Only six months old and partying her head off

This kitteh had a birthday party at 6 months old.

I guess it’s not that strange…shouldn’t dogs have birthdays like seven times a year, if we want to be more accurate?



Happy berf to meeeeeeeeee [squint]


LOVE the mini parteh hat, Olga G. and Mr. Echo the Kitteh.



  1. circuscake says:

    happy birthday! i am mesmerized by your eyes…

  2. mr. echo, you has the beeyoutifullest eyes evah! hope your birfday was wunderfulls 🙂

  3. It’s a bleening half-birfday partee! That’s it. Now I’m having half-birthday partees.

  4. I love people who put party hats on kittehs – gets me every time. What a prety kitty!

  5. I can haz Cakes but where is my chhezeburgers????

  6. wow, gorgeous kitteh, look at those eyes!

  7. omg that 2nd picture is ovah-the-top-qte!!!!
    happy birfday leetle kitteh!

  8. first pic caption:

    you bring that feather just ONE inch closer and…

    second pic caption:

    “Gryffindor…oh I hope it’s Gryffindor!”

  9. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    Purdy poody! Is that an American Shorthair cat?

  10. OMG. The eyes! Kitty is pulling me in with it’s tractor beam eyeeeeees!

  11. I think that second pic could almost qualify for cats n racks…….beautiful cat, by the way!

  12. Hey Catman Dude, he’s a british shorthair
    My little baby cakes ^__^

  13. i think i saw some spiderman balloons in the other photos on facebook. this kitty is pretty awesome. and SO lovely.

  14. That is the prettiest cat!!!

  15. redfox in Tx says:

    loverly kitty! Really striking, and cute to boot!

  16. does anyone know what kind of kitty this is?
    i wantz one

  17. Well, I guess it makes sense for cats to have half-birfdays. And this kitteh is so byootiful he can have whatever he wants.

  18. Adowable kitteh…love the party hat!

  19. Poor Mr. Echo, there doesn’t seem to have been too many people/animals able to go to his party! More cat cake for him though 🙂
    I think we should all go to his next party 🙂

  20. pistache268 says:



  21. His tail looks really floofy! o.O

    I wants sea green eyes and tailfloof toooo.

  22. Now THAT’S a GORGEOUS kitteh! I love it when pets are so spoiled they get a birthday party – yea!

  23. Pic 1: “You are getting sleepier and sleepier.”

    Pic 2: “No, it is YOU who are getting sleepier and sleepier!”


    (And a gold star to whoever gets the reference 🙂

  24. Rhonda – I was thinking the same thing about the Cats ‘n Racks category!

    That is one of the most beautiful kitties I’ve ever seen! The eyes definitely do it. I love the squinty eyes pic too. Heh.

  25. What a pretty kitty!

  26. i would like to nominate the second photo for cats n’ racks

  27. shandrewsca says:

    Blair – NICE HP reference!

    This kitteh has some seriously gorgeous eyes, in fact they are so pretty they look fake. Do they now make colored contacts for kittehs? Hehehe, just kidding, that would be awful? Can you imagine all the PAIN the humans would feel trying to get those in?

  28. Joe — tough call. Mr. Echo isn’t exactly *embosomed* in that shot. But otherwise, well, y’know.

  29. darrellyn says:

    I come to this site every day, and I hardly ever comment, but this cat is so gorgeous! I love it!

  30. I’ve known cats–lots of cats. I’ve seen cats–even more. Mr. Echo is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever come across. What a total beauty. And for the other HP fans out there, like Blair: McGonagall turns into a British shorthair when she transfigures herself. Just like Mr. Echo!

  31. What A Pretty Pretty Kitty. ;0)

  32. The eyes!! They pierce my soul!!!! And make me happy…

  33. berthaslave says:

    There’s a cat in the second picture? (scrolls back up) Oh, yeah.

    What. I’m a guy.

    Cats near racks, at the very least.

    Oh…and the cat owns my soul. Perfect eyes.

  34. SixFootJen says:

    Add my vote for “Cats & Racks.” Kitteh is very discreet and respectful, and is closing her eyes so as not to be staring directly at the cleavage of the lovely hat-mistress.

  35. Momof2kitties says:


    Yes, that’s it exactly! He’s clearly wearing the sorting hat!

    Iffen I tried to put a hat on my lovely Miss Mia I would pull back nothing but a bloody stump. And George would just try to eat it.

  36. This kitty is so cute, I’m thinking he should just have a birthday party pretty much anytime he pleases.

  37. Yitzysmommie says:

    What a beautiful cat!

  38. gee. i dint even notice the rack til you guys started going on about it.
    then i had to go back and LOOK for it.
    hmmpphh. sort of a “half-rack” if ya ask me. it totally doesnt take anything away from the kitteh picture! 🙂

  39. That is the blootifullest kitteh I have ever seen! <3

  40. Lurve the kitteh.

    llism – I can see the scene in my head.

    They are in a restaurant, and they are competing to put each other to sleep, but only succeed in putting waiters and (I would imagine) other diners to sleep.

    Is it from “Love at First Bite”?

    I always get that one confused with “Dracula, Dead and Loving it”

    But I’m pretty sure it was the one with George Hamilton

    Didn’t he have the line “Children of the Night…SHUT UP!”

  41. rpennefe,

    Yes! It was Love at First Bite. I adore that movie–it’s a fine cheese that I always enjoy revisiting :-).

    And here is your star:

  42. I know it’s been commented on before, but I could just LIVE in those eyes! What a gorgeous, gorgeous kitty!!!

  43. I love those terquoise eyes… Amazing. Happy Happy BIrthday little Kitty. I hope that is a tuna cupcake.

  44. gorgeous kitteh! <3 Happy half birfday!

  45. Persephone says:

    Mr. Echo, huh? Is kitty’s human a LOST fan? 😉

    Very adorable kitty. He looks so cuddle-able!

  46. gorgeous kitteh – i think it’s the eye color combined with that crazy luminescent coat….wow.

  47. Awww, cute kitty, and cuter cake!

  48. Sephiroth eyes!! < --dating myself ^__^


  49. CheshireCat says:

    Awww, there’s a cheshire cat smile for ya.

  50. Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL cat!!!

  51. WOW thats the best way to start my day, see a cute kitty and some nice cleavage. Thank you Olga you made my day brighter.

  52. Hi Denita!
    Mind if I make a smartassity “dating yourself” joke?

  53. …also, I wonder if “Mr Happy” is a Robin Williams reference…?

  54. What a beautiful little kitty! And streeeeetch the left arm before my birthday surpriiiise.

  55. is this also on the cats and half-rack page?

  56. The kitty is awesome. And the second one totally belongs in cats’n’racks.

    Although… Is that short for cats and racks, or cats in racks? Because it matters here.

  57. Wow, it’s like an optical illusion… if you stare at the picture long enough, eventually you notice a cat in the foreground!

  58. Little Pepper says:

    OH NOZ!
    I missed another party!!!

  59. OOOooooooooooooooo that silver fur! i iz pass out from teh beeyootifulness.

  60. Ooh, that is such a beautiful cat!! Those eyes are amazing, and the soft fur.. aww I wish had him as my pet!

  61. He’s a British Shorthair? Wow.

    I would have guessed that he’s a Burmilla. He’s the spitting image of my silver shaded Burmilla, LouLou Belle. Same eyes, same colouring, everything!

  62. cute cute kitty. but eeks, when you look at their facebook photos you can see a diefenbachia plant on the floor. from what I’ve learned those are very poisonous to cats… I hope they know that!