This way to the rave, People

Check my blue hair and go-go boots, Baybee! [One ear flops from lack of hairspray]

[Pounding techno music in background]

CIMG1691, originally uploaded by LindseyNicole.

Nice Flicky find, Johanna S. 😉 I assume he is also wearing a pacifer and Dr. Seuss hat in other pics?



  1. Look what followed me home, Mom. Can I keep him. Pleeeeeese?

  2. misscrisp says:

    candy raver a-go go is teh cute!

  3. Techno Viking is pleased by Techno Lamb.

  4. fish eye no miko says:

    It’s Aang!

  5. Why he gots blue on him??

  6. Anne Boleyn says:

    I hope he has blue for the same reason our kittens each had a different color marked on its head: Their mom had to have surgery after they were born and each kitten had to be bottled fed and otherwise cared for every two hours. Since all four of them looked exactly alike, we color coded them so we’d know who had eaten, peed and pooped at each sitting, especially since we were pretty brain dead after the first couple of days. After that, mom came back and took over.

  7. I gots the blues.

  8. That hovertext is something to be sheepish about!

  9. Before the nuffs crawl out of the cracks, here is what’s posted on the next pic in the Flickr set:
    “The blue on this little one is because it is getting bottle feeding. As one out of a set of triplets, it needed some extra help. :o)”

    All nuffs may now proceed to the soup and pudding buffet to your right.

  10. When you have a lot of similar looking critters, and you need to give them all medicine, it’s easier to mark them as you go, so you can tell who is left.

  11. blue baa ewe

  12. Breeliante ovèrtèxte!

  13. Awww, I love little lambs…

  14. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    The system is down
    The system is down

  15. charliewabba says:

    I feel the need to steer the conversation away from the practical reasons for blue paint by pointing out the terribly sweet pinkness of the protruding ear.
    (gently cups one hand behind said ear while gesturing like Carol Merril with the other, then leaning in for a tiny nibble)

  16. Zat ees, ‘hovertext’ in Fraunch – oeuf course.

  17. I gots the blues.

  18. MandaBain says:

    I can just see Lambert here romping with extatic front and back kicks after this pic was taken…

    Taj – you bow to the Techno Viking too?! I joined his intimidated techno throngs a couple months ago!
    “Du bist klein in der hosen! You Krumbaschniedschie! (Translation: “You are small in the pants you german potato pancake!”)
    I am the ****ing Techno Viking! Let’s march!”


  19. i have officially been overloaded with cuteness.

  20. cw:
    And now Carol Merrill will uncover what is behind Door #3–your very own lambsydiveybluesydivey, with a retail value of approximately 12 pounds. Also included is a round fence for your backyard.
    [audience cheers wildly]

  21. That floppy ear is killer. Is he part bunny? I thought that they sprayed the lambs in a non-toxic paint when they inoculate them or something. That way they know who else needs it.

  22. [takes a hovertext baaaaaow]

  23. CheshireCat says:

    My white kitty has a blue stripe that starts between his ears and tapers down to his leetle nose; he also has a pink heart drawn on his left ear. Mehbeh that’s just the way God made him…or mehbeh I get carried away with my washable (non-toxic) markers *shifty eyes*.

  24. Awwwwe! That’s so cute!
    Ever since reading “Three Bags Full” I’ve wanted to keep a flock o’ fleecy sheep. This one can be my first.

  25. CheshirCat – uh-ohs. you are giving me ideas involving my cat who would look very much like a raccoon if only she had a mask and some rings around her tails…one thing’s for sure, you and me both is cruisin’ fer a nuffin’

  26. is he wearing one of those glow in the dark mouthpieces?

  27. he has a lil floppy ear cuz he has a gigantic dang TAG hangin from it!
    holy cow. ever heard of a collar or somethin?
    he is the cutest lil thingy, and he has a “where’s my mama” look on his face.
    he can come and live in my backyard and mow the grass for me in exchange for food and stuff.
    I’m really glad I dont like Lamb.(meat)

  28. CW & Kiragirl—too funny!

    Anerable little lambykins….Pinky ear, knobbular ankles!

  29. My hedgie came with a green painted spot on her back so her breeder could tell the difference between her and the other lookalike hedgies. Took a year to get the green paint off her back. Goat so too darn-gone CUTE! Best set of ears, hands down!

  30. Now eez za time on Sprockets ven vee DAHNCE!!!

    *sounds of Kraftwerk’s Electric Cafe” fills the barn

  31. This anerable lamb invites you to visit, and to make the compassionate decision to never eat lamb or buy or wear wool.

  32. berthaslave says:

    “Which way to the ‘Liquid Sky’ auditions?”

