THIS JUST IN: Danish power outlets!

Check it out, those sneaky Danes are trying to show the world who makes the cutest power outlet.



Anerable, Andrew C. Times three.



  1. Cute power plugs? Ehh. . . Got it. . !

  2. fish eye no miko says:

    Hehehe.. Awesome! They’re like cute little triplets!

  3. CoffeeCup says:

    they’re like that in Prague too – be forewarned! If you’re in America and are traveling to Europe, a lot of countries utilize that round plug around the three holes – this is different from the ones in France, which are either square or don’t have molding around the holes (i.e. just holes in the wall for a plug) I couldn’t charge my camera in Prague because the adapter wouldn’t fit.

  4. Great Caturday has been replaced by Plugday.. sob..

  5. I wouldn’t be able to plug anything into them without feeling like a rude bastard.

  6. I can’t help imagining going to plug in your vacuum or something, and just before you cram one in, all three start talking in unison, with shrill buzzing bee voices: “GOOD MORNING HOW ARE YOU TODAY.”

  7. Silent Meow says:

    I’d be tempted to feed them baby bottles and spoons of applesauce, but wouldn’t dare because they are POWER PLUGS, for goodness sake! LOL!

  8. hehe — i live in denmark and i love these. although a lot of them don’t have the “mouth” hole, just the two eyes.

  9. I live in Denmark and those things always cheer me up 😀 In school we have ones with a “nose” (a screw in the middle of the “eyes” and the “mouth”) too!

  10. BlurpleBerry says:

    Dude! I totally want a Danish power outlet!

  11. what!?! time to move to denmark!!!

  12. I love how they’re three of them.

  13. uh-oh…I think someone is trying to one-up the Japanese!

  14. They are so cute its like they could talk

  15. berthaslave says:

    It’s like emoticon-based electricity.

  16. I’ll bet they’re made in Japan…

  17. Singing Outlets .. Who woulda thunk it.

  18. I just looked at mine (here in the U.S.). They look so shocked and upset 😦

  19. lol taj, you made me get up and look at mine. 😛

  20. Major want.

  21. Has anyone seen Totally full of submishes like this, things that look like smiley happy faces! I hope the sender-inner will submit there too!

  22. ..It’s funny, I always thought of power outlets as little faces..especially with the Hydro Quebec TV ads here..where they talk, look scared or happy and I have even more proof with these Danish plugs..

    Power outlets are PEOPLE TOO! o_o

  23. LoverOfTehCute says:

    This explains EVERYTHING! I love love love all things cute and I’m Danish! My friends think I’m wierd but now I know it’s genetic!

  24. CheshireCat says:

    As a child I always felt guilty when I plugged stuff in because the outlets always looked so distressed; how much happier my childhood would have been I had lived in Denmark. *sigh*

  25. anomalous4 says:

    Happy outlets make happy electrons!

  26. Fransouah says:

    Yay! Three happy forest spirits from Princess Mononoke!

  27. BrianMPLS says:

    Yes! Kodamas ftw, Fransouah! If only they’d make that noise and wink in and out of existence.

  28. Bonjour,

    This power outlet is absolutely not Danish. It simply is European standard.

    Exception for the very new member states, you should find this outlet all over the continent.


  29. This is not correct, Georg. I live in Germany and our plugs do not have the little smiling mouth (unfortunately).

  30. Man, I’m Danish and I’ve never thought about this before! LOL..

    Btw, this page should show what types of plugs you use around the world.

  31. LOL! Cute.

  32. It’s an outlet that screams, “Jam a fork in me, kids!”

  33. Oh ho! They look so much happier and cuter than our plugs. I’ve always thought ours just looked kind of scurred.

  34. fawn lust says:

    😀 😀 😀

  35. darkshines says:

    I would totally draw litle hats, beards and moustaches on them, the sick freak that I am…..

  36. darkshines says:

    I call them Abe, Frenchy and Little Miss Bunnington….

  37. BrianMPLS says:

    Very cute, darkshines!

  38. Chelonianmobile says:

    “That safety woman wanted to sell us covers for the power outlets. But I’ll just draw bunny faces on them to scare Maggie away.”
    “She’s not afraid of bunnies.”
    *ominous* “She will be.”
    Homer would have better luck drawing convincing bunny faces on these, but that’s not entirely a good thing …

    Did the person who designed these intend them to look like smileys, or did they just come out that way? Does anyone know?

  39. memyselfni says:

    This kind of plug looks like it needs a sweat drop on its face.!i.htm

  40. little gator says:

    Cheshirecat-I agree-American outlets look very unhappy.

  41. just put’em on the list with the japanese-
    kickin our asses in the cute dept.