Brusha Brusha Brusha

Oh. Tank you so moooooosche.

I was looking for an ex-fol-ee-ay-shons.


Redonk, Stephanie P. Totally redonk. That must be how the wale got so white—he’s soooo cleans.



  1. Bleen!

    Mmm…what a fine day at the seaworld spa!

  2. ah ha ha!! so cute!!!!

  3. REDONK!

  4. Adorable picture and great headline! Brusha, brusha, brusha indeed!

  5. oh… my… love the picture… love the captshions… lol

  6. Looks like interspecies snorgling to me.

  7. Is the guy on the right a manatee? Maybe not because I don’t think they come out of the water… walrus? large bald kitty? 🙂

  8. ooh, cetacean affections! sho vewwy wefweshing! wuvvin’ dems!!

  9. “You almost make me forget mah bukkit.”

  10. Is that a baaaayyy-beeee be-looooo-ga? I love the way it looks like it’s smiling.

  11. Megs – LOVE the pop-up comment!!!!

    And it does indeed look like a Beelooooooga!!!

    I bet those whiskers tickle!!!

  12. PS Isn’t there a saying about “A kiss without a mustache is like something or other”?

  13. Oh my GAWSH. I MUST know where this picture was taken. I’m going there and getting a job. Seriously.

  14. That’s a beluga whale aaaand… I think that might be a bearded seal. Tell me you didn’t put this under Fishes! *sob*

    Still. Interspecies smooches are always nice. *puckers up*

  15. My mom took her second grade class to the aquarium, and one of the little girls wrote later, “I didn’t like it when the seal kissed me.” Ungrateful wretch!

  16. Definitely a beluga whale and a walrus…think Smooshi of Smooshi and Phil.

  17. lookit how the top of the beluga’s marine schnozzle is so smoooooth…me thinks i need my own walrus-dayspa to halps me with my exfoliatingks.

  18. Look at the beluga wrinkles! Oh…my…goodnesssssssss

  19. I hear that a walrus facial scrubbing is found only at the finest of spas.

  20. Dammit, Lori, you beat me to the beluga neck wrinkles!

    Now I’m jealous. I want a bristly walrus mouth chomping on my head…

  21. I’m sorry Gerald, it will never work, we’re different species.

  22. that is adorable! i want to see more! any idea where this was taken so that we might all see MORE of the Beluga/Walrus Luvin?

  23. He’s all squeeeesshy! I bet those whiskers tickle too.

  24. Beluga beauty also wants spa help for the wrinkies around his neck.

  25. Awwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!

  26. …keepin’ me way-yay-yay-yay-yay-it-in!!!

  27. Yitzysmommie says:

    Lolrus: “Opnez yur mouf! I know ma bukkit’s in dere!!”

    Beautiful peectaire.

  28. That is officially the coolest thing I’ve seen so far this year. 🙂

  29. I’m not sure either of these bubba’s are cute by themselves. But that smack just sends them to the stratosphere of cute.

  30. berthaslave says:

    Baby prosh beluga,
    Sitting at the water’s edge,
    Crab-a-locker breakfast,
    Super messy powsche
    Looking for a mammal mate to clean away the schmutz…

    I am the eggman….
    I am the eggman….

    Goo goo g’joob!

  31. goo goo j’job, bertha!

  32. Furbabies says:

    I wish I had a walrus to snorgle me each morning. Nothing like fishy walrus love. I would even give him/her 7 blue buckets, one for each day and filled to the brim with the tastiest fish available. K?

  33. Sharon Wilson says:

    But are walruses and belugas friends in the wild or, like cats and raccoons, are they enemies?

  34. @Sharon:
    I don’t think belugas and walri are ‘zackly frenz in de wild – they sort-of share de same neighborhoods, I think. I don’t think they’re ‘zackly emenies either… Mebbeh not in competish for de same food? Idunno….

  35. the catptions killed me to the floor ex-fol-ee-ay-shons indeed

  36. That is totally the cutest thing I have ever seen on CO!

  37. hahaha I keep coming back to this picture. Love it! Makes me wanna sneeze, though… :-p

  38. I agree with Clare, a little :interspecies snorgling” is nice to see sometimes. Do you suppose the walrus is really looking for feeshies though..???

  39. Stop it. Seriously. This is too much.

  40. Oh! oh! … maybe the Beluga was speeding in the pool and the “walrus pool police” pulled him over….and Viola… instant “Brefilizer” Uh .. sir ..step otta the pool Please…

  41. One day I vow to also kiss a beluga. I swears.

  42. spongebrooke says:

    teh kyooooot! *eez ded*

  43. That is too cute. I also would like more info about these two luvers.

  44. on my goodnessishness! i must have some ex-fol-ee-ay shuns too! luv it!

  45. Ok the preschool teacher in me says……Baby Beluga, baby beluga…thanks Meg!!!

  46. spikedcolor says:

    So. Many. Wrinkles.


  47. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Holy crap this is COOL!!:O

  48. I had a really bad dream about beached killer whales and belugas and a shark with a silly name. So this pic makes me feel muuuuuch better. Yay!

    And I want walrus/seal whiskers on my face! I bet they’re soft… and smell like fish. O.o

  49. mmmarmalade says:

    SEALED with a kiss! Or should that be WALRUSED?

  50. SQUEEEEEEEE!!! A beluga and a walrus together in a pic!

    I can haz CPR nao? Kthxbai.


  51. gravyboat says:

    Really now, how did the Creator manage to make Belugas so dang COOT!?!

  52. i has a beluga

  53. Walrus McBrushersons!

  54. you know
    i never thought id cry laughing at walrus cleaning an unknown animal.
    cute cute cute!
    please may i be brusshhhheedd??
    oh its just that he looks so cleans and happies.

    xx 🙂

  55. “Oh. Tank you so moooooosche.” Bwahaha, this is funny-cute! And now I have stuck in my head, “Ex-fol-ee-ay-shons… ex-fol-ee-ay-shons… ex-fol-ee-ay-shons…” in a dreamy sing-song-y voice (each round ending with a satisfied sigh).

  56. CheshireCat says:

    LOLZ Raemie, I get Meg’s captions stuck in my head too! sometimes I say them out loud on accident and peeps look at me funny. O_o

  57. cassandra says:

    I looooooooooooooovvee beluga whales!


  59. Taylor+Kelly+Allison says:

    OMG! I love these PICS! My Fav Was The SQUIRLE and The 2 KITTENS KISSING!! it is SOOOOooooo Cute! Bye…………………..

  60. Oh God…