This snake is OBVIOUSLY trying to hug the monitor

But he has no arms…


So he’s all: "Ehn!" [head curls around monitor in lieu of arms]


Nice Hawaiian shirt mousepad and anerable snake-a-tude, Lesley C. Since this behbeh snake doesn’t have fur, please expect major Nuff action on this one…



  1. I lof he.
    Snakes are perfect and their skin is actually very soft and snuggly. But hold carefully or he pee on you!

  2. I like this snake. She’s got sass!

  3. I’m not much of a snake fan, but anybody who likes CO is a friend of mine!

  4. I like:
    1) the snake’s dramatic patterning vs. the stark MacBook
    2) the obligatory Cute Overload page showing in Safari
    3) the fact that Mr. Bounce isn’t nomming upon this snake’s hiney
    4) SNOXCU!

  5. shweet widdle snakie. he feels teh lof. it’s twoo!

  6. GreenEyedHawk says:

    What a lovely snake! My snakes also frequently like to explore my monitor. I think the brightness of it attracts them.

  7. A friend of mine had a snake that always had to curl up on my shoulder when I visited. It is very nice to be wanted…

  8. wanted to make a snake and apple reference but i think it would be too forced

  9. Amazing. Last night I was thinking about how CO could use a few more snakes.

  10. Awww. I like snakies.

  11. snakes are silky. i’m not sure if i could see them as cute, but they sure are important critters and i respect their abilities.

  12. Persephone says:

    Aww, snake hug! Awesome.

    Also, has anyone noticed that almost every computer pictured on CO has been a Mac? I wonder if there’s a hidden agenda there… 😀 (mac person myself, so not complaining)

  13. hehehe awesome post! Ehn-ing snaksies!!

  14. I’m scared of snakes!

  15. Mary Coffins says:


  16. shandrewsca says:

    This is obviously a well-loved snake judging by the smoothness and shinyness of his skin. His markings are lovely. Cute, err no, but *I* think he is beautiful nonetheless 🙂

  17. Cute laptop! Oh, right, the snake.

  18. smmooooooovvveeee.
    i think the lil snake is looking for the gray kitteh-
    “maybe he izzzz behind here”
    is a pretteh snake, but cannot really cuddle
    ( though i have never had one to try )
    i guess, yes. this can be cute. No nuffin outta me.

  19. Peekin’ head over ‘puter to say Oh hai! I like snakey! Snake has good taste.

  20. I notice that the mouse is missing.

    @Persephone, maybe there should be a Mac category ?

  21. Joe,

    * snapple *

  22. Redsrevenge says:

    Aww, trying to hug something with no arms… CUTE OR SAD?

  23. Mike,

    very funny!

  24. No nuffs from me!! Beautiful baby snake!

  25. scary!!!

  26. liz is correct – the thought of a fuzzy grey kitteh in a cooking pot has the little fella all excited and happy. Since the little grey kitteh is in no danger at alls – – CUTE!

    (P.S., I get all my CO on a Mac…)

  27. lol!! i agree with redsrevenge, SO FUNNY/sad :”(

    what is:
    -nuff action
    -mr. bounce (im lookin at you, theo)
    -SNOXCU (still looking, theo!) is it snake overoad xtreme close up?

  28. I have to say, this is the first time I’ve seen a snake here or anywhere else and not thought, “EWWWW!” Wouldn’t necessarily label it as cute, but it’s a step in the right direction for me!

  29. snoopysnake says:

    Snakes are very very cuddly. Our four corn snakes certainly are. They’re not furry, but are very silky, as one poster above. More snakes on CO, please! Yesssssss!

  30. Stephanie S. says:

    Soo cute! I love snakes and reptiles! I used to want a red rat snake as a child, but my father would have none of it. sigh…

  31. Wow, that snake looks a heck of a lot like a King Snake I once owned until life got in the way. We never could figure out exactly what kind of snake she was because of her odd coloring. It was almost a mix between a King Snake and a Milk Snake. Don’t suppose anyone knows the exact breed?

  32. liz, snakes are the best cuddlers of all, especially the big ones. They wrap around you to absorb your body heat, thus creating one big twisty cuddle. I do think, however, that they might be hard to snorgle.

