You want fries with your Caturday?

Mmmmmm, delicious fries. [mini tongue licks salt]

I think I shall have eet… [tenative paw touches fry]


Nice side dish, Marlies W. 😛



  1. Damon Hill says:

    Strangely enough, our prima donna Mitsy (think Miss Piggy with fur) likes french fries. Maybe it’s the salt or maybe the grease, we dunno. Eats soft bread crusts too. I think we have a Carbohydrate Cat here too…

  2. misscrisp says:

    zee belleh! eet keels moi.

  3. What, there’s no catchup?

  4. Lex (Alexandra) says:

    This looks very much like a Dutch kitty!

    Enjoying a ‘patatje met’!

    Yummy in the tummy 😉

    Way to go Marlies! ^^ Keep the Dutch (or Belgian?) spirit going!

  5. You are right Lex, patatje met!

  6. This photo was taken seconds before a “nom nom nom” photo op!

  7. I thought the same thing and wondered where the mayonaise was!

  8. Such kismette! I, too, LOVE frites Francaises. Oui!

  9. My cat, “Baby”, actually puts his head in the McD’s bag and drags his own fries straight out of the bag when I’m not looking!! He will pretty much eat anything—like bok choy!

  10. Ginger's Cotton Socks says:

    I expect nuffs soon about how unhealthy chips are for cats and how irresponsible the owner is. *eyeroll*

    And so cute! She’s actually licking her little lippy lippersons!

  11. ooooooooh look at that leetle bitty tongue!! *squeals*

  12. Aaaw, how adorable! Woah, that tongue screams for a COXCU!! I want to snuggle this kitteh!! 😀

  13. GAAAH! A dilute calico-SO CUTE!!!!! I have one-pastel kitty!

  14. Nicolletta says:

    Those fries are as big as he is!

  15. Tail stubbulence? Naw, check out the tongue stubbulence! That’s what is REALLY cute!

  16. Yitzysmommie says:

    Absolutely Adorabuhls!

  17. The best is that little bitty round belleh – I want to touch and snorgle eet.

  18. OMG!!! Is that a tiger in the background?

  19. oh my gawd, too cute! gah! i want to leek zee babeh kitteh!

  20. Momof2kitties says:

    Hoo Boy, bring out the tongue toucher rehabs again…I’ll have to get in line, too. *sigh*

  21. Sharon Wilson says:

    Uh oh, watch the fries! I love that little white head stripe!

  22. Tricia Garrett says:

    Too much vinegar! Tongue curl, tail curl.

  23. Eee! I must kees the kitteh and snorgle eet.

    My kitteh Milton likes Tostitos. He’ll dive headfirst into a bag.

  24. awww… the itty bitty pink tongue killed me! i want the bebeh!!

  25. Mine turned inside out for cheesesteaks.

    Would climb you like a tree for hot cheese and italian sausage.

  26. berthaslave says:

    I’m on a low-carb diet, I’ll start sharing my fries w/ Bertha.

    BTW, best discreet tongue photo evah.

  27. umm. zee first tastie of the frenchie fries, delectables! there will be no stopping the french now.

  28. acelightning says:

    (I posted a comment last night, and I know it actually got posted, but somehow it disappeared. So I’ll try again…)

    Careful, little princess.. don’t get grease on your neat little collar and mittens! (Then they wouldn’t match your socks.) Enjoy your tasty snack of _pommes frites_!

  29. Fuzzometer reading: extremely high. How sweet!

  30. CheshireCat says:

    I can has catsup?

  31. So pwecioush, wif that belleh!

    I am reminded of Theo’s Doonces.

  32. peachypeacherkins says:

    What, no close up of the little tongue pokeing outed-ness?

  33. peachypeacherkins says:

    What, no close up of the little tongue pokeing outed-ness?