Kitty Monkey Dog Bear???

WHAT IN THE!?! For crying out loud, what in the ever-living cross-breeding world is GOING ON HERE!?

kitty monkey dog bear, originally uploaded by Qathi.

WHAT IN THE? Seriously, what is going on?

kitty monkey dog bear, originally uploaded by Qathi.




  1. Tres CUTE!

  2. Kittes-n-bubbles says:

    so WHAT is it really? My guess is a puppy

  3. its a pommie with a cutie hair cut!
    my sugarbear looks just like that today!
    after she got her hair cut yesterday.
    how adorable!

  4. The Jim Henson Company does it again!

  5. OMG what an adorable dog!! Can you imagine how soft that hair must be??? I’m in imaginary snorgle heaven right now.

  6. I don’t know WHAT it is, but I do know I want one!!

    Looks very snuggly.

  7. WANT.

  8. THIS is what President Bush was talking about at his last State of the Union speech– horrific monstrosities spliced from the genes of multiple donors!

    The power of evil, harnessed in the pursuit of absolute cute! It’s sickening!

  9. OH Muh Gawd… so cute, so fluffy looking. Must have one..neow..

  10. man bear pig! man bear pig! where’s al gore??

  11. charliewabba says:

    He looks like an ewok!

  12. OMG! Daaarling! So poofy and soft looking. Wanty!

  13. oooo I wonder if that puppy is a Schkipperkee??

  14. Christina says:

    I believe that is a bebeh Schipperke. I had a Schipperke and the DO look like little bears when they’re little.

  15. I want it!! whatever it is!!

  16. PurrGirl25 says:

    Extra fluffy with a dollop of prosh on top! I love it!! Adorable and redonk (adonkulous?!!1)

    Many kisses and a big snorgle!

  17. @mel – LOL, that’s exactly what I was thinking!!!

  18. Carrie – splains it all! Not a schkipperke at all!

    “saw this critter through the window at work and had to go see what it was – I was a little confused by it’s arms, they look like kitty arms, and its head looked like a monkey, a fluffy monkey bear. It turns out it’s a dog, a pug nosed pomeranian, with a haircut. CUTE, and a softy.”

  19. MandaBain says:

    Um, Fang? Most mixed breeds come about in the old fashioned way. Dogs in general aren’t that discriminating of breed when they get the urge…
    Maybe this sweet puppy-cub was a happy accident, like so many of the awesome dogs in shelters these days.


  20. What the…???

    Oh dear, I want.
    *grabby hands

  21. Suzy's Mom says:

    Um, MandaBain? Can’t you read the sarcasm in Fang’s comment? It’s a joke. Lighten up and enjoy the cute! 😉

  22. Whatever it is, I WANT!

  23. Kittes-n-bubbles says:

    lol Fang i agree.. horrible atrocities…just AWFUL… and evil…and fluffy and fuzzy and snuggly and poofy and cuddly and adorable….

  24. YES! It is a pom — I have a black one too, and we call her a MonkeyPuppyKittyBear! Look at her when she was wee:

    Definitely soft. Definitely snorglable!

  25. Kitty monkey dog bear wolf Wookie Ewok Mogwai – oh dear Zeus it’s adorable 😀

  26. I don’t like dogs at all. But holy cow of all animals, that is the cutest puppeh i’ve ever seen!! It really does looks like a kitten/gorilla/bear/puppeh.I want one. 😀

  27. I see the cat, dog, bear. But what part’s the monkey?

  28. Kittes-n-bubbles says:

    OH Gina what a cutie! I love the bath pic!!

  29. OH MY GOD GINA please do not send people to areas of the internet containing WMD levels of cuteness. My brain is running out of my ears now.
    Also, this dog here is so cute I just want him to GET IN MY BELLEH!

  30. Alice and Kittes-n-bubbles — you should see her antics — she’s as funny, personality-wise, as she is fluffy.

  31. not sure it is a pomeranian look at the size of those paws.. my pom had nore delicate feet of course lots has changed in the breed over the last 30 years.

  32. Oh My God. I can’t stop looking. In the first picture, the puppy doesn’t even look real! It’s out of my live cuddly toy dream. And in the second, it seems to smile, as though it KNOWS how many people it’s stunned with its cuteness… “I knows how cute I is…”


  33. gahhh. i Tol’ you it was a pommie post-its ago.
    you guys never listen to me.

