This behbeh goat…rocks!

Check him out, all rockkin ‘n’ stuff. It’s like he’s checking out his new super hooves for the first time or something. Sproinnng!

Love the slow-mo moments espeshe.

Kora M., another brilliant submeeshe.



  1. Don’t break an ankle (hoofkle?) little guy!!

  2. I want one!

  3. oh, little Hebrew Goatstein is wearing a yamulka! too cute!

  4. guadalupe says:

    beautiful, happy goatty! oooooo…I also want one : )

  5. (Hava Nagila would have made a great soundtrack to his frolicking.)

  6. Was that the Minuet in G from “The Music Man”? I think it was. La dee dah dee dah dee dah dee dah…

  7. nice job, kid!

  8. daytimedeb says:

    I vant to be a leetle goat! That looks like fun! Plus you get a snack when you’re done.

  9. omg what a cutie!

    what amazing colors – matchingks white booties in the front, matchinkgs black booties in the back with little white ankles. and a little white cap! good grief!!

  10. Where can I get shoes like that?

    P.S. Farm Animals?

  11. It’s just so cool that he seems to have the sproinging just built in! He doesn’t have a mama goat to show him the pleasures of sproinging, but he just *knows*. He knows.

  12. GAH!!!

    He looks so happy!

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!!! 🙂

  13. It’s just so cool that he seems to have the sproinging just built in! He doesn’t have a mama goat to show him the pleasures of sproinging, but he just *knows*. He knows.

  14. Now THAT is what I call a FROLIC.
    SO cute!!!!

  15. OMG!!! He ez soooo CO! I diez! Iz wants to so hugz heem an hugz heem an hugz heem!!!!!! Then jumpz wif heem an jumpz wif heem!!!!

  16. It would appear that the babbeh goat is a distant relative of Tigger of Pooh fame.

    The wonderful thing about tiggers,
    Is tiggers are wonderful things,
    Their tops are made out of rubber,
    Their bottoms are made out of springs,
    They’re bouncy,trouncy,flouncy,POUNCY,
    Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!
    But the most wonderful thing about tiggers is I’m the only one!!

  17. Oh, SNAP!! Lovin’ that twistin’ jumpy bit at the end. He was like all, “Yay! Rocks! How did they know I wanted to run on ROCKS! And…OMG…SNACKIES!!!” Baby goats are de besht.

  18. This “kid” could give lessons in the fine art of the binky.

    Take it from a Rabbit Dad, this “kid” is GOOD.

  19. I love the twisty jumps and the kickin the back hooves ‘out’ superman jumps.
    i think its the misty background and the cool old shed and everything about this setting that brings a tear to my eye, its just so ‘joyous’!
    i must say- “Best Post Ever”. there i’ve said it.

  20. What is catnip for goats?
    Also love his little yammaca (sp?)

  21. *tsk*

    Kids these days.

  22. Thanks…now I want one!

  23. OMG, I think I want a goat! 😛

  24. He’s adorable.
    I’m picturing him now taking a little nap after his rockersize and bottle.

  25. No wonder he’s a happy guy, considering where he lives. It looks like heaven! And he gets bottle fed too!

  26. On YouTube there is another video of the same baby goat…and his girlfiend! It is even cuter than this one – and I didn’t think that would be possible!

    It’s called “Baby Goat: Dale Jr. (Part 2)”

  27. What a joy watching that little guy!

  28. And dont forget part two, where Dale Jr goes on a surfing safari and meets a hot young chicky.

  29. I think Doctors need to perscribe baby goats to depressed and anxious folk! I feel so happy and stress free after watching that lil behbeh frollicking. He enjoys the world so much! Aieeeeeeeeee!

  30. No wonder he’s a happy guy, considering where he lives. It looks like heaven! And he gets bottle fed too!

  31. baby goats and lambs are the best. it’s so much fun to feed them and play with them. my grandparents raised tons of sheep and goats. in the summer it was the children’s job to feed them. good times, good times 🙂

  32. OMG!! I’ve never seen a happier beeing in my entire life! I wanna sproing sproing like that across the rocks as well!! At first I went a leetle protective and was worried that Dale Jr (how cute is that name?) might hurt himself -and then I remember that he was a goat.. that’s what goats do.. frolic amongst rocks!

