellybean pawpads. anghhhhh

  41. I do not look at doggie winkies! weirdo!

    awwwwwwwwwwwww it is fuzzy!!

    That’s one happy happy puppulence!

  42. First picture he is like “OK It is time for you weird 2 leggers to worship me” Second pictures is “Ok I am tired now, please go about your business. My faitful companion, Mr. Cat will let you knw when it is time to worship me again”

  43. Alex(andria) says:

    Newflorida: I can’t answer your question as to if NY has laws protecting pets in kennels, but I highly doubt it. My husband and I were asked to pet sit for a friend when we got back from vacation. They were already gone, so we had to pick their puppy up at the kennel. When we got there, he was terrified and COVERED in his own filth. And when I asked why, they said, oh, he’s just messy. I know the dog and its owners and he’s not a “messy” dog. Needless to say, my husband and I NEVER use a kennel for our dogs. 99% of the time we drive wherever we go so that they can go too, and if they can’t they stay with close friends.

    And this corgi….so smiley and fuzzy and I want to snorgle him 🙂

  44. Wot, no hovertext?

    The 😀 makes up for it!


    that was my head exploding from the Corgi Overload.

  46. The lack of leg-length! The lack of leg-length!



    Seriously, I totally want a corgi. THAT ONE. LOOK AT THAT FACE!!!!!

    The man says I can’t— he says they’re mutants. WHAT?! They’re short like me!! PFFT!

  48. i love corgi’s proportions. mini legulence with big nogginness.

    cute moomoo kitty too!

  49. gaaagh! he certainly possesses a high coefficient of corgitude!

    reminds me of Taffy, the corgi pup we got back in 1980 when i was five. these people are in for years of joyful companionship.

  50. Hello–Please don’t think I’m nuffing, ’cause I’m not. I feel terrible for anybody who has ever had a bad boarding experience–terrifying! My corgi pup is at day care for the first time today. He’s 7 months old. The place is squeaky clean, specializes in small dogs, references checked out, has Web cams. He usually spends the day snoozing under my work-from-home desk, we’re testing out day care as an option for when I have to go to meetings. CORGIS RULE! And my pup still sleeps legs straight out like that. Anerable x a gagillion



  52. There are a couple of corgi dogs at the park where I walk my Papillion Daisy- I always squee at how cute they are and their dads tell me “you should have seen them as puppies”. Now I know how right they are!! Too Cute!!

  53. that is the most adorable puppy! I want a Corgi! they stay looking like a puppy their whole lives! so cute.
    hmm- i wonder what you would get if you crossed a Corgi and Pomeranian. [gets out slide rule and protractor, pushes geek-glasses up nose]

  54. This is so cute that I squee’ed out loud, and then had to bury my face in my hands. He should totally be the new intern at Pupsbasador University.

    Any pictures where puppies are smaller than cats gets me right in the soft squishy part of my brain where “if an every day object makes you look tiny, it is cute” intersects with interspecies snorgling.

  55. OMG the cuteness just killed me, I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead. I LOVE YOU CORGI!!!

  56. catloveschanel says:

    I can’t believe someone else says “Honk-Shoe”. My brother & I used to yell that really loud when my parents asked if we were asleep. Haven’t thought of that for many years. * Senile sigh *

  57. look at his little corgi wee-wee!

  58. yes! nina simone singing “i loves you, corgi!”

  59. What I find amusing is that in the first pic, I’m all like: “Oh, it’s distorted because of the camera angle and that’s what makes his head looks so huge.” and in the second pic I’m all like: “Never mind…”

  60. My ex always said that my love of dogs is inversely proportionate to the length of their legs. The shorter the legs, the more I love ’em. (Not sure this is true, but OMG, I LOVE me some Corgi and Basset Hound and Pugs and French Bulldogs….!!). This lil fella is so cute I could Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  61. Noes, serfer, noes looking at dat! (covers eyes)

  62. metsakins says:

    I boarded my cats once and it was fine. Of course, before boarding them I stopped in a the kennel unannounced and inspected. Btw this kennel kept all dogs separate, a little house with a fence enclosed run for each pup. All animals were kept separate unless they came from the same home. They interacted with kennel staff, never other pets in the kennel.