  34. I gotta get me one of those!

  35. Look at the front paws! And the back paws, crossed! And the ears, and the eyes, and the little muzzle, and the fur… I think this should come back as best of 2008 — and yes, I know it’s only January…

  36. Gina … India is beautiful.. I love pom’s.. Perfect little puffs of fluff that is what they are.

  37. Momof2kitties says:

    OK, Gina. That shoulda come with a warning. I mean, puhleeze! Such extreme levels of cuteness can only be tolerated by the strongest of souls among us. And sadly, I am not one of them. I am now ded from teh qte.


    Oh, and the kitty/bear/ puppy thing is cute, too, but India takes the cake.

  38. MandaBain, while I am all for adopting pets from shelters, and I think it is a wonderful thing to do, it is important that people know that RESPONSIBLE breeders are also a wonderful source for pets. Responsible breeders are committed to the betterment of the breed, meaning that they breed to avoid health defects, and make purebred dogs the best that they can be. Responsible breeders are also extremely concerned about the homes that their animals go to, and most require contracts that ensure that the animal will be well kept. People should be warned NOT, however, to buy from pet stores, as these pets come from pet mills with very low standards for breeding and animal care.

  39. I don’t know, but I think I want one.

  40. Joe Beese says:

    Face the Thing That Should Not Be! (That Cute!)

  41. Oh, how prosh! I want one!!!

  42. Gina–It’s good to know about Poms not setting off your allergies! Might be a good possible pet for my allergic niece. And so kyooooooot. (Liz, I heard you!)

  43. that’s a BEHBEH CHOW dog!

  44. Holy monkey! Look at the *points*! And that *points elsewhere*! And those *meeps*!!

  45. Okay…come on now…who put the puppeh in the dryer? Hope they used a dryer sheet to avoid static cling!

  46. So what is it? A puppy bear? Whatever it is, he/she is cute!

  47. Need to snorgle *eyetwitch* So fluffy!

  48. mel, I almost just spit water across the room. LOL!

  49. In second pic pup is all “Yeah, I know it.” Lulz.

  50. i can’t believe that that’s a pom. it’s paws are wayyy too big.

  51. Awww, liz, Sugarbear is precious! The pic of her smooching the other sable pom is too cute!

  52. hey practical – 4 pets for (in) 1 !! how cute is that lil pomlet

  53. Thank you!
    that’s SB’s BFF Sophie.
    its a ‘sister’ kinda love. 😉
    I wish i had her baby pic to show you, she looked like a tiny lil round wolf!

  54. I hope that the woman holding the monkey-cat-dog-ewok-fuzzball chunk of extreme cuteness has personal protection skills. Walking around with a thing that cute is bound to get her attacked and robbed. It’s so cute it’s WRONG.She needs to learn some martial arts, like tomorrow…(gestures like Bruce Lee…I’m coming for your pet…my Kung Fu is bettah than yours.)

  55. (I should have used an emoticon to show I was being silly. I meant that some mad scientist had spliced monkey-bear-kitty-puppy-ewok genes to result in this cute monstrosity. Cutestrosity?)

  56. It looks like a schipperke, my sister had one. She was the happpiest, confident and darling dog we’ve ever had. We’d had her for 2 years before my sister had a baby. Now you know how most dogs get all jealous and insecure with a new baby? Our Gerta acted like we had brought her a new toy and she was overjoyed with our generosity.

  57. It looks like it requires 4 AA batteries in order to move. Is there a switch that you can turn on to make it go “arf, arf, arf?”

  58. what the-? good lord! i am stunned by cuteness confusion! just give him to me so i can snorgle, STAT!!!

  59. He makes me want to do a “baroo?” when I look at him.

  60. That is the cutest Pom I have EVER seen. So snuggleable. Bring on the tummy foofs!

  61. A thousand apologies, upon further adorableness inspection, I have decided it is indeed a Chow Puppy, or some such.

    It needs to go into my room, and sit on *my* lap and be baby talked to until it falls asleep from boredom. Won’t take long.