    Btw.. did you check out the part two on Dale Jr? Sooo cool AND he meets his new gf! *splodes*

  33. What a hamburglar…stealing the show and all!!!

  34. hee! I love how he just sproings into the air.
    my foster bunneh does that sometimes – he just suddenly hops up in the air and shakes himself…
    I have no idea what it means – I’m hoping it’s a happy thing…
    any ideas from the bunneh peeps out there?

  35. Kid on rock violence is NOT CUTE!

    Ok, just kidding. I WANT TO BE THAT KID!

  36. It means ya did good, ceejoe. Ya did good and bunny is happy! 😀

  37. Mary (the first) says:

    Is he a mountain goat? I wonder why he kept sproinging all over the top of the rocks.. like he was practicing or something.. but now I want a goat. Oh, and a moose, too. Ungulates? Do I have that right? (too lazy to look it up..)

  38. berthaslave says:

    I am reminded of Much-Afraid.

    Anyone else go to a Christian elementary school?

  39. Awww, springy lil guy. I wanna grab him and hug him.

  40. A little mini mountain goat on his own private mini Rocky Mountain range! (Complete with beverage service after a hard day on the slopes!)

  41. ohgoodlord says:

    oh my god, i could BARF. that is too cute.

  42. Loooove the flashdance legwarmers.

  43. Momof2kitties says:

    Too kewte! The vertical sproinging action just about did me in!

  44. He’s a maniac!

    Maaaaniac on the stone!

  45. It’s as if gravity pulls less strongly on him than on everyone else!

    Now I know why the word ‘caper’ is Latin for ‘goat’.

  46. THIS is why I go to this site a zillion times a day.

  47. Ok, this goat made my day. Lookit those itty bitty hooves! And OMG, Dale, Jr? The freaking cutest little goat name evar!

  48. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    I love goats. They are like cats…with hoofs! I also love how bebeh goats have sturdy little legs–like toddlers–rather than those legs you have to grow into like colts and calves. Anerable. (sigh)

  49. Is that a Suzuki piano soundtrack?

  50. Hehehe love the pygmy goats… he is so SPROING SPROING lets play come on get over here and JUMP.

  51. I could just sit and watch the uber-prosh little Boingy McSproingersons all day. All day, I tell ya!

  52. Alice.Tanzer says:

    He so badly wants to be a mountain goat!

  53. The tail killed me. Did y’all notice the unbelievable black and white markings? He looked like he had multiple bungholes (euphemism).

  54. Jupiter Star says:

    *Sings along* La dee-dah dee-dah dee-dah dee-dah, la dee-dah, la dee-dah…

    Do you think this leetle kid learned how to boing so spectacularly using the Think Method, too?

  55. snoopysnake says:

    My favorite jump is at 1:45. Get this boy some figure skates and put him on the rink!

  56. Goat tail wagging!!!!!

    If that isn’t the best sign of a joyful animal, I don’t know what is.

  57. Goats can scratch their ears like a dog! EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!


  58. I just saw part II and all I can think of is Rudolph after he meets Claresse:

    I’m cooood! I’m cooood! I’m cooood!

  59. paulajeanne says:

    Oh, for the sheer JOY of it all!

  60. wow how fun to be a care free baby goat…man thats the life for me…forget all the bills and all the hassle let me spring on and off of rocks for the rest of my life.

  61. The Think Method! How I love Robert Preston! AND this darling goat of course!

  62. Holy Bouncing Boulder Billy Batman!

  63. Jupiter Star says:

    Oooo, Jorden, you knew what I was referencing! *Loves all over*

    Can we have a goat named Robert Preston? Then it will be worth twice the love!

  64. Okay so apparently I want a goat now.

  65. charliewabba says:

    Those must be some PF Flyer hoofies!
    (‘member PF Flyers?)
    Makes me feel better about having the Lonely Goatherd earworm all afternoon.

  66. This is a shoutout to all the Capricorns, right? 😀

  67. how sweet! his own little rock fence to play on.