  33. CheshireCat says:

    Reasons I want a McSnakersons:
    1.Snakes are fasicnating and beautiful creatures.
    2. As demonstrated here, they can also be cute!
    3.They can provide excellent prank-playing opportunities *shifty eyes* Just kidding.

  34. Skerrington says:

    Soooooo cute!

    Wookit da widdow face!!


  35. ok brinnann-
    next chance i get i will not pass up a possible snake-cuddle. (will avoid the snorgle, i dont think a snake out like ya blowin raspberries in its, “belly?”)

  36. Allegra, I know you asked Theo, but I thought I’d try to help out.
    – To understand nuff action, here’s the definition for nuff:
    (Here’s the rest of the glossary, also found under the “More, More, More” heading on the far right: )
    – Mr.Bounce is the marmie that Rikki is sitting on:
    – Not positive about SNOXCU, but I’m thinking it may be Snake Nosicle Overload Xtreme Close Up.

  37. Well, liz, if you did try to blow raspberries on his belly, you’d have a good chance of not missing it since it pretty much runs the whole length of his body. If you try the raspberries, let me know how that turns out. 😉

  38. i think this is a ball python? not sure. an old friend of mine had a couple of them. i could ‘wear’ one around my neck, which really freaked out the neighbors.

  39. CUTE! But my friend who has snakes teased me once for talking to them like one talks to fuzzy animals (“Hiiiii, Cutie! Look at you! You’re so pretty! Where are you going now, hunh?”).

  40. Snakes! Snakes are so cool! The last time it warmed up unexpectedly in the middle of summer, I was running along and nearly stepped on a tiny garter snake.

    Snake: OMG!
    Me: OMG!
    Snake: *coil*Do not eat! I bite yu! omg giant human!
    Me: You are so cute!!
    Snake: I bite! I swear!
    Me: So cute!!

    In summation, snakes are cool.

  41. Warmed up unexpectedly in the middle of winter, even. Durr. Although sometimes a warm day in the summer is odd for the Northeast too.

  42. I’m going to cut into the cute-speak here…

    @jmanna: It appears to be an Eastern Milk Snake –

    Snakes don’t have breeds, per se – in this case, the species has a wide variety of colors and patterns in subspecies. Some species are bred for specific genetic color “morphs”.

    OK, continue gushin over this prosh mcsnakersons.

  43. SixFootJen says:

    Wheeee, snakey! Sooooo pretty. I actually just checked the comments to roll my eyes at the nuffers, so delighted to see they have not made much of an appearance. I appreciate that Holy Cuteness and Mary Coffins were able to express their personal non-love of snakes without telling everyone else that they are wrong for being fond of the suborder Serpentes. Sssssssssssnakes!

  44. berthaslave says:

    I hate, hate, hate legless reptiles. This is well-known. HOWEVER.

    The ones that are not as thick as my arms, well-cared for, and clearly not in a predatory pose (or in their natural environs hidden where I can’t see them) do not send me into paroxysms of fear.

    Thus, while I do NOT concede or agree that CO needs “more” legless reptiles, I WILL admit to the following:

    It’s kind of a cute picture. As long as I don’t have to be there in real life. My best to the devil’s familiar and it’s brave human caretaker.

  45. uncleMonty says:

    Meg, that’s no mousepad! It’s a coaster. (I have a set of 4 just like it.)

  46. Peg of Tilling says:

    Snake + Apple = Biblical Allegory

    (Allegory of what I’ve no idea)

  47. …oh, and thanks, BrinnAnn

  48. CoffeeCup says:

    Snakes: not cuddly. BUT, I see how they might be interpreted as cute. This little guy just kind of gives me the heebie jeebies, but I don’t like slithery things.

    Random question. Do snakes yawn? That strikes me as being kind of horrific to watch and somehow kind of hilarious too.

  49. Yitzysmommie says:

    Mr Snake Hips McSlitherpants here is pretty cute, but if I walked into my computer room to see a snakey snorgling MY computer, you all would hear the scream!

