“Drunk on the herby goodness”

Here’s the story: Sender Inner Elizabeth L. says: "I heard an enormous kerfuffle in the kitchen this afternoon, and when I checked it out I found our cat Max had not only discovered the almost-full package of catnip but also had destroyed said package and was lolling, drunk, in the herby goodness." Ahnn.


Aaaaggghhhh. herrrrrrbyyyy gooodnesss [Homer voice]



  1. Looks like a good buzz! What a way to spend Friday afternoon!

  2. Oh that is too funny. 🙂

  3. Hilarious and SO true. Every Christmas my friend gives my sister four socks filled with catnip for her four cats. And every year, the day after Christmas looks like something was detonated in the house–there are sock carcasses strewn everywhere, with all four cats zonked out in piles of the ‘nip.

  4. ROFL!!!!! I wonder if he’s got the munchies now? That is one relaaaaaaaaaxed cat!

    My cat gets all hyper on the catnip, for about 20 minutes, then she crashes and sleeps for a good three or four hours, lol.

  5. One of my friends cats did that. Ohhh was that cat stoned. If I am not mistaken, Max is trying to make herb-angels?

  6. “Dude, your herbage rocks,
    I’m just gunna lay here for a while.”
    that is one happy kitteh.

  7. Duuuuuude, my paw is like a blur in front of my eyes… check it out.

  8. big giant kitteh makes a big giant kerfuffle.

  9. Wow, he made a mess!

  10. That cat is rockin the ganj! Snootchie Bootchies!

  11. DUDE!
    Don’t bogart that catnip!

  12. MaggieBelle,

    xoxo Jay and Silent Bob! 🙂

  13. Tina Rhea says:

    And when he comes down from it and then tries to lick himself clean, he’ll get stoned all over again….

    Somewhere years ago I read a fan-written Beauty and the Beast story in which Vincent accidentally got a snootful of catnip. He was staggering around reciting junk poetry, and Catherine was laughing so hard she couldn’t help lie down to sleep it off….

  14. Tina Rhea says:

    Oops, help HIM lie down. Well, that too.

  15. Ah, reminds me of the time I had the brilliant idea of getting some fresh catnip plants and putting them in the middle of the kitchen table. I came home to scene right out of ‘Trainspotting’!

  16. Awesomeness.

    Please note the differently shaped eyes due to the stonage, and reference back to the out-of-whack eye shape of the Mr. Stratckinks PostPants several posts back.

    Do they chill together, zees kittehs? Doooood. For shizzle.

  17. I wish *I* had some… uh never mind.

    My cats have been known to steal the bag of nip and do this too. Although they never created a kerfuffle before. Kerfuffle! I love it.

    I too tried to raise catnip in the house – HA! The boy cats sprayed it 😦

  18. “They try da make me go to rehab, I said, no, no NYERH” 😛

  19. LOL, the cat is so stoned! Maybe not so LOL?

  20. Carrie – be a lot cooler if you did.

  21. Ahhhh college…the good ‘ol days.

  22. lisim – sock carcasses-LOL

    What a happy cat its so cold here in MN that we have a wind chill advisory until 10 pm tonight I will for-go the catnip but I will
    go take a nap after looking at that kitteh I z tie-tie

  23. No hangover! No vomiting! No sugar! No fat! No calories!

  24. BAD KITTY!!


  25. HA! Kitty knows it’s always 4:20 somewhere.

  26. kerFLUFFle.

  27. That’s right Pscaley…

    “I’m gonna get you HIGH today….Cuz it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job…you ain’t got shit to do!”

    – Smokey

  28. Oh, how I wish my current tabby were into the ‘nip. I miss the days of my old stoned tabby. Good times…

  29. Stoned again.


  30. lol!

    How does that work? Do they eat it?? I don’t understand how it works!! it’s just a herb, right? A smelly one?