  63. metsakins says:

    Now as far as pups going down in value, humans do too.

    2 cases to share –

    Friend of mine’s mother in law was mistreated at a nursing home, lawyer said being she was going to die soon anyway there wasn’t much of a case.

    Hubby had a hernia surgery go horribly wrong and nearly died. But hubby is retired, didn’t end up with any permanent damage (except a really large scar.) Told by lawyers, it didn’t matter that he spent months recovering and was in horrible pain and scarred for his life and nearly died. He was retired and was collecting his pension while all that happened so what was he going to sue about?

  64. metsakins says:

    okay venting done…


    OMG a puppy smaller than a cat sleeping together!!!!111

    and I think he could certainly be an assistant to the pupbassador. Perhaps his replacement for when he retires!!!

  65. berthaslave says:

    Keepin’ it positive…

    I loves you, Corgi!

    (Not looking at dog’s junk).

  66. stealthcuteo says:

    *ded from cute*

  67. I am the little one’s momma! His name is Mika and he’s 9 weeks old. The kitty is Adolf Kitler (see ‘stache).

    I about peed myself when I saw his giant cute face on the front page!!!

    To answer a few questions: In the first picture he’s about two weeks older than he is in the second picture perhaps that’s why his head is much bigger in the first.

    Also on the T.V. his dad and I were watching Mystery Science Theater 3000: Gorgo. I think they were at a zoo and that’s a lion or something.

    The bell is so we don’t step on him and also so we can find him when he gets out of sight.

    You can see more pictures of Mika at the following link:

  68. Oh, too precious! He’s smiling in the first picture!!! And then he’s sleep!! With small legs!

  69. SO.
    Mika’s mom.
    where do you LIVE?
    [wrings hands together
    and does quicky grabby-hands motions]

  70. A friend suggested I post this, I didn’t think it was long enough to make it on the front page or anything but for further Mika-viewing pleasure:

  71. mika’s mommy:

    put the kettle on, cuz we’re ALL coming over!!!


  72. its 11:15 A.M.
    and time to post another picture.
    Meg! are you sleepin in today?

  73. aww. I too have a fondness for shortlegged doggies. And the ‘bull dog walk’ my beagle does it.

    I was looking for a bull dog doing it but i found this instead!

    I pet sat a momma corgi with her 9 newborn-ish puppies (ouch, 9 puppies!) once while their owner was at the barn. So much stubby legged love!

  74. i wanna Corgi with a pick-up handle lifevest.

  75. Awww! he’s smaller than the kitty!

  76. sugary sweet marshmallow baby! I bet he’d fit in my mouth.

  77. re: additional pics of mika
    why do our lil schweeties love our dirty unidies so much?

  78. Oh, good grief! You don’t just spring something like this on a person. I need time to prepare. I could have duct taped my head to keep it from exploding, or at least had some paper towels handy.

  79. oops!

  80. The wee-wee was so wee, I almost couldn’t find it. Don’t tell Mika, Mika’s mom–I don’t want him to be self-conscious.

  81. anerabuhls.

  82. OMG corgi so cute!!!!
    Must resist urge to cuddle up to monitor!!!

  83. Honk shoo…my dad would to that to get me and my sister, and later his grandchildren, to go to sleep. Don’t know why it worked but it did!

    Anerable pup!!!

  84. eikoleigh says:

    He’s so cute! I love corgi puppies. They’re so adorable.

  85. Corgis are my favorite little puppies, I get so excited whenever one gets posted 😀 As soon as I have my own house, I;m gonna get baby corgi and a kitten and they’ll be best friends

  86. berthaslave says:

    Corgi, kitteh, AND MST3K?

    I think Liz and I are going to conduct a commando raid.

  87. Weak in the knees CUTENESS.

    I’m ready to eat him up completely!

