Go ahead, pet the screen [eye roll]

Here is a virtual kitteh (Almost life-sized) for those of you without kittehs on Caturday.

[wears hole in monitor]

That teeckles! [squirms]

Meaghan D., you’ve done an incredible service giving this life-sized kitteh to everyone. Thnx bai. p.s. Tallest single photo evar posted? I think serhe.



  1. So! Much! BELLEH!!!

  2. *beeps* the nose

  3. Shhhhhh……….

  4. eep! little kitteh belleh! snorgle snorgle

  5. Yaaaaay Caturdayyyyy!! I knew it was too terrifying a threat to actually happen (“no more caturdays”)

    This ginger boy is doing an excellent job of demonstrating the fact that kitties lack collarbones, ne?

  6. Momof2kitties says:

    That is the single cutest thing I have ever seen. in. my. life.

    I shall not be returning to CO, as I am kilt. 😉

  7. so softubuls!!!! 🙂

  8. dharlan1too says:


  9. I tried to resist… really I did. But I had to pet that tummy!

    (*now trying to wipe fingerprints off the screen*)

  10. The pic just gets cuter as you scroll down to the point where its unbearable and you need to go eat something sour to get that sweetness out of your body.

    From the tips of the ears to the snuggly tummy and fuzzy paws.

    I’m in love!

  11. I couldn’t help it- I snorgled the screen. It was beyond my control.

    Must resist urge to blow the fuzzies near the kitty neck. ARGH! To darn adorable!

  12. I love that polka-dotted tummy!!!

  13. I HAVE 2 kitties right here, but they do not have spotted bellehs, so I petted my screen as well.

  14. Fabuloso!

  15. Momof2kitties says:

    OK, I could not resist. Iz back for more. Iz not sure where I should start the snorgle fest. Teh AofS? Teh catpits (always a favorite)? Teh spotted belleh? Teh knees? Teh thumbs?

    *splodes from over-huffing. Dies wif a smile on her face*

    Everyone noes teh marmies are teh most dangerous.

  16. Need a few more inches at the bottom… but flufftacular.

    Petted mr Orangie even with my two kitties on top of me.

  17. Belleh. Belleh is good. Belleh very very good.

  18. OMG!!!!!! I am mezmerized by this
    pretteh ,kitteh ,belleh…I think I see the “Axis Of Snorgeling….I feel al mushy inside….:-)

  19. ooooh, deeleeshus soft warm stripy marmie belly…mmm…if only ’twas real…I can almost feel it…

  20. checklist

    – nibble ears
    – kiss nose and mouth
    – smell neck
    – snorgle belly
    – munch paws
    – full body hug and smooch


  21. WOW!!!!!!!

  22. Janeyferr says:

    i have more belleh than that pusskin ;P

  23. Too Many Maureens says:

    This is PERFECT! We just plugged our computer through the 40″ wide-screen TV. This photo, set sideways, is the PERFECT desktop photo!

    I can bellah-snorgle ALL DAY LONG!

  24. Toooooo…much…yummeh kitteh belleh!!!

    Adore it!

  25. misscrisp says:

    {shifty eyes} thanks Meg, this is really doing WONDERS for my out-of-control huffing habit [frantically speed dials sponsor for emergensh sesheeon]

  26. I have an addiction. I’m hooked on cat bellies.


  27. Feline disrespect from hehind says:

    I love POV scenes.

  28. berthaslave says:

    Marmie heaven.

    And awesome interactive hovertext.

    I love Cute Overload.

  29. Gallgghhhhh. Marmie marmitude. Want one, WANT ONE !

  30. i actually groaned and giggled – at home, alone, completely to myself – at this baby’s bellyulance as I scrolled down. I mean jeez, are you trying to kill me with the cuteness? you know us michiganders haven’t had our share of warmth in the past few weeks! ahn!

  31. I DID pet the screen !!!

  32. spikethecat says:

    I cannot resist. Want to snorgle th’ spotted marmie belly!!!

