Poor Man’s C.O.

Power outage? ISP shut down? Just grab a monitor husk and stick a kitteh back thar.

Not sure how you make comments tho.

offline, originally uploaded by anomalous4.


  1. oaklandcat says:

    Scratch n’ Sniff CO!

  2. omg what have I got to do to get a […]?! LOL

  3. Why, you just stick Post-It notes to the monitor, of course.

    If there’s a Commentroversy, they might start spilling over onto the desk, the room, the walls…

  4. It worked! Yay I’ve never been first in like 3 years 🙂 (two of my posts got suckered into a spam hideyhole thus the nature of the comment, I was talking to myself by that point LOL)

    Cute cat! I have a few suggestions for where to leave comments, not sure if they’re legal though? Does cat fur come clean easily?

  5. Dees kitteh looks particularly morose..

  6. shandrewsca says:

    Awww, kitty looks sad, wants to come out of box and play! C’mere little sweetie, I’ll play lots of kitty-cat games with you!

  7. oaklandcat says:

    I was thinking: this is Scratch n Sniff CO.

  8. Comments are relayed through nose boops. Nuffers get a nip afterwards =D

  9. Momof2kitties says:

    Yes, but where does the mouse go?

  10. Ahhhhhhh…..

  11. Hahaa purrfect idea for all those old ‘puter monitors that I’ve never gotten around to recycling! And soo 3D too! Just put your face right up close to the monitor and you can almost hear a soft purr and feel the snuggly marmy nose-fur 🙂

  12. So Cute!

  13. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Not to worry, Lucy. Cats come clean quite easily-in fact, they’re self cleaning. Wish my doggies were…

    Just be sure to use non-toxic ink for any comments. Oh, and the mouse? Duhhh…the cat ate it!

  14. awwww.

    I think comments are made with voice-input only, and must be along the lines of “who’s my sweet little fuzziwuzzicuteysweetiepiekins?”

    Or otherwise, a good ear-skritching will do.

  15. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Great idea! For when I get fired and can’t afford internet cuz I’m on CO all day at work. So worth it, tho!

  16. Now that’s a live-action computer game. *** Kitteh look a little sad though; maybe he wish for more RAM? Slow kittehs cannot catch the computer mousies.

  17. Teho, can I rent your housecleaning services for every blog I read? You’re ever so handy!!

  18. How sweet of the kitty to volunteer for cuteness! I have to beg mine.

  19. snorglepup says:

    At last! User friendly softwarez. Purrrfect…

  20. oh, this kind of set up would be perfect for all those folks who’ve been wishing to be able to snorgle the cute pets displayed in this web site! 😀

  21. i see this computer already has the right software installed.

  22. Okay, I’m tossing out my real puter right now so I can get me one of these lo-tech versions.

  23. Thanks Cheryl!

    My comment did show up as the first, but for some odd reason it’s now second and has a word blanked out lol! I love how this happens to me, yet the great spammer of yesterday breezed straight through LOL!!

    *gets crayons for kitty comments*

  24. [=”=] I love it!

  25. oaklandcat says:

    Lucy- my comment was first “under review” to make sure it wasn’t spam. I guess I passed, cuz it posted later. I of course, reposted my comment later on so now I look like the idiot…

  26. This may revolutionize IT Help Desks everywhere!! People would be HAPPY that their ‘puter croaked!

    I can hear the automated options now:

    “If your computer is broken, Press 1. Press 2 if your computer is NOT broken, but you want the kitten loaner anyway.

    Please select your replacement desktop: Press 1 for an orange kitty. Press 2 for a black kitty…..”

  27. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    you make comments with post it notes stuck on the sides of the monitor!

  28. chet's momma says:

    i like the word “husk!” It’s kewt, but I don’t know why!

  29. oh lolz! so many lolz! i love it! thanks for making my day better, cute overload!

  30. Oh hai! Doez dis ‘puter comez wid tech supportz?

  31. That is the cutest screen saver I have ever seen.

  32. Dunno about poor man’s, as you could actually snorgle the subject here.

  33. YES! xkcd and Cute Overload cross-linked at last~ 😀

  34. Ruth — cross-linked? Are you saying Randall Munroe has a link to Cute Overload somewhere on his site too?? (‘cos I thought he only linked to other webcomics)

  35. CoffeeCup says:

    Does it come with anti-virus?

  36. tmmkitten says:

    awww! we have a bunch of ‘puter cat beds at my house. the wee kittens love them!!!


  38. Does this come in a screen saver size too?


    And maybe a mouse pad?

    Then I nominate them for the calendar. But I have no say. So ignore me. C:

  39. joliesmom says:

    This picture could have been much cuter if the cat didn’t look like such a party pooper.

  40. Yitzysmommie says:

    He’s not a party pooper, he’s just accessing the gaziga bytes of info on the Innerwebs. You’d be concentrating, too.
    This is such a great idea! Would certainly cure my nose printz on the screen problema.

  41. CheshireCat says:

    Kitteh is just very serious about helping peeps who are suffering from cute-withdrawal.

