Mah-nam-in-nah. Doo doo de doo doo!


Doo doo de doo doo


Doo doo de doo doo! de doo doo! de doo doo! de doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo!

Katie S., they could hack 20 seconds off this vid, sure, but the blissful running makes up for it.



  1. charliewabba says:

    was kind of pixilated for me, but awful cute anyhow. Bernese Mountain puppy?

  2. Wow, I wish I were that joyous and blissfully happy.

    Sweet puppeh, running free and happy. Love her/him! 🙂

  3. Looks like a cavalier king charles spaniel.
    i dont know whats cuter.
    the puppeh chasin the camera as the camera person spins in circles.
    or the fact that the camera person almost crashes to the ground from dizzy-ness!
    oh and i love that music too-
    very ‘muppets’ to me ♥ ♥ ♥

  4. Duh. I forgot I had a drum and bass station playing in the background when I watched the video, and I was like, best Muppets remix evar! I would totally buy this album! 🙂



    mah nah mah nah doo doo de doo doo mah nah mah nah doo doo de doo doomah nah mah nah doo doo de doo doo mah nah mah nah doo doo de doo doo

    …its here stay im afraid

  6. *taps foot, snaps fingers*

    I think that might be a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I don’t see many of them, but the few I have met have fantastic personalities.

  7. MandaBain says:

    That made my heart jump for joy!! What a perfect song to go with puppy romping! Great videography idea, too…course now I’m stuck with that earworm all day…


  8. Bestness!
    …Is that a real word?

  9. LOVE that tune!!! LOVE that puppers!!! Happy happy joy joy! YAY, puppy has a good home, YAY!

  10. well, since we all have the earworm anyway-
    you might as well check this out!

  11. I luuuuuv this puppeh!
    i dont like the last seven seconds but its still sooooo cute!♥

  12. Does anybody know what the name of that song is? I’ve heard it since I was a kid but never knew its name or where it came from

  13. Cockatoo —

    (I guess this is the same clip that Liz linked, above)

  14. HOW PROSHHH! I love how the video was edited so that the action would coordinate with the music somewhat! Loooove the jumping/chasing/ear flopping/happy puppy-ness action! Super anerableeeees. If only you could put THAT on a calendar!

  15. hmmm. links are different but they go to the same place.
    that was some very weird same thinkin there Theo.
    scarey. ♥ ♥ ♥

  16. JuliaJellicoe says:

    The name of the song, simply enough, is “Mah-Na Mah-Na.”

  17. Cockatoo, officially, the song is Mahna Mahna, rather than mah-nam-in-nah.

    I miss you Jim Henson, you who cornered the market of Funny/Cute in your lifetime.

  18. Suzy's Mom says:

    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies are so cute. Just like my puppy Buddy, this puppy is a real Cutey Patooty!

  19. I want to eeeeat him!

    Dude, I love Manamana! (Even if I dont spell it right)

    They couldn’t have chosen a better soundtrack for this video.

  20. Whoa… do a little bit of digging, and suddenly POOF, there’s whole lotta more o’ Mahna Mahna!

  21. I need one hundred puppies, right NOW.


  22. Lady Chroe says:

    “Mah Ná Mah Ná” debuted in a 60’s porn movie. I can’t imagine WHAT they were doing in that film that would make this a fitting soundtrack.

    Read about it:

  23. Quite possibly my favorite song of all time–this is a happy earworm for me (much to the chagrin of my office mates!) And let’s not forget the cool jazzy version that Cake did a few years back.

  24. paulajeanne says:

    10 more seconds and I bet he would have lifted his leg against that gate! Think the photographer edited?

  25. OMG!
    i MISS mystery science theater 3000 SO much!
    I remember when they started singing mah-na-mah-na during a movie!
    dont really ever want to see the porno though i dont think.
    it would totally ruin it for me.

  26. MandaBain says:

    Oh man, NO ONE loves the muppets like I do – our first dance at my wedding was “He’ll make me Happy” – from Muppets Take Manhattan when Kermit & Piggy get married. Everybody started busting out laughing when they realized what it was, yet there I was, staring into my hubby’s eyes, bawling with joy! I will forever be choked up and “verklempt” whenever I hear that song & see that scene!

  27. 1) the Wikipedia entry (currently) says it was a documentary, not a porno
    2) take whatever you read in Wikipedia with a grain of salt
    3) take whatever you read in blog comments with a whole road-salt truck

  28. MAHNA MAHNA. Brilliant! If memory serves, that song (and accompanying pink singing cows) were in the very first Muppet Show episode.

    Kermit: “But first, we have something called… Mahna Mahna. Whatever that is.”

  29. Wow, gotta give the camera person credit for running backwards to get action shots of the dog. Not sure I could do that without harming myself.

