Baby Puppeh, You’re the One

[Sing it with me now, to the tune of "Rubber Ducky" by Big Bird on Sesame Street]

"BabyPuppeh, you’re the one…


You make playtime lots of fun!


Baby Puppeh I’m awfully fond of you


Baby Puppeh, joy of joys!


When I squeak you, you make noise


Baby  Puppeh, you’re my very best friend it’s true!"

Popi3_2[As sung by Sender-Inner Fran F.]





  1. Look at that pink little belly!

  2. It was Ernie who sang to the ducky, actually, not Big Bird…

  3. I think it was Ernie who sang Rubber Duckie.

  4. Uber cute, love the crumpled ears.

  5. Omigod, the belly freckles! Did you notice the BELLEH FRECKEHLS!?!?! *kisses each one then dies of joy*

  6. Can we add a “Comfy in Loaf Position” to Rules of Cuteness? Baby Puppeh is totally in a delicious raisin bread sort of pose in the 2nd to last pic.

  7. Ahhh… I love black and white dutch belted babies.  Do they all purr when you pet their blazes?

  8. Cuuute! My favorite shots are the first and the second to last one 😛

    J.Bo and Chayne are right, Rubber Duckie is most certainly attributed to Ernie 🙂 But I think Big Bird has also sung it at some point… 😉

  9. fish eye no miko says:

    The cuteness! I can’t handle the cuteness! AAAHH!!!!

  10. No way, Annie! Bird tried to muscle in on Ernie’s ducky action? Tsk, tsk…

  11. My mum STILL bursts into that with only the slightest provocation.

    Also, that green chair is fantastic. Of course I already have one large green comfy chair and no room for a second… I guess I’ll have to settle on the puppy then. Sigh. It is a hard life I lead (wanders off with puppy)

  12. Does it qualify as a Princess Di look if we only see one eye? Cause he NAILED it!

    And that last photo was the final straw. If you weren’t already in love, that did it.

  13. berthaslave says:

    I like the teeny insert of the sender-inner with the puppeh!!

    And the multicolored rope toy.

    And the hovertext.

    And the other pics.

    And the website in general.

  14. Annie, are you sure you aren’t thinking of “Singing in the Shower”?

  15. Lol awwww… I just love the pic of it sleeping. Reminds me of my Ciddy Bear when he sleeps.. nothing but snuggly puppy rolls to snorgle in.

  16. Wonderful pup! I need to know what her name is. It must be something good.

  17. Ill one of both please!

    And the puppy, a mean poker player with that face (same in all the pictures ;)).

    Cant wait to get my own Boston. The best of many worlds in one.

  18. tabbycat917 says:

    what a precious puppeh!!!

  19. she should get that mole checked out

    [Rude! – Ed.]

  20. Wonderful series of photos. Perfect match for the song also.

  21. Great pictures…:-)

  22. Those have to be the most nibblable ears I’ve seen in a long time! Yum yum!

  23. Ernie sings “Rubber Ducky” 🙂
    I love the jelleh bean feeets! Must..resist…nomming…

  24. That puppy is the apple of my eye! I want to just kiss it and hug is and ohhhhhh Meg you are soooooooooooo lucky!

  25. metsakins says:

    We’ve all gotta get that puppeh back from Roger! quick tackle her. whew. now I’ll just take the puppeh home to make sure he’s alright.

    *Puts puppeh in tote bags and strolls off* “rubber puppy you’re the one!”

  26. metsakins says:

    that green chair is a comfy chair? not the comfy chair!


  28. Well, if no-one else is going to say it, I will:

    The puppy and submitter are both chart-offingly cute 😀

  29. oh my gutulence!
    that is one serious looking puppeh.

  30. ‘When I squeak you, you make noise’

    commentroversy? yes? yes?

  31. No commentroversy! No, no! Bad Dwine! If Fran ohsogently squeeks puppeh, she gently makes li’l puppeh noises and she not hurted. She not cryin’ yelphelp. She knows she’s just bein’ played with…she’s a smart lil puppehkins, can tell just by lookin’ at her.

