Here, have a KleeneeeexaaaaaaGGH! [swipe swipe]

Fffffffft fffft! [swping action]

I’m sure this will help your code.

[swiping paw grazing your nose] fffffffffttt!


That is a feisty box o’ tissues, Erin W. 😉



  1. Bleen?

  2. What is it with cats and boxes? I mean really–it’s like it’s imprinted in their genetic code. “Must. Squeeze. Into. Smallest. Possible. Location.”

  3. take two of these and call me in the mornin….

  4. Lizzy,

    If all you have to say is “bleen,” please don’t comment. This isn’t Perez Hilton.

    [Oh you can NOT tell me Perez Hilton has ever, or will ever, use the word “bleen”… – Ed.]

  5. Teehee – look ma, I bleened!

    Clearly this kittums is just playing nurse to its poor sick hooman. *sticks nurse hat on kitteh* Now snorgle me and keep me warm, and forgive me for my sneezingks upon your sthuper sthoft furzzes.

  6. Did not need that at this moment, Llism. I was already crying and hoping the cute would help. So much for that.

  7. “I shall rip you limb from limb if you try to swipe my kleeeeen-x, prepare to die!”
    (note the box biting ax-shon)
    I love it when the kittehs get the ‘so totally out of control, cannot stop!’ look on their faces.

  8. [pats Lizzy on hand]
    You may “bleen” at any time Lizzy. dont pay any attention the the big-mean poster.
    ‘pushes hot chocolate across table and listens intently’
    “tell me all about it”

  9. tracyflick says:

    This is an excellent way for a kitteh to compensate for any allergies it may cause you.

  10. Tasteee box! Looks like kitteh is tryin’ to feed that code with cardboardums.

  11. If the kitteh we offered Hillary doesn’t make her stop crying, she can always wipe her campaign-tears on this little guy!

  12. Best.. capshun.. evar

  13. Lizzy,

    My intent was not to ruin your mood or make you upset. I’m just saying that this is a community where we comment on Teh Qte and share stories about Teh Qte and just generally bask in Qteness. Bleening for bleen’s sake (BfBS) and not saying anything about the post isn’t cute. However, you have a right to think I’m a jerk, and I have a right to be annoyed by BfBS.

  14. It’s alive It’s alive Run for your life….

  15. I love that it says “code.” Heehee!

  16. Even *I* think the whole “bleen” thing is ludicrous now, peeps. For the record.

    Lizzy, here, have another kitten.

  17. Hee hee. This kitty is great!

  18. jeepers, it’s fun to be bleenworthy and to bleen. why pick on someone for bleening? i feel bad for lizzy.

  19. Nicolletta says:

    Gggrrr…my tissues….ggrrrr…

  20. But … but … it’s so exciting to be the first commenter, you can only bleen in wonder. Honestly. I’ve been commenting for *months* now, and only recently have I been the first (2x in one day).

  21. Momof2kitties says:

    I agree. I was so excited to have my first bleen a few days ago only to find it had disappeared a few hours later. 😦

    Oh well, I still lurves teh Qte. And I think I’d use my sleeve rather than risk severe arm damage by grabbing for one of these tissues! If it’s good enough for my kids maybe I should try it!

  22. “When out of tissues, a cat will do just fine”.

  23. I was going to say “YAY” for more kittehs (never too many) until I saw the “bleen” controversy. I know we all have our pet peeves but really, does it harm anyone else if someone posts “bleen” instead of (for example) “i want” or some other baby-talk type statement? How about a little bit of “live and let live” and let’s just enjoy the velvety fur and what not. Y’all are going to have high blood pressure way before your time at this rate.

  24. Ok, I have been corn-fused about “Bleen” for a while now… do people write Bleen and post if they see there are no comments yet? And then Señor Teho or Señora Meg remove “Bleen” later? Cause I don’t see a Bleen, but then there is a random commentroversy and… oh darn it I need another kitten!!!

  25. DaytimeDeb says:

    Kitty = boxhab
    The rest of us = bleenhab?

    Or at a minimum: I recognize that the need to bleen, the need to have controversy about bleen, and the need to have controversy about controversy are all conditions over which I have no control. Know what you can control, what you can’t, and when to know the difference, peeps. 🙂

  26. Why are you only posting dumb cat pictures? I’m fed up with looking at cats! Aren’t there any other cute animals to post?!

