The Schnozzle Patrol

Um, there is MORE than enough schnozzle to go around in this vid. Question: Could you have MORE Schnozzle in this video?

The answer is none. None more schnozzle, Lynette. None!



  1. OMG! They are SO damn cute. I want one each too. :o)

  2. Badgers?!


    Mushroom! (sorry)

  3. OMG, is that a BADGER BADGER!? Wait, OMG, And OTTER OTTER!!??


    Who just happens to have an otter and a badger at their disposal?

    This is amazing.

  5. Kate, I agree. What sort of person gets to cavort with BOTH an otter and a badger? It’s not fair. She’s got two and I don’t even have one.

  6. I’m guessing they’re babies too? I agree with earlier posters, who has a otter and a badger at the same time? random, but adorable!

  7. This is interspecies snorgling. This is your interspecies snorgling on drugs.

    Really? An otter and a badger just happen to be playing with each other and making adorable little romping noises?

  8. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    I think Meg needs to add a new category: Unfair. As in, it is sooo unfair that someone gets to have a badger AND an otter, and that someone is not me. If they also had a hedgehog, I would have had a tantrum.

  9. Badgers? We aint got no badgers! I don’t have to show you ant STEENKING BADGERS!

  10. michellemybelle says:

    As if the badger on its own wasn’t enough to kill me dead, there’s an otter too? That makes noises? And the babehs are friends? Geesh.

  11. SO unfair, and SO interspecies snorgling.

  12. I second the “Unfair” category! I’m about to have a screaming tantrum 😦 How long do you think we should badger Meg until she makes that new category? A few days otter do it, right?



    Very cute.

  14. “What sort of person gets to cavort with BOTH an otter and a badger? It’s not fair.”


  15. *ahem* how does one go about getting their very own badger? I could be a very good badger mommy. Really. *blink* *blink*

    Oh, and if he had a little otter friend? Even better. Lots of creeks around here to play in!

    I agree – if there had been a hedgie too, I don’t think I could recover from this. As it is, I had to break out the smelling salts.

  16. OMGZZ!!!!!!111!!!

    I want one. Well, I want two.

    Puhhleeeze! I love the ottery noises the behbeh otter makes when he’s climbing on his badger bud’s back. SO CUTE!

  17. Absolutely adorable badger-otter!

  18. I guess we know that otters weren’t trying to take over the world after all… they were just trying to be BFF’s with bebe badgers!

  19. I want the compleat bebeh Wind in the Willows set, tooo ooooo.

  20. It’s like The Wind in the Willows leapt right off the page and into reality! Where are Mole and the Water Rat?! Darn those lucky English and their pastoral cuteness!!

  21. lurkingsmirk says:

    now that’s the stuff kid’s books are made of! “Otter and Badger are Friends.”

  22. CheshireCat says:

    I can no longer look at delightful, schnozzletastic badgers without that infernal Badger earworm playing over,and over in my head! But that anerable squeak conversation between the badger and otter was definitely worth it.

  23. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Which one has the hiccups?

  24. Being chased by an angry badger up a hawthorn tree counts as one of the most terrifying and painful experiences of my life. That said…
    AWWWW! Look at the ‘iddle badger! So CUTE! Ooohhh, I want to kiss it’s nose like a bunny! And and otter! ^_^ EEEE! They’re so adorable on their own, but deadly cute together.

  25. An otter and a badger? I can’t handle it….*brain explodes from the fuzzy schnozzles* Who just has both of those? Want.

  26. I was able to handle it, really I was until the noise! that badger is a visitor from some cuttlebuns planet.

  27. Otter + Badger = Unbearably Cute.

    Is the badger’s name Toph? Because it should be.

  28. and if they get really friendly they could have a lil Ottage-a-ter. or a boggatter …
    or somethin like that.
    the lil baby badger kills , totally.

  29. o/~ badgers, badgers, badgers, … o/~

  30. Could there be more Schnoz? I say Yes! I dont think CO has done an anteater bebe yet, so thatd have been the pièce de résistance.
    I know someone out there has one so lets just get all of the them together and suffer the world to explode from this ultimate snorgle.