  50. Actually, it’s more likely a corn snake, and its coloring is referred to as “anerytheistic” or “anery” for short.

  51. falnfenix says:

    Jen – definitely not a ball…with that head, it’s in the corn/rat family.

  52. Samantha, you mean “anery” as in “anerable?”

  53. coffeecup- i don’t know if they yawn but they do an open-wide mouth stretch to keep limber.

  54. LOL at twig’s McSnakerson dialogue!

  55. coffeecup- yes, snakes yawn, and it’s really really cute to see.

  56. Snakey yawns are awesome!

    And this guy is totally cute, by virtue of how much he resembles a periscope. “What, ho! Do I spot land on the far side of that yonder table?”

  57. Jupiter Star says:

    SNAKEY! YAY! *Spazzes all over the place*

    I’d say something about wanting to find something like teeeewtally anerable specimen on my laptop someday, but sadly, that would probably mean that my fluffy parakeets would have been eaten ^_^.;; Well, a girl can dream…

  58. Brinn Thank you for the translation I was going around the snoxcu ten ways to next week trying to figure out the SN part. Never try to think while at work…

    Also LOL at *Snapple*
    And Peg of Tilling. with her Biblical Allegory.

  59. I think we need to post a Biblical Alligator. Anybody got one?

  60. Definitely not a ball. The head reminds me of a carpet python, but it wouldn’t be holding so still if it was!

  61. aaaaaaw! wook at de widdle behbeh anery-A sweetypie! Looks like she may be banded, too. What an adorable little crumpet! I’ve wanted an Anery to add to my collection for a while now, but somehow I always end up going home with the Amels.

  62. SuperJdynamite says:

    “Do snakes yawn?”

    Yes, but it’s because their jaws sometimes need realignment.

    Also, I could be wrong, but I believe that’s a juvenile black rat snake. The coloration turns blacker as the snake ages.

  63. Mr Snake Hips McSlitherpants!

    Mr Snake Hips McSlitherpants!

  64. He’s a darling little cornsnake. YAY! More snakies!

  65. Theo:

    Adam ?

  66. sockmonster sarai says:

    He’s beautiful! I love to look at legless reptiles even though I’m not too into them as pets. It comes from growing up in an area where 9 out of 10 legless reptiles are venomous. You develop a very strong “look, but don’t touch the pretty McSnakersons!” reflex. Maybe we should ask the Sender-Inner what sort of snake he is?

  67. NOT cute!!!!

  68. Here Mandi, have some soup. It’ll make you feel better after having to look at Mr. SnakeHips McSlitherpants.

  69. Never thought a snake would get me to coo.

    But there you have it. Awwww.

  70. A sure friend for Mr McSnakersons who was being all sniffed by a cat and smiling a while ago! I like snakes faces they look a bit like cats somehow. :3

  71. Good work, Brie!

    (super hero high-five)

    Also, I love snakes. Used to give me the willies, but now I only don’t keep one because: a) my mum would never cross my threshold ever again, and b) I’d have to feed the thing mice! Blegh.

  72. Cute! And I’d like to lend my support to the “snakes are cuddly” camp. Cause they are.

  73. charliewabba says:

    Normally snakes make me shimmy like your sister Kate, but the “ehn”-ing SNOXCU is pretty cute.

  74. CORN SNAKE! Love it, and they ARE cuddly and need lots of loving! 🙂 Mine is a great example of that. She loves to be held and snorgled. She sends a happy “ssssssssssssssssssssssss” too all the CO snake supporters!

  75. bananasforbunnies says:

    Snakes are very cute.

  76. Me and my brothers (Angus and Misha) do not think snakes are cute. In fact we thinks snakes are kind of scary. Maybe the cute snake people should have a blog or category of their own?

  77. How refreshing to read all the positive comments about snakes! I like snakes a lot (well, ok, I have to admit that I like most animals better than I like most people) and think they’re simply beautiful.

  78. Oh my goodness, what a completely GORGEOUS snake. *covets*

  79. cassandra says:

    it has a dinner bump

  80. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Here are a couple examples of an anerythristic (anery) corn snake:

    This is my baby anery, Nocturne.