  27. Seriously??? Fed up with looking at razor-clawed, psych-eyed fuzzy cuteness?

    Um . . . so the Boston Terrier layout??? Not enough? C’mon, here! That’s super-concentrated pup-eyed cuteness! Dilute it, it’s full strength is just TOO MUCH!

  28. Sandra, kitty-Nuff, did you somehow miss the SEVERAL pictures of the guttulent puppeh below here? With a song sung to him an everything?

    If you must bleen, at least put something else in your comment that relates to the picture, even if it’s just “cute kitteh!” or somesuch.

    I wonder if this feisty fluffulence shredded all the Kleenex before climbing into said box.

  29. Yeah, that was to be psychO-eyed fuzzy cuteness. Drat.

  30. Sandra. There ARE no “dumb” cats. If ur fed up lookin at CATS, kindly do us a BIG favor and GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

    As to the Qtee, I’d lurv to cee his Qtipz in mai kleenexxx boxxx and I’d bleen and bleen~!

  31. Sandra boo urns on you. Kittens are obviously the cutest of the animal kingdom. There ARE no other animals when there are kittehs around.

    Anyhoo, tissuebox kitteh sez: “And stretch the left arm, and streeeeetch the right arm…”

  32. Sandra is nuffing things up, sure. But JM — there are definitely dumb cats out there. Oh yes. *Every* species gets its share of durrr genes.

  33. So, what I want to know is, if I pull this kitteh out of the box, is there another one sort of stuck to it that will sit there in approximately the same position waiting to be pulled out?
    Kitteh looks soft. Soft enough to blow my nose on, or…

  34. I still think Lizzy is the POO.
    NUFF said.
    Bah haha! xxxooo
    what-so eva makes ya happy!

  35. oh BTW
    catablob. no nose blowin on the kitteh.
    kinda kills it for the rest of us.
    so down babee. um-kay?

  36. BLEEN.

    Oh yes, I went there. If “Baroo?” can be a one-word comment, so too can bleen. That’s my story and I’m, stickin’ to it.

    Also, my cats would LOVE it if I made them a play ground out of used tissue and UPS boxes. This little guy’s owners may as well sign him up for boxhab before things get any worse.

  37. berthaslave says:

    I’ll weigh in with I think it’s appropriate to say “Bleen” somewhere within the first comment, but I don’t think it shows much imagination to say merely “Bleen.”

    And I never, ever, complain about the amount of cats.

  38. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    It’s not like Bleeners are those folks who have to peel out’a the parking lot first, even if it means leaving before the game has ended. Or those who MUST have the newest Harry Potter before anyone else-then toss around spoilers left and right. Bleeners are generally sweet, innocent, and just looking for some Qte.

    ‘Sides, CO has been scientifically proven to sooth the savage “Type A Personality”. So, cut ’em some slack…..the NEED THE QTE!!

  39. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    That was supposed to be “they”. Drat…..

  40. I say, let them have their “bleen.” It neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket.

  41. Puffex Press Release:
    A slight mishap in the factory : a box of razors fell into the floof mixer ::
    Result: Our Softest most lethal tissue evah.

    On a completely unrelated note: Puffex is proud to announce our new line of first aid products. Including our new Nose Aids. Bandaid’s for Your nostrils, should they become inexplicibly slashed for no reason whatsoever…

  42. My first hedgehog used to like to find tissue boxes and hide in them if I left one on the floor. Hedgies have to find the smallest, snuggiest, darkest, warmest spot to curl up and sleep. Twice I’ve found my escaped hedgie sleeping under the water boiler. Apparently this cat like to find snug warm places to nap. I don’t blame this kitty at all!

  43. bananasforbunnies says:

    Biting his way out of boxhab.

  44. mrbunsrocks says:

    What is this…cat overload? What’s with all the cat pics! We need DIVERSITY.

    We need BUNNIES.

  45. dharlan1too says:

    The eyes say; wanna kleenex, wanna kleenex,yeah, yeah, you wanna kleenex, come on try to get a kleenex….

  46. Holy cats people… from a forever reader and never commenter this whole feud destroys for me all that might possibly be cute about this post. 😦 That’ll teach me to ever read the comments again.