  31. It actually sounds like they’re laughing !

  32. sadtomato says:

    Call me greedy but, I for one, could use more schnozzle.

  33. Oh. my god.


  34. compy-saur says:

    I loved the blunt shnouts, ‘speshly the ottings’ shnout. Oh oh, but the badget hads a cute shnout, too! *visual overload*

  35. At the beginning I was like AWHS Cute Baby Badgie!! But then the babeh otter showed up and I was like NUH-UHN! NO WAY!! TOO MUCH CUTE AND NONE FOR MEH!

    Definitely unfair! ^_^

  36. Is that a baby badger wrestling a baby otter? Holy cuteness!

  37. silverelanor says:

    It’s like visiting Salamandastron…

  38. Badgers and odders are my favorite things!

  39. agouti_kappa says:

    otter+badger+coati+armadillo would be sufficient shozzliciousness for me…with a napolean mastiff watching over the whole quartet! But now I’m talking sci-fi aint I?

  40. That is Weapons-Grade Cute!

    *melts from the rainbow-colored radiation*


  41. All we need now is some mice and a few moles and we can recreate the redwall books!

  42. Eagleheart says:

    Badger? Otter?


    *geeks out*

  43. So I have to go watch the badger mushroom snake video now. Thanks a lot…

  44. rachel cullen says:

    SERIOUSLY? is that seriously a badger-otter love fest? i can die happy now! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK THATWASSOCUTE EEEEKKK 😀 😀 😀

  45. asdflkjasd;gljfdgjAAAAAAAAAAA

    i think i just died and went to Mustelid Heaven. <3 <3 <3

    (my other screen name is lutraphile. i like otters XD)

    Any James Herriot fans out there? Remember Callum and his badger? I was always SO JEALOUS. I know wild badgers can be vicious, but I wonder how hard it is to socialize one… hmmm….

  46. oh, and Eagleheart? YES.

    … they’re dibbuns! 😀

  47. ::Gasp::: I did not just see that…::: Shakes head::: Really it couldn’t have happened..

    IT is too cute.

  48. I actually saw this video aaages ago… when I saw it, my CO senses were tinglingks but I didn’t submit it. Stupid me.

    Also, sweet brian regan reference!!

  49. DUDE! Just…dude.


  50. berthaslave says:

    There’s a few “ehn”‘s in here too, for the record.

    And yes, “Unfair” is a good category, though I hope it is used sparingly if officially adopted as a tag.

    By the way, Meg, excellent Nigel Tufnel reference.

  51. *splode*



  52. This is pan-mustelid insanity. Once the World of Weasels cements its internal alliances, WE ARE TOAST.

  53. bananasforbunnies says:

    What, what….
    not only Baby Badger and Baby Otter but she says “stay together” and they do…..
    I’m deed!

  54. I think you broke my cuteometer.

  55. michellemybelle says:

    For those peeps wanting to read a great story about badgers, I recommend “Cold Moons” by Aeron Clement (It took me a while to remember the name – I read it a long time ago). It’s similar to Watership Down but about badgers, and has beautiful illustrations.

  56. badger and dachshund, best of friends – now that there would be like the peace in the middle east, fer yerhe

  57. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Yay badgère! Yay ottère!

    May floofball mustelid power conquer the world 🙂


  59. RE: The Sounds. Ferrets are in the same family as these guys and make very similar sounds. I get to hear this stuff every day. The cutest, though, is when my baby, the 7 month old 3+ lb beasite baby, makes noise in his sleep, it sounds like that. I bet I squee in my sleep.

  60. came here for the “Mushroom!” reference.

    left happy 🙂

  61. Evangeline's Staff in WI says:

    You couldn’t possibly know what the combination of THOSE behbehs is to us – but oh YEAH, what they all said. I am SO lovin’ this!!

  62. @Alex B:


    Ohh! snake! It’s a Snake….

  63. For what it’s worth,

    We don’t need no steenking badgers.

    If we can’t have the one, we’ll take the otter.

    Ok, sorry. Seriously, WHO THE HECK IS SQUEAKING! They’re so intermingled I can’t tell who’s bleating all lamb-like.

    Is it me or is someone sniffing around for a jam sandwich?