  88. I’m not a big dog fan, but this image neeeearly killed me with cuteness.


  89. Look at how the cat has his paw on the puppies head while they’re sleeping, like, “It’s ok, I’m here little friend.” Awww! So cute! As for the whole kennel thing, I will never take my dog to one ever. I’ll ask a good friend to live in my house and take care of my animals if I need to.

  90. Wee little pink puppy paws…….and the little belly welly!!!

  91. Have you ever seen a brighter, happier puppeh smile? I think not!

  92. What a cute puppy! Corgis are one of my favorite types of dogs. (Jack Russell terriers being the other!)

    So sweet!

  93. man i would give that corgi any time slot it wanted!

  94. I cannot remember who mentioned it in another topic, but I clearly see another pup with eyes that do not point in the same direction. Was there not mention of this as a new…oh my whats the word?…um…um….shoot I hate it when my brain farts…is topic the word Im looking for CATEGORIES!!! That was the word I was looking for. Thank you for staying with me through the melt down of my brain.

  95. And the 2008 Golden Globes for Achievement in Eye Capsules goes to… Mika!

  96. Ohhhhhhhh! I have been wanting a corgi puppy for months now, but the hubby has to rein in my enthusiasm. You just caused all kinds of trubs for my husband!

  97. Mary Animal Woman says:

    Hi Mika’s Mommy! I have corgi’s too. Love the video of the little guy singing. Nothing cuter than a corgi pup. DON’T FORGET TO TELL EVERYBODY how much they SHED!!! You can’t believe how one dog can shed so much, but it’s worth it to me!

  98. gloomygrrl says:

    Is it wrong that I just kissed my computer screen? Too snugly for words!

  99. bookmonstercats says:

    Mets and others who’ve had bad experiences with care institutions… Unfortunately, the price the law puts on damage (to people) is related to the economic damage ie inability to work. It’s difficult to put a price on actual pain and suffering, mainly because there’s a subjective element to pain and suffering, I suppose, and that’s difficult to measure. It’s not right, but there IS a difference between justice and the law. The law is what it is and justice is really what we carry in our hearts. I’m afraid I don’t have an answer, only an observation to make. I do hope all the peeps who suffered are mending, and at least they have somebody who loves them enough to care.

  100. That’s it. I urgently require a corgi. This instant.

  101. Our Corgala, Abbey is wonderful. However, please note: they are excellent watch dogs, which is a way of saying that they are a one-family dog. They are a big dog in a small body. Ours sheds like a- a- big thing that sheds a lot. No kittehs or bunnehs or anybody else in our house- Our Corgela is on duty 24-7. Sh has already attacked two dogs, going for their throats. She gets quite po-ed when I come home with the scent of another dogget. AND I need to tell you the reason we have her- her breeder was cruel to her, yes, her breeder, pushed her into the show ring- scared the life out of her, she came to us a broken and fearful dog-hence the fear-barking and the being afraid of anything white or plastic. So, treat these dogs with respect and they will be wonderful, treat them badly as puppehs, and you get a neurotic mess that took years to sort out. She still has panic attacks in the car. She needs to be with me at all times,and of course, I am here for her, too. Just some words to the now-wiser.

  102. I love corgies. The little one here is no exception. I hear they’re quite bright, too.


    I want a little corgi now!

  104. Some kennels are excellent, and run by people who genuinely love the animals they care for. My sister boards her dog at a place where the dogs get special parties, along with all sorts of silly dog oriented amusement. But like anything important you need to choose very carefully. And of course even then there’s no guarantee. But some kennels really are great.

  105. CheshireCat says:

    Awwww,such a sweet bebeh!

  106. angelstar says:

    adorable ear and paw combo!
    did anyone notice the ears are bigger than the paws? so cute!


  108. Corgis are hands down, the cutest doggies in the world! And to see heem sleepins wif a kitteh, even better!

  109. Sharon Wilson says:

    I hear you about the kennels! We picked up our kitteh from a kennel after our vacation and he was covered in fleas!

  110. shhhhhhh……little one is slumbering………shhhhhhhhhhh