  42. Er, sorry Theo, I think I must have meant interlinked, which is halfway there! Though I have seen CO linked many times by others on the xkcd blog/forums ( and just about everywhere else for that matter :3 ). I just like watching bits of the internet collide. ^_^;;

    [Me too… and if you do happen to see Mr. Munroe linking to us, please feel free to point it out! I’m a big fan… – Ed.]

  43. How handy! I think I’ll try this at work today.

  44. this post was made of win. lolcat + xkcd = my geeky heart is full of joyness

  45. anomalous4 says:

    awwwwwwwwww shuckx – mai veri furstest CO! thx!

    @ A thinker & Rachel of Cyberia: i can has postit notz! dey iz all ovr mai monniter (teh siedz 2) & shelfs & wall nex 2 mai dexk. iz has dem all ovr teh wall in teh othr r00m 2 cuz wen iz reeds or hearz teh funneh stufz i iz rite it down so i can finds it l8r.

    sum tiems iz betr den puter cuz i can haz postit notz in pokkit all teh tiem. no can has puter in pokkit nowai! (no can stikx puter on frendz 4hedz & eyglassz neethr lololol!)

    @ peepz hu sais kitteh iz looks all sad: kitteh iz lonlee & is want sum1 2 gets off othr puter & use dis one. den kitteh AND hy00mon no has teh sadz nemoar.

    kitteh allso noes dat lookz sad iz rly g00d wai 2 get peepz 2 pay tenshun 2 dem. jus liek teh n00b hy00minz.

    @ Marianne & tmmkitten: sum peeps maded old macs in2 pots 4 plantz & sum peepz maded dem into fishz tankx. but i tinks kitteh beds is mush moar betr.

    @ CoffeeCup: kitteh iz no wry bout icky puter virisz but iz stil has 2 go to icky scary old vetz offis & gets teh shotz. DO NOT WANT!!!

    @ Tutts: =blush= i no tinkx kitteh can has callender paje cuz i no tekd pitchur, i iz jus lolzd it. mai b meg & teho can findz peep hu tekd it & peep sais k u can has callender!

    p.s. ichcb can haz kitteh in imac yester dai. yaaaaaay!

    [Whoa, A4, we don’t actually speak LOLcat over here! You’re making folks’ eyes cross… is it cans be Babelfish tiem nao plz? – Ed.]

  46. I only have 1 thing to say…


  47. OMG, the casting ooup of the day! CO + XKCD + ICHC?! BRILLIANT!

    Oh, and cute kitteh.

  48. Um, that was casting *coup*. Brainsplode, sorry.

  49. I ackshally liked “Ooup” better.
    There is an ancient neon sign near me that says “KENTILE FLOORS.” One day, the leg on the “R” burned out, leaving “KENTILE FLOOPS.” I was sorry when they fixed it.

  50. Cute but sad???

  51. WOW Thanks Kitty for upgrading me to a CAT-PUTER.
    It’s like the latest and greatest.

  52. anomalous4 says:

    sry i thot babelfish wus tuna so i eated him. wuz not so gret akshuly. 🙂

    Seriously, I just haven’t been the same since I started working on the LOLcat Bible translation project 3 months ago (under a different alias).

    Sometimes I have a hard time getting out of LOLspeak and back into peepspeak – but then that tends to happen when I’ve been immersed in another language for a while. It doesn’t take long for me to actually start thinking in that language.

    Over the holidays I freaked out one of my teenage nieces by carrying on practically a whole conversation with her in LOLspeak. Almost everyone else was going “HUH? WOTTHE??!!!” but my kid bro and my other niece were practically busting a gut ROFLing.


  53. does this model come in laptop as well?

    i need kitteh for my lappie.

  54. anomalous4, I’m LOVING the LOLCat Bible! So far I’ve only made it to Genesis 34, but it’s a work in progress for me.

  55. TurboFloof says:

    Dis is what ma kitteh looks like when he’s taking a big dahmp. It’s litterbox face. Which is very appropo since that’s what most of my e-mailbox has in it anyway…

  56. Cute+nerd=we’re taking over America and no one is noticinks (singsong)! Viva la Cute!

  57. HEhehe okay now I looked at that comic and I am visualizing my cats running around with sticky notes all over them.

  58. I love the floating text on this: “O HAI I UPGRADED UR EVRYTHING”

    And it’s true. A cat is, more often than not, better than a functioning computer.


  59. Where I volunteer we keep spiders. We used to keep a black widow in an old (well sealed off) mac screen. It had the requisite corny joke about the “world wide web.”

  60. @brinnann – i rited hol story ov joseph & editd sum of noah. 🙂

    Now you know why I’m having so much trouble shifting my gears back into peepspeak….. =8-O

  61. Lol…

  62. Momof2kitties says:

    The LOLcat bible has me ROFLMBO, too. My daughter thinks I’m nutz, but I luff eet. Iz vry fnny!

  63. I think I just lost several brain cells.

    Please avoid irritating posts like this. The picture alone would have been just fine.


    No worries, Anon. We’ve got a little something for everyone. If LOLspeak isn’t to your tastes, try a little Conrad…

  65. insertnamehere.99999 says:

    oh noes! not an othr nuffer! ju no lieks, ju no spoils fun 4 teh othr CO pplz, k?