    I bought some cat nip for some friends cats but they just ignored it. They did play ALOT with the lavendar bags though. But nothing like this. I assumed cats didn’t like catnip, that it was just an inside joke or something.


  31. Blueheron98 says:

    So perfect – his eyes are the exact shade of green as the catnip! And look at those cute toes! Happy Friday, all…

  32. Sharon Wilson says:

    Actually, I once read in Cat Fancy that not all cats respond to catnip.

  33. Cute little stoner kitty! Just an FYI…It is possible for a cat who has ingested a large amount of catnip to develop stomach discomfort and a slightly ulcerated stomach lining so just keep an eye on that little junkie for a while to make sure there are no ill side effects!

  34. Dude, like, that cat is, like, so baked.

  35. CheshireCat says:

    LOLZ, I have a picture of my kitteh that looks very similar to the above stoned-kitteh, except instead of loose catnip he’s surrounded by a multitude of catnip mousies.

  36. oh yes. glazed eyes. i know that look.

    kitty kerfuffle!!!!

    some cats don’t care about catnip. my cat doesn’t. catnip is from the mint family. it makes great tea for people, having the adverse effect on us that it does on cats.

  37. “It’s Friday, you ain’t got &*^% to do, we gonna get you hiiiiggghhh….”

    tee hee!

  38. btw, did kitty call for takeout pizza after this?

  39. Lucy — Catnip is basically a mint. Some cats do not react to catnip at all, and some don’t when they’re young, but do when they’re older. However, every one I’ve raised from kittenhood, 5 in total, have all been like the cat in the picture from the day I met them.

  40. I love the position of those back feets! Life is good, they’re saying!

  41. Hooooo boy – now that’s some fun times for kitty.

  42. Oh I would not feel so all alooOOOone…

  43. Naughtie kittah-face! ^_^

  44. In our house, this is called “nipped out.”

  45. Does anybody remember that commercial for either Petsmart or Petco that had the catnip? I think I only saw it once — somebody must have complained.

    It had psychedelic music and visual effects as kitteh got more and more nipped out. It finished with something like “Catnip — get it while it’s still legal.”

    It was awesome. 😦

  46. [In Spicoli (Fast Times) voice] Duuude! I am soooo wasted!

    Heh, love that one!

  47. thatgirlshines says:

    that’s TOWTEWLLY happened to me before too! except i was stupid enough to leave a sealed tub of catnip on my bedroom dresser.

    when i came home that evening, i remember thinking, wierd, the cats didn’t some to say hello like they always do.

    a few feet into the apt, i find a plastic seal that’s been chewed up beyond recognition.

    a few feet further into my bedroom and i find my bed COVERED with all the catnip scatter all over and 4 very, very stoned kitties looking a bit sheepish.

  48. so….my cat is one of those that doesnt react to catnip. i have jars and jars of it (i’ve tried different bransd) and miscellaneous catnip stuffed toys…he just doesnt react… any way i can MAKE my cat into a niphead? they are so cute.

  49. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Herbin’ cowboy!

  50. wonder how long the kitteh had ‘sparkles’ after the flash.
    “Dude, that is entirely too bright!”

  51. Lucy mentioned lavendar bags. Do they do anything, or do they just smell good to kitty?

  52. Dude! That’s some good nip!

  53. Dexter, NICE.

  54. “I’m in love with Mary Jane,
    She’s my main thang.
    She makes me feel alright,
    She makes my heart excite.”

    I have no idea who sings that, only that it’s on the Friday sound track.

  55. Man, I wish it was legal for me to get that baked! 🙂

  56. Apparently on 3/4 of cats respond to catnip (something about a dominate genetic trait) and kittens are not sensitive to it at all.

    That being said I have never known a cat who does not knock me over and tear open the catnip bag given the chance.

  57. ponygirl – my cat is one of them. he’s 8 years old and could not care any less if it was waving right in front of his face.

  58. Eater of Shades says:

    “If you don’t talk to your cat about catnip, who will?”