  30. Mary (the first) says:

    How did the photographer manage to run so fast backward?? Very cute.. the puppeh clearly defending the house against paparazzi. Good job, puppers!

  31. scruffylove says:

    Oy. It looks like about 15 seconds in someone kicks the dog. I’m sure it’s not on purpose, though. I’m probably just seeing things.

  32. That’s the kind of dog my husband wants- a Cavalier King Charles.
    And he doesn’t care how silly a large man in a suit might look walking a tiny spaniel.

  33. I haven’t seen this with sound yet, but the yellow toned part at the end w/the metal garbage can makes it look like the puppeh was banished to an alley on skid row, hahahaha

  34. I think it is a Cavelier King Charles spaniel?

  35. Heh. Best earworm ever. Everytime I saw a commercial for that show “Phenomenon”, I would bust out in a chorus or two, which caused the cats to regard me warily.

  36. i love that song. perfect match for cute puppeh footage.

  37. hey, didn’t they use this song on benny hill too?

  38. berthaslave says:

    For the ninth or tenth day in a row I find myself in sympatico with Liz. MST3K forever! I MISS YOU TOM SERVO!

    “Mah-Na, Mah-Na” actually predates the Muppet show, as they did it on Sesame Street (and I believe Ed Sullivan), but it was indeed on the first episode of The Muppet Show syndicated in the 1970s.

    And finally…I WANT THIS PUPPEH! And I’m not a dog person. Excellent videography and editing, too. I don’t think it’s too long, Meg, though I would say that it doesn’t have a great ending.


  39. Ahhh puppy joy! Good to the last drop!!

    And I agree with Liz and Berthaslave — MST3K rocks! I have watched and rewatched the episodes on dvd… so marvey!

  40. Cute cute cute! n_n

    (How do you post pictures here?)

  41. I needed every last second of that video, 35 wouldn’t have been enough.

  42. sallybrown says:

    Cake does an EXCELLENT updated version of the song “Mahna Mahna.”

    The Benny Hill song was Yakety Sax.

  43. charliewabba says:

    OMG – count me among those who miss MST3K terribly.

  44. that puppeh is SOOOOO excited and happy!! it looks like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel like that prosh princess we had a while back.

  45. Cute puppy.

    Perfect song.

    But boy did that video make me dizzy and kinda nauseous!

  46. Suzy's Mom says:

    Bab’s: Me too.
    Whenever I hear the word “phenomenon” I start singing ” phenom-enon, doot do da doo doo”. I get funny looks from my puppehs, I can tell they just think I am so silly.

  47. Lady Chroe says:

    Nope, Theo, this time it’s true: the music was created by Piero Umiliani for “Svezia Inferno e Paradiso”, a softcore porn film. Learned it in film class before Wiki was even invented.

    Sorry! Love the vid, tho!

  48. um hello – Wiki says the first episode of Sesame Street was in 1976???

    I was born in 1965 and I’m 3 years older than Sesame Street. I beg their pardon!

  49. can I retract that statement? I’m too tired to Wiki correctly.

    Friends should let friends, post tired.

    falls on face

  50. That was the most awesome of awesomes.

    that was the AWESOMEST.

    SO love the awesome.


  51. chet's momma says:

    scruffylove,i saw the kickingk too! DO NOT WANT!

    *waits for nuffs*

  52. Oh wow who would a thunk it here is a list of the songs for the porn Movie Yes it is safe for work.

  53. Mary (the first) says:

    I can’t address the origins of the song, but by my count there are too many “doo”s in the third line above and then missing a “doo” at the very end of last line. I’ve sung it many times (not out loud of course, co workers would be alarmed, just in my head) and that’s how it comes out.

  54. Mary (the first) says:

    .. just in case anyone is trying to sing along also and needs a word sheet.

  55. HEE.

    I have a “Bollywood” mix of “Mahna Mahna” as one of the ringtones on my cell phone. 🙂

  56. OMG I have ALWAYS love the mna-mma do doo song. OMG.

    he is so cute and happy and floppy. awesome video! Can I neeble gently on his earsies?

  57. Video is gone now!

    I’m with you, Liz, Berthaslave, CharlieWabba, et al—-I miss MST3K so much!

  58. Video is back! That was weird!

  59. Oh, I want to watch this every day just to make me soooo happy – just like this beautiful pup. Love how the deeper voice coordinates with the pup getting up close with the camera. And it’s obvious that a human with a camera can’t keep up with a frolicking pup!

  60. snoopysnake says:

    If Barack Obama gets his daughters a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and uses it in his ads, he’ll sweep the primaries and then become president!

  61. small brown dogs says:

    The way the pupper starts some of the scampers with a pouncey bounce just kills me!

