Don’t give me this "Lunch is suhved, Sir" bullcrap.

I ordered a basketball and you know it.


Back to the freezer you go, Sabrina K.!



  1. He’s tapping his furry fingers on the ice, waiting impatiently for his basketball. Chop, chop!

  2. haughty is as haughty does…

    Seriously, that globe looks like it might be an ice sculpture?

  3. polar bears need activity, and i think this is a giant toy to play with. he’s all, inspectin’ it. sniff sniff sniff…


    Meg – you just killerate me.

    That is obviously a soccer ball – don’t you people get it! He wants a BASKETBALL!

  5. Dis fancy nouvelle cuisine, one mouthful and it’s gone.Bring me some proper grub.

  6. Tony James says:

    “Godsdammit, I hate it when you go to a swanky new bar and all you want is a good old-fashioned dirty martini, extra dry, and what they bring you comes in some frou-frou fancy-schmancy glass with half a tropical rain forest growing in it. Whose arm does a fella have to chew off to get a decent drink around here?”

  7. Oh lordy, Meg!




  8. He looks pretty happy to me!

  9. A Martini with *no Vermouth*, dammit! And I don’t want pasta, I want *spaghetti*!!!

    Tony James FTW!!!

  10. Haha, he’s just a little spoiled I guess…;-)

  11. Is that an enrichment toy for him or for the visitors? He looks rather pleased by the presentation.

    I think it was prepared by one of those ambitious “Who wants to be the Next Iron Chef” guys. Hey, I wouldn’t mind getting my sashimi on one of those. Even better if it had an ice shotglass of vodka.

  12. DUH to me Carrie! I sulk away, ashamed. Should have read the comments before commenting…

  13. tracyFlick says:

    Things look really pretty when they’re made out of ice, don’t they?

  14. It’s a Polar Bear Happy Meal! Food and a toy.

  15. hmm.
    so why do they call it a martini when its really just a shot o’ vodka in a fancy glass. (oh i guess you could add a lil vermouth but i’ve heard thats not really a martini)

    *Carrie dont yell at me *

    i like this picture, my fav animal to go watch at the zoo, so much fun!

  16. Dick Cheney says:

    Meg, you rock. So funny.

  17. dainty paws?

  18. oh. my. god. polar bear toesies. i want to put them in my mouf.

  19. He’s gonna need some Grey Poupon for his mid-morning sandwich – don’t forget!

  20. Oh man… that’s cold, dude.

  21. Mmm, how do I get some seafood salad served to moi in a big icy soccer ball? Guess I’ll have to move to the zoo…

    *stuffs delectable polie-bear ear in mouf*

  22. *sneef, sneef* ‘was this made with berry flavored water?’ *sneef sneef*

  23. The face is cute and all… but I was looking at the paws. Polar bear paws (and snowy owl talons, for that matter) have to be some of the cutest things in the world.

  24. yeah actually his paws/claws remind me of Gossamer.

  25. catloveschanel says:

    Yes, as a piano player, I love those paws. He’s the piano man, and he’s singing his song, in an ice blue bar and that thar’s his tip jar. People stay…. just a little bit longer….

  26. Mary (the first) says:

    er, Liz, a martini is gin or vodka with dry vermouth. Whoever told you that adding vermouth is “not really a martini” was mistaken. (and of course they should be shaken .. not stirred.) As for the bear, it looks to me as if he’s taking a delicate sniff of the posy presented in the ice vase thing. I don’t think he (or even she?) cares what kind of ball it is.

  27. Tricia Garrett says:

    Smart manicure!

  28. Tony James says:

    Mary – very true: a martini must include dry vermouth, and the amount of vermouth dictates how “dry” it is – very little vermouth = very dry. There are names given to various proportions: a Montgomery, for example, it 15 parts gin to 1 part vermouth (so called because Field Marshal Mongomery is said to have refused to go into battle unless he outnumbered the enemy 15:1).
    However, a martini should always be stirred, never shaken – shaking “bruises” the spirit, and if you’re drinking a premium botanical gin you can ruin the flavour.

  29. the bear’s all “sure beats a bottle of coke; no carmel coloring to eat through my stomach lining!”

    Mary1/Liz – I’ve heard that, furthermore, the low-to-no vermouth content of a martini is a purely american invention. get one in europe and it’s like 1/3 vermouth. so they say. whoever “they” are.

  30. OMG
    How DOES TonyJames know SO much!
    iz amazink.

  31. berthaslave says:

    We’ve got this all wrong, peeps. This is Ian McKellen on the set of “The Golden Compass” in his Iorek costume. He’s po’d because craft services got the order wrong (again) — it’s ALWAYS baskeballs on Thursdays!!! Can’t you hear him now?

    “I played Gandalf in the wilderness of New Zealand for two years and they always remembered basketball Thursdays! Don’t you people realize that I’m only pretending to be a bear? I’m only ACTING? I can tell the difference, you know. I learned the difference in balls back in my younger days at the Old Vic. Larry and John used to have lots of fights about appropriate ball days during rehearsals of ‘Othello.’ John said that one must never eat large ball meals on the weekend, but Larry would have none of it, he was so continental. What? I can ramble as long as I like. I’m SIR IAN McKELLAN. I will be in my dressing trailer until we can find a chef who appreciates the finer points of ball ice sculpting food presentation!”

  32. kar—
    Yeah, that’s an enrichment thing. Zoos often present food or snacks to their “guests” in a way that keeps them engaged, and exercises their brains. (My daughter was a docent for awhile at the Philly Zoo). It just breaks the boredom.

  33. WOW!!!!! I wished my food was presented to me that way!

  34. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    “oh. my. god. polar bear toesies. i want to put them in my mouf.”

    Well, estella, funny you should say that, ‘cuz right this second, Mr. P. Bear is saying ‘zactly the same thing about your toesies! Only I think maybe he thinks it means something different than what you think it means. Let’s just say, I’d stay away from any deep freezers for a while. Nom nom nom indeed.

  35. saintstryfe says:

    anner: not entirely – Winston Churchill said of Martinis that the best is pouring a glass of cold gin while looking a a bottle of vermouth, so some Europeans like theirs very dry too.

  36. berthaslave… OMG, funniest sketch!

    Ian McKellen whispering : *the words are already written down for you*

    What was the sketch for?

  37. Tony. Sweetie. Darling. No gin. Stoli for me.

    Followed by some nibbly bits, which the Bearon Von Polartique has already started on.

  38. berthaslave says:

    It was from Extras on HBO, Beth. Awesome show.

  39. It could have been worse – it could have been a cricket ball.

  40. Riggsveda, it’s not just for zoo’s. My vet’s trying to get me to put cat food in a plastic coke bottle with a few holes punched into it.

    My baby’s a lotta chubby so this way she’ll turn tv off the tv & work for her treats.

    Still think those things are for the human observers’ enjoyment as much as the animals.

    Seriously, do you really think he cares if it’s a soccer, basketball or sheep-shaped slipper?

  41. Berthaslave… yet another reason I wish I had HBO. If there was Extras + Ali G I suppose I would never leave the house though…

  42. berthaslave, I think that may be the funniest scene in the entire series. I about broke a rib when I saw it.

  43. darkshines says:

    Beautiful and majestic, my second fave animal after the giant squid. Gorgeous. 🙂

  44. In the zoo………nothing to do………except swim up..and down…….up and down……….what’s this. An ice soccer ball. With treats in it. It should make my SPIRIT feel better for about 5 minutes.
    Then…….swim up…….swim down.