Wouldja look at those meaty drumsticks!

At least, that’s what Sender-Inner Scott B. said. He asked me to ‘look at those meaty drumsticks’.

Scott. I don’t think that’s approooo—OMG LOOK AT THOSE MEATY DRUMSTICKS!


No, seriously, Scott, you have a problem. [licking lips]



  1. YUM!!!

  2. Looks like he’s splattered on a windshield.

  3. That is a seriously flat pooch.

  4. shandrewsca says:

    nom nom nom – don’t mind me, it’s like Thanksgiving all over again!

  5. tastes like chicken!
    bah ha ha!
    the hover text kills!

    Scott, I have a number if ya needz it.

    (i’m NOT saying BLEEN, and you cant make me.)

  6. Good thing, too, eh Liz?

  7. Oh my, looks like he fell of from something very high…

  8. SixFootJen says:

    When I see a dog lying on the floor on its side, with all four legs extended straight, I call it “pig roast.” Just tie the doggeh to a spit and start the fire! Nom nom nom. (Okay, well, I don’t actually cook ’em, I just get down and soft cronsche them. But I still like yelling “pig roast!”)

  9. Splat.

  10. HAHAHA! Those are great chicken legs! I have 2 bostons and my friend has a boxer all with varying types of tasty meats for legs! Chicken leg, turkey leg, and hamhock!

  11. When our Katie-bug used to do this, we called it Frog Legs. She’d also do it if she was laying on her back and you tickled her tummy. Being a yorkie, it was on a very small scale and was VERY cute.

  12. Deeeelicious!

  13. Poor puppeh’s been run over by a steamroller.

  14. Ahhhn yes, ze Flyink Floor Frog. I know eet well, thanks to ma Bostone Terrior who makes ze Flyink Floor Frog to cool his bellies in ze summ-aihr. Es tres flet, n’est-ce pas?

  15. lunacydress says:

    Does whatever a spiderpug does!

  16. Theresa, not the other Theresa says:

    Mama mia, thatsa spicy meat-a-ball!

  17. I call my pug’s legs drumsticks too =)

    And when my lab would sleep like that, we’d call it his “turtle-flop”

  18. Tocktacular.

  19. It’s a butt roast!

  20. lunacydress- I was totally thinking the same thing!!!

    I love it when the puppehs have the back leg action.

  21. [snork] bwAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA [gasp] WUTT ROAST???

  22. Bear rugs are so un-P.C. these days. I’m gonna go get me one of them pug rugs instead.

    Of course I’ll need several of them to cover the floor.

  23. Oh. mah. Gah. I LOVE it! At my house, we call those “chicken-stix”. Whatever you call ’em, they’re deee-licious! My sweet dachshund will look at me while I’m nomming on his chicken stix, then look at my husband, as if to say “Eh. Crazy lady’s at it again. Good thing I love her.”

  24. I got the Steamroller Blues!!! (thx J.T.)

  25. berthaslave says:

    Two dimensional doggeh. Interesting. (pushes glasses up on nose).

  26. That reminds me: It’s time for lunch.

  27. I call them porkchops.

  28. violetgreen says:

    “Sometimes you’re the windshield,
    Sometimes you’re the…pug”

  29. OMG Lunacydress that was sooo funny

  30. I feel like CH-Ch-Ch-Ch Chicken tonight!

  31. charliewabba says:

    @ violetgreen – LOL!
    He’s so conveniently shaped, I bet you could fold him up and stick him in a priority mail flat rate envelope and send him anywhere in the country in under 3 days.

  32. I’m a vegehead – but somebody, pass me some Boston Terri-yaki sauce, stat!!

  33. I’m a vegehead – but what-the-heck, somebody pass me some Boston Terri-yaki sauce, stat!!

  34. What’s the last thing that crosses a pug’s mind when it hits your windshield?

    His ASS ! haha

  35. charliewabba says:


  36. Oops – that’s what I get for harboring yummy thoughts about a Splatston Terrier

  37. yep
    BLEEN = bad word that Llism will chew ones
    Butt off for sayin.
    Not me.
    No way.

    ummm chicko-sticks.

  38. Give Flocke a couple months and I’m sure she’ll appreciate those meaty drumsticks.

  39. Those ARE some meaty drumsticks, but I want to turn him over and see his BELLEH!

  40. Omg, my pug does that and we call them CHICKENLEGS!! 🙂

  41. Shannon Mohajerin says:

    With my three pugs (cause you can’t have too many pugs)we call them turkey legs. Puggy tryin to cool his tummy!

  42. Puglicious!


  43. I call that the turkey butt… it’s delicious.

  44. BTW, when I was a kid we had a basset hound who used to lie around like that all the time. We didn’t know other dogs could do that, so we called it “basset hips.” This pug is doing basset hips!!! yay!

  45. Momof2kitties says:

    What? No privacy tail?

    Terri-yaki sauce! Snort, snort!

  46. [Ed.]=thoughtpolice

  47. Booya = sillyhead who doesn’t understand the difference between annoying, unnecessary and unproductive “comments” and relevant and pertinent discussion.

    It’s just a blog, and the “first” crap isn’t self-expression or social commentary that Theo is censoring… It’s juvenile and most of us hate it.


  48. Auntie Meme says:

    Veal Puglet.

  49. Oh, but imagine what I could *do* with truly Big-Brother-scale power…

  50. In my mind, I can hear Bill Mummy crooning ‘Flat puppies…flat puppies..flat puppies aren’t much fun…’

    Am I the only one?

