Git your OWN cuddle-partner

Dees one ees takens. [grabby paw grabs]


Resume cuddlingk poseeshons!!!


Mark B. I"m tie-tie just looking at them.



  1. i love how grumpy and possessive they are!

  2. I’m ready to curl up with them and cuddle for a good long nap!

  3. 2cute4words says:

    In my household, this always preceeds, “lick, lick, bite, hiss, smack, run….”

  4. Big spoon, widdle spoon… I can be illustrious [dun dun dun] middle spoon??

  5. I love the COXCU pic 🙂

  6. Haha, Luckily I have one cat who only wants to cuddle with me…:-P

  7. I think these two need a chaperone. Hey, you, one paw on the floor at all times, if you don’t mind!

  8. And this chair too! It shall from now on be known as the big orange kitteh cuddle chair!

  9. Yeah that chair is ridickydonkulous!!! I think I can sqeeze in tho? PLZ??!

  10. That is the most cutest thing ever!! They love each othere so much LOL

  11. charliewabba says:

    You just know both of them are saying
    “back off – this kitteh is mine. Chair is mine. My kitteh friend. My chair. Mine. Is mine.”

  12. Awww… why don’t my cats do that!? it would be sooo adorable and I’d never get anything done! tee-hee! 🙂

  13. Momof2kitties says:

    I’d never get anyting done either! It’d be a SnorgleFest 24/7. All my kittehs do is chase, bite, snarl and hiss at each other. Oh, and ignore each other sometimes. If I’m lucky. 🙂

  14. my two kitty boys (same age, not brothers, 8 months old) spoon and cuddle like this all the time, it’s so hilarious~

  15. That gray one looks so smug – this is me, NOT you. Life is good.

  16. berthaslave says:

    I think I saw that couch on my TV yesterday (ah, remember when they just aired test patterns at night? Tweren’t that long ago).

    We should all now read the poem “Sleeping with Cats.”

    Sleeping with Cats

    by Marge Piercy

    I am at once source
    and sink of heat: giver
    and taker. I am a vast
    soft mountain of slow breathing.
    The smells I exude soothe them:
    the lingering odor of sex,
    of soap, even of perfume,
    its afteraroma sunk into skin
    mingling with sweat and the traces
    of food and drink.

    They are curled into flowers
    of fur, they are coiled
    hot seashells of flesh
    in my armpit, around my head

    a dark sighing halo.
    They are plastered to my side,
    a poultice fixing sore muscles
    better than a heating pad.
    They snuggle up to my sex
    purring. They embrace my feet.

    Some cats I place like a pillow.
    In the morning they rest where
    I arranged them, still sleeping.
    Some cats start at my head
    and end between my legs
    like a textbook lover. Some
    slip out to prowl the living room
    patrolling, restive, then
    leap back to fight about
    hegemony over my knees.

    Every one of them cares
    passionately where they sleep
    and with whom.

    Sleeping together is a euphemism
    for people but tantamount
    to marriage for cats.
    Mammals together we snuggle
    and snore through the cold nights
    while the stars swing round
    the pole and the great horned
    owl hunts for flesh like ours.

  17. berthaslave- PERFECT poem!


  18. Nicolletta says:

    Awwww…I like how the black kitty is all “MINE!” with the grey kitty.

  19. OMG
    the b&W looks just like my Steven.
    he so needs someone to smuggle with since he lost his Sasha this year.
    [runs out immediately to search for grey&white kitteh to fill void]
    so adorables.

  20. Momof2kitties says:

    Oh My Goodness Gracious Me! Such vivid imagery in teh poem! *blushingks!*

  21. Awww!! I must admit, I’m a lucky mommeh…get to see this on a daily basis with any combo of my cats.
    (Egad, I’ve become a cat lady!)

  22. Heehee. I have two kitties that look almost exactly like those two. Mine are brothers, they cuddle all the time.

  23. “We’re cuddly, and we’re not afraid to cuddle!”

  24. I wants one. Maybe two.

  25. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    Sorry but I thought that poem was bizarre, mol!

    The couch is ugly, but those kittehs? they are the snuggliest and cutest!

  26. Poem = Disturbing

  27. charliewabba says:

    Yay, Berthaslave! Marge Piercy has some wonderful cat poems – including the one that starts “cats like angels should be thin”

  28. awwwww, so cute mr and mrs mcCuddlesons.

  29. Awww! They wuv each other!

  30. La poeme? Uh, I don’t want no kittehs sniffing me when I smell like sex. That’s a little – ew.

    then again I’m surprised no one posted ‘bomp chica bow wow’ (porn music)

  31. Mary (the first) says:

    Let’s face it, cats will snuggle up to just about anything warm. If it’s furry, all the better.

  32. Kitteh smilez!!

  33. James Glaze says:

    Do you have a stuffed “Flocke” or can you advise me where they can be purchased? thank you