There is something about this puppeh—he seems to have all the best puppeh features. He’s all friendly, wandering the neighborhood happeh, smiley. He’s like a Pupbassador for pups all over.


He’s all "Welcome to Pupsville, I’m your Pupbassador, High Commissioner Mr. McFluffles."


"Our consul representatives focus on diplomatic relationships with kittehs and ferrets…"




Katherine K., nice cuteporting.



  1. AliceTanzer says:

    Awwww, what the heck kind of puppy is that? He looks..puffier than a golden!

  2. ka9q's wife says:

    love his eye brows

  3. the puppers has such a friendly rolly-polly mayor-esque quality and then the eyebrows! Like a cartoon!

  4. Oh gosh. It’s only just into 2008 and I’m already thinking this pup is SO in for best pup award for the year!

  5. lurkingsmirk says:

    Oh my, I wonder what breed mixes put together this magnificent puppers? He looks so jolly!

  6. looks like a cocker spaniel with an undocked tail and some fairly recent grooming.

  7. Dude-o-rama says:

    Daaaaaaaw. I want to hug eeeeet!

  8. metsakins says:

    looks like a cocker to me too. they are the sweetest. I lubs heeem.

  9. Nina–I thought Falcor, too! I want a Falcor pup! He looks so happy!

  10. He looks like an adolescent “Labradoodle” to me, very cuuuuute! but bigger (more rolly polly!) than the labradoodle’s i’ve seen…maybe more labra than doodle?

  11. Space Cowgirl says:


  12. Nicolletta says:

    Love the last pick. He looks so happyyyyyy!!!!

  13. The Diplo-mutt for Cute Overload!

  14. That’s the happiest looking dog I’ve ever seen O.O

  15. Looks like the puppy got into the rum candy again.

  16. I think this little dude is more creepy than cute.

    The caption on the last picture should be “There were no survivors”

  17. Who says puppehs can’t smile?!? Zees little fluff ball proves them all wrong!

  18. If you look at his eyebrows in the last picture, he should be the new mascot for McDonalds.

  19. Awwww, what a happy puppeh!!! I’ve never seen such a smiley fellow! Is he even real?

  20. Bertha, who used to work in the British Secret Service, says this looks like one of her old colleagues, Lord McFluffles of Kentshire. Apparently quite the ladies’ pup in his day, she says “He looks good, the diplomatic core agrees with him,” and then is suspiciously silent. I press her on details, and she says, “There are things about Tony Blair’s linen closet better left unsaid” then goes back to sleeping.

  21. so sweett…. falcor… right-on 🙂

    poronchi 😀

  22. puppeh smiles!

    I want full diplomatic relations and Most Favored Canine status for him!

  23. Perhaps he can calm commentroversy, by diplomacy.

  24. Meg, you really out did yourself with these captions. Well done my lady!

  25. I think he looks like a mix between cocker spaniel and a golden retriever.

  26. That pup looks WAY HAPPY…and is very cute.

  27. metsakins says:

    Lord McFluffles of Kentshire. HIs cover is blown, bad slave, she told you that in confidence!

  28. I’m casting my vote for a cocker with an undocked tail. I keep my cocker with short hair like that, when it grows out, he looks like a teddy bear 🙂

  29. wagthedogma says:

    “Diplo-mutt”! LOL, Aubrey! 😀

    I <3 Mr. McFluffles' clown eyebrows!

  30. OMG!!! cutest diplomat EVAH! wouldn’t it be cool if Mr. McFluffles went to the UN? he’d prolly do better than the folks who are there for real…

  31. This is an old guy too… look at that face, that’s an aged doggie face.

    Makes me miss my Perlee Mae. She was a cocker/beagle mix but just about this sweet.

    He makes me visualize whirled peas!