  32. Um, actually, it is “when I SQUEEZE you, you make noise.”

  33. Daaaaaamn, look at Fran F.


  34. Please, can I just spend some time on that gorgeous chair snorgling the gorgeous puppy belly….just once???

  35. Awww, Bostons are my favorite…

    How does she manage to keep that one facial expression, though? Is she just really good at posing? My Boston would’ve had at least eight different facial expressions in those photos (yes, I know there are five photos) and would’ve blurred at least half of them. O.O

  36. Aaaaah! Warm belly rolls! I’m meeelting… I’m meeeeltingks!!!

    Hmmm.. I love warm rolls in the morning… thanks CO!

  37. Look under his feet, so cute that little pink how do you that… pillows?

  38. Oh, and I think we should give him a true CO nickname, just for heem!


  39. What is baby puupeh’s name? She’s so cute, and looks like she’s giving a little hip action attitude in the second picture.. i just love cute things with a little sass!

  40. Oops! The hip action is the third pic, not the second..

  41. Anne Boleyn says:

    Even though “Baby Puppy” is a bit redundant, that’s OK. Have there ever been as many pictures of ONE critter on the CO before? I’m thinkin this is the perfect series of pictures to warrant same.

  42. She looks just like my baby, Macy, when she was a tiny puppeh! Love the pink paw pads! BTW, Bostons don’t squeek, they toot!

  43. Kissy spot on top of the head!!!! I’m going to steal her and nibble her ears!

  44. Cutest.

    I LURVE the peenkness and the big walleyes!

  45. boop boop de doop!

  46. Ok. I’m gonna be honest, here — I’m a cat person.

    But, this puppers…
    all his widdle toesles…
    can’t resist…


  47. Aren’t Bostons just the sweetest??? I luvs their smiles and the little wiggly stub on their heinies!!!!

    I want to nibble ‘is widdle ear too!!! Save me somes!!!!!

  48. Meg, we need a COXCU on those pick paw pads. Pleeeeez?!

  49. *pink.


  50. a friend of mine *says* she has a Boston, named Gracie, but I’ve never *actually seen* Gracie, because Gracie is fueled by rocket fuel and moves so fast you can’t see her. I believe I have felt the air rush by as this supposed “Gracie” runs by…

    How on earth is this puppy so still? Regardless – she’s totally nomable – nibbleable, and snorgleable.

  51. Persephone says:

    OMG. That last picture… I can’t decide which of them is more anerable!

  52. being owned by a boston terrier, i can tell you that bostons rule!!!

  53. fran is SO lucky!
    she gets the bebeh breff and the puppeh-love smell.
    i am so jealous. that’s bout the cutest puppeh i’ve seen since Sugarbear was a babe’.
    and your right carrie! it is NOT blasting around the room at the speed of light like most lil Bostons are at this age.

  54. purrgirl25 says:

    So preshy! Love, love, love the pink feetie pads!!

    And I was just going to mention the sweet sweet puppeh breath–cute minds think alike!

  55. While “Rubber Ducky” is certainly Ernie’s song, I’ve seen at least one instance of it sung by Big Bird. (With a towel over a wing and a rubber duckie in the other one.)

    By the way, I have a big-boy kitteh, who since kittenhood has squeeked with joy every time he gets picked up. When he was little I took him to the vet to make sure the “squeee” wasn’t “owie”…
    He loves to be hugged (a gentle squeeze eh?).

  56. Cute puppy, but, yeah, the Ernie thing, lol. I was a Sesame Street child…

    I found myself singing along.

    Baby puppy, I’m awfully fond of you.

    I don’t even usually like dogs who look like this, but this guy is ADORABLE!

  57. CoffeeCup says:

    What a pup! I noticed the carpet was amazingly immaculate and clean…that pup just hasn’t had the proper amount of time to tear through and leave “gifts.” 😛

  58. CheshireCat says:

    Fran F. has an adorable puppeh, a awesome chair in my favorite shade of green AND an immaculate carpet. I am SOOO jealous right now.

  59. OMG, I have never posted a comment before but this puppeh did it – I have finally died from cuteness. I grew up with Boston Terriers and they are the sweetest dogs alive. Those big brown goo-goo eyes! That smushed muzzlepowsche! This is as good as it gets people. Must. Have One. Now… [Falls to floor, having passed out from pure joy].

  60. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is utterly charmed by this pooch.

    What’s more is I’ve been thinking about getting a Boston, but now I’M SOLD! I simply cannot LIVE without one! I need to wake up to a puppeh face like that every day of my life for the rest of my life.

