Well I’m glad Her Highness got everything she wanted for Christmas

That cat gets EVERYTHING she wants.

Everything! [Steaming]


Cindy G., priceless expression of the gal in the back…. 😉



  1. Oh! how cute! love the girls face, perfectly captioned!

  2. Your Royal Highness: I have been instructed to deliver a mess-ajh to you, from the denizens of a fantasy land called “Cute Overload.” That mess-ajh, is:


    Also, the aristocracy suggests employing a “modesty paw” in the future. Such a splay of your nethers is not considered appopriate for a royal.

  3. I like the wicked step-child in the background! She is none-to-happy not being princess!

  4. circuscake says:

    yeah- it’s pretty obvious who the favorite child is in *this* family….tsk,tsk,tsk. it’s sad really.

    i wonder if the girl in the background was busy comparing her stocking full of coal to that absolutely stunning princess throne…

  5. That’s priceless! ^_^
    Oddly enough, our cat took over a small chair we have, and it’s his little throne now.

  6. Could 2008 get off to a better start? I think not!
    Might be very best picture ever taken.

  7. I must hide this from my kitties or else I’ll never hear the end of it. I wouldn’t put it past them to stage a coup to take over HRH Lulu’s throne!

  8. warrior rabbit says:

    I think the person in back looks disinterested more than anything. It’s the expression on the *cat* that makes the pic for me! And the posishe! Hysterical.

  9. HRH Lulu?

    Figures. Just don’t tell my cats about this. I’m trying not to let the cats have bigger furniture than me.

    That smugness on her Highness’ face says it all:

    IT’S GOOD TO BE KING (Queen)

  10. HAHAHAHA thats hilarious
    i love that cat

  11. O

    this is TOO much!!!! the odds are off the charts on getting such a great picture.

    i can totally envision a crown on her leetle feline head.

    royal gray pawsie pads!
    HRH’s expression – good gawd! ROFLMAO

  12. “Well Of course no kitties Life would be complete without their own personal royal throne chair with jewels. All the best cats have them.” Said with supercilious air.

  13. wow that cat has some huge hind paws!

  14. omg that cat look like a fat sultan 😛

  15. OMG, I better not let my cat, Queen Patches see that, she might feel short changed. She took over a rocking chair and also has a $150 metal daybed (which she of course no longer uses, but I think that’s due to a past orphaned kitten trampoline like accident in the past). She might forgive, the kittens might leave, but she won’t forget….Cool chair in any case. =)

  16. Nicolletta says:

    Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.

  17. It’s a regina in a reclina’.

  18. Mommy’s Favorite:
    It probably isn’t you.

  19. OMG. Lookit that poor gitl in the back!

    Kitty looks all, “Suck it, mofos.”

  20. bananasforbunnies says:

    She’s had a full day of greetings the unwashed masses and eating anything off the table, no wonder she is tired!

  21. ”Now bring me the caviar on a gold dish”

  22. I have to hide this pic from Her Royal Tortieness, lest she want one too.

    Kitteh pwns that girl.

  23. That cat’s thinking “mmhm. that’s right.”

    <3 this pic

  24. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh GADS!! Am I the only one here who’s in pain from laughing so hard looking at this pic? Oh this cat is such a BEEYOTCH!!!!…but in a good way, of course!!!! But the girl in the back! Oh dear…definitely the wicked stepchild!!! Good call on that, Trisha!!!

  25. ha ha that look on the kitteh’s face hihihi cracking me up

  26. Yes I am on my throne and quite happy and yes you may bring the flaked tuna in with water of course lest we mess up my new chair…..
    The gal in the back senses

    I am going to have to get something else and its going to be for that cat I just know it

  27. “Majesty. I haz it.”

  28. Bwoooop! Bwooop! Alert. Alert. Sullen teenage behavior detected in background.

    Yes, the sullenness could be because of HRH. But more likely the display of sullenness is due to someone – ANYONE, ANYWHERE ON EARTH – getting out a camera.

    Dreary pre-teen: I has one.

  29. The right order of the universe is finally restored. See that you keep it this way. 😉

  30. Yes indeed… things are as they should be.
    The cat’s on her throne, all’s right with the world!

  31. Elisha B. says:

    How is it, that cats know, just KNOW what seat to take over in the house?

    Poor little girl who had her new toy taken over by the “queen kittie”.

    Oh well…… girl in the back is all, “Whatever ……can we puleezzzee move on to something else!”

  32. girl_in_back says:

    to clear things up…I am the girl in back. I am not a wicked stepsister and TRUE that cat does get toooooooo much atention but not from me

  33. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Theriouthly, girl_in_back? Not sure, but from the pic, and yer li’l comment, I do detect ooooo I don’t know just a hint of disdain, mebbe JEALOUSY of the kitteh!!! LOL!!! You are a good sport, tho!!! 😛

  34. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^^I will take back my earlier comment that yer a wicked stepsister…sorry on that…but yer still jealous!!! 😛 PBPFHPHPBPHPHBTTT!!!!

  35. there is NO SUCH thing as too much attention payed to a kitteh.
    this is an adorable pic. and before you “girl in back” lock this kitteh in the coal-bin or something, i want you to know i will give him a good home and he can bring his throne and i’ll buy him a crown to go with it! ha!
    love it!

  36. Yay, I love her majesty. The queen can sprawl anywhere she wants.

  37. How cute! My cats act like they’re princesses. I just love this pic though!

  38. Yitzysmommie says:

    Queen Kitty: “Plz to kiss my feet NOW!”
    Girl in Back: “Oh Good Grief, the cat’s at it again!”

  39. Tricia Garrett says:

    “What, no slippers?”

  40. Pepper Spray says:

    Is this the Brady household cat? Girl in back yelling “First it was always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. Now, it’s always Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. Well, I’ve had enough I tell you. Waaaaaa!”

  41. Saucy Tart says:

    “Let them eat cake.”

  42. This picture is perfect. Absolutely appropriate.

  43. “I don’t care if I have fat back feets and absolutely no modesty,” says Her Majesty. “All is as it ought to be, and you may now express your pleasure.”

  44. girl_in_back says:

    sorry about being all pissy………..i love lulu with all my heart. And she does get a lot of attention which I love givin.
    to Yitzysmommie’s coment…we kiss her feet all the time

  45. girl in back, you’re a real sport! 🙂 *thumbs up*

  46. Silent Meow says:

    For once, Silent Meow is dumbfounded into a state of genuine, albeit short lived, silence.

    This kitteh has a throne and I don’t have one???!