The beat dont stop until the breaka dawn

With a hip hop the hippie to the hippie

the hip hip a hop a you don’t stop

the rockin’to the bang bang boogiesay up jump the boogie

to the rhythm of the boogie the beat


I dont mean to brag

i dont mean to boast,

but we like hot butter on our breakfasttoast, Kelsey B.

But here’s all the SugarHill sweetness—in case it’s been a while…



  1. luvs the rappin’ y’all

  2. Momof2kitties says:


  3. Momof2kitties says:

    Yeah, but can he do soulja boy?

    [Hayyyl no! Mama, we be kickin it OLD school. – Ed.]

  4. Oh gosh, I LUVS that song!!! And this beeeeootiful Horse looks like he could just jam that song TOOOO well!!!!!

    *Now humming the song for the rest of the day*

  5. This is the reason why I love CO. Every day, I get the sublime and the redonkulous. Meg, you rock like a beast!

  6. For the record, I didn’t actually LOL until I saw the hovertext.

  7. PS Put your hooves in the air [and wave them] like you just don’t care!

    [You’re welcome… – Ed.]

  8. Hippie hoppie New Year, Theo!

  9. noBODY does it like Teh QTE!!!

  10. Hip hop homey hosseh!

  11. Yeaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!

    All across the nation,
    From coast to coast,
    People always ask me,
    What I like most!

    I don’t wanna brag,
    an’ I don’t wanna boast,
    I jus tell them

    YEAH TOAST!!!!!

    Meg, I <3 you sooooo much!

  12. humiliatedgrapes says:

    lmaoooo, I love hover text. it’s like a little secret hidden joke. hoooo!

    I’m 21 and this post made me feel old. that is so wrong.

  13. After looking at the year’s best and enjoying yet another laugh, I just wanted to thank Meg & Theo and any & all support staff for making C.O. possible. You guys spread so much joy to so many! If you never do another kind thing you will have made more people happy than most can in their lifetimes.
    Thanks so much!

  14. Cheryl Robinson-Atwood says:

    Oh, yeaa, the hover text!! Adds that special “Oompph”..

    Dreamspinner Cheryl

  15. Dope.

  16. ah.
    this is a bee-u-tee-ful ponie! he needs NO decoration, please remove the hat.
    i lurve him and wanna pet.
    More PONIES!1!

  17. Wurd to your mare.

  18. Aww yeah! Now that’s the jam. Love the video with it.

    oh and…OMG PONIES!!

  19. humiliatedgrapes says:

    Oh, he knows he NEEDS no hat, he just knows he looks more hip with it on 🙂 I mean, all the ponies at school wear them!

  20. BTW, could that be an Arabian horse? I’m looking at the broad forehead, tapered nose and big beautiful eyes.

  21. humiliatedgrapes says:

    rofl @ EB!

  22. Yeah, but can he do soulja boy?

  23. Hip hip hop, with a clippity clop.

  24. I say
    ah horsie hair

    If your nag
    starts actin up
    go get with a Mare!

    SAY WHAT?!?!?

  25. LunaKitteh says:

    Homiez in da house say
    neigh, neigh, neigh!

  26. most likely it’s a saddlebred w/ that browband and shaved mane.

  27. Mary (the first) says:

    I don’t know a darn thing about that “song” but that is definitely a beautiful horse.

  28. that just put me in the best mood! brings me back to 6th grade when my friend tom would do the whole rap by heart on the bus ride home 😉 good times…

  29. Oh thank YOU all(CO and commentors) for making me LAUGH hard this morning. I’m awake now 😀

  30. Theresa,
    the shaved mane & forelock, double bridle with large shanks and the style of bridle (flat, broad noseband and blingy browband) suggest a Saddlebred (used for saddleseat style riding), or a National Show Horse, which is a combination of Saddlebred and Arabian. From head-on, I wouldn’t pin him as an Arabian, especially since his face is particularly elongated; Arabians tend to have more compact heads; the tell-tale “dish” in their profiles wouldn’t be obvious from this angle.

  31. one of the erins says:

    When the first caveman rolled in from the dregs
    He didn’t know what go with the bacon and the eggs

    Musta been a genius, got it in his head
    Plug the toaster in the wall, and buy a bag of bread

  32. yo yo OMG PONIES!

    Spinning the vinyl must be hard with those hooves. Maybe he has another animal to do his scratching (a barn cat?)