  68. You beat me to it, Charliewabba!!!

    Yo-del-lay, Yo-del-lay, Yo-del-lay-hee-hoo!!

    (The most earwormiest song EVAR!)

  69. Meg loves me, she really loves me!

    Goats are my favorite! This is the best thing I’ve seen on here since the bed bouncing lamb! Don’t get me wrong–I love my kitteh, and pups are cute, but bebeh goats….well, there’s no competition 🙂

  70. It is good to be a goat.

  71. ka9q's wife says:

    I can’t see nuffinks. Sigh.

  72. Oh my God, that’s one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a very long time!

  73. ka9q's wife says:

    I still don’t get a pic on this site but i did find a way to view the video. So cute. It looks like a paradise. I want to live in the country now and have so many animals.
    Adds goat to the list of possible adoptees.

  74. more anerable behbeh goat-feedingks and tailio wagging here! You can’t watch without ‘sploding… I tried.

  75. … but wait, there’s more!

    it bleats. *squee*

  76. Shouldn’t the title of this post be “Kid Rock”?

  77. Yes, Halley, Capricorns of the world unite! Horray for goatses.

  78. i breed goats they are the cutest! right now we have a few pregnant goats and a few kids. by the way if anyone wants a goat email me at

  79. Goats are some serisoly overlooked cutie pies. When I’m all growed up and have my own place, I’m definitely gettin’ me a goat! And this one has a super cool rock wall to boing on.

  80. I believe that’s called “gambolling”!

  81. This reminds me of the first time I saw a baby goat, I was a kid (ha, so was he!) and I picked him up and he snuggled my shoulder, or so I thought until i looked down and he was actually chewing a hole in my shirt. Most definetly the cutest thing i’ve seen so far this year. This only thing that would have made him (or her?) any cuter would be little horn stubbulance.

  82. Aw heck Suda Nim, I scrolled the whole way down aiming to post a Kid Rock comment!
    You bleat me to it.

  83. That goat is all kinds of awesome. The music was somewhat lacking. Two words: Iggy Pop.

  84. I couldn’t help but add some “Woohoo!”‘s and some cartoony Sproings and Boings while watching this ADORABLE little guy frolic about.
    The cute is strong in this one…(/darthvadarvoice)

  85. “Well either you are closing your eyes to a situation you do not wish to aknowledge, or else you are unaware of the calibre of disaster indicated by the presence of a pool hall in your community..oh yes we got TROUBLE folks, right here in River City! Trouble with a capital T and that rhymes with G and that stands for GOAT!”
    Right, Jupiter Star?

  86. Jupiter Star says:

    *Gasps in horror at the fact that anyone could think that the “Minuet in G” is lacking*

  87. Jupiter Star says:

    Absolutely right! ^_^. “There were goats on the hill, but I never saw them sproinging…”

  88. Gah! Tiniest of tiny goaties! :3

  89. Cutest little goatie evar! Don’t you just love it when someone is so happy they can’t help but bounce all over the place. Ahhhh….

    Oh and ceejoe, yes your bunny is very very happy. Buns have a sense of humor too. When you least expect it, their butts fly into the air, they do a couple spirals, and then land in a totally different position. Butt-flips (or binkies as they’re sometimes called) are quite common in happy buns that know they are luved.

  90. Billy? Billy! WILLIAM GOAT, can you hear me!? I said simmer down, son… simmer down

  91. 1. I love goats.
    2. I love beethoven.
    3. I love Sproing-ing.
    4. I love the bottle-fed baby animals.
    5. I love goats.

  92. amaretto_bunny says:

    This is exactly why my mom needs to adopt baby goats (her and my step-dad have discussed it before). Then I could go over to see them. I’m going to e-mail this to her, and she will be powerless to resist. =)

  93. Ceejoe, it sounds like your bunneh is doing a binky. It’s an expression of happiness. So cute!

    This baby goat is unbelievable. Makes me want to be young and carefree and full of energy.