  81. Well… snakes aren’t quite as cute as say puppies n’ kitties n’ bunnies n’ stuff, but I suppose an occassional appearance is cool. I think they are fine, fine animals. They are lovely. And maybe even snuggly. But I definately do not like their eating habits. You know… what’s on the menu. ‘Cause of my love for the little critters (ratties and hammies and such).

  82. It’s an anerythristic jungle corn snake (California king/anerythristic corn hybrid) and it’s a she! Her name is Lucy and she recently turned 2.

    Thanks to everyone at CO, and all the CO readers! Snakes rock and so do you.

    Lucy’s Mom 🙂

  83. Our corn snake passed away last year but we miss her dearly. This is reminding me of how cute she could be. She had a little heart on her head. This little girl is adorable, too!

  84. Good job on the soup, Brinn! I’ll take some please 😀

  85. SQUEEEEEE!!! What a pretty snake! I lubs eet!

  86. ClaudesMom says:

    I cannot help it. I is skeerd of teh snakies. An I must say … NUFF! give me… FLUFF!

  87. No ’nuffin’ from me, I *love* snakes! Which is good because I live in Australia so chances are good I’ll run into a snake or two in my lifetime. I remember the first snake I touched – a huge carpet python that sat across my shoulders. He’d just been under the heat lamp so he was all warm and dry and smooth and muscular. Very nice! A real cutie! And so is that snake! 😀

  88. Marissposa says:

    weighing in on the side of supercute

  89. Snake ≠ cute.

    Although if his name really is McSnakersons or Snakypants…

  90. acelightning says:

    Snakes are beautiful and graceful. I’d have one (or more) as a pet myself, but I’m another one of those people who’s just too soft-hearted to feed them the live prey they require. And that’s a really neat picture of the snake slithering over the top of the laptop.

  91. snoopysnake says:

    You can feed snakes thawed purchased frozen rodents. It’s not essential to feed live food to many captive bred species. Often this is recommended and preferred by breeders and herp vets.

  92. I must admit that their menu is the only reason I could never have one either. Well, that and Mr. McSnakersonpants might think my other furry babies are dinner. Snoopysnake’s suggestion for frozen food might help a little, but even frozen they’d still look like the animals they were.

  93. For me, snakes are not usually cute. Snakes are BEAUTIFUL and, somehow, magical.

    However, snakie trying to hug CO is cute. Snakie saying “ehn!” is extra cute.

  94. I fell in love with a snake once. She lived at a nature center in Altadena, CA and her name was “Rosy Boa”. She looked exactly like a snake with the head & face of a cute little mouse. Every time I went there I just had to go say hi to “Rosy”. Sadly, she perished in one of the wildfires several years ago, but this pic reminded me of just how sweet snakes can be.

  95. snoopysnake,
    gross! I will never look into my freezer again. LOL

  96. Awww! The snake hug was great, and the little close up “ehn!” was the icing on the cake! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cuter snake!

  97. I support a diverse representation of cuteness… but I am a bit phobic of both cute snakes and ugly snakes.

    This little guy ended up in my dreams last night. some little boy wanted to show me his pet simon… simon ended up being the cutie from this post… and I woke up at 4am screaming ‘stop, no, no, no”.


  99. “Dingdingdingding! We have a winner! Tell them what they’ve won Bob!”

    “Well, Jim, they’ve won… a life-time supply of pudding and soup!”

  100. Snakes always have the grooviest togs. 🙂

  101. Michelle, what’s a tog?

  102. EzzzzzACKly, Brinn.

    er wait… soup?

    (also, “tog” = singular form of “togs”, or Hip Threads)

  103. Momof2kitties says:




  104. For those looking for frozen food for reptiles, may I suggest the company appropriately named, “Mice on Ice?”

    Seriously, my friend used them and never had a problem. Their stationary however freaked out several people in the office.

  105. LOL @ Twig’s garter snake encounter interpretation.

  106. snoopysnake says:

    Many pet shops (including the big chains) now sell frozen snake food (rodents) which are bred and pre-packaged by companies specifically for reptile comsumption. I wish snakes were vegetarians or at least carnivores, but alas, they are not, as are most likely 99+ percent of dogs and cats. I do eat a lot of vegetarian meals myself, BTW.