  59. Mary (the first) says:

    Out here there is a place that sells organic catnip ..it’s very potent. I would get toys for my kids for Christmas but teh only safe place to hide it was in the freezer.. they would smell it out from anywhere else and find it. And tear it apart. No matter what. I “turned on” a friend’s cat who was supposedly resistant but she did get happy on the organic stuff. Not as much as mine but apparently she had never reacted at all before. Fun times.

  60. Oooh! I want herby goodness! Although my cats tend to get a little free with their claws when they’ve been in the ‘nip.

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    oh and I almost forgot.. “kerfuffle” was the “word a day” for today from wordsmith.org ! 🙂

  62. Dexter, that was so bad, it’s GOOD!!!!!!

  63. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Catnip is a gateway drug!!

  64. …EeeeeeeeEEEv’ry body must get STONED….

    (Hard to do Dylan with only the blunt tool of the computer keyboard at hand)

    Good one, Theo!

  65. “I wuz gonna chase that mouse, but then I got high…
    Wuz gonna rodent-free the whole house, but then I got high.
    Now I’m sprawled and covered with ‘nip, and I know whyyyy….
    Becuz I got high
    Becuz I got high
    Becuz I got hiiiiigh. (on catnip)”

  66. SoCalSis — u sed “blunt”
    huh huh huh huh

    (it is SO VERY Friday)

  67. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh! I love ♥ the comments as much as the verrrrrry laid back kitter with the nip eating grin.

  68. berthaslave says:

    Far out, man. That looks like some train wreck, but it also might be the strawberry cough. Kitteh also seems to know that keefed nip is the way to go.

    And now, to prove my hippie bona-fides:

    “We can discover the wonders of nature, rollin in the rushes down by the riverside.”

    “Crazy cat peakin through a lace bandana like a one-eyed chesire…”

    “If you don’t like my catnip, then don’t come around…’cause I’m gonna roll around….”

    Fire it up!

  69. How about some nachos?

  70. Hey, is that some Grateful Dead I hear playing in the background?

  71. That is just hilarious…

    ‘I’m so wasted, I’M SO WASTED!!!!!’ZZZZzzzzzzz

    I used to have a cat who would get into my herbal tea bags. I was mystified as to why until my husband pointed out that an ingredent of the Tension Tamer tea was…catnip!

  72. well I still have not gotten my nap but I have an urge to give 21 year old cat herbal tea bag ……….runs off to kitchens to find tea bags

    someone will be real happy in this house

  73. OMG–ROFL from all the comments!!! You all are killing me! Sock carcasses, “Trainspotting”, “turning on” your friend’s cat, Bob Dylan…..

    “And now for something completely different…a man who is a mouse”
    “..Someone started passing round a bit of cheese….
    ..Stilton, Gouda if you’re into the ‘arder stuff..”

    I came home to find a container of catnip (that had been hidden in a closet!)STREWN about the kitchen!

  74. I was curious how catnip works (it certainly works on my two and my parent’s kitties as well) so I looked it up! In case anyone is curious… http://science.howstuffworks.com/question303.htm

  75. Awwww, my kitty loves the nip too!

  76. Cats who don’t respond to catnip will sometimes get a similar effect from honeysuckle. I gave my mom’s cats a variety pack of catnip/honeysuckle because one cat didn’t go for the ‘nip.


  77. And here I was all worried that nuffers would come out of the woodwork and start talking about “enabling” cats and how drugs were NOT OKAY and what about the chiiiiiillldreeeens.

    I am super happy ‘cuz they all seem to be chilled out on the nip, man.

  78. Kitties-n-bubbles says:

    LOL My Marvin did that once.. found the bag shredded it and ate the leaves…he didnt sit still for at least two full hours and then crashed for the rest of the night and all thru the night he was purring in his sleep …

    now i keep the bag of catnip in the fridge( it keeps it fresher longer) and that way the kitties dont get super stoned again lol

  79. Haha…in my family, we call that “nipping” ((instead of “tripping”…I know, bad jokes are the ones that must be explained…))

  80. “My paws are making rainbows!”

