Caturday Night’s Alright (For leeckingks)

What is this, Sears Portrait Studio?

[Major cheek smoooche bending head backwards]


RuthElisa K., I didn’t know Sears offered kittehs as props. [Making appointment at lightning speed]



  1. I’m right behind you at Sears, Meg! What sweeties!

  2. And may I say bleen?

  3. That is cute. My boys used to do that. The younger one would groom the older one, lulling him into a false sense of security, then with out warning he would bite him (not hard) and run away.

  4. How many licks does it take to get to the center of an adorable kitten?

  5. tracyflick says:

    How parents feel when their kids get along.

  6. What, the lack of visible tongue exempts this from the I Shall Leek You category?! I doth protest. The dainty eyelashes make up for the tonguelessness.

    (Maybe the tongue is camouflaged against all that pink.)

  7. Love you lots……No matter what happens……we will be always.

  8. Momof2kitties says:

    Who stole my Georgie when I wasn’t looking and cloned him? Huh? Which one of you put him on that pink background? Return him this instant!

  9. It’s like their prom picture!

  10. what couple of Smoochie kittehs….tooooooooo cute

  11. Smoochie McSmoochersons

  12. metsakins says:

    ahh, that’s it. right on the cheek over there. yes. now the neck please. yes the neck. ahhh.

  13. Yeah Caturday is back!

  14. berthaslave says:

    I call matchingks!

    Cat love is the best love.

  15. Nicolletta says:

    So cute! *melts*

  16. This seems like a Glamour Shot Deb from Napoleon Dynamite would conjure up… [narrates in Deb voice]: “Okay, now, picture hundreds of tiny seahorses floating around your head…no, don’t chase them!”

  17. What? Not in the “I shall leeck you” cat-egory?? Megs, youse slippingks! 😉

  18. CheshireCat says:

    How many licks, Decca? Let me see…*lick* one *lick* two *lick* thrrree *Kronsches kitteh ear* whoops sorry.

  19. In the next shot, the drapes are slashed to ribbons.

  20. I have a mug with this picture on, just adorable! I also have another of kittens frolicking in the grass. ahhhnnn

  21. acelightning says:

    The kittens are cute, because kittens can’t help being cute. But that backdrop of pink satin and pink dotted swiss looks like a particularly ugly bridesmaid’s dress. Pink – ugh!

  22. what a gorgeous couple…

  23. Suhweeet!

  24. haha, cool!!! check out casualpal.con to see what happens there?

  25. And the Adorable Head Tilt of the Year Award goes to…

    He’s gone a full 90 degrees!

  26. both of those cats together
    are so cute.meow,meow,meow.

  27. snoopysnake says:

    It reminds me of one of my first favorite online kitteh photos

  28. luckycliff says:

    um, that’s what heaven looks like!

  29. I want those kitties! I will use them as pillows… and exfoliators! 🙂

  30. bananasforbunnies says:

    If ey giv u a hickey here no one will knows…

    how cute, I want tem both!

  31. Very much like Klimt’s “The Kiss.”

  32. Ilu Meg.Tysvm.I adore ur site.