  64. the schnozzle factor definitely goes to 11 on this one.

  65. How Otterly divine.

  66. That’s so cute, I actually want to die.

    Throw a hedgehog in the mix, and I would simply cease to be.

    Fantastic stuff.

  67. Yeah, my Redwall fantasy here is missing a couple jovial hares.

  68. DeciduousFroot says:

    Yes please, we can has Mole and Ratty now? For to havings the Wind an Willows? These NEEDS the Moley, an perhaps the Toad. Then they bees completes. Bebbes Wind and Willows!

  69. Dude-o-rama says:

    @ Alex B: CURSE YOU! Now I’m forced to watch it again T_T

  70. Alice Shortcake says:

    I have to confess that were this not a family site I would have expected to see some hot otter-on-badger action…

  71. Presumably it’s filmed at a wildlife rescue or someplace – there’s no way that (legally) you could have a badger as a pet in the UK. Cute, but vicious!

  72. OK, first of all, all you other Redwallers beat me to it. Definitely a Salamandastron moment.

    Second, did anyone else picture the honeybadger from “The Gods Must Be Crazy 2”? Greatest chase scene in cinematic history. “I thought you were tired.”

  73. It’s Mossflower! I’m sure there are hares there too, you just can’t see them (sneaky buggers, what!)

  74. They get along very well! Sooo adorable…

  75. Lone: Anteater? CO has it covered, of course.

  76. new category – deadly cute.

  77. Wouldn’t you know these redonkulous bebehs are in teeny tiny Engerland. Where else?

  78. eeeeeeep!!!!!! too cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute! *splodes*

  79. I like “deadly cute.”

    Afraid with these guys, if Mr. Toad or Ratty were around, he’d be gobbled up, little spectacles, tiny breeches and all.

  80. charliewabba says:





    i might as well just go home now and go back to bed.

  81. charliewabba says:

    I mean, relly – the excess of schnozzle is the LEAST of it.

  82. Adorableness beyond all legal limits!

  83. Badger this? says:

    An f’n badger? Wow…

  84. babee otter is all like “she tol us to STAY together [pushes down on babbee badger] so STAY dang it” [push push push]!
    “oh heck with it! lets go play”

    and then she picks them both up! GAHHH! I’m bordering on hating/wanting to stalk or just thievery.
    not fair that one should have SO much while others have so very little in the way of wild babbee animals.

  85. Xtineebee says:

    OMG!! It’s all badgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadgerbadger!, then we also get otterotterotterotterotterotter!

    Whee! Will now spend rest of workday chanting badgerotterbadgerotterbadgerotter to m’self.


  86. Meg, many people have requested, and I do think they are correct, we need an ‘Unfair” section. Why should that lady be so blessed with all that cute all at once! NOT FAIR!!! I want a baby otter and badger, too. (makes pouty face and stomps feet.)

  87. AAA-hem! Do baby otters and badgers eat cheeze?

  88. This video goes to eleven.

  89. Badger + otter = two heroic lil’ dibbun heroes out of some Redwall book that are off to kick some serious vermin booty with those cute lil’ “beep beep” noises …

    Just throw a baby hedge in there and you’ll have your classic dibbun trio, wot!

  90. Hello? Interspecies Snorgling???

  91. Melinda is totally right. [holds up picket sign for “NOT FAIR” category]
    I’m not leaving here til we get one.

  92. shandrewsca says:

    Baby badgers is all, “get off mah back”, and baby otter is all, “you WILL love me!”

  93. Furbabies says:

    Love the “UHF” reference and the Badger/mushroom/snake one too! Those were the first things floating thru my mind
    after seeing this vid. Such sweet babies. Want, NOW.

  94. Callum and his badger! Yes! Thank you, whoeverwrotethat, for the James Herriot reminder…now you make me want to go home and curl up with some nice country vet stories and a hot cup o’ cocoa. Is it quitting time yet?

  95. For those that have no idea what the badgerbadgerbadger, mushroom mushroom, and snake references are all about…one of the internet’s first randomly famous videos:

  96. Wind in the Willows! W00T!

  97. the weird squeaking is freaking me out!!!!!!!