  62. yes what ever it is its tooooooooooooo freaking cute
    I if its to cute to detrmine what it is its an New Rule Meg

  63. MandaBain says:

    Cool. Sorry Fang…usually I pick up on sarcasm better than that ;-p

    I know there are responsible breeders out there…I just get sad when I go to shelters and see all the lonely critters & wish I could take them home with me (my hubs & I live in a tiny apt & work 8-10hrs a day). That’s why I come here!

  64. MandaBain, I hope good things will come to you

  65. I like what the late Cleveland Amory used to say:

    If your heart tells you to get a purebred, then get one from a reputable breeder. Then go to the local pound and find a mutt companion. Share the love.

  66. i’m gonna go with…samoyed puppy that’s just really really dirty. but not dirty enough to deter me from snorgling it.

  67. What a wuffle bump snockle snorg bitty bitty baby pie!

  68. It looks like someone’s crossed a bunch of DNA to create the perfect cuddle. I, personally, stand fully behind this research.

  69. Does anyone else think he looks really big to be a Pom?

  70. You brought that on yourself, Chucky. LOL

  71. @Peep: I tewtelly agree. That woman is just asking for a kidnapping to happen.

    My god! I cannot stop staring at the overwhelming cutitude. I’m a cat person, but if I came across such a critter and was garanteed it looked like that all the time, I’d need to get me such a critter. The cuteness, it hwurts!

  72. gee Chucky- ya need someone to hold back your hair for that???

  73. thats the cutest thing i have ever seen i want one

  74. I wonder why Mr Winkle hasn’t been on C.O.?

    after all, he is the cutest dog in the universe!

  75. Lucy's mommeh says:

    as far as hypoallergenic pups-my friend Lisa REALLY wanted pets,but was terribly allergic.
    She’s now the proud momma of 2 miniature schnauzers-and isn’t dying because she can’t breathe…

  76. whatever it is I want 10 of them ALL FOR MEEES

  77. Mr. Winkle scares me.

    But this fella?

  78. I WANT EET!!! Sorry for shouting, but I couldn’t contain myself. I must rub my face on his fluffiness!

  79. WOlverine Librarian says:

    I vote for Chow puppy or a mix

  80. That’s definitely a Chow pupster. I’ve seen one shaved except for the face — quite a strange sight. Let’s just make a new species: Ewok Chow Bear.

  81. Yeah, I’m forced to agree with you, Sir Snufflytums must be a Chow. His feet are too big for a Schipperke too.

  82. But, but . . . his nosicle is too pointy for a chow chow pup. I think he’s a skipper pup. Definitely too big for a pompom. Maybe a schiperchow?

  83. He looks big for a pom, cuz the lady holding him is is TINY, wee little woman. I assure you he was pom sized. He was so freakin’ adorable, I RAN outside to take pictures of him.

  84. i repeat
    you people just nev’a listen to me.
    POM! POM! POM!
    like, DUH!
    Qathi splains it all peeps.

  85. THEO! say somethin for cripes sake.
    Meg really know’s how to start a comment-trovery doesnt she.
    now then. SHE is the poo.
    No doubt about it.
    Meg. I bow to your regal-ness. You Rock.
    Please proceed.


  87. …something?

  88. bah ha ha!


  89. I don’t know what the heck that baby is either..but I would take two!! TOO CUTE!! splode…!

  90. beautiful! reminds of my cat basil..

  91. I dunno, people. He’s cute and all, but he’s hatching some eeeevil plan in that second pic.

    “My cuteness has hurt you. And I wish to go on . . . hurting you.”

  92. berthaslave says:


    Reason #4975 why I love C.O.: Someone referenced Cleveland Amory. (Thanks Car).

    And I swear to heaven that this puppeh has stolen Bertha’s face. (Bertha is a little black fluffball).

  93. laulau, I’m sorry you almost spit water due to my comment. I’m cereal!!

  94. anjali666 says:

    Iz SWEDISH LAPPHUND. But duznt mean ALWAYS sittink een laps. Cutest most wondermus puppins evar.

