Can’t wait for the movie

Glurps_2OMG, will you please check out the redonk baby Tamarin monkehs over at the Paignton Zoo. Their names are "Padme" and "Chewie"

[mini Chewbacca yell sound]

Let’s just hope these two have better dialog written for them.

More on this milk-glurping, tiny-handed, nibble-able tail story here from BBC.


Excellent cuteporting, Rachel W.!



  1. Just love those itty bitty little hands!

  2. Oh how sweeeeeeet!

  3. confused.brit says:


    I live not far from Paignton Zoo… I am soo going to have to visit these Bleenie bebbehs when I get home this weekend!

  4. “I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. Not like here. Here everything is soft and smooth.”

  5. Monchichi!:D

  6. Oh Wbirdie – now I’ve got that song in my head!

    Monchichi, Monchichi
    Oh so soft and cud-a-lee


  7. your not allowed to say f-word here no I am not talking dirty the number is followed by two.

  8. cute tail action on the right babeh

  9. SOOOOOOOOOO much darned cuteness packed into one tiny bite-sized critter!!!




  10. the fingers! aaaack!!! look at that curly tail towards the left! eeep!!! aack! eeep!!!

  11. They are so freakin’ WEE.

  12. 260Oakley says:

    OMG. Snack-size monkehs! Where’s the dipping sauce?

  13. Would these fit in the Pocket Pets category? Because it’s only a matter of time before one of the zoo caretakers sneaks one into their pocket to take home.

  14. You have finally found an animal that I don’t find cute- they are sort of creepy looking- like they aren’t real and will *poof* at the first light touch. I’d be terrified to try to snorgle these two. I’d let their Mommy snorgle them, until the get bigger, unless their Mommy is not available hence the milk feeding. Those fingers–I’d rather see Hamster fingers…but good luck little fellers…

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ok, OK, they’re cute.
    But not NEARLY AS CUTE AS MY GRANDSON BORN 1/16 AT 5:53 AM. Guess who got to be a labor support person & saw this most adorable baby be born!!! Guess who also got to hold him quietly last night and tell him how wonderful he is and how I will introduce him to the QTE when he can hold his teensy leetle head up and focus his eyes?
    Granma Barbara, aka Yitzysmommie. Pr’aps it’s time to change my login name to AdorableBabyGrandma.

  16. Congrats, Barbara!! Babies are teh QTE, also!

    These monkehs are totally redonk. So adorables!

  17. Alex(andria) says:

    I ever so wish I could have a bebeh monkey or ape….but then I couldn’t have my puppy babies, and I couldn’t live without them. I still don’t understand why primates and dogs have such a hard time getting along. These little tamarins are definitely snuggletastic!

  18. Barbara!! Congrats on the little baby boy-o!

    I think if I had one of these at my desk – my day would go a lot betterer.

  19. MandaBain says:

    So excited for you Granma Babs! I know you will be an awesome grandparent 🙂 Kiss his sweet smellin leetle hayd for us…

    And babeh tamarins, while still cute, do have odd little mouths that maybe detract just slightly from their qteness potential…but only slightly.
    Love the tailios. Though I woulda named them Leah and Luke (unless one of them turns out to be evil…)

  20. So sweet, they are so unbelievable tiny…

  21. Big Star Wars fan here, so this is very exciting. But I think “Yoda” might be a better name than “Padme”…

  22. So fuzzy wuzzy. So anerable.

  23. OMG.
    the fingers! the teeniest of tongues! want want want!

  24. You got an escape plan?
    Me neither.

  25. Grandma Barnara: Congrats on the new addition. Babies are the best!

    Katrina: The article says their Mother abandoned them on New year’s Eve which is why the zoo keepers are raising them. Poor babies.

    Just one more example of why I would love to work in a zoo (except I have severe allergies, bummer). I so love animals and I’d love to take these two cuties home with me. Although I might have trouble giving them back. Way too cute!

  26. Katrina, I partially agree with you. Though I find them qte, they do indeed look “like they aren’t real and will *poof* at the first light touch.” When I read your comment, that sentence was an “ah ha” moment for me. Until you said it, I couldn’t figure out exactly what I found so strange about them.

  27. Whoops, I meant Barbara of course. That’ll teach me to spell check.

  28. I want to kiss their fuzzy heads and play with their fiddlehead fern-like tails! Squee!

  29. Those lucky zookeepers get to take the babies home with them at night! I am totally jealous! They are such tiny leetle packets of anerableness!

    Congratulations Barbara! Any photos?

  30. The curly tails! The curliness…. the curliness! It’s too much!

    And I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed their tails look like ferns.

