Sell it, Baby, SELL IT!

When in doubt, always plop a puppeh into your auction to crank the bidding up.

Check out this Yahoo! Auction in Japan. Weeeeeeeeee! At first, they seem like normal cow slippers…


Then BOO-YAH, [auction bidding frenzy]


Quick, bid now! Link to auction here…

Thanks for looking, Autumn R.!



  1. OMG Bebeh chihuahua!! I WANT! I’d buy anything if a puppy was stuffed in it!

  2. Place bids nauu! Bids Bids Bids Bids..

    So what if you have really small feet? You get a ham?

    Darn those Japanese, the masters of teh Cute.. I think I am going to move there..

  3. Cow slippers? They’re sheep, surely?

  4. Rich Fader says:

    “Sleepper? No, mis amigos. Ees dog bed.”

  5. Good Greif !!!!!!!Charlie Brown !!!!!!!!!!

  6. charliewabba says:

    I know when you travel to some places you have to check you shoes in the morning for scorpions. In Japan do you have to check your slippers in the morning for chihuahuas?

  7. Well, I want both. >:/

  8. If you rearranged the puppy pics, it could go from wide awake to fast asleep!!

    Is it possible to rearrange the pics? That would be funny.

  9. metsakins says:

    *checks slippers for puppehs (or kittens)*


    *goes to ebay Japan*

  10. How is it that Japan has not earned their very own CO category??

  11. Gah!

    how big are those slippers, exactly??

  12. The buyer is gonna be pissed when he/she gets the slippers and there are no pups inside. And the pup will be pissed that his bed was sold.

  13. @Desi:
    No, them’s cows, fershure – or mebbe, goats?

  14. The horns are curled, so I’m thinking rams or goats.

  15. Noelle, Atlanta, GA says:

    Sheep, fer shear.

    Cows don’t have curly horns, and where’s the cow print?

  16. yankeebird says:

    *weighing in on the sheep/cow/goat debate*

    One of the few words in English on the auction page is “sheep”, therefore I’m voting sheep.

  17. rad_cuteologist says:

    slipper instructions: “please remove chihuahuas prior to foot insertion”

  18. Alex(andria) says:

    Noelle, you’ve never seen a white cow before? ‘Cause there are such things, you know. However, I don’t think they are cows. I think that they are sheepies. The face is wrong for cows.

  19. True Alex(andria). A cow’s face would be more squared at the end, whereas this one’s just round with a point. Oh, and covered in slobber, of course.

  20. if japan had its own CO category.
    it would be “Ass-Handers”.
    as once again (heavy sigh)
    they have handed us ours in the cute department.
    Although! I think it is very sneaky of them to USE adorable puppies to sell slippers. Unless they come with. False advertising!

  21. I have to own a pair of these slippers. I’m not an impulse shopper, but I can feel them on my feet, right now. Anyone link me to someone selling these in America? My ebay search turned up naught.

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

  22. The first and immediate question is, does the pup come with the slippers. That’s GOT to effect the market price.

  23. I used to live in Japan, and read Japanese. Maybe I should post some of my cute pix.

    1. What they are selling is a SHEEP. Even the English states this, but it is repeated in Japanese.

    2. It is a doggie bed, not slippers.

  24. charliewabba says:

    So they is not cow slippers but lambie-pie doggie beds….
    So, in Japan, do the chihuahuas have to check their beds at night to make sure there are no feet in them?
    (I always have to think chee-hoowah-hoowah when I spell that.)

  25. Tricia Garrett says:

    “normal cow slippers” ???

  26. Alex(andria) says:

    If I gave that to my dog Kaylee, she would eat it…as she eats all fluffy beds I give her. But I think my cats would love it. With the little pocket part, it would be like a rehabilitation tool for those kitties that need boxhab ’cause they’d still have a space to squeeze into. ?

  27. fish eye no miko says:

    Lola88 said: “If you rearranged the puppy pics, it could go from wide awake to fast asleep!!”

    Or sleepy to awake!

    Oh, and I second (or whichever number we’re at now) the “Japan” tag motion. ^_^

  28. berthaslave says:

    I am reminded of a song:

    Like my loafers?
    Former gophers!
    (It was that, or skin my chauffers).

    (I vote “yea” on a new Japan category — “Ass-handers” is my preference).

  29. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Do you know how viciously my cat would attack me if I wore those?

  30. I could get behind a “Japan Handing our asses to us” category, but first I still want one for SWEATER/KNIT first.

  31. CoffeeCup says:

    How big are those slippers? They could be normal slipper size, but they seem almost like doggie beds. Cute chihuahuas!! I don’t even like chihuahuas but these seem to look much different from the regular taco bell kind.

  32. CoffeeCup says:

    And those are sheep slippers.

  33. Surely this qualifies for Product Cuteness, non?

    Our Doxie mix has a slipper-shaped bed along these lines, but his is much beeger.

  34. CoffeeCup, Chihuahuas come in short- (Taco Bell) and long-haired varieties. This one looks like it could be a mix of the two, or maybe a long-haired who’s been to the barber.

  35. I guess it qualified! (And so did the speed of the site update — zoomzoomzoom!)

  36. It is a little-known fact that chihuahuas also theenk and read in their accents.
    He seemply read the tag and thought, “sleep-pères! For de sleepingks in!”

  37. In terms of bedding I still like the infinite regress of cat-shaped cat beds better though =)

  38. CheshireCat says:

    Not much I can say here, just taking in the overwhelming cute-induced bliss. ^_^

  39. CheshireCat says:

    And btw, why does Meg call them cow slippers, is this some kind of inside joke I don’t know about?


  41. I want to order 3 pairs!!!

  42. uh thats cuteee
    i have a chihuahua
    but shes a freak:)
    and whars all this stuff bout japan?
    anyone here from Australia by any chance??

    🙂 🙂