  95. I don’t care WHAT it is, I just want to cuddle and snorgle him!!!!!*13 year old type squeee!*

  96. bananasforbunnies says:

    India is some cute puppy! and taking pics of black animals is not easy either, beautiful puppy…


  98. That’s my friend Kim, with her dog Little Bear! If it weren’t so late, I’d call her right now to tell her! Liz and Carrie are right–Little Bear is a short-nosed Pomeranian with a haircut. He IS the cutest, best-behaved little thing. He gets a LOT of attention.

    Peep’s joke about the lady needing martial arts skills is not far from the truth. Once in Malibu, a crowd gathered around the two of them as they were shopping. The people pressed in so close for a look that Kim barely made it out of there. It was harrowing, she said.

    Kim, her family, Little Bear, and their other adorable animals live in the East Bay, hence the Berkeley street sign in the background of the photo. Now Little Bear and Kim are famous, thanks to! I can’t wait to tell her!

  99. That’s my friend Kim, with her dog Little Bear! If it weren’t so late, I’d call her right now to tell her! Liz and Carrie are right–Little Bear is a short-nosed Pomeranian with a haircut. He IS the cutest, best-behaved little thing. He gets a LOT of attention.

    Peep’s joke about the lady needing martial arts skills is not far from the truth. Once in Malibu, a crowd gathered around the two of them as they were shopping. The people pressed in so close for a look that Kim barely made it out of there. It was harrowing, she said.

    Kim, her family, Little Bear, and their other adorable animals live in the East Bay, hence the Berkeley street sign in the background of the photo. Now Little Bear and Kim are famous, thanks to! I can’t wait to tell her!

  100. junglegirl says:

    It’s…out of controlll, it’s…ouuuttt offf controooolll! And, I don’t know whetherrr to *heddesk* or lolllllllll! It’s- *sob*- outttt offfff connntrooolllllllllll!

  101. junglegirl says:

    Um, to the tune of Michael Jackson’s ‘She’s out of my world’, you know, that song!

  102. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    chucky…you have me laughin’ harder than any other submishe-comment, evaaaaar…don’t forget to rinse w/ scope!

  103. As far as hypoallergenic pups go (being allergic to almost EVERTHING myself) poodles are great as well as yorkies and the beforementioned schnauzers (spelling.. I know). I’ve got 2 toy poodles and my sister has a yorkie and a yorkie/schnauzer mix and I’m all sneeze free! And, as an added bonus, they don’t shed :o)

  104. Here, just hand…hand me the thing…whatever it is. I’ll hold it for a while. Yes, it’s ok, obviously it needs special care. Give it to me, I said, it will be fine with me. Go on now, and find somewhere to be while I huffafluffa this puffysnuff.

  105. It’s a fox!!

  106. AWW… the first pic he really does look like a stuffed toy! Want one!!

    *thinking, does a dog that doesn’t shed even COUNT as a dog? puts on eyeshade, calculating relative effect of adding 1 dog to 6 cats plus man of the house dog…exclaims IT COULD WORK*

    Lucky mommy Kim!

  107. WHAT?? This thing is cute I must say, but where do you get the monkey? I see the bear, cat, and dog, but I don’t see the monkey. I do think its cute. But is it a dog or a cat?? lol

  108. Anonymous says:

    No way in hades that cutetrosity is a schipperkee (aka, shitterpee in our house). ;p

  109. charliewabba says:

    I dunno, I think he looks kind of sneaky, like he’s planning something. World domination, no doubt.

  110. Dog. Bear. Pig. No monkey, no kitty. Probably the pet of ManBearPig.

  111. who said that poms dont shed.
    that is not true.
    although even as floofy as they are, they dont shed nearly as much as you would think.
    proly cuz they are spoiled like Sugarbear and go to the groomer and get make -overs and stuff all the time. (yep, that’s it)

    I have bad allergies and SB does not bother me at all.

  112. I didn’t mean to say that Poms don’t shed (since I’ve never had one, I don’t know), just that poodles, yorkies, and schnauzers don’t shed. At least, the ones I’ve had. Sorry if there was any confusion.

  113. COL means never having to say your sorry.
    just wanted to make sure no one got the wrong impression,
    it’d be a drag to go buy a pommie puppie cuz you thought they didnt shed, and found out otherwise later! ( then i would have to take all of those orphaned pommies into my house!)