  62. Sorry for the minor thread hijack, but I wanted to give a heads-up to all the MST3K fans out there that Joel Hodgson and crew are up to their old tricks under the new name of CinematicTitanic – but offering the fun as DVD sales and (soon) downloads.

    And Mahna Mahna has been on my iPod for years – my favorite earworm ever (and yes, I know those two words shouldn’t go together, but it’s Mahna Mahna!!)

  63. Here in Portland there’s a band called Menomena, named after that song.

    OMG. I don’t really want a puppy all the time, but can I just borrow that one for a little while?

  64. This video doesn’t do the pup justice. He’s cute. The video–it isn’t.

  65. boo, I heard about that just this week – what fun! My old tapes (‘keep circulating the tapes’) of ‘Manos’, ‘Catalina Caper’, etc. are about to wear out!

    This puppeh is so cute and happy. I see him as a linebacker for the Puppy Bowl (next month, peeps!).

  66. AuntieMame says:

    I wouldn’t delete a thing from the video. Every second is precious! The only thing that would be precious-er would be if we could hear the yips and joyous squeaks that puppeh is making as it blissfully runs!

  67. Yay! A cav! My cousin has one 🙂

  68. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait…
    There is someone named “Lady Chroe” in these comments? My name is Chloe, and I too have been in film classes, AND I know Japanese, which replaces Ls with Rs. What are the odds?

    But I did not know the song was from a porn. I thought it was “Phenomenon” from Muppets Tonight this whole time.

  69. A very talented video producer friend, Oxhorn did his own Internet inspired Machinima version of this song using his WoW characters, Oxhorn, Staghorn and Mortus. Mort speaks all in internet shorthand/txt talk, so it’s a cute redo of the theme.

    Uber uber leet, so uber uber leet, what a wonderful feeling, I’m pwning again…

  70. Critterfriend says:

    Is it redundant to say “cute” on this site? ‘Cuz that wuz…and my all time favorite Sesame Street song to boot! Yay! 🙂

  71. Ha! That “manamena” takes me right back to my childhood. I don’t know which was cuter, the puppy or the song. I remember the muppets doing it.

    Ahhhhhh the memories, I remember seeing it once on TV at my Nana’s, and after that longing to see it again. Back in those days you were so vulnerable, you had to wait for stuff to come on the TV or radio. A little bit later I got a tape recorder and I could tape stuff off the radio (ah the technology) and listen to it over and over again.

    I think the “manumena” song had chickens doing the do do bits? Am I right, or have I reconfigured my memory. I know I loved that chicken playing the piano sketch they used to do.

  72. It was first on the Ed Sullivan show a long long time ago, with a little worm and a muppet (an ernie prototype?) if my memory is worth a damn anymore.

  73. yeah the worm sounds familiar….

  74. OMG I found the muppet version.

    Someone else can hunt down the porn version (KIDDING!!!!! for those who would take that as encouragement.)

  75. I LOVE A Spaniel. Does life get any better than a floppy puppy(as in goofy of course,not…)

  76. mommygalore says:

    Love the pup. As for the MaNah MaNah, well, as a wee kiddie it TERRIFIED me. (Not the pink Muppet, the dark-haired puppet in the original Sesame Street version)

    When ever it came on, I as a 3- or 4-year old would run crying and hide under my Mom’s bed.

    He was a scary dude, man.

  77. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Lady Chroe said: “‘Mah Ná Mah Ná’ debuted in a 60’s porn movie. I can’t imagine WHAT they were doing in that film that would make this a fitting soundtrack.”

    Well, it’s entirely coincidental I’m sure, but mná is the Irish (Gaelic) word for “women”.

    So, “Mná Mná” happens to mean…

  78. 1. Muppets = Love
    2. Puppy running = cat in the sunshine.
    3. Not to long – actually a bit short!

  79. Catsquatch says:


  80. metsakins says:

    about 5 years ago there was a commercial of a couple on a blind date. the guy is talking and the girl is think “mahna mahna…”

    I luv the video.

  81. Darryls Mama says:

    The best part is that the puppeh is wearing a kitteh collar.

  82. POUNCE leetle puppeh POUNCE!

  83. maggiesmom says:

    metsakins, that was a dr.pepper commercial….he was talking and all she could think about was dr. pepper. the puppy is so cute. I heard that they are hypoallergenic.

  84. Scruffylove says:

    The said porn was a Mondo “documentary” on, I believe, Sweden. The song is the soundtrack while a large group of women head to a sauna where they eventually get topless. This was in the av club’s ( “Ask the AV Club” from last week. Good timing. PS the Mondo brand is responsible for those despicable “Faces of Death” videos. So not cute.

  85. FLOPPY PAWSES!!!!!!!!!!!
    *chases puppy*

  86. I just love seeing something so very, very happy.