I need a good pick-up line

FIrst of all, could this little pup-and-vest-with-handle combo be any cuter? [answer: Nyerhe!]

Second, the notion of a pet with a handle is so—so portabuhls. Someone pick him up!


It’s also a LIFE VEST for added protectshe, during flooding season, right Robin H.?



  1. So cute….maybe he’s a lifeguard?

  2. Luv the winkin wit one eye akshun… sooooo coy..

  3. Awww! He looks just like those puppy shaped handbags that are so popular now… Except he’s REAL!

  4. CheshireCat says:

    Instead of putting your puppeh in a purse, let your puppeh BE a purse. What an idea; I wonder if he’ll hold your keys in his mouf.

  5. It’s a PuPurse, of course. Grab one and go!

    Try our PuPoose Pak, too!

  6. Contrats on the not seccund spot, Gail!

  7. “aww…dog’s run off with the keys again…”

  8. Martin-san says:

    Is a portable LapPup!

  9. Doctor! Doctor! I’m seeing Spot…

  10. I want to see him swimming!

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease can we see him swimming?

  11. oh yay! doggie life vests are the bestest! so prosh 🙂

    …and just in case anyone wonders what purpose teh handle serves, it’s in case the puppeh falls into the water, you can just pick heem up and put heem back in teh boat, or on the dock, or if he’s leetle enuf, into your pocket 🙂

  12. It’s a PortaPup!

  13. @Luna–thanks!! Was so shocked to be not-second!!

  14. *picks pup up and runs off* MINE!

  15. berthaslave says:

    Odd color choice for that dog…he looks more like a fall.

  16. circuscake says:

    his eyes seems to be saying ‘think you can handle me?’

    get it?! handle?!

    (rolling on floor laughing at my own cleverness)

  17. lurkingsmirk says:

    bwahah circuscake.

    pup looks like he’s wondering why he’s not being held right at this moment.

  18. The only purse-pose this pup has in life is to wait right there for me to run over and clutch him in my arms.

  19. ok ya. picks up pup and… is MINE!.
    [puts under arm and runs away in quickie zig zag motions.]
    BUT. this puppeh looks frickin miserables.
    is this is Golly Gear pimp or what ???
    why not show the puppage flailing about in the water?? B-Cuz he wont like it at all!- that’s why! so pleeze join me peeps in savin this lil babe for future more luvins pics.
    iz cute. but sad.
    hmmm. Theo?? is sad face no???

  20. dang, cant do lil hearts on lap top.
    me so bummed.

  21. teahouses says:

    MEH! ’tis a PORTA-PUPPY

    *dies from cuteness*

  22. gee , i guess when you’re on the west coast y’re pretty much talking to yr’self after 7:15.
    now I know how this pup feelz…. poor poor piti-ful me.

  23. perhaps they make these for small children as well? seems like it could be very useful for lots of reasons, even beyond just being cute, like saving them from a speeding vehicle or falling out of a window or….who knows what. Well, drowning, duh. IF this were my pupurse I’d be carrying him around EVERYWHERE!

    And Berthaslave:
    I agree.I have a black dog who does look good in cools, but this dog, not so much.

  24. liz – I’m in Los Angeles; it sometimes seems that way – just keep on talking: the conversation will be picked up the next day; or some nightowl will step in – or someone else…you have to realize that CO is in the process of taking over the world.

  25. thanks Aubrey-
    geez. I know Theos sawin logs by now! (i hope)
    and Berthaslave , You and Alex need simmer down now!
    season colors for lil pups!??? this one looks adorables! (but still misarables)
    what up ??? DUDES.

  26. hmm. sorry Alex.
    i cant ASS ume you’re a dude.
    bad call for me

  27. berthaslave says:

    You caught me, Liz. I know nuffin ’bout colors.

    But I sure as heck know a Warren Zevon reference when I see one.

    So long,

  28. lawls! he looks all “do i hafta??” prosh =D

  29. Take-away Puppucino! 🙂

  30. bananasforbunnies says:

    A life preserver with reflector stripes, he needs a little sailor hat…awwwww

  31. Nuh-uh liz, I got ‘im first. 😛

  32. Pickupapup with every purchase.

  33. Yay for my pup being on the internets! I wish I had a pic of him swimming for you Loris, but he’s decided that the water looks much prettier from the boat

  34. Alex(andria) says:

    Haha, you’re correct Liz. I’m not a dude, but that’s ok. I have friends who’ve “gotten in trouble” for hanging out with me late at night until their significant others realize I’m a girl.

    *assumes the role of British fashion expert, accent and all*
    If you want your dog to be fashionable, as obviously this person did (otherwise she would have just chosen the standard flourescent orange), you should always consider your dogs complexion (or would it be furplexion?) when deciding on a color. It could really make or break the outfit, you know.

    Haha. I think that was too much.

  35. I have seen a few of these prosh pups on the subway. Very cute and stylishly attired for pups on the go!

    I agree with Alex, little kids should have handles, too.

  36. oh.
    i so get it
    “It’s also a LIFE VEST for added protectshe, during flooding season, right Robin H.?”
    like, raining cats and dogs?
    no, ok.
    that thought just sprang to mind..

    hee hee hee heeeeeeee haa!
    just imagined a little kid with handeles,alex.. 🙂

  37. We have this exact same life jacket for our black teacup poodle! He looks just like that in his!! He isn’t a huge fan, but everyone at the lake sure thinks he’s cute 🙂 At least he’ll be okay if he decides to jump in the water, and he’ll be in-style too!

  38. Okay, you all can roll your eyes at me for not knowing, but what exactly is the pronunciation of “nyerhe”? I’ve never been quite sure.

    And while I’m at it, can someone explain “bleen”? I get that it means you were the first to comment, but how did that come about as opposed to just saying “first”?

    Thanks everyone!

  39. Trying to explain “bleen” is like trying to put lipstick on a thundercloud… but “nyerhe” is easy. You just say “no” with your whole face squinched up really hard.

  40. I don’t know about this one Mummy……I’ll pose for you…………..just don’t expect me to wear it when you take me out!!