  32. He’s the sweetest, smiliest, friendliest-looking dog ever! Every nation should have an ambassador like this one. Imagine, people – world peace achieved with one tail wag and a couple of tummy rubs…..(sigh)

  33. bunnyburrito says:

    He’s like a cartoon of a satire of a puppeh. This here’s the best excuse for cloning I’ve seen yet. (& I’ll take 6 just like him, pretty pleeze)

  34. I literally cannot handle this. Cutest thing EVER!!!!

  35. pickled lime says:

    Ahem – excuse me for interrupting.

    Haven’t visited this site in a while. Are the virus/trojan woes that troubled the site over?

    [Yes they are, and we’re mightily irked with the vendor that allowed the problem to continue. It wasn’t TypePad, by the way… – Ed.]

    Is it common for sites to keep operating even when they’re infected this way?

    [Snark! – Ed.]

  36. He looks like a clumber spaniel in many respects, such as the boxiness of his body.

    But they don’t have curly hair really, and also their hair tends to be white with the tan only in certain spots.

    Also, his face is a little bit rounder and not boxy enough to really be a clumber spaniel.

    But his smile is just like our clumber spaniel, so I say that that is what he is 🙂

    So cute, btw!

  37. Oh dear gawd… I can’t take it. That SMILE! Those EYES! He’s such a friendly ambassador!
    (I can see him being a cocker and clumber spaniel mix, too.)
    High Commissioner Mr. McFluffles, I commend you for your diplomacy and want to give you lots of tummy rubs!!

  38. This pup is so cheerful, his hoomans must be the happiest people evar!

  39. Teho/Ed.

    whazzzuppp with the adverts on the cute these days and the popup boxie thingies? They’re really freekin’ annoying.

  40. oh and I may tend to agree w/the whole Clumber, very Clumbery

  41. smiley face clumersome

  42. In the first photo, the pup almost looks like a stuffed animal. O.O

  43. OMG it’s a luck dragon!

  44. Sweetest face EVAR!!!

  45. one of the erins says:

    Totally falcor! If this was my dog, that would be his name.

  46. It’s true- Spaniels are the smiliest doggies of them all.

  47. Yitzysmommie says:

    This wonderful puppers needs to do shuttle diplomacy with Israel and her enemies. Wouldn’t it be nice to see all of ’em in a big smiley puppy snorgle pile??

  48. This dog is not cute it looks like a mutant.

  49. Falcor! You were the only thing not creepy about The Neverending Story!

  50. A Noun (is a person place or thing) says:

    This is a clumber or a clumber mix. Very cute.

  51. This is the cutest puppy that has ever appeared on this site.

    It’s a big statement, and I’m making it.

    This level of cuteness is UNPARALLELED.

  52. oh heck, its just a pudgy lil cocker spaniel people.
    theres no ‘clumber’ in there.
    what a happy adorable smiley faced baby!
    i wish he lived on my street!

  53. OMG how cuuuute. I will take 8 of them pleazzz.

    Also, as a side note, I think “snark” needs to be in the glossary. Is it a noise you make? Cause, although I am very smart, this alludes me.

  54. Awww!
    I think that it might have some Spaniel in it… Clumber or Cocker. Possibly Golden Retriever, too– the color looks like my girls’. (I have 2 Goldens.)
    That’s just my opinion, though, so feel free to correct me.


  56. joliesmom says:

    That 3rd picture is about the cutest thing EVER. I LOVE HIM!!!!

  57. Happiest. Puppy. Evar.
    looks like a baby version of my grandparent’s clumber.

  58. cutest puppy ever

    though I have to say, their are some pretty cute dog videos on this site I just found…lol it is like youtube for dogs!!!

    check it out

  59. I second Erin!

  60. That is the happiest little dog I have ever seen! Thank you for making my day!

  61. DUDE this dog totally looks just like Rolf from the muppets!!!

  62. What a happy looking dog! There’s positive happy rays going out in ALL directions! I’d love to be in his vicinity – they could rent him out to people for a good vibe lift!