    And kudos to Teho once again for the ubertext!

  33. **Will Ferrell, Chris Kattan**
    What is love?
    Baby don’t hurt me
    Baby don’t hurt me
    Oh no
    What is love?
    **head bob, head bob, repeat**

    EAR! It goes “flippity.”

  34. i was hoping this bebeh a bit more of a music connaisseur. oh bebeh WHY techno music? WHY? how can such a cute thingy just have such a bad taste in music?

  35. stop it right now. I love him! I want to go to CBGB with him if it was still open.

  36. Jim Carrey too, Meow House!

  37. Cakespy — it is! …but they moved it to Vegas.

  38. OMG!! This is soo stinking cute!! I love this blog!

  39. sockmonster sarai says:

    “Why is he blue?”

    A friend of mine grew up on a sheep farm in Ireland (where they were raised for wool,not munching) and in lambing season, they’d collect all the lambykins, (it’s called mustering) and get them all of their vaccinations and trim the bootay wool to keep them from getting, er danglies when they poop, and flea dip ’em. They’d slap a bit of non-toxic paint on each little one after they’d gotten their shots to keep them from getting double dosed. It fades eventually, and doesn’t damage the wool.

  40. Hmmm.. Hearing my mother singing in my memory…
    Msres eat oats
    and does eat oats
    and little lambs eat ivies
    kids’ll eat ivies too
    wouldn’t you
    Repeat repeat.
    ; )

  41. CheshireCat says:

    Annie, my mum sang that to me too! I love how it sounds like gibberish when you actually sing it out loud.

  42. rofl @ the Megtext.

    *flips light switch on and off, on and off*

  43. jennie mello says:

    I think the “blue baa ewe” is a reference to the magnificent cinematic feat of cuteness called “Babe”, in which the secret password for Babe, given by his friend the sheep is, “Baa Ram Ewe, to your own self be true”. Ah, it’s funny how some of the finest moments in cinema (and the best advice in general)come from talking animals.

  44. When I went to Ireland, we drove past fields and fields of multi-colored sheep.

    Apparently, the ranchers put a different colored block of wax under the rams every week, and when they make baby sheep, it leaves a streak of color on the ewe.

    It helps the ranchers figure out who’s due to lamb when.

  45. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Meow House:

    I broke the window again!

  46. huh?



    no earworms!

    nyerhe! nyerhe! think “paint it black!” think “rawhide!” think anything to get the earworm out!


  47. My sophisticated big sis named her kitty “Mrowsidoats” and we all sang along… OHHHHHH, Mrowsidoats and Dosidoats and Liddlelamzy Divee….

  48. CheshireCat says:

    Akiddleativytoo…wouldn’t you?

  49. Ohhhhh, that floppy ear! Someone spray it back up before it kills me…


    [too late]


    Gillian, that’s hilarious.

  50. The warrior lamb dons his woad before repeling the Viking hoards.

  51. I’m dating myself but I assumed it had to do with the warbling ballads of 70’s icon Miss Ronstadt.

    “I’m going back some day,
    Come what may,
    to Bleu-baaaa-ewe.”

  52. *donk!*

    That’s the sound you should get whenever a lamblet raises one ear thusly.


  53. Jennie Mello — you’re halfway right. Was also referring to:

    (though I believe the Linda Ronstadt version, which Kar mentioned above, became more popular; she even sang it on the Muppet Show once)

  54. Livestock paint is used for a number of purposes, from inoculations and feedings to keeping lambs with their ewes. It can also be used to separate which sheep are going to be kept and which are going to be culled.

    The chests of rams are marked with paint or wax to identify which ewes were bred on which nights, to estimate lambing dates and see which ewes are not ‘catching’. However, this little guy is a bit too young to be bred, lol. He hasn’t even had his tail docked yet. Probably quite brand new.

    Anyone who has had their ears pierced knows how little ear tags actually hurt. There are many more useful places to fight animal cruelty than that.

  55. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:


    Collars with miniature bells on them would be cuter though.



    I think ‘Hockulence’ should be added to the dictionary of CUTE. To be used for animals wih overly-large hocks. Like this lambaroo!

  56. Wee little lambkin!!!

  57. I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this yet. I don’t have time to read through all the comments because I have limited Internet. I just started a semester abroad in Ireland two weeks ago and according to the locals the sheep are marked so owners can tell them apart when it comes to shearing time. I’m sure some of the other posters had more/different information but that’s the primary reason I heard! Every sheep I’ve seen in every field has been either red, blue, or purple, and the markings are different depending on the owner, I guess.

  58. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:

    Yup. My friend’s aunt’s sheep farm’s marking is an electric blue star.

    It’s actually pretty spiffy!