Plant your kitteh bulbs now for Spring!

Just another Martha-esque reminder from your friends at C.O. that it’s time to plant your kitteh bulbs for Spring viewing. Plant your Marmalades in a row to have kittehs by April.


If you live in a warmer climate, you can store kitteh bulbs in the fridge prior to plantingks [head tilt]

Right, Jorden C.?



  1. it keels me! *thunk*

  2. Oh my I want some kittie bulbs!@! Do you think they sell them at Lowes or Menards?!?

    Btw if I plant them to close together will I get a hybrid kittie? o_0

  3. Very sweet and a nice spring picture for us snowbound Northerners to remember spring is coming. Just want to snuggle up with kitten!

  4. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Ah, so loverly. What a perfect Spring picture. All muzzy and fuzzy, and that’s just the kitten.

    I have always wanted a marmie. I will go to sleep now and dream of marmies and Spring.

  5. Omg I want to plant! But what the heck do the bulbs look like?! My garden centre manager looked at my funny when I asked for pussy bulbage!! He said get out before we call security. lmao. Prudes.

    Anyone got any idea?! I’m not keen on marmie but I’d like a row of those spotty expensive ones – bengals?

    I just did a tinternet search and apparently ebay have them, and what the heck is this?!

    “When I got my nose double-pierced many years ago, the top piercing would develop one of those pussy bulbs.”


  6. Lucy,

    Have you been drinking?

    I love the Kitteh Flowers too! I want!

  7. Hehe! He’s got that predatory look already.

  8. Put kitteh bulbs in refrigerator?!! Never! They have to be warmed, not cooled. And I’m just the person to do it! Send me your kitteh bulbs for warming–puleez.

  9. thatgirlshines says:

    i like how meg calls the orange kittehs marmalades. i’ve always called them (and heard them called) gingers.

  10. CheshireCat says:

    Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
    How do your kittayns grow?
    With tiny paws, and whiskered jaws,
    and ginger stripes all in a row.

  11. Juniper Jupiter says:


    That’s cute, CheshireCat!

  12. I ‘m a lonely little marmie in a tulip patch
    a tulip patch
    a tulip Patch
    I’m a lonely little marnie in a tulip patch
    meowing all the day!

  13. Marmie Garden!

    Although March and April ARE the biggest kittie birth months…and gestation is about 58 days….so, now’s the time to play that sexy kitteh music in your gardens.

    (Actually, please have your pets spayed and neutered).

    Loooovvvvveee the marmies in the b.g., too…I sense there are more pics from this series somewhere waiting to pounce….

  14. Spring can’t come soon enough for me.

  15. oaklandcat says:

    Utterly prosh little kitten.

  16. embertine says:

    Is Jorden C the owner of the delectable Queen of the Furbrow, Toasty? If so, please may we have moar pics of her? I am a cat person, but the pic of Toasty in the back of your car pwns my soul entirely.

  17. acelightning says:

    How come I sometimes get asked to prove I’m not a spambot, when a six-paragraph spam message from “dumplings” gets through just fine?

  18. That is one interested looking kitteh. I want to smoosh his face into my mouf.

  19. Here is my garden planted kitteh, my bebe when he was teeny. I wubs him!

  20. Galllggghhhhh !!!!! Ded.

  21. It has been unusually warm this week where I live (in the Northeast), with temperatures in the 50s and 60s. This only makes me want to run around outside like a crazy person even more!

  22. marmies are my favorite flowers.

    i like to mix in some torties, which serve as a pleasant border.

  23. AlaskaCat says:

    You can find kitten bulbs in the same aisle as the pussy willows and cat tails.

  24. metsakins says:

    Lucy you are too funny. We used to have a regular supply of spring kittens ’cause one of my neighbors would fix her cat. Said it was too expensive!

    (Too expensive for me, I kept taking them and I spay nueter vaccinate and whatever else the vet says.)

    down to one daughter and a grandson from the “mother of all cats” as we used to call her.

  25. metsakins says:

    would NOT fix her cat.


  26. AlaskaCat says:

    You can find kitten bulbs in the same aisle as the pussy willows and cat tails.

  27. Ohlookachicken says:

    Oh too, too cute for me. I wants it!!!

  28. ack! spam! theo, help! confound you, dumpling – keep your spam outta co!

  29. Patty P – he’s adowabble!!

  30. Yes little one, that is where kittens come from, with a lot of purrtilizer.

  31. Always so cute when little kittehs play in the garden…

  32. I love the look on his little face. My cats do this at windows and we call it “smelling springtime”

  33. Hooray! New wallpaper! This is just too cute. I want to buy some kitteh bulbs!

  34. Thanks metsakins 🙂 You’re doing a great job there. People like that are irrisponsible (Sp) I would give you a kitty award if I had one.

    – omg that’s the biggest bit of spam I ever saw! It’s the king of spamage!! How rude lol.

  35. charliewabba says:

    Be careful to plant right side up or you will have a garden full of kitty ‘tocks.
    If anyone has some kitty bulbs that need to be divided, let me know…

  36. Ace, Jen, Lucy — what spam?


  37. Momof2kitties says:

    The Beatles may have had an octopuses garden, but we, we CO’ers have kitteh garden! Yay!

    And I’m thinkin’ a garden full o’ kitteh ‘tocks might not be such a bad thing, actually.

    We have deer that eat our tulips. Will they eat the kitteh buds, too?

