Engrish.com delivers again

BackgroundheavensOne of our favorite sites, Engrish.com, is sporting this terrific/redonkulous tiled background image. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you plastered it all over your MySpace page.


Great suggestion, Kristin M.

p.s. here is the Engrish translation of this post, created by running Babelfish twice English->Japanese, Japanese – > English: "One of the place of our tastes has laid idle the background which isstretched the tile by Engrish.com and this terrific/redonkulous.Whether or not I painted that your page of MySpace without the くま, they without making the air thing is verified. Heaven! Largeproposition and Kristin M. ; )"



  1. Oh no, what happened to the dinosaurs?

    [They’re extinct, honey. You have to let them go. – Ed.]

  2. Engrish.com… my mom should be the webmaster hehe

  3. Large proposition, indeed!


  4. Great background…

  5. Large proposition, lmao!

  6. Please, we need a HUGE version of that!

  7. i love engrish.com. so funny!

  8. Heavens!

    (Ed, can we do something about the spam? That’d be great. Thanks ever so.)

  9. Babs — yeah, how the heck did *that* get through the filter? Fixing now…

  10. Theo, me loff you big.

  11. berthaslave says:

    More proof that the interwebs are the height of absurdity.

  12. Okay I’m cracking up at the response to my dino comment.

    (Luckily, I found them again in the background of the recent discoveries page.)

  13. I have the postcard that hamster pic is from! On top it says “IT WAS A GREAT DISCOVERY.” Then there is the pic of the hamster, and underneath it says “You are lucky to have such a find friends!”

    I think it’s on the Engrish.com site somewhere.

  14. LOL that site is so funny.

  15. CaffeineJen says:

    In case you’re curious, the nontranslated characters are pronounced “kuma”, and translate to either “bear”, “corner”, or “shadow”. Err…not that of them seem to make sense. Thanks, Babelfish! We can always depend on you for excellent gibberish!

  16. They without making the air thing is verified!
    Large proposition, peeps!
    Yey, so fun.

  17. ROFL!

  18. CheshireCat says:

    I love that site, it always makes me LMAO!

  19. Here is the ORIGINAL image at Engrish.com — one of my all-time favorites, and definitely even funnier in its full glory!