Emo Zebdonk

This lil’ hybrid is so cute—she looks like he has built-in lace-up shoe/hooves.


Lys W., thigh-highs are tewtelly in. Just ask Hayden Panettiere.



  1. What a beauty! Love it!

  2. wow! what do you call it? zebronkey?

  3. A Deebra? Zonkey?

    Get some pink hair color on some of those tuffs and he’d fit into any big city crowd.

  4. According to this site, zebra/donkey hybrids are called: Zebroids, Zebrass, or Ze-donks!!!!

    That ze-donk is re-donk!


  5. who are the parents?

  6. Addendum:

    According to Wiki, other possible names are: zonkey, zebronkey, zeedonk, zebadonk, zenkey, zebrinny, or deebra


    he hee!

  7. Mm sexy stockins, where’s the suspender belt?

  8. Stockings.

  9. Aaaaaannnnnnnnnnngghhhh xD

  10. I know it’s cute, but sort of creepy at the same time. zebra legs?!

  11. “That ref is a jackass”

    “uh, no, he’s a zebra.”

    Well, sheesh, which is it?!?!

  12. Beautiful! I’m always amazed how nature transforms itself in the end.

  13. acelightning says:

    Oh, striped thigh-highs are *so* Goth! And the ears to match – am I the first one to notice them? This girl is ready to go clubbing!

  14. This looks shooped

  15. Chayne: Zedonks are very real, I assure you! My local zoo used to breed them, and they do look like that.

  16. WOW.

  17. “Why, yes. I am the sire. How did you know”


  18. charliewabba says:

    So very sassy!

  19. Those stripes make my eyes wiggle.

    Even some horses have faint stripes, and they don’t even have any zebra in them at all:


  20. This looks like an okapi.


  21. Totally kewt! I can imagine donkeys and zebras can produce kiddies, they seem to be more closely related than horses and donkeys (basically, a zebra is just a donkey with stripes).

  22. We have one of those at a zoo near me – they call it a Zonkey. It was THE hit on elementary school trips to the zoo, let me tell you.

  23. Nicolletta says:

    Nature can be so cool.

  24. Pam from JAX says:

    Okay, Meg, is it a she or a he? Your caption says both! Anerable whichever way; looks like it’s trying on Mom’s stockings and Dad’s ears for dress-up.

  25. Man! I wish I had some stockings like that!!!

  26. AliceTanzer says:

    Generally they are sterile, like mules.

  27. Yitzysmommie says:

    Tewtally HEE-larious! Prosh, and I want one.

  28. The parent animal on the right seems immensely pleased. Bringing sexy back, yo.

  29. This thing reminds me of the extinct breed – Quagga ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quagga ) – but it’s oh so cute!

  30. Isn’t cross-species breeding really dangerous? Doesn’t it lead to terrible genetic conditions for the animals?

  31. No, Diana, there are all kinds of happy and healthy hybrids. They can’t necessarily have babies of their own, but otherwise they’re fine. (Example: mule.)

    Zedonk = Redonk?

  32. Here’s another cute cross called a zorse:


  33. it’s actually more likely mom’s ears and dad’s stockings (which makes for a much more interesting family life, eh?)…zebra hybrids are usually zebra stallion, donkey/horse mare. plus, the behbeh is standing a little closer to the donkey…probably mom.

  34. Awwwww! That is the single sweetest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Hey supahstah… I love yo socks.

    P.S. I vote zonkey.

  35. thehoolia says:

    Look at the Mom–it’s hysterical! she’s all looking at her bebe and like “Man, that was one crazy night drinking with the zebras”

  36. Her parents look really sweet.

  37. Their technical name acutally is Zonkey we have tons of them where I’m from.

  38. compy-saur says:

    The baby is really cute, but I hope people aren’t breeding them like this just for kicks.

  39. awww, junior has daddy’s legs.

    so cute!

  40. Christine – you tewtally beat me to the okapi comment.

    If I had built-in thigh-high striped stockings, that would rawk so hard…

    His widdle mohawk is killing me. Someone dye it neon blue!!!

  41. Sharon Wilson says:

    What a beautiful animal! All you need to do now is breed a striped head and you’ve got the quagga back!

  42. Mrs.Fonebone says:

    The mother looks slightly embarrassed and daddy is standing quietly in the background all “Yeah, I might have had something to do with this.”
    There is a Jag race car painted like a Zebra and they took broom ends spraypainted white and black alternating and put them all along the roof of the car.

  43. If a female donkey is a jenny, then it would be a
    or a

  44. LOVE.

  45. CheshireCat says:

    So prosh, I’m gonna go put on my stripey stockings.

  46. Momof2kitties says:

    Bebeh is rockkin’ the thigh highs like I could never hope to. Rock On!

  47. I love the stockings, It is so in step and in style.

  48. DaytimeDeb says:

    No, Stan, I swear, she is yours! I don’t know where those zebra legs came from — must be something on your side of the family. No, I didn’t sleep with Ed!!! Let’s go on Jerry Springer to do a DNA test, OK?

  49. Naw, if you want DNA tests, do it properly – Maury.

    “I am 99.99999% positive he is the father. Look at her! They even look the same!”

    “That’s not my kid! She doesn’t even look like me! She doesn’t have my ears, my nose, my legs – uh, nevermind.”

  50. berthaslave says:

    Now everyone’s gonna be wearing those legwarmers again. “Girls just wanna have fu-un….”

  51. I wonder if his siblings would come out the same coloring, or maybe be striper on top, brown on the bottom?

  52. iz totally a DonkZee peeps.
    luvin it!

  53. This is a very cool picture. And for some odd reason, it makes me want to be a flashier dresser…

  54. If there are a lot of these animals, then I guess they turn out okay. But when I first saw this I was going to nominate it for “is this cute or is it sad?” because if I were that animal, I think I’d be confused. “Half of me looks like … THEM, but half of me looks like … THEM.”

  55. The zonkey’s not confused at all, Michael. Forcing things into pigeonholes is an almost exclusively human trait. No sad here.

  56. Flash Dancin’ leg warmers with ear warmers to match!!!

  57. You are neglecting those totally redonk striped ears! so prosh!

  58. chekc out the stripey TOCKS people!

  59. Gwen Kirk says:


  60. Hey- we actually have a similar animal here in nova scotia. we call it a zonkey. it is so cute!

  61. Would those be shooves?

  62. WickedWendy says:

    That is just freakin’ weird! Cute, but weird!

  63. What a beautiful little bebeh! I LOVE equines!

    I hope its a natural hybrid. Can we get more info on the parents?

  64. So cool! I love it.

  65. “I swear to god Michael! He is yours!”

    “You got drunk with DERICK didn’t you????”

    “Did someone say my name? Oh, hey babycheeks!”

    “Not now, Derick!”


  66. Brittany+Brookee+Lauren says:

    awwwww……how kutee i asked m y dad yesterdayy if i can get oneand he did not even know what i was talkin bout ……..lol……. yeaa so whats upp???

  67. none of you think this is photoshopped?