  94. Yes, DEFINITELY a new pair of PF Flyers… “Run Faster, Jump Higher!” Way back when, a sure sign of spring was a brand new pair of sneakers. Looks like this kid’s got the “Jump Higher” part down!

  95. What a sweet, happy kid! I want to cuddle him!

  96. Frolic, little guy, FROLIC!!

    Baby goatie feets are about my favoritest thing in the world!!!!!

    When my boyfriend saw this, he made up a song about a dancing goat to the tune of “Canned Heat.” Nice.

  97. One more goat video this one has two 2 day old pigmy goat babies bouncing arond

  98. CheshireCat says:

    That…beautiful! *eyes well up with tears*

  99. What a shame they have to grow up.

  100. gooooooat sooooooocks!

  101. 1. you think your kid’s favorite toy would ever be a pile of rocks across the street?

    2. try getting that into his xmas stocking…

    3. profit! (no wait…that’s copyrighted…)

  102. Julia (the one in BC) says:

    Goat tocks at 0:20!

  103. acelightning says:

    He’s so *tiny*! (And so sproingy!)

  104. maggiesmom says:

    berthaslave, I didn’t go to a christian school but I have read Hindsfeet and I love it! I have had mom and a friend read it too. It’s a beautiful piece. And this goat is just soooo cute!

  105. maggiesmom says:

    I wonder how long after the snacky did he take a nappy.

  106. Now, clarify this for me, please? Is this capering, frolicking or gambolling?

  107. charliewabba says:

    I think it’s frolicking on the rocks, gamboling on the grass, with a few upright capers thrown in for good measure.

  108. many thanks to the bunneh peeps that answered my question… you’ve just made my day knowing my little guy is happy!
    I took him in pretty much on a whim… he was in a little glass aquarium at our animal shelter (they’re *always* full), and I felt sorry for him.
    I was totally clueless about bunnehs at the time, and am learning as we go.

  109. Oh my gosh, that is so incredibly cute. I love this site. 🙂

  110. charliewabba – I think it’s called fancy footwork.
    And as for yodeling, too bad it’s not a poodle.

  111. PS, DO NOT miss that YouTube vid of the 2-day-old babies trying out their first bounces. These goats are sproinging MACHINES, I tell you.

    PS, did MAD’s Don Martin coin the term “SPROING”?

  112. This little guy is the embodiment of “SQUEE!!!!”

    I had no idea goats could be so overwhelmingly adorable!

    I want so badly to catch him mid-frolic and squeeze and snorgle him!!!

  113. shanaelyse says:

    OMG I need a bebeh goat!!! Am checking NYC apt lease now…hmmm…I don’t see anything saying “no anerable sproingy bebeh goats allowed”…

  114. CUTE CUTE CUTE. And now that phrase “sure-footed as a goat” MEANS something! And how cool is it that these people piled up a long row of huge boulders just so their goat could fulfill his destiny? (Because I’m sure that’s what happened. He’s cute enough to be that spoiled.)

  115. Oh, oh, oh!!!!

    I wish I was a baby goat, all bouncy and sure-footed.

    I love how Dale Jr. has his very own rocks to bounce on.

    Also, I can has spring, pweeeeeze? Both the season and the bouncy. After all, they are inseparable.

    *boings away to her happy place*

  116. charliewabba says:

    Oh, I wish I was a baby goat,
    all bouncy and sure footed,
    I’d gambol gaily on the grass
    and caper – yes, I woulded!

    I’d sproing and frolic on the rocks,
    out hop a hoppy toad
    and be so SQUEEE that I would RULE
    the blog Cute Overload.

  117. Momof2kitties says:



  118. Heeheehee! He’s all “Look what I can do!”

  119. warrior rabbit says:

    OMG, did anyone see the indoor goat ‘dancing’?

    Ceejoe, ya done good by fostering. Yay! My current bun’s about 8 now and no longer popcorns, binkys, or tears around the house at supersonic speeds. I miss that. Now, when not loafing, she just sedately wanders around and looks pointedly at me, then the fridge, then back to me, over and over. Carrots! nom nom nom

  120. After much leapinks about, li’l kid needs his bottle! Too prosh! Squee!!!

  121. I think we need a new, and completely separate, category for goats!

    Yes, I agree his homestead does look like a little slice of heaven – no wonder he’s so joyful!