  31. Funny tailios! Think they wrap them around branches n’stuff and hang upside down?

  32. Mnaawww!! I live near there! *hatches plan to steal ickle bebbe monkeys*

  33. YitzyMommie and NewGramma (same person): HUGGLES!!! Congrats!

  34. Momof2kitties says:

    Hey Yitzysmommiie,
    Does brand new baby boy have a snorgle-able neck? There’s nothing I loved better than huffing the tender, wrinkly necks of my newborn babes. Smells soooo good! And does adorable baby boy-o have a name? ♥☺♥

  35. Momof2kitties says:

    Ummm, that should be “…mommie”.


    Too much wine last night.

  36. charliewabba says:

    Congratulations, CuteBabyGranma. Does Yitzy know?

  37. charliewabba says:

    oops I mean mazel tov.

  38. Pooteysmom says:

    OMG!! What wee little muzzles they have!!!

  39. berthaslave says:

    Congrats Barbara!!!! May your grandchild’s days be filled with qte!

    Chewie is a perfect name, but Padme? I mean, the bebbeh monkeh is cute, but she’s no Natalie Portman!

  40. When my husband came to see what I was “Awwwww”-ing about, he said “They could probably charge $500 and get it to let people hold them.” I love the little licorice-looking fingers and curlique tails!

  41. How WONDERFUL for you Yitzysmommy/Barbara!! Congrats and mazel tov!

  42. yay baby yitzymom!

  43. CheshireCat says:

    I agree with the other commenters who think these bebehs, though undeniably cute, do look rather strange. They look like they might be those leetle demon creatures that live behind your stove and only come out at night to cause monkeh-mishief. You guys know what I’m talking about, right? O_o

  44. Every time I scroll past this post – and you know I’ve been on here, like, 10 times since it went up, looking for more cute fixes – I read Meg’s line about the mini Chewbaca yell sound and laugh again. What did I do before I found this website????

  45. TIIIIIINY!!!

  46. My sister and I have had this “thing” for years now…anytime something is as small and cute as these monkehs, we think they should be made into earrings…You wouldn’t even need pierced ears…the tails could curl AROUND the ear…matching living monkeh earrings to play with hold pet and nibble on. There is a market for these…I’d buy them.

  47. possumpiratess says:

    Congratulations, Barbara!

    And congrats to Meg for using (one of?)the worst line(s) in movie history. It..broke my heart….how bad it was.

  48. possumpiratess says:

    oops. And I want one these babies for every pocket…

    *goes to buy pairs of cargo pants in every color*

  49. Hee… Star Wars names. 🙂

  50. Oooooooh! Teh BEEEBEEEZ!!! When I saw the first pic I thought it was a bat…lol. They’re majorly cute though. I vote for Luke and Leah.

  51. I think the tails are actually fiddlehead ferns…

  52. Ohh! Look at the wee little fingers…..the wee little heads…….and the wee little tail…..sweetie weeties!!!

  53. I have nothing against seeing bebbeh hoomans here, too, for those who have barne-barne, (Norwegian for grandchildren),
    congratulare to the Grammas and, wait a minute- do you realize that the zoo keepers will get no sleep whatsoever bringing home these cutie-patootie-feet, husnissen? (Who else knows what a husnisse is?) I wouldn’t sleep- ya can’t sleep in a bed with ’em, you;d squash em. Monkeys and racks- up all night in the Barco/Lazy with a snoring, wiggling, Tamarind monkey that is so rare that it is the hope of its species and if it dies cuz you squashed it? NOOOO, I brought two babies home many years ago, I require sleep at night from now on! Unless I have grands…., well, then sign me up for Tamarind Duty on a hugh scale. I’ll deal with it, even though they are still kinda-a- creepy looking, I’d be happy to sacrifice for something that important. I’ll just re-visit my sleeping all night in the Barco/Lazy- my young son didn’t sleep through the night until he was 7. And when he did we panicked and ran into his room- he was fine, we were wrecks!

  54. Yes, pied tamarins are prosh as babies… but they’re called “bald faced tamarins” for a reason. When they’re all growed up their heads look kind of shriveled and gross and old-mannish. EMPEROR tamarins, on the other hand, are prosh from the very instant they are born. It’s the kung-fu mustaches and the redonkulous tails. We had a pair of twins born at the SF Zoo in July and they were soooooo tiny, and had mini mustaches!

  55. Oh, those aren’t my photos by the way. I never had my camera when I was working Zoo Camp. These are Flickr’ed.

  56. tiny little cuteoverloadations !!!

  57. Tiny humahns!

  58. Mini monkey snacks! *Chomp*