  51. Mary (the first) says:

    It looks like a big squished-flat frog, to me. And the drumsticks could be frog’s legs? Yummmy…
    OR we could just soft-kronsche his little flattened earsies. Or shoulderblades.

  52. please stay tuned for-

    “annoying, unnecessary and unproductive “comments” . “

    ummm ya.
    Theo and [ED.] my comments any time.
    [creepy porn muzzac in background]

    to each his or her own. free country (including this blog) which is not ours. 🙂

    chill ya peeps.

  53. Yeah, lets delete all the juvenile comments! Come on, lets do it!

    (not that I acksherly care about the whole first bleen thing atall atall, but if juvenile was the criterion for deletion…uh…there wouldn’t be nuthin here! Except maybe for those breeeelliant comments made by…Oops! Gotta go!)

  54. ah catblob.
    you are the poo.

    (that’s is an unnecessary comment if i ever heard one)

    bah ha ha ha!

  55. Lucy's mommeh says:

    I look at the thighs & thin-hams. That’s what I call the upper part of back kitty legs. Cat hams.
    If the have fluffy ‘tocks, they are fluffyhams. Therefore, Lucy is Lucy of Fluffyhams…

  56. YES! YES!
    Yes I AM the POO!

  57. Mary (the first) says:

    darn.. *I* wanted to be the POO!!

  58. you are all the poo.
    we should be so proud of our poo-ness.

    and our ability to make lil flat pups into food items! yummers!

    I think Lucy’s gettin out the sharp knives!

  59. Never fear! Super Bat Dog to the rescuuuuue! – spuh-lat.

  60. > ‘Flat puppies…flat puppies..flat puppies aren’t much fun…’

    > Am I the only one?

    Nope. And these are my dogz, btw…

    Plenty of drumsticks, too. 🙂

  61. good god cosmiquemuffin.
    your dr demento reference has not been lost on me.
    where did I leave that that bong anyway??? did i have one?

    any one for some flashbacks?
    like 4 a.m. on a sunday morning and yr parents think you’re stayin over…
    well never mind.

  62. my dog does the same thing, we call it rotisserie chicken legs.

  63. PMG, I’m having a Dr. Demento cascade–
    “Fish Heads, Fish Heads, roly-poly Fish Heads,
    Fish Heads, Fish Heads,
    Eat ’em up, YUM!”

  64. “cascade”
    yes. that splains it completely.
    thanks Theresa.

    [clears old throat]

  65. paper cutout, right?


  66. luckycliff says:

    ummm is this the same dog that showed up in the elephant suit?

  67. Mmmm… Such a nice *cool* floor!

    Great hovertext.
    “Don’t be so saucy, Bearnaise!”

  68. Are we sure this is a Pug? The more I look, the more I think French Bulldog.

    I thought maybe the Pug’s tail was just blending in. It’s hard to see these things with black dogs. Still, I can’t see a tail.

    I also don’t see the Frenchie’s typical bat ears, but I can see a suggestion of them, perhaps being folded back…

    As if all that matters. Hah! I still need to nom on those fat lil drumsticks!

  69. Teh shadow knowz !!

  70. SPLAT.

  71. Pugs play? Or pug splay? 😉

  72. Grandma Beth says:

    When our poodles do this we call it cooling the tum! And yes they have nummy looking drumsticks!

  73. *nibble*

  74. omg, this is way too cute. i wish i had a dog!

  75. Pug splay? Is that Pig Latin? 😉

  76. I’m sorry, that was obviously PUG Latin!

  77. Def. a Frenchie! Looks just like mine do when they do this. I don’t see any sign of tail, and the ears just sort of blend in with the head.

    I also see a trace of brindle near the right shoulder, which pugs don’t have and Frenchies do.

  78. Cosmiquemuffin-Dare I say that was ‘dead’ adorable?

    And I’m afraid I am guilty of the original Doc Demento reference. My husband (a fan of the good doctor) has corrupted me for life with those songs…!

  79. Hey guys i was just joking before!! I’m sorry if i made any of you angry! It’s sweet to see that Theo has such a strong army of supporters behind him tho 😉

  80. Booya — remember that plain text doesn’t communicate anything like tone or facial expression, so sometimes it’s pretty hard to tell.

    And yeah, it’s a little unsettling sometimes. I do feel teh luv, tho.

  81. Ha! I have two English Bulldogs and we have always thought their legs look like drumsticks.

    Any attempts to nom them have been thwarted by some serious bullie gas!!!

  82. Those aren’t drumsticks, they are “drumtocks!” And quite adorable too.

  83. turkeylegsmom says:

    Oh, I always called them froglegs too! You know you’ve been on this site too long when you go to see “No Country For Old Men” with your husband (great movie, but not really cute) and when Josh Brolin is being pursued by the killer pit bull and leaps into the icy cold river, and the killer dog, with a force like Superman’s, LEAPS after him like a speeding bullet and the whole theater is holding its breath and you, completely involuntarily, shriek “FROG LEGS!”

    Yeah, I tend to go to the movies by myself now.

  84. Lol.. I call my frenchie’s chicken thighs 😛
    So adorable!

  85. Kim Monique says:

    My beagle does chicken legs all the time. A friend once commented that he just needed little paper crowns on his feet and he’d be fit for Martha Stewart!

  86. When my sweet puppy Pickles lays like that I refer to it as frog legs. It’s so cute, second only to circle puppy. Unless of course, he’s circle puppy in my spot on the bed.

  87. just looking for a chalk outline… =oP