  33. Mmm hmm that tum sho’ needs a scratchin’!!

  34. Is anyone else making airplane noises while scrolling down…? No? Never mind.


  35. I gave kitty a virtual tummy rub with my mouse pointer..He said it tickled!

  36. tracyflick says:

    I am so allergic to KITTEHS that I am even allergic to this.

    This is like large Claritin ad.

    WHY??? WHY did I have to be allergic to the kittehs? My favuriteee.

    Like Greek Tragedy. 😦
    😦 😦 😦

  37. Too Many Maureens says:

    Ahhh, the scroll-down. Yes, this is certainly that; although, rather than a scroll down fug (as in gofugyourself.com), this is a scroll down SNUG.


  38. Beans! That kitten has BEANS on it’s belleh!!

    Mmmmmm….bean burrytoe!

  39. I…. are… ded.


  40. Juniper Jupiter says:


    tracyflick, you mention the Claritin ad…have you tried the Cymbalta commercial? The one with the “Depression Hurts”? Apparently the latest one has a lady that after she starts taking it, she gets a kitten and feels better!! **squee**!!!!

    (Quick note gang, I am NOT making light of Clinical Depression, I just think this particular commercial makes me feel good because of the kitty towards the end…I was diagnosed as Clinically Depressed…18 years ago as a teen…I’m fine for now, and take no meds for it, if you got it, or know anybody with it, allow me to give you and them warm fuzzies and good vibes, k? 🙂 Thanx!)

  41. *rubbie, rubbie, rubbie, rubbie, rubbie. Snorgle, snorgle, snorgle, snorgle, snorgle. Picks up limp paw #1 (flop). Picks up limp paw #2 (floop). Widdo bitty gentoh keees on da nosie* *sigh* I feel soooo much bettoh now! 😀

  42. where is the leg?

  43. long cat is loooooooong.

  44. CheshireCat says:

    I must resist urge to snorgle the monitor until the kids have gone to bed. I…must…resist!

  45. anomalous4 says:

    halp halp! mai monniter iz cuvrd wif fase printz form triin 2 snorgl dis kitteh. i can has windex?

    @Juniper Jupiter: I’ve been depressed more or less continuously for 45 years and have been on meds for the last 12, and a daily visit to the land of Cute Overload is the best medicine of all!

    (p.s. No one laughs harder at depression than we who live with it every day. Call it a defense mechanism – if we didn’t laugh, we’d cry – or whatever, but sometimes it’s just so freekin’ ABSURD, we just can’t help ROFLing.)

  46. Downloaded.

    Turned sideways in Photoshop.

    Set as desktop wallpaper.

    ::snorgles monitor::

  47. nice scrolldown effect! It keeps going… and going… and going…

  48. most kissable tummeh EVAR!

  49. also tracyflick –

    i, too, am allergic to kittehs.


    i found that after years of exposure, my allergies have reduced over time.

    i’m still not able to snorgle my kittehs without having a few sniffles, but i am able to be a kitteh owner.

    not suggesting you run right out and adopt any, because that would be irresponsible, but know that limited exposure might reduce your allergies over time…

  50. My monitor is not fuzzy, so it’s just not the same. 😦 *tickles kitty belly wif mouse*

    I like that depression-kitty commercial as well. I’ve lived with depression most of my life and was diagnosed 5 years or so ago, and I’m a firm believer in warm-belly-snorgle therapy. (My meds help, too.) I can’t help but laugh sometimes at the Zoloft commercials, with the sad little blob and his raincloud, and on my bad days I tell people I’m having a sad blob day.

  51. acelightning says:

    I have a big ole orange-stripey kitty of my own (trying to walk on my keyboard even as I type this). But if he were sleeping on his back like that, and I tried to snorgle his fuzzy tummy, he’d claw my face to shreds 😦
    Meanwhile, this guy’s the poster-cat for “relaxed”! It’s hard to stay awake while looking at him…. zzzzzz….purrrrrrrrrr…

  52. Spots on the tummy! Spots on the tummy!

  53. kissey kissey kittah

  54. Looks like my cat!

  55. Must be a she-kitteh. heh heh

  56. BELLY!

  57. Thanks y’all…Watson and I are all blushy!

  58. wow~~~, so cute baby. I’d like to use this picture as my avtar on casualpal.com… is that ok??

