Pupbassador – The Video Response!

People, if more of you could do more of this, that would be gwaaaaaaaaaaate. Nice music, great story, just add C.O. photos and you’re headed to Golden Globes Ville with work like this…

Stark Raven Madd, I like how you pronounce "ferrets". Original Pupbassador post here.



  1. this is amazing!

  2. Cinematic Genius!

  3. There was a definite element of Eric Cartman in that voice-over. Cute!!

  4. jivanmuktauk says:

    they are not you kids! OMG, do you know any border collies? x

  5. That makes so little sense, I can’t help but love it.

  6. I like the idea, but I CANNOT stand the bad “Cartman/HomeStar” ADR. It thoroughly creeps me irritates me simultaneously.

  7. Pupsville is only 5 mintues away from South Park. The council of representatives must have asked Eric Cartman to do the voice over.

    K Thnx Bai!

    LMAO!!! How CUTE!!!

  8. starkraven madd says:

    You know I get that whole “You sound like Cartman” thing a lot when I do that little voice. Sorry if it irritates.
    I got a phone call from my twin sister about the pupbassador pics. She was rofl all over the place about it, so I made the little flash for her lol’s.
    Thanks for loving it anyways! Wooop!

  9. this is fantastic! xD

  10. This fills me with happy.


  12. yankeebird says:


    (There. I feel better.)

  13. SixFootJen says:

    I was glad I’d read the hovertext before I viewed this… or I wouldn’t have understood a word!

  14. Hilarious! I don’t even know who Cartman is.

  15. Loves it. Miss Helen reporting from the sick bed. Quick, someone give that Puppbassador some snacks! Spaniels need feeding every 15 minutes, and that’s stretching it. My favourite bit is “and we’re really excited about that”.
    I’ve watched this 5 times now.

  16. SixFootJen – there’s hovertext over videos?! Hmmm, how come I can’t see it? I see the ones over the images perfectly fine. Weird.

    Great video… Puppy may need a translator to be understood with that heavy accent though 🙂

  17. AWEsome! And Cartman is way more nasally. You sound just like a ambassador pup should sound.

  18. I think the Ambassador needs to have a word with his wife about why the kid looks nothing like him.

  19. Lovely! XD

  20. Hollerin Holly Anne says:

    OMG that was hilarious. Laughed until I cried then could not explain whut was so funny when boyfriend came running. Thanks for that, Stark Raven – four stars!

  21. YEAH!! I’m voting for Mr. McFluffles EVERY year!!!

  22. oh yeah and thanks sis for the awsome video!! WERE REALLY EXCITED ABOUT IT!!

  23. No, sorry, that really wasn’t very fantastic. The voice was totally annoying, and the music didn’t help. Yikes!

  24. Well *I* loved it very much, and I am right now booking a trip to Puppsville.

    Mmmrrrmk, thx, bai!

  25. Great idea, should have had someone else do the voice. Like everyone else said, way too Cartman — not cute and sweet enough for Pupbassador.

    I do like how the Pup shows his kitteh outreach by ending with kthxbai. He speaks their language.


    *shakes your hand vigourously*

    Voice was totally fitting, not annoying ;p

    thats how Pupbassador talks <: ( and and and i loove himmm.

  27. One of the most annoying posts at Cute Overload for a long while.

  28. lol @ Hamstercam’s comment.

  29. metsakins says:

    thx to u starkraven


  30. berthaslave says:

    Hey, let’s applaud the creativity, okay? This is great work, and if you don’t like it, make you’re own video!

    If we’re gonna complain about something, let’s complain about the fact that in Puppsville, it’s perfectly acceptable for a male pup to strap his wife to a harness and force her to care for the offspring. Boo, chauvinist Ambassador McFluffersons. (Bertha tells me he was a man with a “Roman tongue” and “Russian paws back in the day on Her Majesty’s Secret Service, so this is not a surprise).

    C’mon sister border collies, shake off the shackles of your male oppressors. Puppsville for all pups!

    Also, THE GOLDEN GLOBES SUCK. Boycott them and nominate this for an Oscar!

  31. I loved it!! This dog has to be the cutest thing ever, and I like how he is supposed to sound like the Southpark guy!! I have a dog that looks like him, but in my head he sounds like a character from Rugrats, not southpark 🙂

  32. Hey, complainers! You don’t like it? Quit whining and do BETTER! Buncha damn children…

  33. Again thx for the wonderful comments! It really is my evil twin sisters fault. And sorry about the harness thing, hehe I really didnt mean to start a sexual revolution in Pupsville! Think of it more like one of those papoose things women wear. I actually had another pic of a pup mansion, but dropped it in favor of all the pics comming from here! I was in a rush because I am under another large project now for Doctor Steel and paused to make this right quick so sister would be happy. (I made it in under 2 hours) So I had to snatch and grab what caught my eye quickly.
    🙂 I am so glad you all love it. Those that dont, meh, make your own. 😛

  34. That is EXACTLY the voice I use when reading captions! Oh man. Too cute.

  35. not cute

  36. joliesmom says:

    I can’t stand that voice. It’s along the lines of baby-talk and baby-talk is NEVER good.

    McFluffles is preciousness to the maxx…

  37. o hai. I’d just like to say that if you think something on here isn’t cute, it’s okay to say so. Really.


    McFluffles ’08: Change we can believe in!

  38. Thanks Starkraven for taking time to make us laugh with this–Doctor Steel sounds like a Bond villain…

  39. possumpiratess says:

    Well, yeah. It’s cool to take the time to do it and to share it. Thanks!

    The VO would have been more easily understood with a little filter between you and the mic..or more distance. Otherwise, voices are so subjective. People either like them or not.
    Thanks again!