  33. Carrie and Heather, for some reason when I first looked at him, I just didn’t notice the roaching. He’s sure got a sweet face, in any case.

  34. He looks like a young guy. He probably like the Beastie Boys better…

    I don’t mean to brag,
    I don’t mean to boast,
    But I’m intercontinental
    When I eat French Toast

    [I’m suspending your license to ill, Layla… – Ed.]


  35. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    I still have this RECORD!

  36. Best picture commentary ever!!

  37. Oh hay — note that lower lip!

  38. Momof2kitties says:

    Teho-you made me snort out loud. And, btw, I am old (school, that is.) 😉


  39. mischievous madchen says:

    Ok, I’m sorry, but I reaalllly think the hover text should have been…”Ev’ry body say Haaaay!” :>

    [You sayin dis mare ain’t no ho’?? – Mr. Ed]

  40. I think my favorite thing about this post is that the chosen clip of Rapper’s Delight is titled “Raper’s Delight” by the uploader. It adds an extra layer of strange to the picture of the OMGPONY.

  41. berthaslave says:

    Back in my day, the ponies used to jive to “Brickhouse.” Might-y might-ay, and lettin’ it all hang out.

  42. I’m a hip-hoppin horsey
    that wants to say “hay”
    so dontcha say “neigh”
    when ya ride on my sleigh.

    my buds will kick your ass
    my ass ‘il be in your face
    if ya ride me like a pony-
    you gotta neigh like a homey!

  43. Tracyflick says:

    Brown Beauty.

  44. *screamin’* OH MY GOD THAT’S SOME FUNKY SH*T!!!

  45. B-Slave, she’s the only one
    Built like an Amazon!
    Yeah she’s a brick…
    [doop dop dweee bop]

  46. …she a-aa BRICK!…horse…

  47. HAD to post after seeing this one. Too funny and brings back so many memories. That horse is gorgeous!

  48. Another great caption!!

    Okay, believe there’s an outbreak of “lyricosis” here! (I am so old, I used to request it at the disco ‘back in the day’ (and I do have it on my MP3, currrently)

    “I don’t mean to brag,
    I don’t mean to boast
    But I’m like hot butter on your breakfast toast”

    This cutie definitely looks more like Mr. Ed to me!! (A horse is a horse, of course of course….)

  49. Say hotel, motel, Holiday Inn…

  50. What a beeeeyooootiful Saddlebred!

  51. MC Equine. So fine, he rhymes in time and haunts your mind. Never did a horse rap so sublime.

    I know. Couldn’t help myself.

  52. danceswithcrows says:

    I can totally see this dude bustin’ out a little P-Funk:

    A-tom-ic Hoooorse,
    [o course]
    A-tom-ic Hoooorse,
    [o course]
    Mow mow wow yippee oh yippie neigh,
    Mow wow yippie oh yippie neigh….

  53. Tear the roof off the stable!

  54. We don’t need no water, let the motor-scooter burn.

  55. All da poniez in da hood
    Step up da beat
    C’mon get on yo’ feet
    Ma, thazza sweet horse ya got there, yo!

    Teho, that’s not his lower lip – that’s a part of his rein!

  56. Now what you hear is not a test – I’m cloppin’ to the beat!
    And me, the Groove and my friends are gonna try to move your feet.
    See I am Wonder Horse and I’d like to say hello;
    to the black, to the white, the red, and the brown, the purple and yellow!
    But first i gotta bang bang the boogie to the boogie
    say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie!
    Let’s rock, you dont stop;
    rock the riddle that will make your body rock!

  57. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    “A Skiddly Be-Bop We Rock, Yo Scooby-Doo,

    And Guess What, Cute Overload We Love You…”

    Marie & DancesWithCrows – You have me crackin’ UP!!!!

  58. wow
    that is genius

    “A Skiddly Be-Bop We Rock, Yo Scooby-Doo,

    And Guess What, Cute Overload We Love You…”

    yay sammys mom!!

    dat horse too cool for school, bruvvs.

    xx 🙂

  59. oh,
    and happy new year peeps!!

    hope you had a fantabulous christmas..
    so, whos kept theyre resolutions this far?
    one of mine is to post pic of my kitty pebbles.
    shes a good poser 😉

  60. “It’s a horse of a different color!” [said in high-pitched WofOz voice]

  61. oh, this is a devlish idea.

    (i work at a racetrack, and i’m going to see if i can get the pony boys to put baseball hats on their horses for me.)

  62. He’s in the Sugar Cube Gang