    That said… Anyone know a good BT breeder in the MD/VA area???

  61. Every day as I
    Make my way to the Puppeh…
    I find a little fella, who’s cute and mellow and
    Rub a pup-puppeh…

  62. it was ernie who sang the song, as other people have already noted.
    also, the lyrics are actually “when I squeeze you, you make noise!”

  63. the sweetest little beast!
    remember there are 100s of bostons who need homes – please don’t use pet stores (puppy mills)! and if you MUST use a breeder, do your research. rescue a boston today!

  64. Quite possibly one of the most adorable puppies I’ve ever seen!!

    For those thinking of adding a Boston Terrier to your family, please consider adopting from a rescue rather than supporting puppy mills with your $$$. Here are some links:

    These puppies need love too! 🙂

  65. Those chubby little pink feets are killing me!

  66. Fran F. (that's right, it's me!) says:

    Her name is Penelope, and these pictures are from way back when she was only 9 weeks old and cuddly. Now she is 9 months old and still previous, but she now zooms around the room like all of the other BTs mentioned. Thanks for all of the great comments and thanks CO for posting her!!!

  67. Oops, meant to say she is still PRECIOUS, not previous, which makes no sense…

  68. i want to nibble her ears! thanks for sharing Penelope with us Fran! 🙂

  69. snoopysnake says:

    She has to be a Red Sox fan, your little Boston girl there! She’s so loveable!

  70. I will speak to the “Gracie” phenomenon. We have two Bostons, and one is 2 and still tears through the house with butt tucked like it’s on fire and she’s trying to get away from it, while the other one watches from the closest couch with an annoyed expression because she has been woken from her day-long nap.

    They are complete op-pup-sites.

    ps: I have a fantastic breeder, if you cannot adopt a rescue pup.

  71. I may have a cuteness-induced seizure looking at this wee pup, but I’m willing to take the risk!

  72. hi Liz-
    me too- 🙂
    (the o’thr liz)

    and yup PDW- she is “all that an a bag o’ chips” very cute lil girl. (nuff said) 🙂

  73. oh my goodness. i’m so not a dog person, but wow… adorable much?!

  74. Well, this is one great post I must say. Cutest of puppehs, cute girl (proud but modest pup-owned human/sender-inner), and cleverest of capshuns & hovertexts as always. If that don’t beat all.

    Oh, and “Penelope”… bestest name for said cute pup.

  75. It does my heart soooo good to see beloved pets & their “owners.” And that last shot with him curled up on the carpet is just way CO.

  76. I nominate this pup for PUP OF THE LIFE!

  77. drop dead ADORABLE!!!
    i just want to poke its belly! =]

  78. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Oh my gorsh. If he wuz mine, I’d never go to work again, because I’d be too busy cronshe cronshe cronshe-ing his ears. Lucky, lucky Fran!

  79. Please tell me where you got this cute guy!!

  80. coughingpuppy says:

    Normally I’m not a fan of Bostons, but this puppy…<3

  81. My Boston darling, Pig, was received upon 6 months of age and thus was unseen at his puppeh-stage. I am sooo jealouses of you to have a bebeh-Boston. I know my Pig was as pretty as your pup. I must only imagine eet.

  82. hotmustard says:

    A veritable distillation of the essence of cute. (Specially the nap in the middle of carpet like she was just too tired to make it to her bed before she dropped.) I want!!!

  83. I have 2 Bostons that I love more than anything. They are the BEST breed of dog ever! Who can resist that pink belly?? And my goodness, the big round eyes staring up at you? Meg, make sure you cherish this little bundle of yummy black and white-ness.

  84. that is the cutest puppy ever! I am in love.

  85. luc-mobile says:

    What’s the pooch’s phone number?

  86. Oi! Ernie sang Rubber Ducky, sillies! And… CATS RULE ANY DAY!!


  88. that is the baby suri of boston terrier pups

  89. Fran, where did you get your Boston? She is the cutest!
    I have one and am looking for another…

  90. I normaly dont like these dogs but i LOVE this one!

  91. god that is one sweet dog aww xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  92. Darn that little Boston terrier is so cute.
    Please post more pictures sometime. I Love those dogs but cannot have as have cats alread, so it’s nice to see other people’s little lovelies 🙂