    Ps He looks like just my friends cocker spaniel – only thrice the joy 😉

  63. He IS the cutest doggie for a loooong time 😀 Made me smile~

    But, OT, to Meg/Theo:
    Why there’s a picture of boobies (or nearly nude women) on the site these days? ;_; Not so fun, really.
    I could click the add to find out, but I doooon’t waaant tooo…

  64. He’s so adorable! He makes me think of the Lion from the Wizard of Oz

  65. At first I thought “clumber” was “dumber,” since the c-l looks kinda like a d.
    And I was all like, geeze, that’s kinda mean, he looks like a ‘dumber spaniel?’
    On more thorough examination it became clear the clumber is a breed. Thank goodness!
    Because he sure is CUTE, no matter how smart he is!

  66. My beloved cocker spaniel died 12/12 and seeing this made me weep… I know my girl is this happy again.

  67. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Aw! so sorry Ali! 😦

    She knows she was the bestest loved spaniel ever! 🙂

  68. littledogrescue says:

    I’d guess over-loved, under-exercised, older Cocker/Sheltie mix. And a darn adorable one at that.

  69. He looks exactly like our Cocker mix, Sasha, same coloring, same silly happy face, same undocked tail ^__^ She’s a fattie too & we call her a FlufferNuffer, cuz she’s all curly & blond.



  70. lou's owner says:

    my dog’s on co!

    littledogrescue is correct. lou’s a cocker spaniel mix (might be some chow chow in there), and will be 10 yrs. in march. and he’s 40 pounds. and three months overdue for a grooming. 🙂

    (and you can search gnuyam on youtube for videos!)

  71. Sharon Wilson says:

    That puppeh is laughing!

  72. wagthedogma says:

    Lou needs his own fansite. Stheriously.

  73. Poor Lou. He’s rather fat.

  74. thatgirlshines says:

    lou’s a cutie patootie and redonkulously redonk on the squeezabuhls factor.

    lou’s owner: give him him huggles and snuggles from me. he looks like he deserves it!

  75. christina says:

    the last picture is kinda creepy. But the ones above are adorable.

  76. skerrington says:

    OMG, totally Falcor!

    Neverending stooooorryyyyyy…

  77. The last pic , it Looks like he is trying to do the ” sprinkler ” dance.He is sooooooooo snorglelicious.I want to , ever so gently, kronche on eez ears.

  78. Play time? Play time? Play time?
    Thow the toy throw the toy throw the……ok….I’ll pose for this picture just Once. Throw the toy throw the toy!!!!

  79. I’ve had to refer back to the third picture at least 11 times in the last 24 hours and everytime I want to pee my pants.

    So funny!

  80. seeeeeeeeeeeeee I KNEW this wasn’t a puppy puppy I KNEW it was an older puppy!

    Lou makes me happier than heck!

  81. Peanut's human Judy says:

    I (like catablob) thought at first that everyone was referring to Lou as a DUMBER spaniel. Thought it was QUITE rude and mean. Sorry peeps!

    Note to Lou’s human: you have THE most ADORABLE doggie! PLEASE give him much squishies and snuggles for me!

    And I too thought Falcor as soon as I saw the pics! TOO FLIPPIN’ CUTE!

    While we’re on the Neverending Story kick—does ANYONE know what the mother’s name is that Atreu (sp) yells out into the storm at the end of the movie?!?!? I have seen it a million times since I was a kid, and I STILL can’t figure it out! I never watched NS2—does it say it there???!!!???

  82. Another Angela says:

    Hailey: “Cause, although I am very smart, this alludes me.”
    Funniest comment evah, for this editor.

  83. DreamWolf says:

    It’s not Atreyu it’s Bastien that yells the name.

    All right, I’ll do it. I’ll save you. I will do what I dream!

    He climbs up to the window and opens it. He leans out into the storm and calls out the name he had chosen for her.


    NEXT SCENE- Darkness, pure and black as night. We hear Bastian speak.


  84. Peanut's human Judy says:

    THANKS DREAMWOLF! Yeah, I realized it was Bastian AFTER I entered it. LOL

    Now I may sleep in peace.

  85. I can’t get enough of Pupbassador! Long live High Commissioner McFluffles!

  86. YESS! This pup is my new numero uno.

  87. arrrrr soo happie x