    …No one’s ever going to get that reference.

  81. this wee one looks just like mine…….as for the catnip……enough said!!!

  82. MAXXED out on the nip!

  83. Love how he’s keeping one foot on the floor to keep the room from spinning.

  84. rubber duck says:

    “I has a a herb.”

    Thaaaat’s one happy kitty! xD

  85. A friend gave me a big bag of catnip as a welcome gift for my two new cats. I was supposed to give them a pinch once in a while to keep them happy.

    They found the bag, which was in an upper cupboard, and my kitchen floor needed a lot of sweeping the next morning.

  86. Oh my stars! The indignity of it all!

    Please tell your young kits it is not ok to use nip. Just say NO! Or if you have to to nip, don’t ever nip and drive. (And definately stay away from the heavy machinery.)


  87. One of my childhood kitties began spending ALOT of time behind the tv which was messing up the reception but knocking the cables loose. We finally relized the ‘nip package had fallen behind the tv and opened. The warn tv and ‘nip combo seems to have had a “hot box” effect. (Not that I know what that is Mom)

  88. As i suspected they would be, the comments on this one are as funny or funnier than the pic of the stoner kitteh.

    and oddly informed about something…hmmm….

    well done, everybody.

  89. luckycliff says:

    Catnip is good but Valerian is better, it’s like kitty heroin. Of course it’s way way stinkier!

  90. bookmonstercats says:

    He’s flat…….

  91. Woods Walker says:

    Catnip grows wild in my part of the country. It is considered a weed and the tea that is made from it can be used to help babies when they are teething when bread is soaked in it and applied to the area where the teeth are coming in.-Woods Walker

  92. yankeebird says:

    The picture’s great, but the comments are even better! You peeps are HIGH-larious!

    The guy I just started dating mentioned to me his cat has never had catnip. Tonight I’m going to get his cat STONED!!

  93. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:


    The best bit is the static cling to the fur. The downside of getting high on catnip: Kitty needs a ba-ath!

  94. nicefrenchgurl says:

    ROFL cant stop laughing

  95. my two kitties were barely living with me for a month, when they got into the food cabinet where I kept the ‘nip and their dried and canned food.
    They had a wild party that night and rubbed the ‘nip all over my white carpet, massaged it right in. They had fun and were not touchable the full rest of the week.

    One of them eats this stuff, and is just calmly happy, the other one bathes in it, and is wild afterwards, not knowing/remembering her human cant tolerate all those claws dug in the skin.
    They are so different on this stuff, and sometimes even ignore it.
    After this incident with the fully torn and shredded bag I keep it in a tight container, and they still find this wherever I hide it.

  96. lolcat!

  97. My kitty disappeared once. We couldn’t find him for about an hour. I went in the basement, and he had found an unopened bag of nip, inside a grocery bag, up on a shelf.

    The freezer was the only safe place, but he eventually learned, and came running whenever anyone got anything out of the fridge!

    We also planted some nip in a plot in the yard (warning – do NOT do this in any open area as catnip spreads very well). So cute to see the kitties sleeping in the catnip patch. I wish I had a picture of that.

  98. Am I the only one weirded out by catnip?

  99. Oh dear, someone get that kitteh to ‘nip-hab STAT!

  100. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:


    They try to make me go to ‘nip-hab, I say no, no no!


  101. i’ve always thought it was interesting that we give recreational drugs to cats, and nobody seems up at arms about it. a human equivalent of catnip would surely be illegal! ah, the many perks of being a house cat.

  102. Silent Meow says:

    Silent Meow is jealous of the kitteh in this photo.

    After a hard day of studying trigonometry, I could use something like that. lol

  103. wagthedogma says:

    “Nipper Madness”!!!