  47. *reaches for a tissue*

    *swiping paw takes off nose*

    I can breathe again! Thanks, Mr. Tissue Box Cat!

    *tries to snorgle*

    *can’t snorgle with non-existent nose*

    *snorgles with beard instead*

  48. this pic reminds me of a most excellent vid on UTube, aptly & usefully titled “Kitten in a Box”:

  49. Woops — mind the klawz!

  50. It’s kill or cure, when you try to use these tissues.

  51. DaytimeDeb says:

    Mrbunrocks, I love buns too (bunnies, that is. Well, and buns… oh dear, I might have overshared again…)

    Perhaps you are joking? Until yesterday, I was quite concerned that we would have a shortage of kittie QTE in 2008. That marmie bellie tall shot on Caturday was great, but I still need a lot more kitty QTE to make it through these dark and stormy days. And bun cute. And pup cute. And…. QTE cute! It’s all good!

  52. When did CO go B & W??

  53. DaytimeDeb says:

    Mike D: Didn’t “Kitten in a box” win an Emmy for Timberlake & Samberg? 😉

  54. Man, I’ve been sick for a week now but my tissues did not come with extra fluffage like this, unfortunately.

  55. possumpiratess says:

    Woah. That would be more effective at preventing colds than a hundred tubes of that Airborne stuff!

    Magnificent pic, title, hovertext and description!

  56. metsakins says:

    okay, okay peeps …calm down. I have the nuffiest thing to say about this. that is not a kleenex box! that is a puffs box. I have carefully analyzed the patterns on the box and matched them to my green box of puffs that is sitting on the scanner next to me.

  57. metsakins says:

    Oh and Metz dear, having come from a long line of peeps in the paper business, I wish I could tell you that your puffex joke is a fantasy, alas it is not. The recycling paper process includes running magnets through the product because of the likelihood of paper clips, staples etc. The remaining product is so finely shredded that even a small piece of metal left in would be unnoticable unless one of these processes failed or was operating incorrectly…nuff said?

  58. metsakins says:

    shall I continue to say that it is very unlikely that this product would ever make it out into the market place however, when you’re in the business ya hear things…

  59. circuscake says:

    and here i thought my bloody nose was from too much time in a dry, heated house…

  60. weensicka says:


    Please don’t tell me we’re workin’ on the most redonkulous commentroversy of 2008 already?!

    Kitteh McSlashslash may have something to say about that…with her claws of DEATH!

  61. Boxhab? I don’t need no stinkin boxhab!

  62. Heeeeeere’s KITTEH!!!

    catablob, I lol’ed. Though this picture is already HILARIOUS, I love the image of pulling out kitty after feisty, swiping kitty…

    And mike d, omg, I are ded from your link. That’s the cutest thing ever. And really DOES bring to mind a Kleenex-style folding of kitty upon kitty!

  63. Seriously Meg…I believe we’re on the verge of a new category, entitled “…..aaaaAAAAGH!”. You’ve already got this one and the “Oh little town of BethelehaaaAAAGH!” It’s perfect!

  64. Nothing scares the bejebus out of my cats like me sneezin’. So yeah, I don’t think this would happen at my house.

  65. You need a tissue? Here – I promise I won’t TEAR YOUR FACE OFF!!!!!!

    I have a similar picture with my cat’s legs all stuffed in the box and she’s laying there all comfy. Bleenin’ Cute!

  66. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love how the kitteh is biting the edge of the box opening! RRRH!

  67. I love the way you did code. Awesome cutespeak.

  68. snorglepup says:

    Check out the ear hair! It’s bleen a long time since that’s bleen topped.

  69. charliewabba says:

    I love the idea of a box full of kitty tissues, popping out one after the other. I can imagine a whole new line of kitteh paper replacement products:
    kitteh notepads.
    kitteh post-its!
    kittehs on a roll for wiping down your kitchen counters!
    not to mention, the ever-popular swiffer kitteh!

  70. I thought my cat was the only one who went running out the cat door whenever I sneeze. Other loud noises don’t do it. Like my snoring or loud trucks going by. makes me feel all guilty. .. and. . . oh, it’s part of the Let’s Make Mommy Feel Inferior Game, hey?

  71. Charlie NABN says:

    Omg this thing is like little town of bethleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!
    I just love pictures like that