New Most Pathetic Kitteh Evar

The Most Pathetic Kitteh Evar title used to be held by THIS GUY. (And before that, THIS GUY) But now the super heavyweight champ is this kitteh below, all pathetic in his dustbin-post-boxhab* life. Check out the kitteh torture device to the left, which obvy gets great use. Not to mentche mysterious pounce-kitteh on the left… I’m sure he’s to blame for ALL OF THIS!

Go Nuffs, Go! (Nice shot, Claudia P.)
* rehab for kittehs who overindulge themselves by sitting in boxes



  1. awww poor baby… way to cheer on the Nuffs though!

  2. Lovin’ the beautiful blue eyes!

  3. oh the blue eyes and little pink tongue!

  4. Golden Phoenix says:

    Such purdy blue eyes….

    I am so tempted to make a Dune reference right now…

    Aw, what the heck…

    “The Spice must flow!”

    Hehe, feel better now ^^

  5. paulajeanne says:

    But those baby blues do match his scoop perfectly!

  6. I sweep them up and put them in my pocket. Then to keep for hiding where nobody see, and to give the snorgle. Many many snorgles.

  7. Omg.. hes leetle blue eyez match da scoopier..

    He looks a wee bit hungry.. bring him over here.. I’ve got plenty of food.

  8. PumpkintheCat says:

    I love the way his little eyes don’t…quite…point in the same direction!

  9. I did NOT see that second kitteh. lolz!

  10. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, I want to kitnap both of them! SQUEEEEEE!

  11. i did not see the 2nd kitty at first! LOL!

    all the boys she’s think she’s a spy, she’s got marty feldman eyes.

  12. Nooo, Kitty!! By trash can is no way to go!

  13. hee-yaw!

    I didn’t even SEE pounce-kitteh until you pointed him out, Meg!

    He musta gone to a sneek pre-mew of Alien v. Predator and picked the side with cloaking devices!

    I lol because I wuv.

  14. I ‘eeked’ when I saw the hidden second kitteh. Playing hidingks-go-seeks, are they? 🙂

  15. Points for matching eye color to the dustbin/halfway house.

    Nice hovertext, by the way. ;D

    I *Love* This Gato!
    Such a Cute Tiny Morsel!
    And that second kitty!
    *Dies from the Cuteness*

  17. OMG! I can’t believe you know the “Everybody Hates Me Song”! I love that you know that!

  18. CheshireCat says:

    Awww, he’s so pathetic he can’t even focus his widdo bwoo eyes!

  19. IT is such a tragedy that it turned his brown eyes Blue.

  20. No please don’t put me through the mangle again.

  21. berthaslave says:

    I believe this has been done in some fashion before, but I gots ta:

    :: ahem ::

    Nobody knows what it’s like, the be the bad kitteh,
    To be the sad kitteh,
    Behind blue eyes.

    Nobody knows what it’s like in box-hab,
    It’s not so fab,
    Behind blue eyes.

    But my barn is not as empty
    As my conscience seems to be
    Look again now
    Another kitteh!
    He’ll pounce upon you.
    And make you squeeeeeeee…..

  22. OMG I totally didn’t see the 2nd kitty until I read the description. That 2nd kitteh is the stealthiest!

  23. Berthaslave – LOVE it! LOL!

    Cute kittehs!

  24. Dammit, Jim, why can’t I find little black cats when I dust my room?

  25. If you all MUST snorgle that black kitten, so be it.

    That leaves me the other in the corner to cuddle in my arms. Poor thing is so scared he’s hiding .

  26. He IS the Kwisatz Haderach!

  27. firefinch says:

    Oh, thanks for the earworm (no pun intended). Long slim slimy ones, short fat juicy ones …

  28. He reminds me of one of those vivid eyed depression era pics.

  29. Why would someone want to throw such a nice kitten away. He only needs a little dusting and he’ll be good as new.

  30. I’m thinking less “boxhab” and more Sally Struthers saying “For only 18 cents a day, you can get this kitteh the food and medical attenshoions he needs to have a better life. With your contribution, we will send you a picture of your kitteh, along with a personal letter from your kitteh…”


  31. martha in mobile says:

    Ahem…if I may begin the ’nuffs: I can’t believe you people think this is cute! That poor dustpan is being attacked by fierce, predatory kittens!

  32. kittyface lurver says:

    Eeeeeeeeeeggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Must… eat… face…

  33. Yeah – but does this kitteh live in a shack in the Phillipines, with only a bed of straw and dirty rice to eat?

    I will send Sally Struthers money for the kitteh.

  34. Furbabies says:

    Did anyone notice the other kitty hiding behind the dustpan? It’s like “Uh-oh,dun fro me in da tash too, k?”. Don’t cry kitties, I will give you a safe and happy home. Come on over my house.

  35. Martha in Mobile, HEhehehehe.

  36. cuppercake says:

    there should be a pathetic kitteh category

  37. That box really brings out his eyes…

  38. Sorry, Meg, but I have to disagree. The most pathetic kitteh champeen is still


    (How’s that, Meg?)

  40. catloveschanel says:

    Well she was saying, that that she want’s only me
    Then I wonder why am I on this shovel all alone?
    When she’s saying, that she’ll pounce back again
    Then I wonder how much more where she could be
    Well I guess, I should speak up for myself
    But I really think it’s better this way
    The more you suffer
    The more it shows you really care Right? Yeah!

  41. catloveschanel says:

    Sorry I had to do another post, I love the colors and the pathos so…william carlos williams

    so much depends
    a red wheel

    glazed with rain

    beside the white

  42. so much depends
    a blue dust

    scuffed with barn

    beside the spy

  43. @ cozytailmom: Heh heh, yes. Kitteh is all “Ah lost everthin’ in th’ stock market.)

  44. Another Angela says:

    Way to go catloveschanel and skippy! Great stuff.

  45. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Ummm, is that a little piece of ham hanging out his mouf???

  46. P. Erasmus says:


  47. i love the blue eyes matching the dust bin!

  48. berthaslave says:

    Catloveschanel is my new favorite poster. Anyone who can reference Offspring and WCW in the same thread are clearly teh awe-some.

  49. Awwwww! Mr. Piffle!

  50. catloveschanel says:

    purrrrfect, skippy!

  51. My guess about the “kitty torture machine” is that it’s a sugarcane juice extractor. What country was this pic taken in?

  52. OOOOOO!

    The slight wall-eyed thing is what cinches the super-adorable patheshhhictisntis….

    SOOO f****** Sweet!

    Oh, and teeeensy pupils…

  53. Those can’t be real eyes. He must have stolen someones marbles.

  54. LesbianNeoCon, I think it’s his tongue.

  55. Instant love.