  104. ‘Nip Overload!

  105. Any minute now, he’s gonna start laughing hysterically at a blank spot on the wall…

    Just LOOKING at that fuzzed feline is givin’ me a contact high!


  106. ~They’ll comment when you’re lying on the floor!
    They laugh hard when you stagger to the door!
    They’ll put out toys so you’ll act megacute!
    The effect nip has on us then is moot!
    I would not feel so all alooooooone…

  107. berthaslave says:

    I can’t resist….

    “Uh…can you turn on the dryer? Cool.”

  108. charliewabba says:

    Guh-heeeeeeeeee! I used to give my cats nip and take pictures of them rolling around looking silly for blackmail purposes. But it’s kinda hard to blackmail a cat.

    One nip over the line sweet Jeeeesus
    One nip over the li-i-ine,
    Rollin around on the kitchen floo-oo-oor
    One nip over the line
    One nip,
    One nip over the line…

  109. HAHAHA!! We have to keep our catnip in the freezer, because they’ll find it anywhere else! Our cats would open cupboards, and climb on top of the fridge to get catnip!

  110. yah yah yah yah…gimme ganja…yah yah yah yah…

    (obscure 80’s reference)

  111. wow man, that kitteh like hasn’t moved in 24 hours! wow he is so wasted.

  112. are we still talkin bout this stoned cat.
    waz up with that????

  113. berthaslave says:

    Yeah, it feels like about ninety-three days since we’ve had an update…or maybe that’s the catnip…

    I’m gonna go watch Teletubbies. Those things are awesome, especially if you watch them on mute while listening to a Dead bootleg from the mid-70s.

  114. Isn’t it Caturday? Need fresh postings like catnip, puhleezzz….

  115. I second Gail’s request we need New Post’s Meg—-Theo
    did you both run away from your puters or what?

    Theo update us on bounce new pics something

  116. *szgnnnnngzzzs*
    Mhmrmmm. Hmmgnmmrm…?


  117. I LOVE getting cats on catnip… my favorite thing to do is leave their toys in the bag for a few days and then let them find it. BOOM! It made one cat of mine really, really hyped up and then he would CRASH. It was like feline speed.

  118. Stop the insanity, please. Nothing is more sad than seeing some kitty , working the street, trying to score more catnip.
    MY GAWD MAn, Have you no SOUL?

  119. Janice the "Eight is Enough" Cat Lady says:

    “Nipper Madness”???


    I have GOTTA get some nip for my eight babies.

  120. This picture reminds me of that scene towards the end of “Scarface”, when Al Pacino is sitting at his desk and he buries his face in a pile and comes back up, with it all over his face.

  121. I love how the herb is not just all over the kitty but spread all up and down the hallway because kitty just had one hell of a play day.

  122. “I snorted too moishe.”

  123. Christine H says:

    This is a truly hilarious post, especially the comments.

    Who’s up for another Debauchery Friday next week? The “weed”-munching bunnies are still one of my favourite C.O. posts ever.

  124. acelightning says:

    Koi – the scent of honeysuckle can be pretty intoxicating for some humans. In early summer, when the night breezes carry the sweet perfume of honeysuckle, it acts as a combination euphoriant and aphrodisiac. In fact, smelling honeysuckle works very much like a milder version of smokin’ Mother Nature.

    And I think everyone who has ever seen how susceptible cats react to catnip has tried either smoking it (the smoke is horribly harsh!) or making tea with it, and been very, very disappointed…

  125. Can I get some cheetos and a snickers bar…I’ve got the munchies…ooh or maybe some cheesecake and doritos…

  126. I had a cat once who’d had a day like this with his previous owner. Put him off the stuff for life – he’d never touch it when he lived with me.

    “Oh-oh, the nips are getting bigger…” – even more obscure 80’s reference

  127. omg! i had a cat that would do that…and to add to the cuteness, my 5 year old said “uh oh, mommy, kitty make mess!”