  38. Planting kitteh bulbs now means a lovely bouquet of kittehs in the spring!

  39. Looks like his lil’ sniffer is sniffin!

  40. The pic and this whole line of puns and songs has totally made my day!!!!

    I wish I didn’t have a brown thumb, or I’d grow me a garden of kitteh’s!!!

  41. StormCat, in this case a brown thumb just means your kitties would all be brown, or shades thereof. I guess that would include tan, so maybe you could still grow marmies since some have shades of it mixed with their orange swirls.

  42. Mary Mary quite contrary
    How does your garden grow
    with Marmalades
    and torties brave
    and Tuxies all in a row.

  43. I had a mamie for 17 1/2 years (she died from heart disease, bless her sweet soul) and we called her color amber. What an intense look in this adorable bebeh’s eyes!

  44. tulasi-priya says:

    Lord have mercy. Stopped me cold. Thanks.

  45. what a funny looking little kitty. i’ve never seen a blonde with blue eyes before. 🙂

  46. stubbedoo says:

    I don’t remember seeing this in my Burpee’s catalog!

  47. Oh oh oh, sweet baby! Lookit that expression, I just ADORE the look on marmie’s face =D My two greys look JUST like that now, but for the color 😉

  48. Mary (the first) says:

    Wow.. adorable kitten and two different posts with poems celebrating my kitteh garden (although I am dismayed to be called “contrary”). If I could grow bebehs like this, I might actually like gardening. (btw someone mentioned calling this color “ginger”, I believe it’s an American/English thing: we say marmalade, y’all say ginger. Either way, adorable!)(I had one once named Duke, short for Marmaduke, marmalade, see what I mean.)

  49. Ok…Yes this is a cute picture, but as an animal lover, I have issues with the caption! We need to spay and neuter our pets…especially kitties! Our animal shelters are overcrowded and overpopulated, and the only way to solve this problem is to keep the animals from reproducing! Ok…I’ll get off my soapbox now…

  50. Did you guys notice there’s a second stealth ninja kitteh to the left(he’s sort of out of focus)?

  51. Why yes I did David. That would be kitteh’s bud.

  52. Actually, it looks like he’s sizing up that tulip. He’s like (in Pepperidge Farm remembers voice), “Looks like a fine crop this year. Yes, a fine crop indeed.”

  53. Speaking from experience, as ‘blob’ is an adult of this variety, be sure to leave plenty of space between each set of bulbs. They can get really big!

  54. Megan, that’s the great thing about them coming in bulb form now: If you don’t have room to grow them or time to take care of them, you can save the bulbs until you’re ready to plant them.

  55. This reminds me of one of the ditties (this one about pussy willows) my dad used to sing. Of course, it was from a more innocent era when certain words didn’t have different connotations, but it’s still rather sweet:

    When the pussies on the willow open in the spring,
    If you listen very closely you can hear them sing:
    “We are pussies, we are pussies in our coats of fur!
    We are pussies, we are pussies, though we never purr!”

  56. Patty P–that’s an enerable pic of your purply kitteh.

  57. aoife – that poem is really sweet!

  58. Aoife,
    that’s a pretty witty kitty ditty!

  59. kira -“pretty witty kitty ditty” lol

  60. pny, he does have that mature-beyond-his-age thing going, like a 5 year ago that walks into a stranger’s house and says “yup, this ones a real fixer-upper”.

  61. Mary (the first) says:

    looks to me like more than one stealth kitteh in the background.. at least one, maybe more.. I see ears, and then a ‘tock that doesn’t seem to line up with the ears, and in between a smudge that is a different level of blurry and therefore probably farther away.. omg lots of kittehs! LOVE them

  62. Beautiful!! Did anyone notice the kittie ears just beginning to sprout on his left? Awwwww.

  63. My dad had a million ditties. Unfortunately, we didn’t record or write them down (always thought we’d have time to do that later), dad is now gone, and my brother and I can remember only a few.

    And I agree: there are at least two stealth kittehs in the background.

  64. awww…. i want kitty flowers! Love the look on the babies face! and the ears behind just kill me! 🙂

  65. Hmph. I tried that and they all came up squirrels.

  66. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh Squeee! I shall plan t row of moggies and a row of marmies and a row of torties ad a row of apple headed Siamese, and a row of British Shorthair and a row of Black and White Moo kitties like Yitzy and a row of shelter kittens….and then my hubby won’t have to mow the lawn! Imagine all the fluff in shed season!

  67. Maybe the 3 glasses of wine talking, but I think this is the one thing I could successfully grow in my yard.

    If only I the geraniums would purr when I pet them…

  68. I have EIGHT cats (including two 6 mth old kittens!) and this pic makes me want to seed my entire backyard with Kitteh blubs! Toooo cute!

    Maybe I could just get one in each color? ::Looks around:: I don’t have a marmie yet…

  69. acelightning says:

    Thanks, Theo!

  70. acelightning says:

    Thanks, Theo!
    (And, with supreme irony, that original short message was first tested with a captcha, and then resulted in this error message:
    ‘We’re sorry, your comment has not been published because TypePad’s antispam filter has flagged it as potential comment spam. It has been held for review by the blog’s author.”)

  71. Is it just me, or is that kitteh wearing mascara?

  72. That is so cute it is rannunculus!

  73. Katrina — Thanks so much for your hilarious horticultural reference. =D

  74. Whoa, Katrina & Erica — that one blew right over my head, and I really liked my botany classes too…

  75. Kitten bulbs are more appropriately stored in the sock drawer…