  122. Ceejoe – Yep – you have a happy bunny!

    If you want more info on bunnies I have a list of good websites, including an awesome one on rabbit body language, drop me an e-mail

  123. My favorite moment of part 2 (well, one of my favorites) is when he sproings off the gal’s shoulder as she’s sitting on the rock ignoring him, talking on the cell phone.

    I wanna be able to go hiking like Dale Jr!!! Must be fun to have that kind of energy.

  124. my sentiments exactly to everyone else who said this, I WANT ONE!!!!!!! i’m a cat woman, but that baby goat is the cutest thing i’ve seen since sliced bread!!!!! one day, i’m going to get one.

  125. spacebunny says:


  126. Yay, so springy and spritely!

  127. Baby goats are cute, when they grow up, not so much. They poop ALL the time and are the greediest food mongerers.
    Well they’re still cute when they grow, but definitely don’t have that same sorta personality the leetle ones do.

  128. I love the most obvious parental supervision. She’s all “look at my little sproingulance… I’m so proud!”

  129. glissade, glissade, pique turn (3x), grand jete, (repeat sequence, reverse direction)…baby goat is a danseur worthy of NY City Ballet!

  130. Boing! Boing! Boing!

    Here’s lookin’ at you, kid! You are the goatlet of my dreams!

  131. Oh, and this is the BESTEST GOATLET EVAR for a Capricorn like me to have had posted on her birthday! Squee!

  132. As the poet William Blake said, “Energy is Eternal Delight.”

    Love his little white “yarmulke”!

  133. Oh, the sheer joy of being alive!

  134. squee.

  135. a different Laura says:

    That kid needs to go to “Gambolers Anonymous”

  136. Momof2kitties says:


    That sounds like many years of ballet class talking. Wouldn’t it be hard to do a grand jete from a pique turn? Maybe pique turn to arabesque? Pas de goat, perhaps? I’m just sayin’.

  137. Smiled all the way through it. Just the joy of being. Good, Laura – “Gambolers Anonymous!”

  138. That is JOY at it’s finest! so sweet & beautiful.

  139. I wanna live where the baby goats run fweee!!

  140. Ma-a-a-a-a-a-velous!

  141. This goes on my desktop to be played whenever spirits sag. omg…the little sideways spring-sproings.

  142. Little guy’s just getting ready for Super Hoovesday next month.

  143. Not Iggy Pop, Oingo Boingo!! Ok, I never say this, but… I want one! No srsly. Are they allowed in the city? I bet I could train him to sproing on a leash, and I have an excellent rock garden/wall for his sproinging pleasure. Anh. Thanks CO!

  144. @ charliewabba, and all the CO poets —


    love, love, love!

  145. This just delights me every time I see it. There is nothing about this video that isn’t wonderful and happy-making.

  146. What a little goof off! I must haf eet!

  147. Pfft you WANT a goat. Sheeesh!

    I’ve completely changed my mind. I’m not coming back as a cat. I want to BE a GOAT!

  148. Yes, Momof2, later I realized what bad choreography I’d put together. lol at “pas de goat”–with 4 legs, maybe verges on “pas de deux?” Would it had been that easy to leap when I was a kid…
    Love CO!

  149. What type of goat is the one on the video which is jumping on the rocks? I think I want one. It does Rock!!!


  150. This is the most awesome thing EVER. Loved every second of the Minuet and the goat. ADORABLE. One of these days, I will have my ranch, I will surely have some little goatlets running, err, sproinging around!!!

  151. That Kid Rocks.

  152. They love to sproing because sproiging is what they are built to do! We had a petting zoo at our company picnic and the bebbeh goats kept hopping up onto the hay bales and then back down, over and over, wagging their little tails the whole time.

    BTW, did anyone notice the crazy eyes in the close-up? Horizontal pupils!

  153. Angelica & Mike says:

    These r the sweetest be be’s ever!!!!

  154. spikedcolor says:

    “I’ll have what he’s drinking.”