  59. i love this kittah. i will now go seek out my own marmalade lady and snorgle her until she sinks her claws into my flesh. she needs a manicure and a pedicure like nobody’s biznass.

    and i love you fellow depressioners, because the cymbalta commersh with the kittah should just say HAY TRY OUR MEDS AND THE FIRST 100 PATIENTS GET A FREE KITTAH TO SNORGLE.

    oh, and i am a fellow zoloftblob, woohoo.

  60. snorglepup says:

    Another Zblob too! Just here for another warmfuzzy fix. That must make you peeps my support group. Group hug. Pass the kitty.

  61. Went out on the news this week: the cat was left home when the owners went out on vacation for new years eve. The janitor of the front building called a ONG and a keymaker to release the cat. Fortunately, the house was full of food and water, so nobody else was hurt.


  62. Looks just like my cousin’s kitteh. If it acts like my cousin’s cat as well, it will go from cuddly and adorable to attack mode in .05 seconds.




    *ded* (from inhaling 2 moische kyoot)

  64. pet lover says:

    Sooo cute..I’ll pet this one along with my two. My cats love to chase at the computer pointer..so they tickled “your kitty too”

  65. Why on Earth would you do that to us?
    How are we supposed to go ON???
    Limp arms! (Church of England!)

  66. There’s even a “line of snorgle” on the kitty’s underside! Tempting, tempting…

  67. I’ll bet that kitty’s belly smells terrific. I just love smelling kitty bellies.

  68. that is so not cool. i really want to pet the belly!

  69. Trinky Dink says:

    So lifelike I couldn’t stop sneezinks!

  70. Chanpon — I noticed the “line of snorgle” too, but I thought maybe it was a hidden zipper? (In the striped onesie.)

  71. Is that Lion Brand Homespun (T) in the background? In the Fiesta color?

  72. Juniper Juniper, I take Cymbalta (for Fibromyalgia) and IMHO it DOES work best with kitties in the house. 😀

    If you click on my name you’ll go to my FLickr and a photo that would be a good ad. 😀

  73. kitteh with a zipper down the underside!

  74. Yitzysmommie says:

    Precious adorable kitten smile! Oh yeah, the belleh. Very nice snorgle target, that belleh.

  75. Meaghan D. is awesome for sharingks her kitteh so thoughtfully and… generously. 😀

    Jorden – I like the limp arms and the soft, rounded paws, too.

  76. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Whew!!! I’m actually relieved everybody here likes the commercial too!! I thought I was gonna git strung up for it!!! I like the Zoloft blob too!!! 😛 But, back on this kitteh…yup, I do see a zippah line of snorgle!!! heehee!!! Again, good vibes to all!! 🙂

  77. Ryan Kohl says:


  78. gravyboat says:

    Awww! Lookit the fuzzy striped trousers!

  79. This was exactly what I needed. a wonderful friend passed away suddenly on Friday and she loved this site, especially the kittehs. Thanks for cute kitteh belleh for me to look at, takes my mind off all the other crap.

  80. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awww, sorry to hear, Kay! Just think that all those clouds up there? White angel kitteh bellehs!!! 😛 Your friend is in good hands!!!

  81. Wait a second! Meaghan did you say “Watson”?? So… what… you named your baby kitteh when she was just a pup and the vet couldn’t tell?? And you just decided not to re-name her, right?

    Or is Watson just such a gentleman that he’s all tucked up and stuff?

    Just wonderin…….

  82. p.s. gorgeouss kitteh, either way. Def snorgle-o.d.

  83. Jorden, I love you forever for quoting Eddie Izzard!

    And yus, ze kitteh iz ahdorabuls.

  84. LilKittieLuvr says:

    This kitteh looks like my Magoo’s twin, same spotted belleh and all!! Soooo fuzzy and sleepy and sweet!!

  85. spb – as a matter of fact, Watson is definitely a “he”..he’s just a very polite little “he” and keeps it all tucked away!