  98. Fuzzy little snouts with the interspecies snorgling. I think I can die now.


  99. Hmm, maybe I should get a badger myself though I am not sure my dachsund Sassy would approve.

  100. This is part of the YouTube description of the video:
    The otter cub in the video was an orphan that was placed in a group of badger orphans whilst being hand reared. Once the hand rearing had been finished, the group were split up so that the badgers could learn how to do badger things, and the otter could learn how to do otter things!

    First, I must start using “whilst” more often. Second, what do you thing “badger and otter things” are?

  101. Awww… It’s like Redwall!
    *Wantsa pet ’em*

  102. Go Badgers!!! Go Wisconsin!!!

  103. I don’t know what otter things are, but I believe badger things include being poked with spoons.

  104. Pleeze, pleeze, we neeeeed a video (WITH sound) of these bebehs sleeping together! Can you imagine the li’l squeaky snores and wheezes? It’d float me away on a floofy cloud of qte!

  105. Arachnophile says:

    LOL – you wouldn’t try this with a N.A. badger…

    “This is pan-mustelid insanity. Once the World of Weasels cements its internal alliances, WE ARE TOAST.” TOO FUNNY Autumn!

  106. Ok, I always wondered about the badger/mushroom thing, thanks for the link, MH. That’s just gratuitously silly. I henceforth revert to poking badgers with spoons.

  107. Electricia says:

    Not only is the cuteness qua cuteness nearly TOO MUCH to handle, my husband and I are known among some of our friends as the badger (him) and the otter (me). One of our friends even drew a picture for our wedding a few months ago of a badger and an otter getting married. (It’s online here!

    Needless to say, this just about keeeeeeeeled us. Keeled us ded.

  108. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Is there a doctor in the house??? I may just pass-out from this XCO (Xtreme Cute Overload!!!). Smelling salts!! Anyone???

  109. I always heard that badgers were mean, I never knew how unbeleefably cute they are! The squeaking killlled me. Badger and otter BFF = overload of the qte

  110. charliewabba says:

    @Rebecca – I’m not sure, but I think otter things are sort of evil, and involve belly dancing.

  111. I wonder if Badger-ish and Otter-ese are closely related romance languages like Spanish and Portugese…It seems as tho language is no barrier for their love! MWWAAAH!

  112. Jennie Mello says:

    One warm, spring afternoon, Badger went out for a walk. It was spring, and all the earth was aglow with new life. Badger was feeling especially happy, and he sang his happy little song as he wandered along. Then he met his good friend, Otter.
    “Hullo, Otter. How are you this fine day?”
    “Very well, thank you, my dear Badg. Shall we go for a romp?” replied Otter.
    Then the two friends proceeded to romp around until they were quite spent.

  113. Is it just me or is that otter looking to be more than just “friends”?

  114. Awww, bebeh badgie and otter! Squeee!

  115. was the brown one trying to bone the not-brown one?

  116. Hmmm. Very cute. Baby badger. Oh wait, what’s this? Baby otter. Badger and otter. Playing together. Squeaking. What was the name of this site again? Cute something. Oh, that’s right. Cute OVERLOAD. Oh yeah.


  117. This is one happy thread. All the nuffs must have a holiday around this time of year. 😉

  118. Triptaphane says:

    I love how the otter’s all “PIGGY BAAACK! Come on. Piggy back. Lezzgo.”

    Nearly crushes the badger’s poor spine, too. XD

  119. SarahMonster says:

    Someone needs to make this into a children’s book.

  120. Mary (the first) says:

    I also thought the one was tryign to be be friends “with benefits” with the other one for a second until I realized they are just babehs playing king-of-the-hill or something. whew.

  121. Too Many Maureens says:


    The first thing I thought of was, “This schozzle goes to eleven…”

    And then I had to see how many others had the same thought! WHEE!

  122. Catsquatch says:

    Ok, I see a new catagory.

    “Interspecies Baby Siblings Playing”

    Badgers and otters dont normally hang together, if ya know what I mean.

    This is just too cool.

  123. Sammeh!!!! says:

    OMFG!!!!!! That just SO made my day!!!!!! I sporkin LOOOOOVE otters!!! And now i lorve badgers!!!