More on that behbeh polar bear…

I guess she’s not going by the name "Knut Numero Dos", but "Flocke" or Snowflake.

Ahhnnnnggghh. Tongueitude.


Dorothee B., her eyes look like little tildes.  ~ ~



  1. I want to bite its little tongue. Just a nibble.

  2. Juniper Jupiter says:

    KIKI!!! Honestly!!!

    Okay…mebbe I wanna neeble the wee bebeh cubbeh’s tongue, too…but just a leetle neeble…just a leetle.

  3. this one is soooo sad though. Her sibblings are thought to have been eaten by their mom. 😦

  4. Awww, she looks like a puppy.

  5. berthaslave says:

    Wow. Nature is cruel and stunning. Glad this behbeh lived.

  6. gravyboat says:

    And the Republicans are ruining the environment why????? Damn global warming, high-freakin-five to the polar bears!!!

  7. Hey, my morning (German) paper (11. Feb.) says you can still send in suggestions for a name at a new zoo polar bear website No, this mother didn’t eat any siblings of this bear cub, that was a different bear. The comments (Claudie) at the previous entry say it all.
    By the way, Flocke is flake, but I guess as a polar bear name one might automatically think snowflake (Schneeflocke). And Germans have turned Knut into a verb, one news article title was “There’s been knuting at the Nuremberg zoo”. To knut: the production of cute baby animals. I also saw a ranking of various baby animals according to their “Knut-factor”. How about “to knut” as a general term for being engagingly cute? Aw, he just knuted his way into my heart. (But then he turned into a big heavy, clawed and sharp toothed beast.)

  8. The very idea of that verb is Knutty!

    I think Tilde would be a nice name for a girl cub.

  9. she’s gona be Knut’s wife!!!!

  10. Cute little pink tongue…

  11. The date of the paper is of course 11.Jan., not 11.Feb.

  12. This bebbeh is soch a tiiny bebbeh its earzes are still folded up so ‘most hardly can’t seez dem. But soch cuuute tiiny bebbeh earzes! I bet deyz very soft… I mebbe can haz bebbeh bear earzes monsches?

  13. I must be having a CO overload! I’m usually very picky about grammar and spelling! The bear got to me. Oh, well…

  14. BEBEH BEAR… just a tiny bear… ahgn… *dies*

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    Kiki: Naughty! No neebles, just leetle teensy keeses of the tongue.

  16. When I see my anipals with their tongues out like this, I don’t think of neebling. I have to lightly touch it with the tip of my finger. No, don’t ask why, because I have no excuse for my behaviour.

  17. oh that baby needs to be in my arms right now!

  18. Brinn, we are sisters in tongue touching. I like it because it’s all dry and rubbery!

  19. And pink!

  20. Maybe we should call her “Mytilda Ms. Snowypants”

    ; )

  21. Tongue neeblage? Ewww. Tongue pokage? Oh yeah.

    *lightly pokes at lil pink tongue*

  22. when my big brute gets really content his tongue makes an appearance while he purrs like a freight train.

    I then start to sing:

    “Little pink tongue! Little pink tongue! LITTLE PINK TONGUE!!!!”

    I think he hates me for that song.

  23. 🙂 It’s good to know I’m not alone in my weirdness.

  24. it’s a baby Falkor!

  25. Cephi: I love you Neverendingly for that comment. Although now I have a theme-song earworm.

  26. Knut + Nürnberg = Knürt!

  27. Another Knut girl born in Nürnberg? Rumour goes around that the name may be KNÜRT …. (or does that sound like a product from Ikea?)

  28. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Nobody tell Stephen Colbert!

  29. charliewabba says:

    Another confessed tongue-toucher here (raises hand). My kittehs sometimes forget to put theirs’ away when they have finished using them.
    I must say, please, no, not another naming contest. My nerves can’t handle it.

  30. When I first saw the photo, (before reading) I was thinking OMG! that is the cutest PUPPY…

    (forehead smack here)

    My dear grandma would see one of us kids stick out a tounge, or have a tounge hanging out (in concentration) and say “I’m going to make a sandwhich.”
    and maybe even grab the tounge…

    At the deli, her fave was the beef toungue sandwhich.

    can’t spell, too sniffly to care. *cough, wheeze*

  31. Hand in air with all the other tongue touchers. However, I tend to wiggle the tip up and down with my finger tip….sigh…

  32. Yahoo! Already named her “The Future Mrs. Knut” Ain’t that just cute? Awwwww.

  33. btw…Polar Bears are drowning up North in record number because of thawing ice shelves. Global Warming is killing the little guys Moms…so DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THE PLANET!! Don’t buy SUVs and stupid Hummers that put out tons of CO2 and Recycle and Reuse. Or the only place you’ll see Polar Bears in the future are chained and gaged in a human prison called the Zoo and Blogs. Our children will only be able to view these creatures in confined cell instead of in nature. Is that what you want for your little guy and this one in the pic.

  34. rosieLB, big brute may hate you for the song, but I love you for it! 😀

  35. darkshines says:

    Schneeflocke is an awesome name, but I think we should call it Dharma, as a little tribute to Lost….