    “Anery,” BTW, is herp keeper talk for the lack of red/yellow coloring in snakes such as corn snakes. My snakes are “amels” which have red/yellow but no black. “Normal” corn snakes have red, yellow, and black and which often give a brown pattern appearance from the different scale colors being on one snake.

  107. What a cutie! Wonderful, healthy, curious creature. More snakes, please. And how about a tarantula? They’s furry!

  108. Oh, man. GORGEOUS! The snake, I mean, although I also covet the Mac.

    I’ve worked with lots of snakes in my park naturalist guise. Last summer, I worked in Eastern Hognose country. We had an ambasSSSSsador called Hoggy, who was the sweetest snake I’ve ever met. We let her sit on our laps while we were in the office, and she’d just curl up and relax.

    Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: Snakes are completely cuddly!

  109. acelightning says:

    Well, yes, I do know about frozen rodents… but I’m not too thrilled about dead mice in my freezer, right next to the frozen veg and Ben & Jerry’s…

  110. JulieRaven says:

    This reminds me of Antsy Pants’ song Tree Hugger.

    And the rattlesnake said,
    “I wish I had hands so
    I could hug you like a man.”
    And then the cactus said,
    “Don’t you understand,
    My skin is covered with sharp spikes
    That’ll stab you like a thousand knives.
    A hug would be nice,
    But hug my flower with your eyes.”


    That song makes me feel warm fuzzy <3

  111. I think more snakes are in order for CO :O!
    They can be sooo adorables.

  112. Theo, over on CuteTalk we were pondering the possible effects of soup on nuffs as opposed to pudding. Some people get offended when the pudding is produced, so I thought maybe nice, warm soup might help calm them. Besides, as we found out from our wildly irregular discussions, everyone loves soup.

  113. Snakes like warm places, just like kittehs. Of course it makes sense that you’d find one lounging on a laptop occasionally!

    I think snakes are way cool. When I was in fourth grade, a zookeeper brought in an indigo snake named Inky. I thought she was one of the most gorgeous critters I’d ever seen, a deep eggplant color with a shine like 3 coats of TurtleWax (OK, SnakeWax………)

    I was the only kid in the class who would even touch her, so I got to hold her while the zookeeper gave his talk. I was Heavy Hot Stuff at the next recess. If I hadn’t earned my way into the Guys’ Club before, I sure did that day!

  114. No, no, no! I don’t care whether it’s a frozen mouse — specially bred for reptile consumtion? yuk!! — or not, I will never ever ever feed a mouse, rat, or any other rodent or small furry critter to a snake! The only thing it would get from me is veges and maybe a small piece of hamburger. (Yes, yes I know what it used to be — don’t go there.)

    So, I guess my point is this… I will never have a snake. Like I said earlier, they are pretty and I have a great respect for them. But I can’t stand their eating habits.

    p.s. this one was cute, though

  115. snoopysnake says:

    More snakefacts: snakes are extra shiny right after they shed their skin. They get a very different, paler, matte, coloring days before shedding, and often their eyes turn blue. (My snakes are albinos with red eyes, and their eyes turn purple.) Then, the coloring returns to normal, and then in the next day or so, they shed and are at their shiniest, most beautiful.

  116. One of my college dorm mates had a baby boa constrictor. Every so often a notice would appear by the main entrance: “Snake Feeding at 2:00.” She’d bring home a live mouse and let it loose in the snake’s cage, then 20-25 of us (packed into a 10 x 12 room) would watch it grab the mouse lightning-fast and eat it. Love snakes and mice or hate them, it was pretty impressive.

    @ Persephone – Most puters you see in movies and TV are Macs too. YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!

  117. Monty, my 4 year old ball python, loves to snugge. It has something to do with my body heat. He would go under my shirt and sit there for hours.

    This is him after a bath:

    And days before a shed…you can tell because his eyes are blue:

  118. angrycupcake says:

    I love snakes! So, so pretty…it’s nice to go for walks in the summer and find garter snakes hiding in flower patches and under old leaves. WANT SUMMER.