Behbeh polar bear saved from getting chomped

This lil’ "Knut Dos" is going to be hand-reared in the Nuremberg Zoo after it was feared Momma might chomp on him. [sad head tilt]

Check out the movie here.


Oh My Deer, nice submeeshons.



  1. Apparently his sibling already did get another bear, not Mom…sigh. Hope there isn’t all the controversy about whether or not he should have been rescued, like with Knut.

  2. Actually, another polar bear mother at the same zoo, chomped her two babies. And one or two days later, when this mother started restlessly dragging and kicking her baby around at the outside area (obviously she didn’t accept the room they offered her to raise the baby and didn’t know where to go hiding and got more and more stressed) they decided they won’t take the risk and separated mother and baby and now hand rear the baby. The mother misses the baby and was searching for it, she was a good mother and raised it well in the first couple of months. Only there was no place that she felt safe or good enough for her and her baby to go.

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    Cute bebeh bear, but saddddd captions =( It’s painful to think that mom on child violence is naturally unnatural, if that makes any sense.

  4. love baby nom nom noming up the milk.

  5. Woods Walker says:

    It is sad that a momma polar bear would kill its own. At the Toledo zoo this past year three polar bear cubs were born. At last report they were still doing well. By the way I went through cute withdrawal when visiting cousins in Texas over the holidays._Woods Walker

  6. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Wow…cute and sad….I want to bundle the baby up in a warm fluffy blanket & snorgle it until it’s possible it could cause me damage…hope it does well.

  7. What’s really sad is that some animal activists think it’s “degrading” that Knut’s being hand-raised and bottle-fed, and they’re demanding that he be killed. What happened to sanctity of life?

  8. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, I hoped that this prosh bebeh polar beario would be on CO! Adorable.

  9. Yitzysmommie says:

    ACK!! The video is beyond cute! The squealing, the legs! I NEED to snorgle this guy.

  10. Shouldn’t that be “Knut Zwei”?

  11. TamaraRose says:

    OMG! The only way she could be any cuter is if she sprouted bunny ears. I want to zzzrrrbrrrrt that belly!

  12. Momof2kitties says:

    OMG, are you kidding me? If I don’t get one of these stat, I will die. Die, I tell you!

    *races to Toys R Us*

  13. The stretch-and-yawn at the end is too much! I’m done for.

  14. I saw the way his mother let him fell out of his mouth? That was so sad to see…

  15. Aww she is so precious… poor little one and the poor Mamma Bear….

  16. Captain Cabinets says:

    Aww, how adorable. I think I’d probably end up chomping its tiny ears if I spent more than 5 minutes with it… it looks so much like a teddy bear!

  17. miltonvcat says:

    OMG. I wanna wrap it in blankets and snorgle it. And the snoring sounds at the end of the video? ::dies::

  18. stubbedoo says:

    Did anyone else watch the video and think he sounded like he was constantly farting? No? Ok, just me, then. I know, I’m gross. Eww.

  19. Sandra K. says:

    Obviously the mother bears are so stressed out in captivity that they resort to eating their young… shouldn’t this make people think about the cruelty of zoos and get busy preserving the animals’ habitat (including cooler tenperatures worldwide in this case)? the cub is adorable, but definitely sad in that he embodies all these politics.

  20. i wonder why moms do this sometimes. do they feel insecure raising babies in their environs, or is there something physically ‘wrong’ about the babies that only the mom can sense.

    it’s sad to us but there must be a nature reason for it. mothers of other species do it too. some things we just don’t know!

    anyways, look at that pot belly! sweet bebeh bear.

  21. Chubby! belly!

  22. TurboFloof says:

    This sweet bebeh made all the way to the front page of! I was hoping he’d make it here too! I love those hands that come down from heaven as soon as he starts crying – to scoop him up and give him milkinks! nahm, nahm, nahm…

  23. I was just about to send this in! Drats – foiled again!

    But bebeh polar bearzitude!!! Eeee AND squeeee!

  24. CheshireCat says:

    Awww, gotta love that paws up/yawning action at the end of the video.

  25. spongebrooke says:

    typically when moms do that it is because there is something wrong with the babies even though to us physically it may not appear so.

    he’s cute but PETA will turn the situation into another media circus i’m sure

  26. spongebrooke says:

    and i just wanted to add that moms in the wild do this as well.

    people think zoos are cruel but often do not stop and think of what the infant mortality rate is in the wild. it is 50% in some cases.

  27. Lots of animals can kill/eat/reabsorb (that last one I saw on an Animal Planet episode and was creeped out for a week. REABSORB!) their young, either out of rejection (for whatever reason) or stress due to a predator or danger. It’s more common than we’d think, yet many animals in captivity bear and rear their young without a problem.

  28. It’s actually the Nuernberger Zoo and yes, it should be “Knut Zwei” – and he is adorable

  29. Po’ bebbeh beoi. I will hug her an’ cuddle her an’ make her feeoiw all safe and snuggley!

  30. junglegirl says:

    Should be Do(s) Knut, eh? The powdered sugar kind.

    Also, the zoo’s must do all they can to make the location as accomodating as possible so the bears feel totally at home. Otherwise, why have them at all? I can’t go to zoos anymore anyway. Too sad. I’d rather watch them on TV in their natural habitat and pay money to preserve that than support the zoos.

  31. Ahh. Watched the video that’s linked. For those of you who can’t view it, here’s a rundown on the important bits:
    PAWS – up
    TONGUE – out
    BABY BEAR – tiredy and fallin’ asleep
    So cuh yoot!