  36. he looks all tuckered out.

    he’s all “pffbllthbhthhh”

  37. How do I get a gig as a polar bear cub mama?

    (Starts researching zoo jobs)

  38. catloveschanel says:

    She’s so very tired. Poor bebe. Perhaps she has a delicate constitution and would like a delicate name. Somthing dreamy like Chiovann Nicole Kidman PrettyBear… Or something creamy like “Cool Whip – Cute Tongue”.

    Knut reminds me of a rough and tough old football player from the 40’s – Knut Rockne. Not that I was there…. But I do know that Knut does rhyme with cute.

    Or.. the Sweetest Icing on The Cake.
    Icing Pola – Beh might be good. Or My-Tilda Icing. My-Tilda Icing sounds fancy, fine and delicate.

    I got “The softest bathrobe in the world” at BB&Beyond after christmas sale that looks just like that beh-beh. That woman should wear softer gloves for such a delicate flower.

  39. how ’bout
    “Ms. Cupcake McSnowybutt”

  40. Christina says:

    I live in Germany and little ‘Flocke’ is soo cute! 🙂

    This is her official homepage! Flocke is a female polar bear. German people can send in name suggestions, isn’t that sweet? (Flocke is just a temporary name). I suggested ‘Emma’.

  41. stephanie s. says:


  42. Awwwww!!!!!

  43. check out the Dr. at the zoo, he kind of looks like the beh-beh bear. Matchinks!

  44. Little bear looks so firsty with her tongue out. Somebody give her a sip of milk, please.

  45. CheshireCat says:

    The eensy teensy white ear,the leetle rose-petal tongue! I want…so moishe.

  46. Christina, thanks for the link. It’s cool that they’re accepting suggestions for the “Eisbärname” (Only in Germany would you find a word for “polar bear name” – though I doubt it’s found in dictionaries :P), but I think Flocke is such a cute name already! Can only Germans submit suggestions..? I think I’ll try anyway. (When I come up with a good one, that is.)

    Also, as a still-learning and not-quite-fluent German speaker, I keep reading “Eisbär” and thinking of an ice cream bear. XD

  47. Oh little bear cub
    with your tongue so pink
    I am awed by your cuteness
    and just can’t think.

  48. My name is DebG and I’ve been touching or flicking tongues for about 20 years now. When’s the next support group meeting? Then can we go to boxhab meetings?

  49. Aw, man.

    We are just totally Flocked.

  50. high cuteness factor. oh my yes.

  51. oaklandcat says:


  52. Hi, my name is Beth…

    and I am a TongueTouchOHolic.

  53. Kiragirl: oh my yes, def matchinks

  54. This is another video of this cute bear. The giant HONK-SHUS are priceless!

  55. Zorbs, thanks so much for the link! One of my kitties snores like that. She doesn’t stick out her tongue (anymore), though.

  56. Don’t forget to check out the post on that Hungarian site. It’s full belly exposure:

  57. Kaye, of course other people can submit names, too! They have to be able to read German, though.

  58. Oh, oh, when one goes and visits the zoo in Germany by video (do, it is sooo much fun, multiple peectures!) one gets to see the duurteeeist leeetle bahhhr, and then *POOFF* it becomes this clean, fluffy, well-fed critter that could be just about any (rather large) critter. Man, that was a durrty bahhhr. Pew! For nothing else they should have taken it out and gotten it dry cleaned just “b’cause”. But now it is so nicey-keen. So, go see that baahhhr, it will do you good. If the reason that the zoo didn’t want to hand rear it is money, they will get more money in return for their kindness to the leetle one.

  59. Captain Cabinets says:

    I just opened today’s newspaper and I saw this polar bear! I ‘squee’d.

  60. Zorbs: I lof that video. He’s all EHN I’m a big scary bear in my dream – and then – waaahhh hungry….pick me up pick me up pick me up. Ahhhnnn….*splode*

  61. Mother Hen says:

    Take the global warming comments out of the cuteness here! If you think 1million people driving Prius’ is going to save a planet overnight or even a few years you need a wake up call. The only thing consistent with the increase in greenhouse gases is the increase in population. People in CA have been trying to control emissions for years … and they STILL have dirty air! So, case and point. It’s not the cars people … it’s the people. I’m going to go hug my Discovery.

  62. When my black lab was a puppy, he’d sleep with just a fraction of a centimeter of tongue sticking out. I couldn’t help but take my index finger and gently flick that wee tongue back and forth, saying “Fleek fleek fleek” while he snored away obliviously.

    If I had that bebeh bear, I’d be saying “Fleek flocke fleek flocke fleek flocke.” Hee!

  63. Simply adorable.

  64. precious!

  65. I can’t look away, he won me over !!!

  66. That is only the most perfect polar bear name EVER.

  67. Mother Hen,

    U R right…let ’em die!

  68. OH MY GOSH!! This is like the best web site EVER that you can look at cute animals. I love the name knut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CCCCUUUUTTTTTEEEEEE OVVEERRRRLOOOOADDDD RROOCCKKKS!!