  114. just the caption “kitty monkey dog bear” made me LOL. Thanks! 🙂

  115. I don’t think it’s a Pom – it’s too big. I think it’s a black chow puppy. They look just like Poms only bigger.

  116. HAAAAAA @ the Man Bear Pig comments!! I’m sthuper cereal!

  117. Our landlord won’t let us have a dog because the last peeps who lived here shut it in the kitchen. It wrecked the place. But I wonder what he’d say to this… “sorry you can’t have dogs here” “but its cute!” “sorry but you still cant have it” “…its not exactly a dog.” MAJOR WANT!

  118. kitty dog bear says:

    I want one!

    Looks like a Pom mix maybe too. Just wonderful.

    For months I thought my adopted dog was a Pomeranian until someone pointed out that he is a German Spitz Klein [Small Spitz].

    SO adorable!


  120. I’m telling Cid, Raymi…

  121. I saw one of these dudes a couple years ago, but nobody believed me when I told them about the little bear-dog. Now I have proof. Cute, fluffly proof. :3

  122. Is that for real???! My friend thinks it’s photoshopped and I said NO WAY but I dunno…it looks too cute to be real! lol

  123. KIM BITTNER says:


  124. I seriously need to know what this thing is. AWWWW!!!

  125. pom-eriffic!

  126. That is a special breed of animal developed by Dr. Moreau on his Island. These critters are bred to respond positively to the question “WHAT IS THE LAW?!”

  127. @koko:

    What IS Mr. Winkle???

    That dog kinda freaks me out.. if it is a dog.. the website also says it can be a PokeMon, a Japanese cartoon character (??), a toy or an alien…

    It is weird tho..

    And yes, I would also like one McPomFluff, thank you. To go, please.

  128. Yes, it looks like an EWOK 😀

    I surely do want one too 🙂

  129. Thanks Kim and Sonia for the update and clarification! I never knew Poms could be that big and cute.

    I think Little Bear ought to consider a career as a therapy dog. Have you thought of this or done this Kim? That dog-kitty-bear could help make people happy!

  130. kitty dog bear says:

    Kim, I love your dog! I hope you breed him or clone him for all posterity.

    Big hugs and snorgles from a huge fan.

  131. Was it a bear or a Russian or what?

  132. I think it looks like a Schipperke, too. Here’s a box of them as an example.

  133. GINA Mommy of India:

    question: How do you ever leave your house with that most adorable dog on the planet? HOW DO YOU LEAVE??!!!

  134. Christiane says:

    It is the world’s cutest thing…

    aRNNG aRRng errrring!!

  135. Fluffy wee lovely one….kiss on the nose!

  136. Beautiful boy.

  137. I want one!

  138. If anyone wants to know…Shih Tzu’s and Maltese are also hypo allergenic

  139. Doot dee doot dee dohh

    Where ‘zackly in the East Bay do they live?

    Tra la la dee dah dee dum…

  140. Def not a chow. I have a chow and it’s head is way to little to be a chow. It looks like a full grown pom to me. My neighbor has one about this size. yes, it’s funny and the cutest thing ever when our dogs play. My Bear is 60 lbs and Tyler the Pom is full grown at about 9 lbs! that little one just has a lot of fur!

  141. That’s a Pom. I have one that looks just like this when she gets the puppy cut. She weighs 14 lbs — twice the size of the average Pom. Everybody thinks she’s a Chow puppy. She’s gorgeous and truly the best dog I could have ever hoped for. And she’s a rescue to boot… forget the breeder, there are plenty of Poms out there that need homes. Just check your local Rescue organizations. I found mine through Pet Finders.

  142. Christiane says:


  143. alejandro says:


  144. parece pero noo!!!
    bah, no pongo las manos en el fuego.
    La cosa es que quiero uno.

  145. bueno digamos que es un mogoway o un ewook

    OO nono yase… es un extraterrestre mas lindo y mas dulce que ese ET! y lo tenian encarcelado pero fox mulder lo saco a la luz!

    FUCK ET! al fin un extraterretre mas lindo… pero no mas gracioso que alf!! alf = GROSO!

  146. et es un asco no te dan ganas de agarrando y amasarlo (?)
    en cambio esta cosita parece tan suave!!!
    alf tbn es amasable
    ya me imagino amasando a alf!
    quiero un alf de color negro!