  40. Doctor Steel is in fact your next World Emperor! Um or your FIRST.. depending on how you look at it!!

    furthermore.. to those who dont like the voice.. ever think maybe instead of the pupbassador sounding like cartman.. MAYBE just maybe the kid sounds like the DOG!!!?? mmmmm!!??

  41. needs a differant voice over that one is a little whiney

  42. lou's owner says:

    hamstercam: indeed, grounds for a doggie divorce.

    thanks for that, it’s definitely shareable. four pics and everyone went insane.

  43. rdhwyalane says:

    Can anyone translate? I couldn’t understand anything she said.

  44. snorglepup says:

    I’m on the next train to Pupsville.

  45. i, for one, love the voice BECAUSE it sounds like cartman. don’t give up your “baby voice,” everyone should embrace their own.

    :applauds for video:

  46. I LOVED this. Super creative, and I thought the voice just made the already adorable pics even funnier and awesomer. Fantastic!

  47. BARF!

  48. I love this more than words can possibly express.

  49. that dog sounds like cartman!!

  50. That was cute and funny as heck. I love that dog lookin like a wooly lamb… and we are really excited bout that!

  51. I loved loved loved this video. Thank you so much for creating such adorableness!

  52. The voice in the video sounds cute HOWEVER I cannot understand a word of it. The pictures individually are cute, HOWEVER why so many jumping all around? It almost made me fall over from dizzyness.

  53. I agree with Summer. Surely all of the positive comments are really just jokes.

  54. Oh noes, I didn’t mean to be a Nuff with my comment about Cartman. I only meant the enunciation (“hai” rhymes with “pie” and “authority”). I thought the video (and voice-over) were cute beyond cute.

  55. CUTE!

  56. Yay for SRM and her evil (but couldn’t really be so evil if she inspired this vid) twin. I lurve it! And I love the Cartman-esque qualitah of the VO. Well done. Two paws up.

  57. K thx BAI

  58. lunacydress says:

    Cute video and idea, ANNOYING voice-over. Cartman voice or not, at least record with better quality. Pull your face away from the mic!

  59. Actually lunacy it is a question of the mic’s quality, not my ineptitude. I actually have full on recording equipment BUT once again this was made in a limited time frame with things that were at hand at 3 in the morning as a lark for a pally. In fact the only reason I chose the old crackling recording of “The Entertainer” was because the mic port on my lappy is faulty and was crackling uncontrollably. So the music helped cover it a little bit.
    The result is still getting a lot of attention, crappy quality and all.
    Go figure!

  60. I enjoyed the whole thing! Voice, rapid cutting, the works. It was silly, it was meant to be silly, it worked for me. And ‘My wife’ ‘Our son’ cracked me up.
    (And I could understand everything she said because it was, word for word, the captions Meg wrote in the original Pupbassador post. Remember that? Really recently?)

  61. pupsville’s newest resident:


  62. OMG!i smell another video!!!

  63. S. Raven M. – you have no reason to apologize! thank you for sharing your creative/silly/fun/cute -ness with us. adorable!

  64. CheshireCat says:

    I love it! Someone should tewtelly make a video about “Kitty City” and it’s “Catbassador”.

  65. Verruh cute! And I don’t think of it as Cartmen-esque. You sound exactly the way I do when saying lolspeak out loud, and everyone knows that’s how dogs and cats would sound iffen they had vocal cords, no?

    K THX BAI! ^_^

  66. foxy_bingo says:

    Pupbassador looks like Chief Wiggum.

  67. Mary (the first) says:

    I loved it but have only a glimmer of idea who Cartman is (South Park? right? which I’ve never really watched) and was only guessing at what kthxbai meant when I would see it somewhere.. now I know for sure.. and the whole thing made me laugh. StarkRavenMad, don’t apologize for a thing, artistic license is on YOUR side and whoever doesn’t like it, move along.

  68. Stark Raven, I looooooove you!!

  69. People who dislike the voice are missing out on full appreciation of one of the greatest joys in life–LOLcats. You _have_ to use that voice or a similar one (in your head or outloud) or “Can I Haz Cheezburgr?” etc. just doesn’t make any sense. This video is a LOLdog come to life. I love it!

  70. SRM you rock! I totally love it. I’ve had Cocker Spaniels for years, and they are SOOO Pupbassadorial! Hope to see more of your work… 😉

  71. I just came back from a Dr’s visit for the 6th time about my sinus surgery that didn’t go so well, and I was doubting life’s goodness…Until THIS. It is adorable, joyful and a gift to us all thank you for making my morning and reminding me of how good life is, especially in Pupsville!

  72. The first thing I thought when I watched this was “OMG SOUTHPARK!” But it made me smile, and I enjoyed the voice’s Cartmanesqueness. K THX BAI!!

  73. I have to agree that the voice used is perfect for LOLspeak. I use practically the same voice when doing it. I recognize the Cartman-esque quality but it is somewhat different. It’s utterly hysterical to me, personally. Mileage varies, of course. This has had my boyfriend and I ROFL since it was posted, and we have been impersonating it nonstop. Maybe we’re ridiculous and childish, but we are having fun. That’s what matters. I haven’t stopped saying “K THX BAI!” in that voice in days. In my opinion, this wins the interwebs.

  74. I love the fact that the voice is Cartman-esque, that just makes it funnier to me!

  75. Thanks again everyone, sister and I are so pleased with your outpouring of love!
    Kat- You have no idea how much impersonation means to me. 🙂 Now I know we are not the only ones who do that sort of thing.
    Childish? Maybe…
    Ridiculous? Most assuredly…
    Wonderfully fun? For sure!